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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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First three or four arcs of Hunter x Hunter gives you the same wibe of character progression on their powers, and while it kinda slips at the bug arc, it still goes long and strong.
report Recommended by DronEll
Midoriya and Gon have similar fighting styles. The enemies are menacing and require strategy to defeat. Hunter x Hunter is much "darker" and more unpredictable, while Boku no Hero Academia is more motivational.
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Strong people in crazy costumes with super human abilities. Very shounen, but minimal fan service, and the characters are all unique, entertaining, and intelligent! Also, both have wonderful soundtracks. You can't go wrong here.
report Recommended by deletemealready
Both about young kids striving towards their goals. Very similar shounen feel. Both very cute.
report Recommended by bizarrequazar
Both are super powered battle action shonen shows with super natural aspects. Both shows have vast worlds and wide variety of characters. Character designs, world building, plot, art style, characters & OST's are all impeccable for both. Hunter X Hunter (2011) is already a classic despite only releasing 8 years ago. MHA is showing more and more it's longevity and staying power, I wouldn't be hard pressed to suggest it could well be considered a classic too soon.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Kids training to pass some exams that will allow them to become famous heroes/hunters.
report Recommended by Jallopy
The heroes' peculiarities in BnHA works in a similar way than the nen techniques in HxH. The fights in both series are based in strategies made out of these powers' capabilities and limitations. The colors in both animations are very vivid and the movement of the characters is very fluid and well animated, making you get your eyes glued to the screen as you watch the fights.
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Now if you're like me and HxH is one of your favourite anime's of all time, then you've also most likely already seen most of the recommended anime on this list. But, here I present one more for you... HERO ACADEMIA Both protagonists are EXTREMELY similar even down to how they look. They both are striving to be a very strong fighter (Hunter and Hero). They both are going through trails to become this fighter (Hunter Exam and Hero Academia). They both have learnt a new powerful ability and are slowly trying to master it (Nen and All For One). They both even have green hair. This   read more
report Recommended by FinnMont
Great shounen, similar underdog pro tag situation, both have green hair.
report Recommended by Eiffies
Watch characters grow and develop their powers Great relationships with one another Fun, goofy, similar tone to hunter exam with less deaths
report Recommended by GonFreecss888
bnha share many things wigh hxh together like Sports festival arc kind like hxh 's The heaven arena arc, their first exam when they were running exactly like first hxh's first exam. Like Hunter x Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia is a story about a boy in an amazing world with amazing powers. Both are shounen, and both has a little boy as a main character, who is getting friends in a world, full of villains. The main characters Izuku & Gon have lot of similarities like: They are very smart & strong, even though they don't look like it. they are both green haired, They   read more
report Recommended by Leo_pold
Both share a main character that is very light hearted but at the same time has a huge motivation to become the best. They both attend to an academy that tests them and makes them become better at their powers. Very shounen with lots of action and humour. Honestly, I could even say that it's a spiritual succesor to Hunter x Hunter in that even the fights tend to be tactical... Midoriya really thinks on how to best use his powers and so do characters in Hunter x Hunter. I really hope this gets more serious/darker with time and emulates the depth that Hunter x Hunter achieved.
report Recommended by rasdel
Both are high quality shonen that circle around the process of realizing ones true strength through competitions and compelling foes. While both maintain the characteristic shonen trait of an MC who is headstrong and naively noble, their respective interactions with their environments makes for two exciting series.
report Recommended by -j--
Those 2 animes got some similar points. First, these two stories show us a boy which isn't that strong at the beginning and will become stronger with the time and the help of other people. Secondly, minor characters are developed what bring us to appreciate some of them. Thirdly, those two anime got a fantastic universe where "superpower" are common and varied, that makes the action unique for each fight.
report Recommended by _Yunnix_
both main characters (gon and midoriya) are very simillar in their appearance (both of them have black hair with green) both of them want to be like someone and they need to work hard for that dream (gon wants to be a hunter like his father and midoriya wants to be a hero like all might) in both series the main character need to past kind of test to get what he want (in gon's case he need to past a couple of tests to become a hunter and in midoriya's case he need to past a test to get in a school that in this   read more
report Recommended by logilo12
Same concept. Fighting baddies with natural born powers earned and bolstered through practice after starting with nothing.
report Recommended by SAO_Kirito_SAO
Both series feature great arcs, and great characterization. Features kids facing difficult decisions and great battles. Also, both series, give the time to flesh out their antagonists, on top of their protagonists. Both series present great and compelling narratives, and are very enjoyable overall.
report Recommended by mirm-mirm
While much shorter, and more recent, Boku no Hero Academia in the same way as Hunter x Hunter makes you invested in both the characters, story and world. I rewatched all 147 episodes of Hunter x Hunter in a week while sick in early 2018. And I got goosebumps literally every episode of season two of BNHA, dreading for the episodes to be over and having to wait a week for the next one to come out. Overall, they good fam
report Recommended by Vectormart
Gon and Deku(MC in BNHA) are similar because the both of them is working hard to become strong. Hunter x Hunter and Boku no Hero Academia is similar because it contains heroes and villains hehe. Both are inspirational. I love both of these animes
report Recommended by TgKirito01
-SHOUNEN -0 to hero protagonist -Epic/Intense fighting scene -Both characters got a rival/friend -Both characters are trying to improve themself -Both characters use the tactic to overcome the obstacle -Both characters got underestimated by almost every enemy
report Recommended by godman32770
Gon have the same ambitions like Deku ,but he want to be hunter (hunter = sth like hero) and they both like green color(but this is fun fact). Gon's father is someone like All Might. Killua + Kurapika= Todoroki (but they speaking more) -Characters have special abilities. Not powers but sth like this. -Many fights, characteristic personalities, beautifull boys, bad guys and good guys. Gon have a dream like Deku and he is doing everything to be hunter and to find his father.
report Recommended by sadlittlesophie
1. Shonen Jump. Hyped show 2. Uses brain to fight, not just yelling 3. Very memorable and likeable character. If you are fangirling Todoriki (like I do!) you will began to fangirl Killua in HxH (like I also do!). 4. Easy to set into. The story lures you in However, HxH is better than BHA for the following reasons, and if you are BHA fan, you should def try HxH cuz you would love it! 1. Power system. HxH has one of the best power system among all Shonen manga. It is complex, but makes very much sense. 2. Uses brain more than yelling. In BHA, the tournament arc   read more
report Recommended by YUKIE_OREKI
Both shows are similar in so many ways, both shows involve a prime goal and status to achieve. In HunterxHunter it's to become a hunter that goal is a stepping stone to Gon finding his dad, but finding his dad is a long journey and his one of his main goals throughout is to get stronger, strong enough to protect those he cares about. My Hero Academia is similar, the first stepping stone to Deku's goal of becoming a hero is to get into UA High. Gon and Deku are so similar, both have strong spirit and willpower. As well as their green color scheme   read more
report Recommended by Kano642
both are shonens and both of the main characters have bad fathers.
report Recommended by Rinhoshizorafan
Both have ensemble casts and great char development,albeit hxh handling is better,and it has childish animation.
report Recommended by ishowhatred
Both are shonen anime with young optimistic protagonists. There is a big end goal (finding his dad), but like Deku he makes many friends along the way and fights many enemies that stand in his path.
report Recommended by fruitydazaifan
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