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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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I'm guessing people have made this comparison before but Muzan really reminds me of Meruem for some reason, mostly aesthetically but also Muruem when freshly hatched even seems similar personality wise. The dedication and intense training it takes to become both a Hunter and a Demon Slayer is similar. Although in HxH they're not demons they also face a lot of inhuman enemies.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
The hunter x hunter chimera ant arc from the 2011 show has alot of similarities to this show. here are some of them: - Both deal with insectlike opponents and enemies at some point. - Both shows have great battles that are well made and exciting and have somewhat the same feel to them. - Both battleshounen - Both gradually get more dark
report Recommended by Kyabi
Two exciting and violent battle shounen anime about a group of young protagonists that have to face many brutal challenges, they have to constantly fight and deal with much much stronger opponents. Both shows have excellent production values with exciting fight scenes.
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Both got great fighting animation, got strong main character, amazing stories, and the adventure. The best from these both is the adventure and the action scenes.
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
-Similar protagonist vibes and action due to them being both action shoujens -Main antagonists from both animes remind you heavily of eachother -Protagonists fighting powerful terroristic group with powerful enemies with unique abilities
report Recommended by ForsakenIcarus
In terms of quality, both remarkable shounens stand at almost equal footing, both higher than what other shounens have done. From I can name on the top of my head... -Both protagonists are hard-headed individuals, guys who don't think before they speak but instead let their emotions do the talking for them. -Both animes have overall beautiful and riveting soundtracks, which are immensely crucial to making their scenes as impactful as it is. While they hold different styles, it would be difficult to prefer one over the other. The quality of the music are on par. -When you take all the seriousness out of the stories, both have   read more
report Recommended by AniJan
similarities: 1- The MCs are optimists + after some training, they become VERY strong 2- Good Action 3- Adventure Gore Action Group of friends 4- Both MCs are on an adventure with a partner and are looking for something 5- Both MCs have huge potential and are extremely strong
report Recommended by Otaku329
Both are shounen with a good animated fights and a strong MC who has a good fighting sense
report Recommended by Aidayo
Although this show is fairly new, even the Hunter x Hunter mangaka (Togashi) recommended reading the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga series. The anime adaptation has been great so far and as a huge fan of HxH, I've enjoyed it.
report Recommended by jajanken3
The MCs in both of these anime have the same personality, They are very nice and lovable just like their friends. The fighting scenes are really awesome and the adventures of the characters are really cool. Both anime have such good characters, it's hard to find alot of characters that you'll hate!
report Recommended by Muichii
The main character is incredibly similar to Gon Awesome action scenes Big family aspect Awesome side characters
report Recommended by kaburg
both only famous thanks to the anime (thanks to Ufotable & Madhouse to be precise) but how to put this? if you liked kny ,watch hxh, you'll like it and if you have watched hxh, watch kny its not long anime that bothers you
report Recommended by Asosohrab
great inspiring story great main characters
report Recommended by gnyus
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