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Bright colors, rich character designs in both how the characters look and act, not to mention a fantastical adventure to hunt down stuff. One series is darker "Hunter x Hunter", and the other has a more comical side, "Fairy Tail", but they both cross to the other side at moments.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
1. The same genres - shounen, action, adventure 2. Four figures foreground 3. Very good music 4. long-running storyline
report Recommended by Michas96
Both animes are similar due to the 'power'-related genres. Another reason would be that both these animes share a similarity of both being (somewhat) focused around the main character's friendships with their companions, searching for something/or someone - while their companions follow behind, willing to aid them/be beside them with honour.
report Recommended by kittencozies
"Fairy tail" looks like "hunter X hunter" both of them is action, adventures, comedy, fantasy, shounen. But "fairy tail" is more comedy than "hunter X hunter" and best in the story because the story start and end in 10-20 episodes Unlike the "hunter X hunter" which one story take to 50 episodes. in addition "fairy tail" contains what "hunter X hunter" needed that the main cast is more and contains a large number of boys as well as girls. While "hunter X hunter" is limited only to the boys in the main cast. someone will say that "hunter X hunter" is best than "fairy tail" and   read more
report Recommended by Alloy
If you'd like to watch a show that's long running, adventurous, with a colorful cast, but is actually conceptually brilliant, thrilling throughout, almost zero filler, and won't disappoint you, then give HXH a go!
report Recommended by BrotherMeSoftly
Fairy Tail is about Magic, Hunter x Hunter is about Hunters. They do share some similarities though. Both are long running Shounen series. Both are set in a world with fantasy elements. Both have a good cast of characters.
report Recommended by -Swifty-
- Gon and Natsu are both childish and simple-minded guys who are devoted to their friends - They both love adventure -The both have some one who is much more mature then them (Gray and Killua) - They both have a father/father figure who helps them to grow (Igneel and Ging) - They both have an anime rage power up, and one of the people who witnessed it gets scared (Dimaria and Pitou) - They have a Female Character who is blonde and sometimes scolds them for acting reckless (Bisky and Lucy) - They both have a rival who was once their enemy (Laxus and Hisoka) - Both animes involve Friendship - Both   read more
report Recommended by hyperpixs
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