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Both of these animes are about people who deal with the interactions of otherworldy creatures and humans. The series are divided up into short segments. However, Bakemonogatari's short stories can last a few episodes long while each episode of Mushishi is seperate. Bakemonogatari is more eccentric with unique animations and a cast of very developed characters. Mushishi focuses more on nature and harmony and has only one main character. Bakemonogatari is recommended for more mature viewers.
report Recommended by TheRawPotato
I get the same feeling when I watch these animes, it has similar mystical worlds and creatures that does make human life more difficult. The main characters always finds themselves helping those that are around them. It's really worth the time watching.
report Recommended by KuroTaka
Both involve oddities, although Monogatari is more about the characters and their role within the story, and Mushishi is more about the interesting and unique oddities that exist within its world. Mushishi is episodic however.
report Recommended by NealTenshio
In both series, the main character interacts with people attached to supernatural beings.
report Recommended by DamianWarbeast
Bakemonogatari and Mushishi have quite a few similarities. First of all the Main Characters Araragi and Ginko have a lot in common. They are trying to help other people with their problems and oddities. The show is not about the Main Characters themselves, as you do not learn a lot about their own past and story, but more about the people around them. Both shows have a mystery/supernatural side. The biggest difference between the shows is how they are presented. Mushishi is really serious and give you an experience that not a lot of shows will give you. Bakamonogatari has a fun side and it has a completely different artstyle.
report Recommended by BrandonMTA
Both series talk about a main character using supernatural powers to save other people from their supernatural problems. Both anime have a dark eerie atmosphere, intriguing mystery with a historical theme. Bakemonogatari being in a high school setting, also has humour, romance and some fanservice. While Mushishi is about a lone man on the road which makes it more on the Adventure side. The art is beautiful and the voice acting is on point
report Recommended by KhalilKay
Both main characters fight against supernatural beings (mushi and oddities) to help people.
report Recommended by God_Yamcha_234