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Robiiii 9 hours ago
Yeah!!!!! I hate those too!!!!
Fuck you if u post vids like that!!!
Seriously, I always post an angry comment to such videos. One of them was for Infinity Wars when they just out loud announced what will happen to Loki BEFORE the movie even came out. I was so furious at that time

Luckily, I havent been spoiled about JoJo Stardust, i did saw a few memey clips of it tho
Robiiii Yesterday, 11:52 PM
>10 years
WELL, technically, I have been spoiled af to Oreimo, and after some time I decided to watch it regardless even tho the idea was kind of repulsive at first. I decided to get on the meme. And so I did ^^
It was worth it lol

So yeah, watching shows when u know the spoilers is a different type of experience. I wont always welcome it, but sometimes the show is worth it ^^

So umm, I still think u should watch Shichisei, and then maybe Anohana?

>Madoka 3
Wow really? Im glad I had no clue what the show had in store when I got to watch it!
Robiiii Yesterday, 11:12 PM
Man wtf xd
Looks like youve seen a clip or something, its a bummer its not only based on words that someone said 😓

Yeah, I guess u have been spoiled

Well u can always try this anime 10 years from now, when u will forget or vaguely remember stuff xd

U have seen Your Lie In April atleast?
Robiiii Yesterday, 2:08 PM
Ehh well im kinda confused what ur trying to say there but more or less I suppose so?
Depending what “purifying” u meant there tho. I mean stuff happens and builds up good enough but what makes Anohana pretty good is the guessing game whether or not she gets “purified”.
U dont know the EXACT outcome of it, do ya?

The climax is beautiful tho, i cried like a bitch.
Robiiii Yesterday, 12:42 PM
U didnt answer my question about Anohana lol.
I guess u havent seen it

>Yuragi Sou
NO! You crazy? Wait for BD at all costs!
It has lots of nipples.
The thing is tho (here it gets interesting)
The manga available online is censored, BUT the Tankoubon volumes (actual manga books) contain uncensored stuff. The anime man actually reviewed the manga and said its one of the lewdest things ever.
(Will post vid later)
It even began some controversies that its TOO lewd simply becuz its published in Shounen Jump magazine and parents are like naahhh this shit tew mcuh

To clair things up just a lil bit for ya, first the chapters are posted in the MAGAZINES (censored) and then later on released in tankoubon volumes.

What confuses me the most is which of the things are the parents even complaining about: the censored chapters in the magazine or the tankoubon ones. Can u imagine of they did complain about the magazine version? What would theu say about the tankoubon ones????? 🤣🤣🤣
Robiiii Yesterday, 10:30 AM
Bad news, Yuragi Sou airs censored 😭😭😭
I expected that, Xebec + ecchi series? Cmon guys u know the drill
What I didnt expect was it’ll be fully available in fucking March!!
Robiiii Yesterday, 4:14 AM
>s2 is mostly yuri comedy but other stuff is actually story heavy
Other stuff, as in other seasons?

>Akkun no Kanojo
Good choice 😏

MAL scores are quite broken rn. Since after the MAL apocalypse some ppl have migrated to other sites, so mostly hardcore MAL users are left, and u know how they’re not very easily impressed 😱
So take the score with a grain of salt!
The only thing I can say is that ppl say its similar to Anohana, which actually sounds pretty cool to me.
U have seen Anohana right? Its a tearjerker
Robiiii Jul 13, 11:45 PM
>Fate kaleid
Is there even a story to it? 😆
Heard S2 is full on yuri tho 😏

>summer anime
Seems legit.
Im sure the comedy ones will rank in top 3 for me, and Jashin-chan and Sunoharasou will rank much higher for me as well. As for th rest, no idea 🤧

>how long JoJo
Idk, like 5 hours?

>Akkun no Kanojo
Told ya 😏
Robiiii Jul 13, 12:05 PM
>Fate Kaleid
Nahh thats not fate.
So step up ur game son!

>Repeat every hour
But if I do that, when will I have time to watch JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure? 🤔🤔🤔

>Grand Blue
Top 10 anime that are not yet in ur fav list, but will be.
Unless ur one of those Gibtana boys, LOL, tough luck.

>Rekka no Honoo
What is wrong with you?
Can you not? 💀
Robiiii Jul 13, 9:31 AM
Dat moment when u complain about not enough quantity in seasonal anime.

And then you see this season ahahah
Robiiii Jul 13, 6:47 AM
Oh have u noticed I added Darling In the Franxx to my favs? Yeah that.
MAAAAAN my list is so colorful and diverse I could burst! Now imagine if I could put in twice as much haha!
Robiiii Jul 13, 6:27 AM
Daily reminder that Im the superior Fate series fan. (Im really not)