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These two anime are extremely similar, as one would expect since the source material for both anime come from the same mangaka. The two anime have similar themes, characters, and similar, overall atmospheres.
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Two action dramas that have bits of humor spread through them with unique characters in them.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have similar characters, both have very similar story arcs and plot twists. It's like prototype of HxH. Yu Yu Hakusho looks much more blunt and simple than HxH in many ways, though because of it's legacy you have to give much credit to it.
report Recommended by JustaHyper
Both shows are all about great fights, lots of heart and a grand sense of adventure with wits to match. Each series is also perfect for binging, the hundred or so odd episodes will fly by.
report Recommended by sabconth
An epic adventure with four great characters and unique powers, that leads to amazing characters development and show how they are getting stronger. Also in the and the lead characters are meeting there father, that it was one of their main goals. The villains in the story are great and got alot of similarities.
report Recommended by AvihayAnimes
These are both based on manga by the same creator. They share similar art styles, both have amazing stories, characters, character designs, humour, animation & world building. They are both also considered classics.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter were both written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The shows have a similar style in the way that the arcs move and the story goes. Many of the characters in Hunter x Hunter are also somewhat parallels to the characters in Yu Yu Hakusho. For example, Killura is very similar to Hiei and Kirapika is a lot like Kurama. They are both great series and any anime fan should check out Yu Yu Hakusho.
report Recommended by lordalexesquire
These series are similar on: - Same Original Creator: both animes have the same essence of him. It seems silly, but isn't easy. - Characters: there is, in fact, a group of four main characters in both animes which also they have super powers. - Story: the characters for some reason begin an adventure which it holds challenges and dangers they must confront.
report Recommended by kerk
Both series are written by the same author. They both have intriguing villains, well-written and interesting characters, and great world building and action. Yuyu Hakusho noteably has more female characters in main roles than HxH, and also a lot more classic shonen brawls and tournaments. Meanwhile Hunter x Hunter is set in an entirely different world, eventually has a darker storyline, and subverts your expectations more. If you enjoyed one, you will most likely enjoy the other!
report Recommended by devilsfruitt
It also talks about a special individual who grows during the show and has powers other dont it was written by the same mangaka so you should really watch it. it was brilliantly made
report Recommended by GodOfTheDead
Their manga both come from the same author and both feature a great cast of characters. The battles get your heart pounding. The music is great and the stories are the kind of anime comfort food that you can just sit and marathon for days. Both are series that set the benchmarks high for all anime to aspire to.
report Recommended by LilGreasyKid
This is another great fighting anime from the same creator. It has a fun storyline, great characters, little to no filler, and great voice acting (even in the English dub).
report Recommended by FlyingEevee1092
Both works by Togashi-sensei, with obvious similarities and analogies, especially between the characters.
report Recommended by MegaDany97
I'm sure this is a common recommendation, due to the fact that both anime are based on material from the same mangaka, but I really want to emphasize how much fans of Yu Yu Hakusho should check Hunter X Hunter out. If you, like me, grew up with YYH (or just really enjoy the series) but are unfamiliar with HxH, there are many reasons why it might be the anime for you. First of all, as I said, both series were created by the same original author, Yoshiro Togashi. And it isn't hard to tell, there are similar characters (both in design and the way they   read more
report Recommended by colinguyz
These two shows have the same creator, so if you liked one, you will most likely like the other. Also, these shows have very similar characters, the main four in both having almost parallel personalities. Both have well developed stories and excellent action scenes.
report Recommended by Bankroft
Both series belong to Yoshihiro Togashi and presents the same kind of humor. Besides the physical similarities among some characters (including a Kuabara’s doppelganger), good observers will have a lot of fun by looking for Yu Yu Hakusho’s Easter Eggs on Hunter x Hunter.
report Recommended by Guruneko
Both shows have a cast full of amazing and memorable heroes. Both first arcs feel kind of similar, but splits off after that. Both main characters start with little experience, and grow from learning from friends and future events. Packed with great fights and character development.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Both have tests the characters have to overcome in Yu Yu Hakusho's case it's the Dark Tournament and in Hunter x Hunter's case it's the Hunter Exam. Both are action shounen. Both are written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Both have amazing fights.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
both created by the same guy similar in tone and atmosphere different in genre Yu Yu Hakusho is more of a Fighting series and Hunter X Hunter is more of a adventure series and the main characters in both series are parallels to each other both shows are great in their own way i prefer Yu Yu Hakusho a little more
report Recommended by WeebPaddy
Yu Yu Hakusho is like a template for Hunter x Hunter to build upon (at least character wise) Gon = Yusuke Kurapika = Kurama Leorio = Kuwabara Killua = Hiei I always like to say that Hunter x Hunter is like Yu Yu Hakusho 2.0 as it takes many elements from that series but builds upon them in multiple ways. Both are fun to watch and it's nice to see Togashi's original series.
report Recommended by GodLikesMudkips
>Both start off with a more light-hearted tone (although HxH is lighter overall) and get darker as the series progress; >Both hit hard in the chemistry between the main cast of characters and how impactful the supporting characters are (the depth of the antagonists is a huge highlight); >Yuu Yuu Hakusho is what made Hunter x Hunter possible, by showing a "prototype" of Nen - spirit/demon energy - and a cast of characters that inspired Togashi to create each and every HxH character (in short, many powers are smiliar). >Worth mentioning that Yuu Yuu is also much more fighting-based - with its legendary Dark Tournament arc -   read more
report Recommended by Nostalgik
-Extremely similar group of main characters -Similar way of building power (Spiritual power + Nen/Aura) -A lot of similar arcs and plot points It almost feels like Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho was the prototype for Hunter x Hunter. If you liked Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho you will definitely love Hunter x Hunter!
report Recommended by thelectricow
Characters in Yu Yu have similar skeletons with designs and how they act to HXH as its the same author. Awesome fights and great relationships with characters.
report Recommended by GonFreecss888
well first of all both where created by the same author and second both have 4 main characters similiar to each other Yusuke and Gon both are quite stubborn and like fighting also they want to protect those dear to them Hiei and Killua both have a tragic childhood and their personality is quite similiar at the beggining they didn't trust anyone but then later they both started to open up to their friends and become kinder also they both can easily kill their enemies since both are assassins then kurama and kurapika both have a girlish appeareance they are often mistaken as girls both   read more
report Recommended by otakugirl10
Both of these anime masterpieces are adapted from manga by the same creator. They both center around four main characters that have unique powers, personalities, and backstories. They go on an epic adventure and get stronger along the way. They fight using both strength and wit. They're both perfect shounen that you won't want to stop watching once you get into them.
report Recommended by mushroomcloud
Similar characters, fell. Yu Yu Hakusho is more straight forward as an action show but dose so much correct just like Hunter x Hunter.
report Recommended by nexoscore
Same mangaka, very similar characters, in some ways even better than HxH, both are long-running series.
report Recommended by znjsensej
both anime is from yoshihiro tagashi both are great story both are great character both are great action but hxh is better than yyh
report Recommended by XCOS
-Both series are written and drew by the same author -One is about demons the other one is about hunters -Both series have amazing story arcs such as dark tournament and chapter black arc from Yuu Yuu Hakusho and york new city and chimera arc from hunter x hunter -Both series have amazing fight and action scenes -Both series have amazing characters and villains who have awesome personalities If you like this one you will like the other one also
report Recommended by rein4444
both amazing battle anime with badass fights, likeable characters and no filler bullshit. also, they're both made by the same person, Yoshihiro Togashi.
report Recommended by LegendOfSonic
Both manga are by the same author. They are both battle shounen with a fun cast of characters and great friendships. While Hxh has some darker themes, yu Yu hakusho is more on the lighter side.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both are made by the same authors. Yu Yu Hakusho is really good but it still has inconsistencies because Togashi was just in his first steps (I think). Hunter x Hunter was when Togashi stepped up his game. If you like Yu Yu Hakusho, then you might like Hunter x Hunter more.
report Recommended by Trucee
Both Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho were originally created by the same guy, so both series feature many similarities. Most noticeably the four main characters in YYH are extremely similar to the four main characters in HXH.
report Recommended by Wileck
Same mangaka. The later arcs of Yuu Yuu Hakusho definitely begin to feel more like Hunter x Hunter in their presentation and story structure.
report Recommended by ranzac
Well... They both have MCs that wear green and learn develop their powers along with their character. The premise is very similar: A group of four boys fight evil with their Superpowers. You could even say the characters are the same; Gon=Yuusuke, Killua=Hiei, Kurapika=Kurama, and Leorio=Kuwabara. Not to mention they were created by the same mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi. They are mostly the same except the power system and YYH being based off the real world, while HxH being based on a fictional one.
report Recommended by Bororus_Rooroo
Both made of the same mangaka Both have great characters Both main characters are similar Both are long Both have magic Both have awesome fights İf you like HxH you will love Yuu Yuu Hakusho
report Recommended by pyrz0a
The plot lines of HxH and YYH are very similar. The first arc in HxH has the hunter exam where the main characters learn to use their power and get stronger slowly. In the first arc of YYH we get to know the characters and they go through tests and missions together. In both cases the second arc is a tournament arc. In YYH is the Dark Tournament and in HxH is the Heavens arena. The last arc of both is an election arc. In HxH, elections are held in order to elect the new Hunter Chairman. In YYH they choose a new king for the demon world. Both   read more
report Recommended by AshPikaKetchum
Same author, Similar Characters to some extent (Yusuke and Gon = strength, Kurama and Kurapika = intelligence, Hiei and Killua = speed, Kuwabara and Leorio = heart)
report Recommended by Ashiru_Zarin
This is another shounen anime by the same creator of Hunter x Hunter , very similar characters
report Recommended by NikiBG45
This classic anime explores themes similar to Hunter x Hunter and the characters can be seen as precursors to the characters in Hunter x Hunter. If you love Hunter x Hunter, it's very difficult to imagine that you wouldn't like Yu Yu Hakusho.
report Recommended by Kurapikatard
I mean they were wrote by the same author same character ideas Only that hunter x hunter stands out As something Thats just incredible its just a show that you wish you forgot all about only to watch it again Tbh the 5th arc pacing was kinda slow but other than that still amazing show check it out if you have time its so frikkin good And i dont like normie anime that much but i still loved this
report Recommended by Laniuz
Both are outstanding shonen with lots of similarities to one another, as you'd expect from Mr. Togashi himself, the creator of both series. First off, many ideas presented in Yu Yu Hakusho such as themes, settings, narrative, etc. were later incorporated and polished in Hunter x Hunter, serving as groundworks for most of the series. Further, the characters of both series, main characters and villains alike, are indeed similar to each other in terms of their personalities, goals, motivations, and values. This, in my opinion, has the most similarities the two series share. Similarities aside, Yu Yu Hakusho tends to be rather straightforward and simple, dressed in   read more
report Recommended by Kirisakei
Written by the Same mangaka And has: A green MC Group of 4 characters which are pretty much same in nature Gets better from tournament arcs Same pacing
report Recommended by Weebyotaku
Yuu Yuu Hakusho was the series created by Yoshihiro Togashi before his best-known masterpiece, Hunter x Hunter. Both shows contain 4 male main characters who each resemble one of the other. The stories, animation, creativity & quality characters are great in both. I gave both series 10 ratings on this site.
report Recommended by MrThe420Dude
-Both are from the same mangaka -Both are battle shonen -Similar Characters -Similar Atmospheres & Themes -No filler
report Recommended by Rehan1234l
this show and hunter hunter are made by the same guy they are my top two favorite anime of all time. i recommend you watch this in English the voices are superb. the show revolves around yusuke who is a middle school delinquent who thru a series of events tasked with becoming the spirit detective someone who works with the spirit world to make sure nothing otherworldly invades the land of the living
report Recommended by SilentOni
Same person who wrote them and they both are battle shounen.
report Recommended by Polkaboy157
Both hunter hunter and yuu yuu Hakusho is created by the same creator. Both have a lot of mind games in between the fights.
report Recommended by DODO022
Although the personalities of the main four characters are wildly different, you can still feel Togashi's writing in each character through both shows. They both include a charmingly goofy quadruple team, with unbelievable power on their hands! They also both have the same adorable art style in each show.
report Recommended by kuwameshiii
It is made by the same author. Similar style. Overall they have that same feeling and vibe to them. Yuu Yuu Hakusho is much more mature but if you have not watched it yet it is one of the best anime out there.
report Recommended by Cashmoney6
Both are written by same mangaka We hve a green MC and his friends.....And supernatural power with great fights
report Recommended by THE_KIRA
Both are Shounen created by Togashi yoshihiro. consented to: trainings, tournaments, assessment of power and conceptions. It's common when characters struggle to surpass their strength and have to face a bigger challenge than their previous rank and both carry great antagonists with very understandable and palpable ambitions. Both animes have a soundtrack that is very expressive but unfortunately very repeated. Not to mention the overwhelming similarity of the central quartet. With proposals for very interesting and ambiguous worlds of beings. And battles with a lot of emotion. Thanks for reading.
report Recommended by LonelyJazz
Both of the series are created by the same mangaka, i.e., Yoshihiro Togashi. Many characters are similar and some parallels are seen at certain episodes. They both start light and fun, eventually become dark and tragic. They are both smartly written and are unpredictable at times. Both seem to use the same basic formulae of a typical shounen but are very unique in their own way which is why they stand out from most anime.
report Recommended by AV_SINGH
Both are made by the same mangaka (Yoshihiro Togashi). It contains similiar characters, ensemble cast, similar power system, similar themes, etc. But the most important is it gives almost same vibe as HxH.
report Recommended by Firas77
This is the peak of Shonen it doesn't get better than this boys.
report Recommended by Poochers
Yuu Yuu Hakusho was made by the same person who made hunter x hunter also has the same style and is just as good as hxh.
report Recommended by CosmicGrip4458
Both were created by the same mangaka (Yoshihiro Togashi). Whilst Yuu Yuu Hakusho was created first and the mangaka definitely evolved his work with Hunter x Hunter, both anime are very enjoyable and have a similar vibe going on.
report Recommended by KKAJ
At first when i started watching Yuu Yuu Hakusho i felt that its really similar to hxh. travel, fight, good plot, and don't think i need to say more. watch it for yourself and find out for yourself, I really recommend it to everyone.
report Recommended by Tsuyatoash
While both of Togashi's works, Yu Yu Hakusho was the main blueprint for Hunter x Hunter. While many would say Hunter x Hunter is better, Yu Yu Hakusho does a lot of things Hunter x Hunter did, and has a great set of characters that you can tell were used as inspirations for Hunter x Hunter characters. Also, it has a much more fleshed out battle arc - one of the best in all of anime.
report Recommended by decco6226
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