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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
If you like shounen anime with likeable characters, frequent power ups, and great fights, this is the show for you. Why I recommend HxH: - Every aspect of chakra (Nen for HxH) is explained. How they gather it, focus it, use it; the general mechanics of their powers is explained in detail for both anime - and this is something to be appreciated. - Most fights are well choreographed. The MC in HxH is generally far more tactical than Naruto, so the fights in HxH in general are more tactical in nature -- especially the big fights. Note: Hunter x Hunter does start off slow. Their powers don't   read more
report Recommended by Dragonheardt
There is a kid who's whole clan was killed and he's corrupted by revenge. It also happens that his clan had special eyes. Although the story lines are not close to similar, both have great adventures and follow a protagonist as he develops into a strong and reliable person.
report Recommended by b4
Along with the similarities listed in the previous recommendations. I found it fascinating how both animes have different types of they could specialize in with their power. For Naruto it's an element/elements while Hunter x Hunter is nen types, and each character has a natural affinity to a certain type. The way they test for a character's affinity is pretty similar too. Naruto uses special paper that changes properties when chakra is poured into it, while Hunter x Hunter uses leaf divination, where the cup of water with a floating leaf changes properties when nen is focused on it. When the characters develop skills specific   read more
report Recommended by lunafly
It's the same concept, but better! (my personal opinion). I love Naruto and it was my favorite until I found Hunter x Hunter. Very short about the anime: It's about a boy, named Gon, who wants to be a Hunter (as his father was). He wants to find out why his father chose to be a Hunter. He meets a lot of people on his way. He meets dangerous tasks, as Naruto does, and he wants to save his friends, as Naruto does. So therefore I find it similar. I think if you enjoy Naruto, you'll enjoy Hunter x Hunter. Tip: less fillers (only two), and keeps to   read more
report Recommended by OwlHeart
Both are action packed and come with awesome story and animation.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
They are both vast universes and it is full of action. Those who are fans of this kind of series, you are sure to like it.
report Recommended by PedroKastro10
both have a main character who is stubborn and never gives up they want to protect their friends have their own dreams Naruto to become a hokage like his father was and Gon to become a hunter and find his father both anime have characters that want revenge sasuke because his clan was killed and kurapika for the same reason both clans where killed because of their special eyes kurapika's clan because they have the scarlet eyes and sasuke's because of the sheringan both series also have amazing fighting scenes and the logic of the powers chakra and nen are quite similiar
report Recommended by otakugirl10
Hunter x Hunter is pretty much what Naruto COULD have been, and personally, I'm surprised it doesn't get more recognition. It could easily replace Naruto as one of the Big Three. So, if you're disappointed in Kishi for wasting his potential like I am, here are a few good reasons to turn to HxH. - Characters: HxH has a large cast of memorable characters that feel more fleshed out. One of Naruto's strong points was the secondary cast, which was tragically underdeveloped, but HxH makes up for that by having an interesting main cast AND secondary cast. Here's a "quick" comparison of some of the characters. -   read more
report Recommended by joeybaloney
Both are shounen anime series but I find Hunter x Hunter as an "upgraded version" of Naruto. The writing is more clean and complex, it has less fillers, it has better pacing and the animation is just top-notch.
report Recommended by Trucee
Great power system (Chakra and Nen) and good plots
report Recommended by Zoro-Mugiwara
The similarities between these two Animes are truly evident. Basically the motivations of the protagonist and also the world around him is the same in both Animes. Plus they both have an open ending
report Recommended by DeltaLight
It's a shonen anime that follows Gon and his friends, however it is not your average shonen. It flows from each arc as smooth as butter and the story's while slow at times are absolutely worth the watch. Highly recommend
report Recommended by Xxkiller876
1. MC's parents are not present in the early parts. 2. MC later finds out that his father is a world-renowned hunter (Hunter x Hunter) // his father is the 4th Hokage that he looks up to (Naruto). 3. Has a power system like chakra but more creative and complex.
report Recommended by Underiz
Even experienced viewers might not know, however, that Naruto has actually drawn inspiration from Hunter x Hunter. The creators of both series, Masashi Kishimoto and Yoshihiro Togashi, are close friends and have been known to share ideas, leading to similarities between their works.
report Recommended by Mitzkyosh
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