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I recommend Hunter X Hunter is you are a Dragon Ball Z fan for 1 very important reason. The first time I watched this series I couldn't help but make constant comparisons between Gon Freecs and Goku. They have an especially similar story arc that the anime hasn't reached yet, but the manga series has finished that reminded me of the Cell arc (I mean, really close in a lot of ways). Manga aside, Hunter X Hunter feels like a smarter version of Dragon Ball (but with no dragon balls). There are great characters in both, and If you like Dragon Ball then you should like   read more
report Recommended by explicit707
Both are Shounen with the heroes training and fighting different types of threats for their friends and to prove themselves. HxH feels almost like a homage to DBZ. The main character Gon is similar in temperament to Goku. Even his attack looks similar to the Kamehameha. Meruem's appearance is obviously based off from Cell. Don't make the mistake of thinking that HxH is a rip off of DBZ though, since the imitation is tastefully done and doesn't get in the way. With that said Hunter x Hunter is way more mature and realistic than Dragon Ball Z. The emotions and motivations of the characters is examined   read more
report Recommended by refract
Ever hear of a little series called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z? With the main character Goku? Yeah. Luffy from One Piece Gon from Hunter x Hunter and Naruto from Naruto were both inspired by Dragon Ball's Goku. The creators say as much themselves.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
The energy or should I say aura is coming from their own body and must have training in order to achieve. The MCs like to become stronger because they want to face stronger enemies. The 2nd MCs are pretty alike in terms of character development.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Same genre, Shounen. Deals with abilities/aura. Lots of fights. HxH has stronger animation, characters, fights and plot. I also saw a lot of things DBZ did wrong and HxH did it right.
report Recommended by Dystopie
Great anime with badass fight scenes
report Recommended by Ginsoka
Theyre both rich in character and very unique compared to other shounens
report Recommended by TheRedSaiyanKid
Both are Action Heavy Shonen About Characters Who Are Always Breaking Past Their Limits And Growing Stronger
report Recommended by Big-Daddy-Mr-B