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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Ghostory, Monstory
Japanese: 化物語
English: Bakemonogatari
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Type: TV
Episodes: 15
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 3, 2009 to Jun 25, 2010
Premiered: Summer 2009
Broadcast: Fridays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Kodansha
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Light novel
Genres: MysteryMystery, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: VampireVampire
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.331 (scored by 693125693,125 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2102
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #82
Members: 1,315,204
Favorites: 47,188

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Bunny Girl is basically a less verbose version of Bakemonogatari, complete with the anthology setup of the main guy, who comes off as a sarcastic prick but is secretly super nice, helps the waifu of the week come to terms with her social anxieties and hangups that supernaturally manifest in very literal ways. The snappy dialogue and instant chemistry between the leads makes both shows a very fun watch, but Bunny Girl is much more accessible. 
report Recommended by Keirik
Both anime have great stories and artwork. But the best part about it is the way the stories are told. Both anime have kinda the same level of comedy and are both amazing watches. It wasn't until recently that I found out that the author was the same person but I would make the recommendation regardless. 
report Recommended by Airyaxe
If you like one of these male leads you should enjoy the perspective of the other. While Yuhari is really starred by the main female instead of the main male the females have a lot in common in terms of being independent, strong and confusing for the males to figure out. Both shows feature limited but well developed for 12 ep anime series supporting casts. Bakemonogatari is basically the more supernatural (Yahari is pretty much just another HS anime) and higher quality in every way version of Love Comedy but if you love the type of characters the leads are you will still enjoy Love Comedy a  read more 
report Recommended by Hoax415
Both anime have a very similar feel to them. Bakemonogatari however, is darker than Arakawa Under The Bridge. Arakawa contains more light-hearted random humour and is generally a more happy series, where Bakemonogatari is more about removing oddities which may end up killing people, etc Bakemonogatari also contains random humour, but as I already said, it has a darker atmosphere than Arakawa. The art is also kinda similar. 
report Recommended by BillysNipple
100% more monologue at 3 times the speed. If you thought you were good with keeping up with Koyomi's monologue in Monogatari, then you need to retest those speed reading skills with The Tatami Galaxy. If you can do that, you'll enjoy it. 
report Recommended by Zarkraz
We have Holic and Bakemonogatari who are both mystery and supernatural genre. Starting from this, both series can be considered somewhat similar. Here's why: - both deal with strong supernatural elements who leads people (clients) in asking for help to someone who understand those phenomenons. - both have a "supernatural expert" (Yuuko for Holic and Oshino Meme for Bakemonogatari) who are very good in what they do, usually always show a calm demeanor but as well are quite enigmatic to read and full of mystery. - both series have quite particular main characters, who are definitely not "the average type of character" you often find in anime. - overall both  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Bakemonogatari and Kubikiri Cycle both originate from novels of author "Nisio Isin" and therefore share a similar structure and narrative. In both anime you will find the protagonist surrounded by the opposite gender and find each episode to majorly focus on dialogue and character interaction. Therefore both anime are character driven. Additionally, both anime are produced by Shaft and therefore they have a similar artistic design. Lastly to add I found both anime to produce a similar feeling on isolation, as the worlds of both anime seem to be isolated from their worlds society. So by watching both anime you may notice a lack of  read more 
report Recommended by Akoram
If supernatural is an ingredient, then it be part of a recipe for both Bakemonogatari and Noragami. Not only do they involve supernatural beings but also legends that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Both series involves action, drama, and comedy with humorous dialogues. Bakemongatari focuses more on word play and narrative dialogues while Noragami uses gags for comedy. The main protagonist in both series gets involved with events that puts their lives in danger. There is also a bit of influence from folklore and legends relating to various cultures to some degrees. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Series of short story arcs centred upon supernatural entities (Aberrations in Bakemonogatari and Mononoke in Mononoke) taking form and haunting characters. While Mononoke focuses more on the stories and Bakemonogatari on the characters, they structure their short arcs very similarly, both narrative-wise and progression. Both series share this style of storytelling presented with a unique style of animation: Bakemonogatari is more Shaft than the average Shaft, and Mononoke takes upon itself a very "Japanese" style to fit their respective settings. 
report Recommended by qtip
Almost the same art style with the main protagonist being aware of his situations and intelligent. Also girls. 
report Recommended by Instabang
Indeed those two series can be somewhat similar: • both stories are quite unusual and weird along with fascinating surrealistic atmosphere and art • both truly have an unique way of story-telling together with simple sceneries when concerning many people around the main characters or specific places • they give a same particular intriguing vibe While watching them you'll surely notice the similitudes that those two titles have. If you liked one of them and are still searching for something kinda "out of the box", who is a bit different from the usual normal series, you might really want to give a try to the another as well.. Because it  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Clean unique worlds from both series where plots have to be grasped to get a clear understanding. The artful animation and expresison of the characters is something to be galvanised with. Environments appeared sophisticated in both arrangements and structure that will give you an out of this world experience.  
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Bakemonogatari instantly reminded me of FLCL from the first episode. The quirky story and seemingly nonsensical dialogue are an almost perfect fit, but what really does it is, for me, is the somewhat full blast sexual overtones that FLCL was rather comical about. I'm not saying it's a bad anime but it is really interesting and slight bit confusing if you don't really pay attention. If I had to say which is better, Bakemonogatari wins hands down. The artistic stylizing and story depth make it a better anime by far.  
report Recommended by Demonwynd
Both of these animes are about people who deal with the interactions of otherworldy creatures and humans. The series are divided up into short segments. However, Bakemonogatari's short stories can last a few episodes long while each episode of Mushishi is seperate. Bakemonogatari is more eccentric with unique animations and a cast of very developed characters. Mushishi focuses more on nature and harmony and has only one main character. Bakemonogatari is recommended for more mature viewers. 
report Recommended by TheRawPotato
Completely different genres ,but with similar style of presentation. The style of presentation was proven success when used with the comedy Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, in which style is in higher importance than substance. Whether this style suit the intense, dramatic, and story-centric Bakemonogatari or not, you will want to find out yourself. And since both show have similar presentation and have SHAFT working on, those who liked visual in SZS should be satisfied with visual in Bakemonogatari too. However you are not guaranteed to like stories in both shows. Since they are in different genres. And as mentioned earlier, the presentation style suits SZS very well  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
In the sense that its a boy trying to do something for a girl. With kami nomi, katsuragi tries to fill the emptiness of the heart of the girl to capture a loose soul hiding there while with Bakemonogatari, Araragi seeks to help all the heroines with their problems,  
report Recommended by TSX
They both have that same trippy style (Bakemonogatari's is more pronounced) like scene cutting, slow motion shots, soft color backgrounds, off colored objects (like blue desks or green background characters)... Basically I watched Nisekoi for maybe 5 minutes before I asked, "Was this made by the same guy that made Bakemonogatari?" 
report Recommended by montana830
Both shows are visually stunning, filled with interesting characters and fresh. Their plots are also both strange; however, Bakemonogatari's is more episodic, whereas Durarara!!'s starts off episodic and comes together about half way through. 
report Recommended by owlf
Bakemonogatari and Dance in the Vampire Bund have the following similarities: - both deal with supernatural (vampires); - both have a slow-paced romantic storyline full of intriguing twists; - both are created with the participation of Studio Shaft; - both share a similar artstyle and atmosphere, so if you've enjoyed the one, you'll probably like the other, too.  
report Recommended by Arrvilja
both are vampire themed anime as well as also focusing on a ya (especially hot girl) cast and flashy animation and visuals as well too and also lots hot fanservice.  
report Recommended by Crow_Black
both are heavy dialogue driven story that involve the folklore of youkai's with fun character interactions, but Koykou suiri is a little less lewd. 
report Recommended by GrimAtrament
Presentation style is similar, though the genres differ a little, at least in the way they are focused, where romance and drama rules Ef while mystery/suspense mixed with characterization plays more prominently in Bakemonogatari. Both are very metaphorical, with Ef being more visual with art and Bakemonogatari more word play. Also consider Ef - A Tale of Melodies 
report Recommended by cronocloud07
I know this might seem like its very unlikely, I am doing this recommendation through their artistic direction. Because Shaft and the ever crazy Shinbou were responsible for the production of this series, their art direction is very close to being 100% parallel. They are both filled with so many abstract images and one could even see a completely similar frame in Madoka and compare it to one in Bakemonogatari. Even their choice for the voice actors for their main heroines are the same people. (Saito Chiwa) for both Akemi and Hitagi, (Kitamura Eri) For one Karen and Sayaka, and ofcourse (Kato Emri) for Hachikuji  read more 
report Recommended by end3rr
Both series deal with a supernaturally perceptive protagonist and the supernaturally afflicted arrogant girl who becomes his girlfriend, as well as various unusual supernatural cases he becomes involved in. Tasogare Otome's aesthetics and directorial style are very obviously influenced by Bakemonogatari as well. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
MC's both deal with the supernatural quite well and it makes sense considering their outsider status. The main females are both beautiful and strange, giving the romance plots similar feels despite the stories and themes of the shows being quite different. Both shows have ecchi elements but in a more sexy and mature way (esp in Monogatari's case) than most anime can manage to pull off. 
report Recommended by Hoax415
Both series are heavily dialogue and character focused. Both have a very likable female protagonist who teases the male protagonist. The banter between the two main characters in both shows is pretty interesting to watch. The two series are also about different things but uses those things to bring two people together romantically. Spice and Wolf focuses on the life of being a merchant (fundamental economic theory), and Bakemonogatari focuses on the supernatural. Ultimately, it is the romance of the two shows that keeps things interesting.  
report Recommended by aulzon
Both series are very text heavy, and dialogue driven. Bakemonogatari, however, delivers this phonemically, Sasami-san takes a different approach at it. Sasami-san is based around a neet, where as Bakemonogatari is supernatural. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Similar mood and setting. And, well, instead of Youkai, we have "Denpa". Being made by Shaft, both drawings are very similar to each other. Protagonist has harem. Somehow the whole story just seems to be an alternative version or inspiration to bakemonogatari. "both Denpa Onna and Bakemonogatari are intelligent harems for adults with good taste." stated by McRib 
report Recommended by eul721
420 - Both are similar because they feature a reluctant, impotent but extremely invulnerable high school male main character, who continuously finds himself saving (passive) aggressive females who become enamored with him. Though Toaru Majustu never really commits to just one female, and Bakemonogatari is more sexually charged.  
report Recommended by um_esper
The reason I started to compare Bakemonogatari and Natsume Yuujinchou actually is that the male main characters are both voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. Then I started to notice that the themes and the atmosphere is quite similar. And even if the animation is different they share high production values. These shows are about high-school boys who get mixed up with supernatural creatures and phenomenon. The main characters take notice of things that normal humans cannot see and try to help out, even if it is dangerous. The arcs of the different stories are not very long but characters frequently show up again. There is an unique  read more 
report Recommended by DarkLaila
Bakemonogatari and Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) are series with supernatural themes involving the events of the main characters. The events behind both series are bizarre as the main male protagonist finds himself dealing with various supernatural creatures. The main protagonist also seems to have immortality with gifted powers. There's a sense of mystery going on as well regarding the origins of the characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both works are about investigating disorders. Kuuchuu Buranko is about treating actual psychiatric disorders while Bakemonogatari is about treating the supernatural. Think of Buranko as the psychiatric version of Bakemonogatari and Bakemonogatari as the supernatural version of Buranko. 
report Recommended by Yukariki
They both give of same vibes Also the "story" telling is quite similar 
report Recommended by Alex-chii
It has same feel as Monogatari series.You'll get it through episodes.Dark ecchi,fast dialogue and unique characters are some of facts it just reminds of it.We'll see how series goes but for now it's definitely giving same feel which I personally love. 
report Recommended by Zetsubo
A series of strange occurrences befall our audience-counterpart leading male, while trying to deal with super-tsundere leading females, and a faux-harem of other strange females. Both toy with the tropes and cliches of the genre, while retaining unique and interesting voices. 
report Recommended by nicepants
Colorful cast of high school students with supernatural abilities try to solve supernatural mystery/mysteries. Both series mix comedy and serious moments and slice of life elements with action elements. Both anime have interesting use of various color palettes and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye in general. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Though the world of the supernatural does not play as large of a role in Clannad (its sequel uses it more) as it does in Bakemonogatari, the essence of it is still there. Also, both male protagonists have profound desires to save any girls they meet that are in trouble. Koyomi and Tomoya have similar personality types, both being cynical yet caring. 
report Recommended by artvet
Lots and lots of witty dialogue. Even some moments in Hyouka when the art becomes all surreal like Monogatari. 
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
I've just seen the previous recommendation and while I'm completely disagree with the previous person's opinion about similarities between Zetsuen no Tempest and Monogatari Series, I've remembered that I know one similarity between these two titles myself. Fuwa Aika and Senjougahara Hitagi are very much alike. They are both clever, both were the ones who actually made the first step in romantic relationships and both like to tease their respective romantic partner in a good-natured and intellectual way. I ought to say that out of all the anime I've watched, there was only one character who strongly resembles Senjougahara in terms of personality and that  read more 
report Recommended by Nifrigel
Uchouten Kazoku and Bakemonogatari are two anime that are all about being extremely well-executed. Both feature brilliant characterization, wonderful art, and writing that skirts the line between comedy and drama in a way that really draws you into the lives of the characters. 
report Recommended by Laudandus
Both are very dark, beautifully animated, and have spiritual/paranormal feels. Both involving a girl who at one point wanted to severely harm/kill the male protagonist but then learned to love him. 
report Recommended by ZOmenOfDLeoavteh
Same art style, sound design, similar look between the female lead in Uchiage Hanabi and Senjougahara, and the supporting guy in Uchiage Hanabi with Araragi. Some Akiyuki Shinbo's trippy visuals. 
report Recommended by dindasmart
(The entire monogatari series) Just the entire feeling of absolute weirdness and unique animation/shot composition and having an incredible rewatch value for its symbolism. The OST also feels really similar for an obvious reason since Mito worked on a lot of monogatari openings. 
report Recommended by Ipercreeper
Perhaps what is apparent in these two series is their unique take on the Mystery genre. Both series feature rather original storylines and well-developed characters. If you find one engrossing, I highly recommend you the other. Also note that Denpa teki na Kanojo performs some of the visual techniques and stylings that Shaft is known for (mainly the alteration of angles and scenery, as well as text interjections between sequences). 
report Recommended by radiantfire
These are for people who can really enjoy an artful story. These are both quite unique anime. The only real similarities between these involve immortality, but they play into the stories in very different ways. 
report Recommended by Corruptbomber
Strange girlfriends, uniqueness, comedy, and drama. What else more could you want? Anyways, these two anime(s) are unique in their way of not only the story but the way it's played out. In both series, the protagonist meets a strange girl whom they eventually date and face other obstacles together. Both series has have hints of supernatural-like elements as well as being difficult to predict what happens next. 
report Recommended by Stark700
The garrulous male leads have it tough because it is almost impossible to get the best of these two female leads in a conversation. If anything is sharper than their scissors, then it might be their tongues. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
Both have extremely deep and interesting characters with many sides to their personalities. Both have elements of the unreal while keeping true to a very realistic setting. Both have great endings. Both are instant classics to viewers who are somewhat experienced in watching anime. 
report Recommended by SamuraiSnap
Although Gintama may seem totally different from Bakemonogatari, I think they both have an intelligent aspect to them. If you like the drawn out dialogue of Bakemonogatari, I think you'll like Gintama. Bakemonogatari progresses its plot very slowly and Gintama progresses its plot(if there is a plot) very slowly also. They both focus on the characters rather than the environment and the story surrounding the characters. Bakemonogatari has other things similar to Gintama such as 2-4 episode arcs, humorous and occasionally emotional dialogue, and unique characters. If these things appeal to you in Bakemonogatari, I think Gintama is for you.  
report Recommended by drbananas
Bakemonogatari is the most classical representation of the last 5 episodes of Angel Beats. There is no visible difference between the two since they are both about helping others advance through their mental troubles.  
report Recommended by imjustjk
Someone will probably give me hell for making this comparison, but they both have a relate-able main character who goes out of his way to help a (few) girl(s) with their problems, a tsundere female lead who undergoes a surprising amount of character development, and it would also seem both main characters share an... interesting relationship with their little sister(s, in Araragi's case), although I haven't seen Nisemonogatari yet. Both shows also seem to occupy that odd space between a harem and non-harem series, with Oreimo standing extremely close to the harem side and Bake taking a similar spot across from it. Oreimo's strength lies  read more 
report Recommended by Spoony_Bard
There are some similaraties between them like: Both MC have special abilities; Both cities where the MCs live have people with special abilities; Both MCs are always giving their best to help other people from unusual incidents that happen on their cities; There's always mistery about those incidents; The incidents on their cities usually happen with girls. 
report Recommended by Zapp_Renfro
Strike the Blood and the Monogatari series have many striking similarities. They both have a main lead male protagonist adjusting to becoming a vampire unwillingly. Also, a strong lead female protagonist who becomes romantically involved with the lead male. They also share meeting/helping various other girls with different powers and capabilities along the way. I would definitively recommend Monogatari if you enjoyed the Strike the Blood series for sure, and visa-versa.  
report Recommended by EddyBoi
Nonlinear storytelling with supernatural elements and a mystery theme 
report Recommended by Alex_Run1
Despite having different subjects and themes, both shows are by studio shaft and share the same gorgeous art style, they also share some of the best dialogue in the entire medium of anime and are both criminally underated series's. 
report Recommended by Daredevil14
The aspect of "weird diseases" makes me think of monogatari. The episodes are showing various cases. Still, the atmosphere is different  
report Recommended by Goulyz
Fate/Extra Last Encore has more in common with the Monogatari anime series than the other fate animes in the franchise - in terms of storytelling, art style, animation style, storytelling and dialogue. Watching Fate/Extra literally feels like watching the Monogatari series, with Shaft's trademark character shots, over-the-top long dialogue and simple yet detailed background. 
report Recommended by Lolerster
I'm actually impressed no one made that recommendation yet. 18if and Bakemonogatari are both divided into arcs, each one following the same pattern : the male protagonist stumbles upon a female character who, because she is confronted to real-life problems, faces supernatural phenomenons. The protagonist then saves said character, helped by a specialist of these phenomenons (in the person of Lily/Meme Oshino). Friendship ensues. Also, both have particular art styles that make them stand out (that's especially true for Bakemonogatari). The protagonists have pretty much the same personality, same goes for the researcher of 18if and Oshino, and both are mystery/comedy/romance/occult anime. 
report Recommended by SilentFactory
To me it feels like Bakemonogatari evolved from Kanon. Storywise both anime can be summarized as follows: A guy helps a bunch of girls with supernatural problems. Both male main characters are nice, a little bit saracastic and enjoy making jokes with girls, what leads to interesting dialogs. Also Kanon does many things well, like giving each girl enough time for her story without blending out the others, Bakemonogatari has the more interesting art, the much more interesting girls (sadly the Kanon-girls sometimes seem to be close to be mentally ill) and the more developed dialogs. On the other hand Kanon is much less challenging to watch. Still, if  read more 
report Recommended by MoshiMoshiiih
Both Bakemonogatari and C³ are similar in a number of ways, in some ways the art style is similar, in other ways the dialog between the characters seems similar and both use teenagers with superpowers as an allegory for real life problems, in that reguard C³ has better action scenes and characters while Bakemonogatari has better art and dialog, in my opinion of course. If you enjoy one you should enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by datanimeboiii
Both are series the protagonists are the center of supernatural cases which human wills can change the effects... Also both of them have quality lolis and the MC has a harem 
report Recommended by mhkr
If you enjoyed Evangelion, then you must appreciate beautiful things. Bakemonogatari is one of those beautiful things. It's remarkably unique in its presentation. The art is superb, the characters are quirky and the vibes are just amazing. 
report Recommended by DblBeast
Both have supernatural elements, romance, complex stories, and multiple arcs each featuring another "supernatural element". 
report Recommended by Moedera
Supernatural showy action-packed fights, and flashes of plain text stills spliced throughout the episode in typical Shaft fashion. Although dealing with overall serious or dramatic themes, there are still funny bits here and there...more so in Bakemonogatari.  
report Recommended by Estoy_Gordo
This is a recommendation to Monogatari series in general. Both Kaguya-sama and Monogatari series heavily uses narration in their story telling, and is done well. Both anime are also presented in a pretty unique style, giving a new kind of experience in this medium. The difference is Kaguya-sama is more episodic, while Monogatari series have an overarching plot. 
report Recommended by Shirayukin
Both are love stories laden with weird symbolism and a French New Wave style of art direction that's just perfect for pretentious academically-inclined wankers such as myself! 
report Recommended by Izzhov
Both series deal with supernatural events with very mystical ways, without exaggerating its effects with spectacular SFX effects. While Kara no Kyoukai mostly deals with murders with a very dark theme, Bakemonogatari deals with phenomenon involving students. Both series also involves main characters with special powers and mentor-like characters that help the main ones. 
report Recommended by wakka9ca
Both have unique design and color setting and make use of unusual camera angles and animation style. This due to both have in their staff Akiyuki Shinbo as Director and Akio Watanabe as Character Designer. Plotwise we have a few similarities, since it follows a boy, who happens to encounter some girls during his journey. There's also a side character who helps the protagonist in some way, Shiro Mibu in Soultaker and Meme Oshino in Bakemonogatari. 
report Recommended by botch
If you saw bakemonogatari you will realize that there are very similar scenes, they share some themes (Magic, vampires, etc.) are not the same type of series, but the dynamics of the narration and some scenes are very similar 
report Recommended by Feliluisi98
Monogatari Series in a NUTSHELL. If you like the Monogatari Series, you SHOULD definitely like MonMusu as well. 
report Recommended by Bennittou
Almost the same concept with MahoYome. MC deals with oddities, huge character development throughout the series and the feeling of curiousity that course through you as you go episode by episode.  
report Recommended by Smugru
A vampire and a normal person dealing with supernatural occurrences, voiced by Saito Chiwa and Kamiya Hiroshi, with somewhat similar designs. The main guy is especially similar, and is a very fun to watch character is both series. They also have a lot of the same visual flair, thanks to Studio Shaft and a lot of the same staff. 
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Both Of Them Are Ecchi ,and The Main character is a Boy that's virgin ,and never had a girlfriend .. Both of the main character (Girls) Are Badass and love their partner ,anyway ,both of the Guyz have more girls around them and all are sexy ...  
report Recommended by PetriA3
The artwork. also similar to zetsubou sensei. You have messages on the background (blackboard, chip bags, etc.), actual photos mixed in. Manga like tones are added, background charactes are left faceless. 
report Recommended by joegonzalez722
Both feature supernatural settings in a modern Japan,charming dialogue,chill old dudes as mentors the lead mc as well as also finding out the circumstances to many supernatural cases as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
Genre surprise! Expect the unexpected! Samus is a girl! Both show feature these quality, like ending of megatron, or was it megatorus? Either way, both show leave you guessing what happen next and you just can't get it right. Moreover, they feature strong genre conflict to the point that two Einstein can coexist at the same time. You just can understand what the hell it is about, but you will never pinpoint the genre. Solution: just tag it multi-genre and leave it at that. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
id say that if you have watched bakemonogatari and loved it you will also love gate. Why well both deal with fantasy and mythical monsters, and although they are very very different that is why i recommend it to someone that has watched it. you can get you fill of fantasy and mythical creatures and legends from both of these anime while enjoy two rather good stories. Gate goes more in the direction of mythical creatures from another world meeting and getting to understand modern day humans from our relm. while Bakemono similarly brings together to worlds that being the dark underworld of mythical deadly  read more 
report Recommended by ScarletHaze
both are anime in which the main characters solve cases related to apparitions or ghosts 
report Recommended by Dorazaemon
Honestly, there's nothing similar between the two series. But! They both do love the art of storytelling and explore it thoroughly. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu follows the traditional way as it also unfolds the history of Rakugo while the Monogatari series take narrative into the future. I think that all four-eyes, literary types and bookworms will be happy to have their minds blown away by both of them. 
report Recommended by drwatchon
Ueno-san draws some inspiration from Monogatari, especially in character design. Kitanaga is alternate personality Nadeko Sengoku, Nishihara is very similar to Kanbaru Suruga, and the Tanaka and Araragi family dynamics are similar. Aside from characters, both have a fair share of off-color comedy and confusing wordplay, although Bakemonogatari has a lot more serious moments mixed in. Bakemonogatari is very different from Ueno-san wa Bukiyou, but knowing the former will deepen your understanding of the latter. 
report Recommended by Kaisermutt
We love ecchi, don't we? But it's uncomfortable to watch an anime for solo desire to see naked girls. This is why anime such as Bakemonogatari and No Game No Live exists. Satisfy your needs for girls while feeling smart. Decent amount of nudity can be found in both shows, buts they're much more than that. Problems the MCs encounter and the way they solve them requires pausing a video in order to catch up to whats happening. The nature of obstacles placed before protagonists and their ways of overcoming them can have an impact on how you view life. To sum it up: even if you  read more 
report Recommended by MarconZet
This is really a reccomendation for the whole Kara no Kyoukai series but the similarities are more apparant once you reach the 5th movie. In both you have a team of misfits and abnormalities who constantly come into conflict with other misfits and abnormalities. Also the female leads are surprisingly similar in both murder and love.  
report Recommended by CtrlAlexDelete
I get the same feel with their narratives. Kamiya Hiroshi is also seiyuu of both Ichinomiya and Araragi. 
report Recommended by mardhionne
Though the stories are very different, the animation style is very much the same. It's sort of hard to see the story and what's going on. Maria Holic I find it easier to follow than Bakemonogatari. The way each story is told has the same style to it. The people tend to talk with little emotion sometimes, and multiple screens with text pop up during those speeches. The camera angles also seem to drift to different sections of the area that the characters are around, such as the sky, the ground, or objects that may or may not reflect on what is being said. Each  read more 
report Recommended by Kaymyu
Both shows have very detailed and good art and animation. Both shows have a darker than anime avg take on the supernatural. In the midst of all that both have a very sexy undercurrent without being stupid pantsu fanservice. Both are amazing shows. ^^ 
report Recommended by Hoax415
I'm very surprised no one has recommended this yet. Specifically, the Bake TV series is similar in that it's about a normal, competent guy protagonist who solves problems of others with the help of a supernatural being. Much like the prequel to Un-Go is Inga-Ron, the prequel to Bake is Kizumonogatari. Both sets help make the shows deeper. And both series have some cringy moments.  
report Recommended by AnimeObasan
Tenchi Muyou! started the out of this world harem anime, the monogatari series starting with Bakemonogatari follows in Techi's footsteps. The writing of Nisioisin is held strong in the anime adaptation. The wordplay is difficult to translate but the great conversations and interactions make this a top notch anime.  
report Recommended by Colotaku
With a great focus on characters who are written purposefully and uniquely, given captivating character arcs. Much like HxH, the Monogatari series challenges the viewer intellectually, and defy the norm of the medium in structure. 
report Recommended by BorednButter
The animation is top notch. The word play is top notch. But most importantly, it has a lotta good waifus. 
report Recommended by hail_KARASUNO
Both of these animes have a high-level of weirdness and many ecchi scenes, with unique art-style. Bakemonogatari has many abstract-literature-like psychological talks, with bishoujo characters. Loveless is a shounen-ai, where the main-characters have a big age difference, virgin characters have animal ears (and tails), the fights take place in a mind-dimension, where pairs chained together fight with spell-attacks. 
report Recommended by invisibleumbrela
As a first series to start,both anime is about an adventure to solves mystery. Both anime deal with vampires Both Anime had many sequel and many of the manga/novel adaptation doesn't get adapted yet(in monogatari off and monster season) other than many sequel,monogatari is a littlle bit confusing and can be watched with storyand mystery 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
- Both have lesbian's as significant characters - Both have links to the Student Council of their respected shows - Both go to a shrine at one point or another - Both have a strong supporting cast - Both have a love triangle present  
report Recommended by Corrout
Both have confusing ass stories and gore that can be very impactful to the characters and the story. Nothing feels forced and they both have amazing fight sequences with great choreography. 
report Recommended by UnionRaid
It has the same happy yet scary feeling to it as Bakemonogatari. 
report Recommended by Reislastbraincel
The producer of Guilty Crown's music is the same as Bakemonogatari's ed 
report Recommended by benskywa1ker
Both anime are quite dialogue heavy and require you to figure out what is happening through piecing things together. Odd Taxi is less mature than monogatari and more straightforward but still an engagin plot. 
report Recommended by TortleSan
Avant Garde 
report Recommended by Kwaiston
The cast of both shows are a bunch of high school students that are settled in a surreal world, where happen supernatural things to them, both protagonist are lonely and depressed boys with family problems and that a girl (or girls) are the only ones who can take them back to their humanity, also both shows have original artstyles using a lot of bright colors, static pans and walls of text, both stories are very much guided by dialogue 
report Recommended by Lscala
4th wall breaker romance stories where a lot of references to other shows are given.  
report Recommended by Codex_1051
Both shows are successfully adapting long expositional passages from their respective light novels resulting in a similar tone that focuses on world building and lore. In both series the interest is driven by unravelling the world while character interactions serve more as connective tissue and "relief" from the plot. Log horizon character interactions are more "slice of life"-esque drama and romance whereas in monogatari they tend to be more energetic echii/comedy gags. Even though the presentation is very different plotwise these series are kindred spirits 
report Recommended by Anjuro
If you enjoy the Bakemonogatari fan service experience, Ishuzoku Reviewers will be sure to make the fan service in Bakemonogatari seem like child's play. 
report Recommended by fraenkel1234
If you liked the beautiful directing and animation of Bakemonogatari or the Monogatari series as a whole, you would LOVE the directing/animation in 3-gatsu no lion or March comes in like a lion and vice versa. They are both animated by shaft and are both amazing and tackle different themes and totally different plots as Gatsu isn't a supernatural anime but the amazing directing and magnificent animation is definitely something I can compare and they are both top notch. (Note that i'm not comparing the art style but the quality of the animation.)  
report Recommended by Akirezu
Very different genre and atmospheres, but very similar use of creative artwork to depict ideas and emotions. Bakemonogatari (or Monogatari as a whole) is a little more abstract with the imagery, but Bocchi the Rock does a better job at flowing in and out of the imagery in a way to keep everything in the scene. 
report Recommended by Ritinal
both animes have very funny comments when least expected....both have the utmost of monsters and mythical creatures in them and lastly they will entertain you from your usuall type of anime....EXAMPLE;; if you only watch shounen or mech anime this will be a breath of freash air in your current choices 
report Recommended by hawky2009
The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, and Bakemonogatari are not even remotely similar in terms of storyline or theme. However, for me, the things I love about Monogatari the most are not how the cynical main character saves girl-of-the-week from her supernatural crisis, but rather the witty, dense Tarantino-esque dialogue, the distinct and three-dimensional characters, the fantastic usage of sound and music, the borrowings from things like the French New Wave, and the incredible and unique visuals, with its beautiful colors and blending of real-life and animation. Those elements are precisely where The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl—and the related Tatami Galaxy—shine the  read more 
report Recommended by chief_kiev
we are presented with a bored, cynical, and generally unsociable male protagonist who is largely uninvolved with his high school life until his encounter with the eccentric female protagonist. Initially, both protagonists are reluctant to help, but continue to find themselves becoming more and more involved and even attached to the people he made friends with. 
report Recommended by Wronsky
Plot-wise, only similar in the barest-bones sense. In terms of direction and performances, though, these two shows feel eerily identical. Kakuma Ai, as Sento, channels Saito Chiwa's Senjougahara hard. Uchiyama Kouki as Kanie more draws from the Kyon school of snark but has moments where his delivery is nigh-indistinguishable from Kamiyan's iconic portrayal of Araragi. Both of those performances are well-known and codified these character types, especially in Japan where Bakemonogatati's blu-ray sales are some of the highest of all time. What settles it for me is the direction, especially editing. The only thing missing from Shinbou Akiyuki's unique flair (that defines Monogatari's anime) is the  read more 
report Recommended by rottendenpawitch
If you're looking for a well edited, well writen and beautiful character driven story to fill the hole the monogatari series has left in you, this migh be the anime for you. it is in no way as "experimental" as any of nisio isins works but still offers a scenery you can get yourself lost in. 
report Recommended by Shinobu420
The monogatari series and Konosuba are both animes about perverted guys suddenly becoming friends with girls that quickly turns into a harem. Not to mention that both anime have extremely great comedy, a bunch of ecchi and really great casts. I also think that both shows are similar based on the protagonists. Both Kazuma and Araragi are guys in the end of their teenage years, that have pretty perverted mindsets, are kinda funny and most of all charismatic.  
report Recommended by Lybees
Both are compilations of short stories ( a few episodes each). The two series have similar art styles and themes of thriller and mystery. 
report Recommended by shinobu_time69
Ghost Hunt and Bakemonogatari anime are similar in that they deal with many different supernatural mysteries. They are divided into several arcs. Each arc deals with different cases. If you are into the Mystery genre which involves supernatural beings, I recommend these animes. 
report Recommended by Stardust-Breaker
I am not recommending bakemonogatari, but monogatari series as a whole. Both series have a lot of flashing pictures and both series have a timeline, but they jump around in it (though monogatari series does so in arcs and hidamari sketch does so for each episode). They both have a lot of humor. Though the stories are totally different you should still give both series a try. 
report Recommended by DankSgt
Both animes deal with the occult, busty main female protagonist, pervy main male protagonist, similar teasing chemistry between the two. 
report Recommended by wheschan
If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you. and both are definitely worth watching!  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
I found Bakemonogatari to be similar to Musaigen no Phantom World in it's atmosphere. Both shows deal with phantoms/demons/ghost stories/mystery/fantasy lore. Bakemonogatari takes a much more serious tone with it's consistent story telling. Musaigen no Phantom World takes a more comedic route with each episode having it's own different story. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
both jump around in the storyline of their respective series, both have the main character narrate their thoughts in each episode. both are really entertaining and have serious elements, but mostly they are just entertaining comedy. A similarity would be the supernatural elements, but there isnt really anything similar plotwise 
report Recommended by DankSgt
Both series feature a lot of talking and have very interesting characters. They both demand that you pay a lot of attention to what is happening and can both be considered "intellectual" anime. 
report Recommended by DankSgt
Similar themes. Both anime have dark atmosphere, some horror and gore mixed in with top-notch action. Very interesting and somewhat complex stories in both of the shows. 
report Recommended by SalaAliy
Monogatari Series is definitely similar to Seitokai no Ichizon. While they are quite different in setting, plot and genre, they do share one big characteristic.Both series are based on the interactions/conversations between its characters. They both use gags and funny situations. Seitokai no Ichizon is centered around a "normal" Student Council, and the show itself is basically a Comedy/Romance series. Monogatari Series definitely have Comedy and Romance as well, however it also has Supernatural, Mystery and a touch of Horror in it. Do note that Monogatari Series is not quite for everyone though. It is quite special, but it's without a doubt among the best  read more 
report Recommended by Zombiekrig
Same supernatural feel. A guy gets sucked into a world of the supernatural by saving/being saved by a girl with an oddity (bakemonogatari)/supernatural powers(brynhildr). 
report Recommended by HRinka
Supernatural occurences starts happening in the city, and various characters are getting dragged in, the characters of those characters being gradually revealed, perhaps thanks to involvement of this supernatural element. The stories of those characters becomes intertwined, in part thanks to a main character that acts in attempt to solve the supernatural problems. The story is told non-chronologically. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Slow-paced, dialogue heavy mysteries that really make you think. 
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
both have strong romance elements both have cycological elements Bakemonogatari is more supernatural but mirai niki is more thriller same kind of artwork Both really good anime if you like romance action Bakemonogatari is more like a harem whereas mirai niki is one girl only I strongly recommend both as they always keep you wanting more!  
report Recommended by superpub
If you like vampires - and by this I mean vampires done right - than you will probably like both of these series. They both feature very well developed stories around vampires (and some other creatures). The long conversations between characters will make you think about what they are talking, you'll get sucked in the conversation before you even realise it. If you liked one of them I recommend you give the other one a try (you will not regret it!).  
report Recommended by Darkbow
C's bank world has the same feeling to Bakemonogatari they have similar amounts of love (dont really know how to put it) both like to cut around alot, you understand if you seen one both (C's bank world, not real world) use like odd colors and colors that have... ...emphasis compared to the surrounding both have weird creatures that are connected to certain humans 
report Recommended by that_dude650
Both series are written by Nisio Isin. However, the stories are quite different as well as the art style. In Medaka Box, the story revolves primarily around the antics of a student council who uses a suggestion box to get suggestions from the student body on how to improve the school, or simply to get help with things they couldn't accomplish/resolve themselves. The art resembles your typical anime style drawing (big eyes, abnormal hair colors, flashy uniforms, etc.). Conversely, in Bakemonogatari the story is heavily based on dialogue and is narrated by its male protagonist; it focuses on several females to whom which he helps  read more 
report Recommended by Sashimigami
Both are visually gorgeous, with hevay dialoge here and there and heavy action here and there. Though the dialog is more important in monogatari series, and the action takes dominance in Kyousou Giga. 
report Recommended by Zaraquiel99
They both have an older man living with and protecting a child. They also have a bunch of characters with weird personalities and both MCs are voiced by Ono Daisuke. 
report Recommended by lkhalid
Similarities: -Both involve the supernatural, and specifically—vampires—though Bake also involves many other supernatural creatures. Hellsing is pretty much only vampires, other than one werewolf who doesn't get much screen time. -Both have some action. Hellsing is much, much more focused on action than Bake though, and it's much gorier. Differences: Literally everything else. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Both have a very unique animation, along with both of them having a supernatural theme. Although Bakemonogatari progresses through talking, Blood Lad progresses with a lot more action in it. 
report Recommended by ConquestOtaku17
With a heavy reliance on characters and dialog to solve the ongoing mysteries both series have a similar feel despite vastly different casts. 
report Recommended by fiore777
Both animes contain dialogues quite complex. Involving mystery of both parties 
report Recommended by Shinya_Kougami
Both Bakemonogatari and Ao no Exorcist has the same: • Art Style - Produced by Aniplex. • Genre - Both have elements of Supernatural conventions.. Although Bakemonogatari is more aligned to a horror genre unlike Ao no Exorcist which is more on the shounen side. • Narrative - Both give out the same atmosphere. Both Protagonist are alot dominant compared to other characters. Ao no Exorcist Son of Satan and Bakemonogatari Vampire.  
report Recommended by Puddin-Snatcher
Both series' main aspect is about this powerful atmosphere witch they've been granted. We can easily understand the feelings and the messages the authors wanted to send in Bakemonogatari as it's made for Eve no Jikan. An other similar point is about this type of action, this kind of rhythm they both keep in the dialogs to captivate the attention, the earth of the watcher. 
report Recommended by lequinow
Nice art and animation with lots of ecchi scenes, forceful and strong headed female love interest. Also similar style of onscreen text to accompany narration. FranXX is like Monogatari running on x0.1 speed with none of the quirky artistic charm. Theme and setting aside ofc. 
report Recommended by Lemon
While these shows are completely unrelated by genre and story the artwork is similar. There is a huge focus on conversations and characters body language. Both shows focus heavily on conversations to progress the story rather than action or jumping to the next scene. Also both shows use body language as an important role in the conversations, what is not said is just as important as what is said. 
report Recommended by lovevillain
Main character deals with the problems of some girls one by one (per arc) 
report Recommended by KurosoraRyuga
While the stories and animation styles are quite different, the characters are strikingly similar. -Araragi and Shirou: both guys trying to "save" everyone, have a harem, try to solve all problems by getting themselves beaten up, have healing abilities -Senjougahara and Rin: both tsunderes and the girlfriend of the MC -Oshino and Kiritsugu: father figures who tell the MC that he can't save everyone -Hachikuji and Illyasviel: both non-human little girls who latch on to the MC -Sengoku and Sakura: both tormented with serpent-like creatures (snakes or worms), childhood friend of the MC -Hanekawa and Taiga: both associated with cats and may gain cat-like features when stressed or angry -Kanbaru and Saber:  read more 
report Recommended by ccorn
AKIYUKI SHINBO!!! Visual flair, and self indulgent plots with fan-service that is presented as pure aesthetic and visual texture  
report Recommended by lmisohax
+ Visually distinct + Great soundtrack. + Centered around pain, love, friendships and hardships.  
report Recommended by Minoo_
Same director, supernatural elements, and a romance with a long haired beauty. 
report Recommended by Estefan
The strongest resemblance between the two reside in the fashion in which the protagonist build his harem, literally through throwing their lives away to save girls who they just met. Both MCs, though without strong ability power, have a strong sense of justice that can not be swayed no matter what. Of course, the main girl in each arc inevitably end up falling in love with our hero. Furthermore, these anime both revolve around supernatural occurrences. While Toaru is based on more of a magic vs. science world, Bakemonogatari is a reinvention of Japanese myths.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
- chad mc's - hot females - mc's both like helping the females (we both know why) 
report Recommended by reed
While Higurashi has more gore and is my personal favorite. Both Higurashi and Bakemonogatri have several smaller stories in it. They both keep you wondering whats gonna happen next, a very edge of your seat thriller. 
report Recommended by TheYandereLover
Both are unconventional anime's that rely heavily on; subliminal messages, trippy scenery and a lack of information, ensuring that the viewer pays full attention (multi-task and you'll miss something). You'll also find that there's a lack of archtyping as the characters are quite unusual, stepping out of any indication of 'type' and maming a name for themselves. There's a number of examples of fandissservice present in both. 
report Recommended by Gleam_Queen
Comparable snappy dialogs and character archetypes, Saekano tries to ape Monogatari quite hard. While not as fascinating or unique, it still shows bits of clever writing and pretty animation. Unfortunately it seems to be satisfied with just that, lacking the oomph to truly stand out on its own. If you enjoyed Bakemonogatari's pacing and atmosphere, Saekano hits close to home. Check it out! 
report Recommended by JoePanichelli
Both the protagonist helps some girls with problems, where they will be attracted to it. And they all have to do with spirits. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
'Not your average harem' is what I think about both of these shows. Both of them present us few specific female characters, each having couple of their own episodes, plus the main hero, who is leading us through the whole story/ies, dealing with their complicated personalities, fulfilling their wishes or solving their problems, or just tagging along. All of it resulting in gaining mutual sympathies. And in both stories, the main hero 'gets' the most difficult character as the first one, I would say. Despite being average-looking shoolboy with 'too nice' personality. 
report Recommended by Monoxid
The story center around male protagonist who been surrounding by abnormality/oddities for example - Bakemonogatari - apparitions: gods, ghosts, myths, and spirits Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Alien, esper and time traveler. Both male protagonist also have lots of similarity cause they do everything in their power to save/to change to better situation for the whole series. - If you enjoy Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu you might as well enjoy Bakemonogatari!!! 
report Recommended by NajSuarez94
Yuri Kuma Arashi's visuals and animation is similar to Shaft's avant garde animation style with its finest usage is the anime Bakemonogatari. Not only animation is similar, both shows are extremely weird for a normal anime consumer.  
report Recommended by Cosmicblaze454
The main male character in both of these shows is very similar in their look, and somewhat personality. Ryuko is also very reminiscent of Senjougahara. While the stories are more or less unrelated, there is still a similar feeling. 
report Recommended by TearxUlquiorra
Both series give internal struggles form with the supernatural. The two series go about it different ways, however. The entirety of the monogatari series describes the characters through heavy dialogue that reinforces the plot rather well. Both have well paced arcs that lead into the next quite nicely (for monogatari the arcs blend well, after the first season). In both shows you see the growth of these characters throughout the course of their schooldays.  
report Recommended by SillieHonka
Both have non-conventional style of animation, and some randomness thrown in. They both sometimes incorporate live footage, and extreme changes in animation style once in a while. Though they bear no similarity plot-wise, their animation styles are somehow related. 
report Recommended by chaindrop
These anime's feature obscure character's who's 'origin' isn't quite explinied in simplistic terms. We also have a fairly similar leading male - a pleasant enough, but quite and slighly moody teen boy with a relivant 'hair antena'. Neither of these anime incorporate characters that aren't too importiant. The art is highly similar - very comic strip looking character design; not highly detailed within shading and proportions, but appropriot for the overall, trippy setting. The scenery is very similar too - not too detailed, bright and misty aswell city setting.  
report Recommended by Gleam_Queen
Mouryou no Hako is seriously underrated, and if you loved Bakemonogatari like me, you'll probably adore Mouryou no Hako, too. Both have major story elements of mystery ("who done it?") and youkai/spirits. The narrative styles are similar, as both shows can be dialogue-heavy, but the conversations are always witty, mystifying, etc. Neither show is particularly gory, but there is an eerie, creepy atmosphere in both (in addition to "body horror" ideas present in both titles). That said, Bakemonogatari has many more moe girls and otaku jokes, and Mouryou no Hako has a more mature psychological puzzle at its core. 
report Recommended by CakeRabbit
Similar character traits for Sangou, Shizuku and the main character of Bakemonogatari. Both show traits of de-tsud and a hybrid version of tsud in the best possible way. Also both main guy character are aloof to the relationship between the love interest. 
report Recommended by sayian
This show may be confusing to some, but if you enjoyed the Monogatari series, you'll get through this no problem. Concrete Revolutio often switches between both future and past perspectives which can cause confusion, I would recommend focusing most on the past during the first season and the future during the second season.  
report Recommended by CB3GD