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Both are the best shounen in the world to me! They start off with adventures of a brave main character and go on into darker themes. Love the way the character opens and evolves throughout the story.
report Recommended by rinel
Both series have an innovative and entertaining argument. The characters are so real; they are not the typical kick ass character. For that reason, the strategies are the most important at the moment of fight.
report Recommended by cronosteso23
Both have 'magic', alchemy and and aura, except with the former the source is external, latter internal. Alchemy is based off medieval historical musings, aura is modern parapsychology, but it also seems derived from Chinese Chi. In contrast, though, FM's antagonists follow the cardinal sins' tropes, which results in predictable behaviour based on past performance, whereas HxH has more unpredictable personalities and antagonists do not necessarily antagonize, although there is a central commonality in the origin of both when it comes to how they came to be. FM is more action-oriented, HxH more psychological.
report Recommended by Seyfert
Both are remakes of two of the greatest shounen anime out there. What makes these two shows stand out from the majority of the shounen genre is that they have well developed characters along with a consistent plot. Also, there are absolutely no fillers in either of them.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
These two is an example how the shounen anime should be.. Borrowing a quote from one of review I saw in MAL, the shounen animes should be like these, intelligent but exciting ...
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both FMA: Brotherhood and Hunter x Hunter (2011) are series that have great story plots involving many characters. The characters themselves are well developed as each episode progresses. Additionally, there are themes of vengeance, friendship, honor, and pride that are explored many times throughout both series. The main male protagonist from both series has a cheery attitude but is always willing to help others in need by putting themselves in danger to protect in what they believe in. There is also a fictional dangerous group in both series who serves as primary antagonists. Among those antagonists are characters who have diverse personalities. These two series are considered   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about friendships and brotherhood (duh), are actually are very, very good shonens (some of the best anime overall), and don't have many typical/cliche moments. Oh and one more things: Characters actually die!
report Recommended by Mikasa
Both are remakes that don't have fillers or meaningless fighting and rely more on strategy and wits.
report Recommended by sinxchicken
Great story with no cliche stuff. Both similar as they talk about friendship/brotherhood. Equivalent exchange is an important aspect of the story.
report Recommended by Trafl-guy
I found the suspense, character development, and driving story that are very similar to each other kept me glued to both the whole time. You definitely need to watch them both to understand.
report Recommended by Knixd
Being both not-just-regular shounen, they're pretty much similar in the way they use the element of suspense, which is marvelous in both of them. Also alike is the use of comedy. They also resemble each other in the way they treat of matters such as values and life itself, and each of their corresponding main characters have a particular personal goal. Oh, and they've both had a previous animation work before they had even ended (Fullmetal Alchemist) or gone far ahead of the script (Hunter x Hunter). Personally, this are my two favorite shounen.
report Recommended by Rude_Casul
They're both the most mature and clever shonens out there. It's not all about fighting,and that's why Fma and HxH are completely different from the regular shonens. The character development is amazing. Hunter x Hunter 2011 character's design seems childish,but the plot is dark,serious and full of suspense,just like Fma. They're both remake with no fillers. One more thing: characters actually DIE! without resurrection bulls*it.
report Recommended by nanny96
Both anime incorporate strategies and tactics into their fight scenes. Characters are similar as they travel and take their journey in order to reach their goals while becoming stronger along the way. Lively, bright, optimistic characters with supernatural powers. Two very brilliant animes that will not disappoint.
report Recommended by xktrano
Both series are top grade battle shonen that are plot driven, have no fillers and have a great cast of characters to boot! If you are a fan of good storytelling and fights that focus more on brains and less of brawns, then you definitely can't go wrong with HxH 2011 or FMAB.
report Recommended by MeitanteiFreecs
The characters in both of these anime are trying to become stronger and have a goal they are trying to reach.
report Recommended by Kigin
Hunter x Hunter and FMAB are both very smart series and set themselves apart from most of the Shounen genre. They both share similar principles such as the infamous equivalent exchange and to gain you must give. The fights in both of these series also aren't just about who's the strongest or has the most will power and the one who's smarter and uses the best tactics will usually win.
report Recommended by logan_plox
Two of the greatest shounen anime; both of them are really addictive. Both consist of a unique superpower: alchemy in FMA and nen in HxH. The difference is that HxH's antagonists are more likable than FMA's.
report Recommended by HiatusXHiatus
The two shounens to be built in a mature way make the viewer is caught in strong and very beautiful plot, besides the production of the two animes are equivalent, if you're a fan of one, is sure to be another fan :))
report Recommended by BrunoSappy
They are not the typical shonen where you win through the power of friendship and struggles not good draw strength for a final attack and always beat the bad guys. These two are more realistic shonen.
report Recommended by Sterbik
Both Anime have well-polished story, action, bunch of emotions, character progression in MCs as well as in side characters. They explain how things work in their "worlds" leaving annoying plot-holes away. If you enjoy action and adventure anime you should watch these!
report Recommended by Taiphou
The anime has both protagonist that are badasses. Both shows are really good that makes you smile. And protagonists are really strong at a really young age ( both are fast learners ).
report Recommended by Toots
If you have something, keep it, or someone more tactful will get it from you. Remakes that will change your point of view from typical relationships (I mean the brother relationship and friendship.) They will open your eyes at the things you have to know at every situation and one more thing, BOTH THEM HAVE PERSISTENT MAIN CHARACTERS that will never give up.
report Recommended by ParadoxBound
Both have similar qualities, like both are Coming of Age type stories, but both take place in a world that is alive with other characters. Both involve the protagonist having to get a certification allowing them to pursue their MacGuffin, and during/after their acquisition of the certification, they uncover a plot or scheme. It's fairly good.
report Recommended by Mekova
One of the best shounen/action anime with great plot and reasons behind wvery battle. Great animation and the battles are strategic instead of pure fighting. Also there's almost no fillers
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
- Both of them are masterpiece - They've got great, original story - Both of them contain great fighting scenes
report Recommended by natty83
As these two are both shounen series, they are both exciting and makes the audience engage with its amount of elements hidden. These two series provide character depth and their storytelling are both well-made and helps move the story along.
report Recommended by ViolaFike
Two of the best damn shows I've ever seen, with large casts of complex characters and stories that put the journey before the destination.
report Recommended by ShinBOmnis
Both anime tackle similar themes- typically intelligent and dark ones. Both anime as well focus more on battle tactics, rather than just full-out attacking. Both main characters have lost something they want to get back: Edward Elric wants to get his and his brother's bodies back, while Gon wants to find his father, and this makes both protagonists to carry on trying to find what they wish to find. Both anime are remakes, and many characters actually die.
report Recommended by Intelos
These are two of the best anime ever made. Both are very epic Shounen anime with lovable characters and captivating powers. Both anime are remakes and leave little room for fillers.
report Recommended by slucini
Amazing and relatable characters, beautiful animation and sountracks, and too many moments of happiness, tranqulity, fear, anguish and sadness, all of this in two exceptional and well-written stories.
report Recommended by bry_98
Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood may not have many similarities when you first look at the two, but to me I have to say they are incredible and if you've seen one, you must see the other. Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the story of Gon Freecss trying to find his father, while Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood is the story of Edward Elric trying to find a mythical stone. Both have simple and slightly selfish ordeals for their own benefits, but as the stories progress and the characters grow up the plot advances and both Gon and Edward become the center of an alliance that are   read more
report Recommended by TheCrimsonHunter
Both are shounen packed full of suspense, action and emotion. While HxH is longer it had more of a open ending than FMAB, which had a more definitive ending to its story. These animes will make you laugh and cry, and at the end of it all you'll be simply awestruck. Both anime have great art and music, features two MCs and depict a massive crisis in their own way. One you start watching, you just can't stop!!
report Recommended by Nehal008
Both series are well writen (not like this recommendation), well animated, great songs and great caracters. Probably one of the best shows you can find if you like action with well thought fights and great arcs.
report Recommended by Valunah
Both series have a great evolving long story about winning with not just only power but also with strategy. the anime's both have monsters in them and are some good high rated' anime's.
report Recommended by Layme
Okat this isn't exactly the same as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood but really close when it comes to a good story telling. The characters Gon and Killua reminds me of Ed and Al, Gon and Killua also go through many hardships together and they make many sacrifices along the way. Abit longer than Fullmetal but worth it.
report Recommended by Shoutaebot
Both are outstanding animes in all categories. The art is impressive, just like the storyline. In my opinion, they are a "must watch". Don't let the lenght fool you, Hunter x Hunter will get you hyped even after you finish it (just like Fullmetal)
report Recommended by iwaois
Both are not your typical shounen fighting superpowers. Both main characters have some sort of major influence from their father. Both have similar characters, themes, and can overall be an emotional experience.
report Recommended by doublegambler
If you have watched one of this two masterpieces I'll tell you why you have to watch the other: *Incredible storytelling *Deep emotions *Charachters that you won't forget *Very beautiful animation *Great soundtrack In short, both animes have everything that a good anime should have(action, drama, comedy,...)
report Recommended by diegorogo
Well both involve relatively large worlds being discovered by the two main male characters (though HxH's is more colourful imo) and both have a large cast that get developed throughout the course of both shows (though certain characters may not be as developed as much as you'd want them too) and both crescendo in large scale battles that involve most of the cast ending with half (or an entire episode in FmaB case) where they give us a 'where are they now' segment.
report Recommended by Tshepilepci
FMAB is slightly darker, but both anime share the same adventure style and comedy with a similar sort of style. They both involve a young, male protagonist, and their determination for their individual goals. Lots of interesting/ slightly odd characters and creatures that feature in both.
report Recommended by Zerelada
I consider these two anime masterpieces. Both have great characters, development ( both that of character and story), interesting fights , great music themes, ops and eds. I thought that Fmab and hxh would be the typical shounen, blabla, bright adventure etc: I was fucking wrong, both can be dark at times. The protagonists aren't overpowered. One thing you wouldn't like in hxh though: Unfinished :S
report Recommended by Fuzzywuz_zy
Both are very serious stories with MANY characters who are all fleshed-out, many amazing arcs, great animation, and a very good soundtrack to back everything up.
report Recommended by PatViBrittania
I've seen anime with more similarities between each other, but these two definitely share common traits. First of all, they can both make you extremely furious regarding all the death happening around, even though most dying characters are supporting characters. With that said, I would say Hunter x Hunter was better in many ways, especially by concealing its true nature. The main characters also have this, well, to say, a "childish" goal of either finding or restoring something regarding their own family member. Along with that, both of their fathers are "big shots", and their sons are young, unique talents who inherited those traits from   read more
report Recommended by Croeb
Both anime revolve around a protagonist in search for something and going out to an adventure, involving magic, action sequences and darker themes, which become a bigger part of the story in later episodes.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
Well i dont know any anime fan who hasnt watch any one the 2 both are incredibly good but hunter x hunter will probably never be completed since the mangaka stop writing but the anime in this case is still awesome and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is a must watch u never get boring watching it at least i didnt. Enjoy
report Recommended by OfficialRage
Well developed and realistic characters, expertly crafted storyline, very focused plot, no filler and minimal fanservice. Where FMA follows two brothers on their quest to reclaim what is lost, HxH focuses on four individuals in their search for what is dear to them. Both series follow the adage: what's learnt on the journey holds more value than that which you search for. This is neatly summarised in HxH's final dialogue: "you should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want." Both series will rip your heart out and affect you in ways you   read more
report Recommended by KaylaBee
Two of of fav animes ever, both adventures that you will get hooked on within the first few eps :D.
report Recommended by KayoIIDX
Standing Ovation to both productions! 5 out of 5 stars. 10 out of 10, A+, 100% Both shows being two of my favorites on MAL, I consider them not just adventure stories, but odysseys. Edward and Alphonse are on an odyssey to recover their bodies, Gon is on an odyssey to meet his father. As I am a proud adoptee, I love that not only are the main characters adopted, but that there are so many older characters who try to take Ed and Al and Gon respectively under their wing as their sons (Mae Hughes and Roy Mustang with the Elrics, Leorio and Kite and   read more
report Recommended by Bravo_Zulu
This anime is similar to Hunter x Hunter, but not as good as HxH, anyway I recommend it to you guys. The climax of both are very similar, the production is excellent and the plot is also great.
report Recommended by pascoal21
Primarily it's amazing how both shows slowly get darker and darker, smoothly becomes what it doesn't seem from the cover. Both shows have brilliant character development, it's really really surprising how good it actually is. There are more similarities, but for the sake of your potential upcoming experience with the show...my recommendation will refrain from spoiling.
report Recommended by blank
Both series have a similar stories to tell. Where one puts in a world of alchemy, the other puts you in the world of nun, which has its own rules and restrictions. Both series are well received by the community for good reason, and I highly recommend you check the other out if you haven't yet.
report Recommended by TheSavageJS
Along with these powers can come a strong darkness. Where is the line drawn as to how far these powers will be used for selfish conducts? Is being the most powerful being what is important? Both anime are adventurous. They start off on a similar note as to starting an adventure. It is for the search of something, FMA to a philosopher's stone and HxH to Gon finding his father. Both have overpowered supporting characters.
report Recommended by IzaEpsil
Very similar feel to the world, and the aesthetic is mildly similar between the two. A pair of teenagers wander the world in service to an objective that becomes murky over time as they are swept into a grander plot with the fate of the world at stake. They are both spectacular shows as well, as seen in their MAL aggregates.
report Recommended by Treima
A young prodigy leaves his hometown in order to achieve his goals. During his trip he meets allies and enemies with unique personalities and habilities and he will struggle to become stronger. The final FMA:B arc is somehow similar to the Chimera Ant arc from HxH. Action scenes where tactics are more important than power, drama and casual comedy in both.
report Recommended by AxlerW
- Both Battle Shounen Anime - Both are about Friends and teamwork - Dark stories - Suspense and character Buildup are similar
report Recommended by Qui11
These anime got great animation and what the good of these both anime is the story, the fighting is so good, and the adventure is totally amazing and intense. The Hunter X Hunter is about finding the father of the main character who become a legendary hunter and the Fullmetal is two alchemist seeking for philospher's stone for a certain reason (i will not spoil the anime of course...)
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
First recommendation so i'm keeping this short. ~Both deal with Main Protagonist having a goal they want to achieve ~Both anime has intense battles along the way ~Both anime's storyline is amazing Edward wants to get his body back While GON wants to Find his father and become a hunter.
report Recommended by Zerzey
Two wonderful works that perfectly fit the definition of "genre deconstruction", both being considered as shounen animes, but delivering much more than that.
report Recommended by Samuel_Araujo
Both are the best shounen in the world to me! They start off with adventures of a brave main character and go on into darker themes. Love the way the character opens and evolves throughout the story.
report Recommended by Unhealing
The way the two animes work the series of events and how they explain everything that happens in relation to the powers and they do not keep hiding facts and creating things of nothing like other animes that exist by there ... At last they are also a type of anime that Should be taken seriously that impact scenes should be caused at the correct time and not just the lack of a plot Sugerir uma edição
report Recommended by slocksert
Both feature excellent power systems (Nen/Alchemy), enjoyable and somewhat dark plots, excellent character development, and both sides have an incredible sense of adventure. The characters on both sides are excellent. If you want another nerve-wracking adventure series like HxH, FMA: Brotherhood is the go-to anime. Overall, however, HxH is more touching and has better world-building, while FMA: Brotherhood hits a perfectly good storyline in a lesser number of episodes.
report Recommended by HyperBeamEevee
When it comes to consistency of episodes, quality of writing, the premise of the characters, and the majority of episodes that relate to the story intself, these two anime are shounen anime when done right. With the fights being logical as they both have unique power systems, it really shows out compared to some of the more popular shounen anime out there. The characters for both series all have understandable issues, and both series treat their characters right. Overall, these two may not seem that relatable, but when it comes to quality of writing and consistently, these two show a majority of that.
report Recommended by Aquariathena
They are both really good TV shows. If I had to pick between Hunter x Hunter and FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to put in #1 so far on a top 50 list, I would have a really hard time. Definitely check out Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood if you like Hunter x Hunter
report Recommended by Coolest_Girl
The story at the beginning is light then as time goes by the plot is getting serious. Both MC has a title in the community like an Alchemist or a Hunter. Powerful villains and side characters. Fun to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both have great main characters Also searching for something
report Recommended by Msai12
Both series have depth in their characters without leaving the plot
report Recommended by Rackmel
- Both anime embark on a grand adventure - Main Characters of both are generally comedic, but get serious when necessary - Both have extremely well animated and meaningful action scenes - Both have disturbing and tearjerking moments - Both push the limits of the shounen genre
report Recommended by GreatestSaltboy
FmaB and Hxh 2011 both tackle darker themes and subvert shonen tropes. In both shows the characters go on a long journey to find something important and on their way encounter interesting viallins. Also in both shows strategy and comparability is way more important in combat than raw strength.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
If you enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, chances are you'll also love Hunter x Hunter because both series transcend the standard quality of shonen anime. They are arguably the best shonen anime ever created, featuring multi-dimensional character development, intricate and well-crafted plots, and meticulously designed power systems. Despite being relatively older, with over a decade since their anime adaptations concluded, no other series has reached the same level of excellence in the genre.
report Recommended by Joceclayson
Both are different from generic shounens with a unique storyline and good character development.
report Recommended by Swaraj0010
Both are shounen anime that could be classified as seinen (IMO) because of how deep the story is. Both animes are rare masterpieces from the mediocre sea of anime. A must watch would definitely raise your standards P.S Before watching both of these anime, I find Naruto "ok". After watching these anime I find Naruto garbage
report Recommended by Trucee
Both are well written and have superb entertainment all the way.
report Recommended by JellyTak
Both have young male protagonists that have had fathers absent from their lives for a very long time. The main battle system does not just consist of punching people really hard, most of the time. Having both nen and alchemy being some of the best battle systems in the genre.
report Recommended by GosuPikachu
Both are about two youngs boys that are going through adventure that eventually becomes dark and dangerous. And both are simply the best shounen anime ever made! (At least for me)
report Recommended by Archol2
Out of all the anime I've ever watched, two have always stood out- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, my 2nd favorite, as well as Hunter x Hunter (2011), my all-time favorite. These masterpieces both have an astonishing, unpredictable plot line, extremely well-developed characters, and will both suck you in as well as leave you sad after finishing. (Plus, their soundtracks are pretty dang amazing). If you liked Hunter x Hunter OR Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I can almost guarantee you'll like the other one- and not just because they're kind of similar.
report Recommended by shweeb
It's 2 shounen anime with great story and nice character development. These particular two are my favorites animes of all time.
report Recommended by Innyus
Masterpiece dos shounens
report Recommended by fairepop
Calidad, género y trama buenísima
report Recommended by bmarcelo
- duo of non-adult main protagonists - theme of humanity - deep, complex themes beneath the great action - circle of life
report Recommended by mib23
Both are as dark as it gets and also two of the most flawless and well written very very engaging stories, with everything from ops/eds to osts to voice acting as good as it gets
report Recommended by Ginsoka
The same type of Shounen, with an interesting story and good characters
report Recommended by lucassvaz
the same shows about a kid when the father was going to buy milk and never came back.
report Recommended by Ariel20
Mindblowing Story
report Recommended by Neva_1
these are both good in many ways such as fighting,story,plots and both have good pace both have good in depth characters, i would recommend this to any on that have started watching like me
report Recommended by Ten_Shots
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is without a doubt one of the greatest shonen of all time. It touches on deep themes just like hxh. In my opinion hxh is the greatest shonen and FMAB and OP are the only others that come close.
report Recommended by wsjaime
These are the written shounen ever seen. HxH is also with a brave main character, Gon, and he tries go find his father. The story gets more darker through episodes and the plot evolves just like the Promised Day Arc. In both animes, the main character and side ones are in the most cases S tier and the story too!
report Recommended by georgecretuu1
These two are similar because they both have epic fights scenes, great characters and a good plot they both have powers, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has the power of alchemy and Hunter X Hunter has the nen power,both are great animes!
report Recommended by ashysilly
Shounen and super powers are commmon in both of them, though HxH wins when you start judging on the basis of character depth. FMAB is good, but not as good as HxH, just watch it bruh
report Recommended by rudradpsv
Starts off kind of light-hearted but progrssively gets darker in absolutely perfect way.
report Recommended by tinangie2012
Both of the shows are 10/10's The fights is about being smart and using the brain Both of the shows has some of the most interesting and best powersystems in anime (Nen and Alchemy) Fights are in both shows 10/10, the overall storyline and adventure 10/10 in both shows, the only thing lacking is waifus in hxh but dont mention it
report Recommended by danny_D_satoru
both are great shows with deep themes and fantastic characters and similar(ish) tone
report Recommended by Fullmetal_Cav
Both are two of the best shonen created, Both have well written and complex characters, Both are dark and mature compared to most shonen anime and deal with mature themes
report Recommended by N_J_N
Great adventure, really interesting characters, serious themes
report Recommended by Creeepy2GUNNER
Paranormal and adventure.
report Recommended by hoge-san
Both are great shounen with a great cast of characters, good plot and the most important thing, fun to watch. In my opinion both are 10/10 but that's just my opinion
report Recommended by Patutor_999
Both are some of the Best shounen you could find. I know it's kind of obvious but if you Like one of them chances are that you'll like the other one a lot too. Complicated and likable characters, lighthearted at some parts but having some dark themes, having no fillers and etc make these Two a lot similar and Great in their own ways!
report Recommended by Khodayeanime
FMAB and HxH are the best adventure shounens. Both have great villains, nice animation and designs. Roy and Kurapika are probably one of the best supporting characters. Furthermore, they have too good deaths. At first they may seem like simple series, but as the plot progresses, the plot improves becoming more complex and interesting.
report Recommended by Morlesxd
Both feature extremely well defined power systems with rules that never feels like it's ever cheating to give the main character an advantage, the main characters are not the strongest and most powerful. Both also have really interesting side characters that some people will prefer even over the main characters. Both have "clever" fights where the fights are not based on how powerful a character is but rather how their power is used.
report Recommended by Delphik
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