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Personally i'm a huge OP fan since more than a decade and i have to say that it took me a while before actually giving a try to HxH 'cuz i wasn't sure if i would've liked it.. But. Woah against my expectations i really did like it more than i thought! Truth is that after i gave it a try, i couldn't stop watching it. The more i was seeing it and the more it was giving me the same feeling that OP gives me. They have the same vibe and have the power to let you enjoyed more and more, this way your   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Gon and Luffy have similar personalities. Characters all have their own fighting style that they work on through the series, as well as their own goals. They both go through several arcs where the protagonist grows little by little. Both are on-going shounens.
report Recommended by tplusent
Both have a young boy leaving home to explore the world and become the best in it, they both have dreams they would sacrifice their lives for, happy positive outlooks on every situation, a selection of nakama/friends who they would do anything to protect. Both have comedy, action, fighting, adventure, challenges, friendship and a feel good vibe. If you're a one piece fan i definitely recommend hunter x hunter, and vice versa.
report Recommended by rachysue
An ambitious and particularly strong young boy setting on a journey in a vast mysterious world, full of unexplored lands and strange creatures. There he meets friends and face various dangers and enemies in order to fulfill his dream. I would say that One Piece is more about adventure while HxH is more about battle. Maybe HxH is a bit darker too, and OP funnier, but both are great shows.
report Recommended by Aeleia
Both anime are similar in the themes of adventure, comedy and friendship. The main characters are also similar in personality, with Luffy being more silly than Gon. There are also lots of interesting side characters and powers presented in both shows.
report Recommended by MissKainan
The adventure,comedy and feelings are all the same. Fighting for the nakama's by putting your life in danger. Its a must watch if you loved One Piece. Everyone have different powers like in one piece there are devil fruits. I don't know how to recommend anime's but I'm sure you will love Hunter X Hunter if you loved One Piece.
report Recommended by DarkestHeart
Gon and Luffy are very similar protagonists. They go on an adventure and make many friends along the way. The feeling of adventure that One Piece conveys is also found very often in Hunter x Hunter. Both shows have a vast world that draws you in and makes you want to learn more about it. Both shows can become much darker than a traditional shonen at some points. If you like One Piece, it's almost certain you will like Hunter x Hunter.
report Recommended by illmatik
Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. Both characters have lost their families and are on a quest to become the strongest. They have to struggel and give their all to achieve this, wich is why the series is so amazing to watch as you can see them develop episode after episode.
report Recommended by Darkbow
These are Jump's two greatest ongoing battle shonen. Both have massive worlds filled with numerous unique and like able characters. Both revolve around adventure and a charismatic MC that gains many allies along the way. If you are a fan of shonen (hell, if you are a fan of anime) then you should watch both of these.
report Recommended by TurtleHermit
Both are shonen anime that each have their fair share of adventures and fights. Both series have hyper, dumb, and funny main characters that are very interesting. The art in both series is also done very well.
report Recommended by xCerealSoup
While One Piece starts a lot slower than HxH (I'd recommend picking up at the Water 7 arc if you're impatient), and while its overall world and magic system is a lot more crazier and cartoony, it's definitely got the same sort of landmark effect on the heart, with tons of emotional moments, epic fights, characters that stay with you, and arcs that only get better and better as you go on.
report Recommended by Atrithau
Both main characters (Luffy and Gon) are looking for something in particular and it is said at the beginning of the series. Side characters have somewhat similar goals. This can be seen mostly with Leori and Nami since they both want money.
report Recommended by theaznkid360
-Both shows (in my opinion) start off decent and get better and better to the point of awesomeness. -The concept of nen and haki are similar, plus both are introduced later on in the series. -They are your typical shounen anime where the protagonist protect his friends and get stronger. Both have superpowers(main characters are very strong and op, altho luffy is more op then gon) -characters aren't that similar but the relationships between characters are - Both have the friendship theme, though it's more present in one piece -both are currrently airing and prob won't end anytime soon
report Recommended by powerofemo
Both anime are filled with adventured arcs consisting of interesting development with characters and introducing new foundations of abilities each character posses. This is a must watch!
report Recommended by Kvshi
The best Battle Shounen already created. The best seller! Absolutely no one overcomes this One Piece. What enchants me most in this anime is a story that is exciting making you reach the point of tears. Its plot is perfect, everything connects, making their fans create several theories about the story. His universe is infinite, thus making it all happen or anything appear following its own logic. His pace is slow and it is one of the causes of many episodes, but worth every minute spent with this masterpiece. Another strong point is the comedy that will surely make you a good laugh.
report Recommended by Kmale0n
the main characters so much alike....luffy and gon they both are innocent and well their personality is extremely alike....they both are in a hunt while gon is looking for his dad,luffy is looking for the treasure,and there are awesome adventures...while luffy has a crew with their own goals in one piece,gon's friends also have their own seprate goals but somehow they get along...
report Recommended by revyshihoin
Gon, the main character, has some very strong similarities to Luffy when Luffy gets serious and the variety of powers and abilites of characters in this anime is similar to One Piece's devil fruit power variety. There are some AWESOME fights in this anime just like in One Piece and you will feel connected and cheer for the characters just like you do for the Straw Hat crew. Hunter x Hunter 2011 and One Piece are my two favorite anime. Please this anime is a great use of your time; it wont disappoint.
report Recommended by masonsrandle
After watching the masterpiece one piece the only other thing that gave me the same feel was no other than hunter x hunter. In both of the anime the protagonist is a reckless guy who goes out on a journey to gain something that they want. During the adventure both of the protagonists meet many different kinds of people and go through different experiences and learn from that. Both of the series are extremely enjoyable and are worth watching.
report Recommended by saad97
Originating in shonen jump, and serialized practically a year apart, both mangas have been adapted into successful long running animes that have an excellent cast of characters, world building, and fantastic adventures. They both still have plenty of stories to tell in an ever expanding universe, while still keeping pretty consistent rules previously established, power levels, foreshadowing, never forgetting characters, and building off of the huge casts to create more amazing arcs. Most of the time, both shows are character driven. While both are shonen, both are so tonally different, yet they go in hand in hand with the way they blur the two sides of good   read more
report Recommended by SIOPAOBUN
If you liked the odd as hell character designs and straight forward plot in One Piece then your'e prone to enjoying hunter x hunter
report Recommended by XinonEclipse
Both anime create a huge world with many fantastic aspects from wild creatures/people to unusual places. Hunter x Hunter is shorter but has higher quality episodes whereas One Piece spreads itself over God knows how many more episodes but does not loose in telling a great adventure story. Both give you different emotions (joy, sadness, thrill, hope) overtime as you become part of the main crew. One Piece might be harder to start due to the number of episodes but every arc is worth it in the end. Enjoy Watching! :D
report Recommended by Yatarasu
If you are watching one piece you will really like hunter x hunter also. Both anime have incredible good characters voices and both have badazz old man that will make you cry of badass-ness xDD NETERO WHITEBEARD etc
report Recommended by CaNNaBizZ
They are both about adventure and the main character is young boy who's a simpleton. The second main character is the cool one who's not afraid to kill. Also the main character ,Gon, shares a lot of similarities to Goku and there's a ton of DBZ references in Hunter x Hunter. The Best part about Hunter x Hunter and the reason as to why i like it more than One Piece is that people die in HxH.
report Recommended by phantom346
Similar adventure style with lots of action, and mainly features around the protagonist (Gon in HXH and Luffy and his crew in One Piece). Like how Gon's goal was to become a Hunter etc, Luffy's goal is to become the pirate king, so they both have that similar sort of drive as characters.
report Recommended by Zerelada
Both anime are shounen with super powers, fight scenes, friends and adventure. Both have funny and sad scenes. Both have a carefree and a little bit stupid protagonists. Both have badass characters and epic moments.
report Recommended by Pokitaru
Both really great animes that I love, if you like One Piece, you should definitely watch Hunter X Hunter. If you like Shounen, this is the way to go. Luffy and Gon have adventures and fun while still striving towards their goal- Pirate King and the best Hunter. Although they may seem to be fooling around, when push comes to shove they are great friends you'd definitely want watching your back. Both anime have great side characters and plots. I would totally watch Hunter X Hunter!
report Recommended by padlock14
-The most creative worlds in anime -Lovable characters with somewhat unattractive designs (at least different from normal) -Soundtrack gives the shows a similar feel
report Recommended by thelectricow
Diverse world with changing settings, excellent fight scenes, and a diverse and interesting cast of characters.
report Recommended by Garrett6543210
These 2 are one of the most popular long running shounen and are both really fun shows. filled with likable characters, interesting plot, and are adventurous. also my top long running shounens!
report Recommended by killerqueen2000
Lighthearted anime with exciting fighting arc's (beware of filler episodes - HxH has less fillers). Innocent and ambigious main character with badass friends, interesting side characters and a lot of plot twists. In search for something very important to them. Friendship is the key. (Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen).
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira
HunterxHunter is very similar in terms of what you like. I love both of these series even if they are shounen. They both can be really dark in certain moments, but overall these two are really good
report Recommended by ShinySteve
both of these anime have amazing action and adventure experience and shows an unbreakable bond of friendship
report Recommended by Zan-Getsu
Hunter x Hunter is an amazing shonen anime about a boy named Gon who leaves his home to take on one of the toughest jobs in the world, being a hunter. No, he's not hunting deer or rabbits, he's looking for his dad, whom he hasn't seen since he was a baby. On the way, he meets Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua, who help him on his journey. I've loved this show ever since I discovered it in 2014. It's got great animation, compelling characters, and great story arcs. If you like the first Hunter Exam arc, you'll probably like the rest.
report Recommended by VidoriP
While this is super long running, it has the same adventure vibes as HxH. Although instead of hunters, the focus is on pirates. overall, if you're into long running adventures and love to binge watch, you'll be able to get caught up with One Piece in a cinch
report Recommended by JikoSama
Both are great shounen series. great stories. longer arcs awesome powers. great character development
report Recommended by bunny1998
Started at kind, lovely atmosphere then it turns into more serious atmosphere. The characters want adventure and stronger as many stronger enemies will appear.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are battle manga with have a focus on friendship, and the two Mcs would do anything to help their friends.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both are great anime that have: - Huge and great world building. - Group of friends that are going on an entertaining adventure and etc If you like one of them you will like the other.
report Recommended by iPiolex
Both shounen action series with intricate world building and delve into various character studies.
report Recommended by Cozye
Adventurous and with great story telling. Smart action and side characters have their times in the spotlight.
report Recommended by Tia_Delimuerta
-you'll love the series instantly -the main characters are great -the storyline is very interesting -amazing fights
report Recommended by 2ynm
The feeling of adventure are both prevalent in One Piece and Hunter x Hunter (2011). Both are based on manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump, and are both long anime. Luffy and Gon have similar personalities. However, One Piece is more comedic than Hunter x Hunter (2011), which is more serious. Both are also some of the best long running battle shōnen anime out there, and fans of one are sure to like the other.
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
One piece is like the light hearted version of hunter x hunter and is highly similar to the series in terms of plot. If you enjoyed one piece and are looking for a heavier adventure hxh is for you. While if you liked hxh and are looking for a more carefree adventure the one piece is for you.
report Recommended by Jackxxxx
Both are top notch shounen anime. Usually we can see that whatever the genre of an anime is there is a bit romance in the story line. But Hunter X Hunter and One piece are anime where there is no specifically romance and both of the mc are adventure lovers. They work and struggle towards their goals. Like Luffy is a boy who wants to be a pirate king and Gon is a boy who wants to be a great hunter to know why his dad abandoned him for being a hunter. That's all. Both of the anime is quite good.
report Recommended by OtAkU_TaBiB
Both are adventurous and travel the world.
report Recommended by riaborsara
- Large, open world: plenty of worldbuilding in each story - Adventure-based plot line - Wide Character Cast - Fighting isn't always just brawling: it's also about being shrewd, intelligent, calculating and deceptive - Dangerous and unique supernatural abilities - The protagonist seems naive, but has an air of mystery about them that foreshadows something about their true side
report Recommended by bro11
Similar deep themes and both have incredible antagonists. in my opinion, OP is one of only two shonen that comes close to being as good as hxh.(the other being FMAB)
report Recommended by wsjaime
The main characters are trying to find something/someone or be something great and along the way they met some friends/comrades.
report Recommended by Velovee
The emotions in both anime hit close to the heart in a way I have yet to see in other battle shonen to the degree of talent that they are down in either of these two animes. The depth of worldbuilding in One Piece is a step above the greatness that exists in Hunter x Hunter, so there's a bonus in that regard. If you enjoyed the sense of family that exists in HxH between characters like Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and all the other loveable characters, you get that same attachment with fellow Straw Hat recruits and even what appears as minor side characters at first still   read more
report Recommended by ameerta98
Both contents are based on the aim of the main characters. One of them wants to see his father and other one wants to be Pirate King and both characters have strong determination to reach their aim. I'm sure that all spectators will admire their both determination. Also main characters are good-hearted, cheerful and childish for each animes. Moreover, side characters also well thought and varied for both of them. Some pieces of their lives of the side characters are being shared in both animes, with this way you might connect to the frames of mind of the almost all characters with pleasure.The only bad   read more
report Recommended by denisebenilde
- Insane Worldbuilding - Both Gon & Luffy are energetic and positive and having similar goals - Unique islands and areas - Outstanding writing - Lore gets deeper and bigger - Amazing stories - Main characters that are so special that we need them in our world
report Recommended by Amzzluz
Similarities: - Fight scenes that are very enjoyable - Comedic plot and situations where you can't help but give a laugh - Art style is unique and differs from other animes - Lots of side stories which are very interesting - Both are very very long series
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
One Piece has always been great when it comes to a good challenge—especially a good fight! Another show that certainly has this element is Hunter x Hunter. To be a hunter is a huge privilege and you need to take the Hunter Exam in order to pass. The only catch? There's an extremely low success rate and it's pretty dangerous. Gon Freecss is out to become a Hunter so he can find his missing father.
report Recommended by NyeLink
If you liked the great story, fights, and worldbuilding, this is your anime for you to spend the rest of your life watching
report Recommended by Mardones
Fantastic world building and some of the best arcs in all of anime and well written characters with a very amazing storyline!
report Recommended by JaysonZoro17
Both involve epic journeys, feature a wide range of characters, and employ well-defined abilities.
report Recommended by Optumus
shows a crew of people working together for different goals and coming across different obstacles
report Recommended by naswatchesanime
One Piece and Hunter x Hunter are two renowned anime series that share several captivating similarities. Both are known for their extensive and well-developed storylines, featuring vast worlds and complex characters with unique powers. They both explore universal themes such as friendship, determination, and personal growth, while offering thrilling and strategic battles. Besides that the feeling of adventure is well present in both of them.
report Recommended by fabiopires10
I Enjoyed HxH alot because of its unique power system and its complexity and i think its similar to one piece in this aspect as both one piece and HxH have Amazing charecters and charecter development, Insane storyline, very cool villians And they in my opinion are the most unique out of all the anime i have watched. Both HxH and One Piece are 10/10 and im yet to change my opinion and dont think i ever will have to
report Recommended by HubsIsPreaching
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