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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Shingeki no Kyojin
These two anime are depressing to watch. SnK is fully depressing but HxH is like cheerful at first then becoming a psychological kind of anime at the last part. Either way, these two have bad-ass female characters.
report Recommended by SabrinaRazak
Shingeki no Kyojin is focusing on titans eating humans and they do this for no known reason. And even though most of hunter x hunter dosen't have people getting eaten I still think the current arc (Chimera Ant Arc) in Hunter x Hunter is similar because of how dark it is. People are getting eaten and killed, It has the same feeling of hopelessness especially later in the arc and it's just way darker than most shounens.. They are not afraid to go more mature and use more matures themes
report Recommended by Ichinoez
It's similar because it's much darker than all the popular ongoing shounens.. Even though hunter x hunter seems abit lighthearted at first don't be fooled because it's one series that is not afraid to kill of people.. And the current arc of hunter x hunter focuses on the so called Chimera Ants eating people which is very similar to shingeki no kyojin.. And it also has gives you the same feeling of hopelessness.. I've read both mangas and I know that the chimera ant arc gets really dark and makes you feel there is no hope just like shingeki no kyojin
report Recommended by DarkSchneiderZ
The Chimera ant arc of Hunter x Hunter 2011 is very similar to Shingeki no Kyojin: in Snk people are eaten by Titans,in Hunter x Hunter by Chimera Ant. Also,they're both different,darker and more mature shonens,completely different from clichè shonens like Naruto,Ao no exorcist ecc. I wonder why HxH is still rated PG-13.
report Recommended by nanny96
This is a shonen with dark theme, gore, monster eating human in the chimera ant arc. This isn't a cliche anime, there is the same feeling of hopelessness in the chimera ant arc and in the Phantom Troupe arc.
report Recommended by Guilek
Shingeki no Kyojin is a very violent anime that isn't afraid to kill off characters, and that is one of the reasons so many people love the anime. This cruelty can be seen right when you look at the promotional art from the series. Hunter x Hunter is very similar to Kyojin in the fact that death is not held back, but unlike Kyojin you cant tell that just by looking at it. Don't be fooled by the happy childish outside, HxH is brutal ride filled with death of characters you knew just long enough to fall in love with. If you like anime with   read more
report Recommended by josuke7896
The two have similar action, in the side both are not all "fight-hard" but more psychological action. Interesting changing plot with all full of awesome characters (a lot of cast!!). The Chimera Ant arc in Hunter x Hunter is quite similar to the whole Shingeki series, having their respectively "human-eating" beings. (Also, the design of some characters are SO similar you could say are the same XD)
report Recommended by SuzuMine-chan
Both two great shonen anime, and both have really great plots.
report Recommended by Xenocide8
First of all, these 2 anime are probably anime you've heard of because its one of the popular anime. The similarities in these 2 anime are that the MC is going on a quest and fighting for their family. The difference is that the Attack on Titan MC is fighting to save his city and to also protect his family. In Hunter x Hunter the MC seeks out on an adventure where he fights and meets other people to locate his Dad and find out why his Dad left him at such a young age to become a Hunter. Attack on Titan is the short   read more
report Recommended by Kurifi