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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)
both are new versions of their original anime/manga both pure and original Shounen great story with good characters. MC's family is dysfunctional many of your shounen favourites were inspired or taken from these two. some great seiyuu's in it. even the bad guys are likable
report Recommended by supermegasonic
>Both are heavily adventure oriented. >Nobody has a plot armor. >Both can get really bizarre. >Soundtracks fits well both single scenes and overall settings. >Quality of animation in both titles is really good.
report Recommended by Ivanaschek
Both are anime based on manga published by Shounen Jump. They have a lot of action and an interesting power system. Fights are usually won through strategy and planning, instead of raw strength.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both series deal with fight where it's not the strongest that win but the one who end up in finding a weakness in the other's capacities and use their knowledge to win. Moreover, in both animes, the characters can have really unique powers but used in clever ways. If you're fan of Jojo or Hunter x Hunter, you will be more likely to love the other show as it is said that Togashi, creator of Hunter x Hunter, was deeply inspired in his work by Jojo's Bizarre Aventure and vice-versa.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
booth are really good charecters are wakky but funny and the story is really good
report Recommended by Master_tactics
More like a HxH battles and Hokuto no Ken style.
report Recommended by Samuzin
JJBA and HxH are similar in a lot of ways. -Both are critically acclaimed and highly influential. -Both are shounen that get especially dark and gory. -Battles between characters are won with strategy rather than pure strength. -Because of this, every battle is fresh and unique. -Both have well-written and interesting villains. -Both are endlessly creative, imaginative and adventurous series that do what they do extremely well.
report Recommended by TheEdgeFactor
Both have the same kind of narrator, a gigantic roster of amazing characters with unique personalities and abilities and the strategies in the battles.
report Recommended by JolyneVerso
Both have clever fights with lots of strategy and characters with crazy powers
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Fun, insane universe filled with action, humor, drama, and outrageous characters and original fighting styles
report Recommended by okcoolthanks
If you loved the campy nature of characters such as Hisoka, then JoJo’s is a must watch. The protagonists of the JoJo’s story are various members of the Joestar bloodline, with each more outlandish than the last, sporting eccentric designs and wildly varying personalities, and although the over-the-top-ness of it all might seem weird at first, after a few episodes it can become hard not to be sucked in by. Specifically, from the second season of JoJo’s onwards, the characters begin to sport a wide array of seemingly random powers, in the form of stands, which although might seem somewhat useless at times, when used under the   read more
report Recommended by Shane0
They aren't exactly the same, yet they share a lot that makes me love both series. They have a great battle system, both stands and Nen share limits and strenghts that are balanced and intriging. That keeps the battles interestning and makes sure that no charecter gets a sudden power boost for no reason whatsoever. They both have changes in their individuel arcs that, keeps the series fresh and exiting. Won't go to details to avoid spoilers. And Both series are MY favorite shoenens of all time. Sorry for grammer or spelling mistakes i'm not so good with words:)
report Recommended by KartoffelKing624
Guys with strong muscles and strong willpower. Charismatic villains. Characters gain supernatural powers by hard trainings. Not just bland fights but also brainstorming and outsmarting the enemy
report Recommended by Nemo_Niemand
Both Anime are just great in it self. They both have really Intresting Power Systems.
report Recommended by malikmafager
Phantom blood is an interesting vampire story where you follow a heroic protagonist called Jonathan as he must learn and grow stronger in order to defeat the enemy that endangers the people closest to Jonathan. In the latter half of the first season you follow Jonathan's grandson Joseph Joestar a mischievous protagonist who uses his street smarts to get him through fights so he can stop the undefeated pillarmen. He befriends multiple people along the way to help him out from America to Germany to Italy. The second season of the show Stardust Crusaders is when the HxH really kick as the group of friends   read more
report Recommended by Laser274
Both anime are newer adaptations of their highly acclaimed 90s manga. They both have great production values, artstyles, and soundtracks. Both have an interesting cast of characters with diverse personalities. They both feature unorthodox yet engaging storytelling styles, and the storytelling styles seem to be very similar in the way they utilize general knowledge. If you love one you'll love the other.
report Recommended by AcbSnakeDemon
Both have amazing power systems, both have amazing stories and characters, and both have fights where the characters fight with strategy rather than brute strength.
report Recommended by SmashBlack
Similar to the nen in Hunter x Hunter, the main weapon for fighting in JoJo part 1 and part 2 is hamon, which is a manifestation of the sun's energy. Controlled by the users breathing, nen and hamon share very similar qualities as they are not physical objects, but manifestations of something. Apart from sharing alike fighting techniques, JoJo is one of the best anime I have ever watched! From the meme references to the character development, it possesses all the properties of an amazing show.
report Recommended by RecedingHairline
Hunters are aptly-named bounty hunters and explorers who search hidden ruins for lost treasures, while occasionally risking their lives to hunt down and capture dangerous criminals. With idealistic dreams for the future, youngster Gon Freecss dreams of becoming one of the world’s greatest hunters, not only for the glory but in the hopes of finding his absentee father, who was a former hunter himself. In order to achieve his dreams, Gon must pass the feared “Hunters Examination,” a challenge known for its low chance of success, where failure costs aspiring Hunters their very lives. Along the way to undertake the exam, Gon finds himself up against   read more
report Recommended by NyeLink
it just reminds me of it a lot
report Recommended by metalopod
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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