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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Jujutsu Kaisen
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Both feature unique power systems and amazing world building. Both series can have a dark gritty tone but perfectly balance it with it's more lighthearted bits.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
they are both shounen and more importanly their power systems are very complex and well though out and fun to see and the two main chracters have very similar personalities beside the hype and pump of Adrenaline you get from the fights and very well done and solidly written villains. definitely recommend jujutsu kaisen If you liked hunterXhunter
report Recommended by RilestX
Both have similar power/magic systems, that are structured in very similar ways. Both are dark battle fantasy anime. Both have strong horror elements. Both have memorable casts of memorable characters.
report Recommended by Kong38
Similar Power System, Jujutsu is very similar to nen but unique at the same time. Likeable characters, Gon and Itadori are very similar when fighting.
report Recommended by Witcel
There's a certain magic that both shows focus very heavily on and use (though Hunter x Hunter's is more complex and harder to understand at times). The characters can "create" their own skills with this magic which makes for some really intense and awesome fight scenes. And the main cast meets a bunch of unique and different people so there's plenty of characters to meet and watch.
report Recommended by pgsm16
The two of them have powerful and intelligent fights, and they present great story and characters, you must read the manga and watch the anime
report Recommended by ItachiTheKing
Both Shonen feature interesting power systems that get explored to no end and even share some similarities (Like the fact that restricting an ability in one way makes it stronger in another way)
report Recommended by Ebobab
Has a unique power system.
report Recommended by tha_grimmer
Just like Hunter x Hunter (HxH), Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) has a very interesting and and well-implemented power system. Although not as fleshed out and in-depth as HxH's power system, it brings really cool elements to the table introducing pacts and requirements which make the characters more powerful but at a risk. Both anime's have fantastic animation and great fight scenes. Although HxH's animation doesn't really have much CGI, JJK pulls it off and combines normal animation and CGI perfectly, implementing awesome shots and perspectives that only shows like Demon Slayer have been able to achieve well. Along with the animation, there's some very interesting story and   read more
report Recommended by heyoitsdawn
If you like the powers and abilities unique to each character similar to Hunter x Hunter or Psyren, coupled with the strong bonds of friendship that's not cliche as naruto and one piece but kind of like how Hitman Reborn was, then this is the anime and the manga for you. Jujutsu Kaisen is malleable enough to be Shonen but has the gore and realism elements in it to also be close to some Seinen anime/manga such as Berserk (well maybe not that fucked up but you know what I mean) or Ajin. Since I have bias towards anime with unique power structures like Hunter   read more
report Recommended by jefftaf
HxH and JJK have similar power systems with dope ass fight scenes and osts For no reasons mentioned both of the MC's are totally capable of winning every olympics event to start the show with both of them trying their best not to kill anyone while still getting stronger
report Recommended by ritzMAL
First of all, both anime are great. Both anime uses the "magic power" system aspect in their shows. (you know what I mean if you watch one of them). Honestly both great shounen, go watch them now.
report Recommended by Fujihokae
good story and action adventure
report Recommended by gnyus
Complex powers, lots of explanations, fucked up fights, desperate moments, but the most important thing is the fact that the Jujutsu kaisen mangaka has already said that he was inspired by HxH for some things in his manga.
report Recommended by LypeZym
great characters and fun story with a complex power system.
report Recommended by tcandy19
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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