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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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As shōnens, both are refreshingly unpredictable. They're filled with comedy, yet turn extremely dark in the blink of an eye. Some arcs focus on complex, large-scale conflicts. Both feature villains who do extremely immoral things, often for good (rational) reasons. Differences: Magi focuses more on the characters trying to solve conflicts, while HxH is more focused on survival. In HxH the battles are much more tactical and mind-gamey, and boss battles have much more hype and buildup.
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Both series look like light comedy/action at first yet both end up having much deeper and darker stories. Despite it's bright colours, some dark themes get explored and both series are not afraid to kill people here and there. They all have young main characters who are set on adventure where they meet a lot of new people and friends.
report Recommended by kitten320
Gon and Aladin are a lot a like their both really sweet and energetic. They both make a lot of different friends and start an adventure looking for someone. Gon looking for his dad and Aladin looking for other dijinn's. There both really fun to watch.
report Recommended by lynnell246
Both series seem to be simply an adventure of a young cheerful boy with his friends, but contain surprisingly dark elements. They are still overall happy and uplifting though. Magic occurs in both animes in a similar way.
report Recommended by flyingpardin
Both are enjoyable shounen titles that don't take on the generic approach. Both have action and adventure in their genre. Worth watching for anyone who wants to watch a good shounen along the lines of FMA Brotherhood and Rurouni Kenshin.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
From the outside (mainly from main character's designs) these series look like a happy groovy anime.. But when you watch it, you will realize that these two series have a deep stories and themes (not something you will ordinary find from shounen series).. Yes, from action and fighting scenes, HXH is better.. But when we talk about themes and ideas explored, maybe Magi is better ...
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both Magi and Hunter x Hunter features shounen battles that tests the strengths of the main protagonists. The main characters from both series also has their own goals and ambitions. They train their skills throughout the series and becomes stronger through battles against various adversaries they encounter. Both series also has criminal organizations, dark secrets, and other various conflicts that tests the main male protagonists' wits. Hunter x Hunter contains more darker theme but both series has emotional factors that surfaces throughout various episodes. Aladdin and Gon are also somewhat similar with their personality and eager to help others in need. They also learn and control   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Unlike many shounen action shows, neither of these has much comedy and instead focuses more on ethics and training in a more serious way. Despite the characters being fairly young, they are very mature for their age.
report Recommended by Asfaria
Shounen. Both main characters are young boys that go on an adventure to achieve their dreams. Both anime's have a funny cast of characters and good fight scenes. Well animated.
report Recommended by ZenpieSama
Both of the main protagonists are young inspired boys. Both characters Gon and Aladdin show improvement, and they make people around them really happy. There are also similarities such as the Hunter test being a challenge and the dungeons in Magi that are basically tests to find kings. The quality of both shows are similar and so is the art style. If you like Hunter x Hunter (2011) then you would love Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and if you read the manga's you will see that there are some similarities such as war against 2 species and the wars of countries and kings.
report Recommended by HappyPiggy
Both are modern Battle Shounen anime with a big focus on adventure and worldbuilding. They both have grand, epic soundtracks and very high production values when it comes to the visual presentation. The palettes, in both cases, mainly consist of lots of bright and vibrant colors. Yet, despite being very colorful and looking kinda childish on the surface, both shows explore some darker themes and have plenty of shocking and even depressing moments. In both shows the main characters are two young boys who become best friends early on in the series, their synergy and relationship throughout both series follow a strikingly similar pattern and their friendship turns out   read more
report Recommended by BigPimPimm
Both are shounen and both have a really good story and world with great characters and combat depth.
report Recommended by BlackSwordsmanPT
Both are really good shounen series. They both have young protagonists that set off on adventures, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. While both seem to start off with light-hearted action and adventure, they both delve into darker themes later on in the series. The powers used in each series are quite similar - only selected people can use it and both rely on the spiritual power of the user. Both series have comedic elements, epic battles, interesting characters and heaps of friendship.
report Recommended by tearbender
Based on what I've seen from Magi so far, both shows start off rather similar - not in terms of story, but rather, both start off light-hearted. Both happen to be "smart" (character-driven) shounen action-adventure anime; and the relation between Aladdin and Alibaba kind of reminds me of the relation between Gon and Kurapika.
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
They both feature strong young main characters who have special powers/destinies. Both have interesting plots and characters that are fun and are dynamic, leading to character development! Both Gon and Aladdin are unique in their physical appearance vs their power. Both series have elements of the whole "friendship will guide and save us" type theme.
report Recommended by charlieblackwell
-shounen -young protagonist -goes in depth with supporting characters -great voice acting -deeper message overall -adventure based
report Recommended by buyaheart
-Both series are shonen so you can expect awesome fight scenes -Both feature young main characters that traverse into a adult world they aren't ready for yet -Both series make a point of making sure the side characters don't feel flat and feel like real people, very different from many other shonen series -Both feature a similar arc structure alongside solid worldbuilding and storytelling
report Recommended by thelectricow
Here I am with my first recommendation, I will start out by saying that both of the shows are phenomenal. I enjoyed watching both shows and have realized the similarities between the two shows. They are about establishing friends on their journey and how it can change the world. The two shows have very similar positive and strong willed protagonists, Aladdin for Magi and Gon for HunterxHunter. The plot and the stories are both fantasy. If you are looking for a show which is upbeat and can cheer you up then take a look at the shows. Both have amazing adventures and what I found   read more
report Recommended by OtakuGoneWild
Both series star a young protagonist (Gon & Aladin) whom have similar personalities. They are Enthusiastic, kind and caring towards their friends. They both set off on their adventure to find something and along the way make many new friends and get side tracked from their original journey. The series both are bright and colourful, they start out carefree and later on become quite dark. Although they both fall into the shounen category, these two series don't follow the basic shounen storyline. Supporting characters (friends) also get a lot of screentime during both series. Both series are ultimately a shounen adventure with a deep moral message intertwined throughout   read more
report Recommended by kilsan
Both of these anime are stellar shows to watch, and keep you wanting more with the great development of it's characters. With both anime having incredibly unique power systems, they make for a great watch.
report Recommended by Vihreaa
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