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Stranger: Mukou Hadan
Stranger: Mukou Hadan
Jul 28, 3:29 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Colorful (Movie)
Colorful (Movie)
Jul 6, 3:24 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
Jun 30, 5:01 PM
Dropped 5/25 · Scored -
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Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Kao Dorobou
Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Kao Dorobou
May 4, 2019 8:52 PM
Reading 1/6 · Scored 8
Ma no Kakera
Ma no Kakera
May 4, 2019 7:49 PM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 8
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Feb 3, 2019 1:17 AM
On-Hold 43/? · Scored 6


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NealTenshio Jun 30, 5:14 PM
The quality of Art is not something that can really be explained. And I don't mean Art as in the visual aspect of an anime, I mean Art as in an element that has the ability to touch/move/reach our souls.

(It's debatable if natural things could be considered as art though. I would say that natural things cannot be considered as art, because those are not human-made things. Artificial things made with deliberate human intentions... only these can be considered as art. Nature consists of natural occurrences in the world. A sculpture, photo or painting is art, but a tree that, through its own natural process, grows, cannot be considered art. A building and a cathedral is art... but caves, mountains and natural waterfalls are not.)

I've always been a person who attempted to judge the entertainment that I consumed in an objective-as-possible way. Of course, I let my enjoyment influence me too, but I tend to strip that down and ask myself: Is this realistic?
This is a completely logical way to judge the things we watch. It's a significant part of how we may mainly judge anime. You wouldn't appreciate an anime if it frequently pulled random things throughout the show. You'd be thinking to yourself, "that makes no sense," and be saying wtf in your head every 5 minutes. So yes, realism is a significant part of what makes an anime credible and gives it a fundamental integrity. But there's also another aspect that I was never truly able to understand until now. And that integral element is Art.

I have found it dull to focus on the "whats" and not on the "hows" and "whys." I'm sure you've heard before that art is subjective, but that really doesn't tell you anything. What I've learned is.. fictional stories have a potent influence that nonfiction cannot provide.

Being told things in a scientific manner can be mundane. The impact of its message doesn't hit as hard as stories that show us with narrative. The characters in fictional stories may not be real, but they are important in that they show us what we should and shouldn't do. They make the mistakes, not us, and we learn through that way. Fictional characters can inspire us and/or influence us... they can change the character of who we are. And it's especially impactful when we're able to empathize with the characters.

There are animes that I've shed tears for in the past that I would consider to be masterful pieces of art. I didn't cry in the sense of: "oh, this is such a sad story." It wasn't the story that I was thinking of. I felt personally in pain. To say that 'it made me cry' would be a misinterpretation of what had happened; for it wasn't something that made me shed tears. My sadness simply poured out of me. I was hurt; but nothing in particular hurt me.
Art doesn't strike from the outside, and good art will put you in the depths of its world. It will make you the center of its pains and its joys... not making you feel that the characters are experiencing pain and joy... but making You experience that pain and joy.
NealTenshio Jun 30, 5:11 PM
However I rate an anime, it's very much about whether or not I'm able to be at the center of its joys and its pains... and that can change depending on *when* I watch an anime. In a sense, the rating I put next to an anime is merely a fragment of the time in which I experienced it. Likewise, if you rate an anime low, it may be because you didn't allow yourself to fully immerse in the experience as if it were your own in that moment.
Your perspective would be different if you were another person. And you can be, to some extent.

This is what makes art different not just from person to person, but circumstance to circumstance. Whatever you rated an anime as, it's not just due to a singular entity but due to the timeframe in your life; how you were seeing the world and interpreting its details.

Animes are not without their flaws. But it is more important to take the message that's necessary.
Flapples Jul 7, 2018 3:05 AM
I guess that is what my profile says but nobody really knows ~`o`~ anyways I'm about to go to bed so enjoy your night!
Flapples Jul 7, 2018 2:56 AM
Not sure why you commented on my Prof but I don't watch much anime anymore either. Still play the games and read manga though etc... :P
petal Apr 30, 2018 8:31 AM
o hello

it depends on what kind you enjoy listening to - you can click on
the three squares on my profile for some of the music that i'm
currently listening to or particularly enjoying. if you'd like some
recommendations that are similar to those then let me know!
Johan Apr 28, 2018 9:09 PM
It depends heavily on what kind of games you prefer.

I predominately prefer JRPG's so i would recommend either Bloodbourne or Persona 5.

FFX is unique to me, but it's a great gaming experience if you like the Final Fantasy franchise. Probably wouldn't be most people's #1 game of all time but i believe it's important always to have something unique to yourself.

NealTenshio Mar 4, 2018 9:00 PM
Being "a man of science" for a long time in my life, it took me some time to realize the meaning of life. I kept living in a limited world of facts and logic, and I never allowed myself to go beyond that. But now I see how meaningful life may be...

"Fairy tales are more than true — not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten."

I suppose I am an atheist... but I largely don't see the world like atheists do anymore. The debate on religion and science, on god, and whatever else... these things have all come to an end to me. And if I am caught up in such talk, I'll only fool around, not taking any side seriously. I no longer think like the rest of them... for two good reasons.
#1 - God is a concept that has many interpretations. Theists have an incredibly narrow view on "god," particularly westerners who do not understand eastern philosophies and thus have an incredibly narrow imagination to draw from. They are as good as puppets to their indoctrination, not really ever being able to see the world beyond what they've been dealt with. Thus I cannot say I associate with most religious folks.
#2 - There is meaning in life... science provides to people explanations for how the world functions in a purely logical way... but meaning itself cannot be measured. And one thing that science definitely cannot provide to a person is meaning. Although you can see meaning in science... but it would not be science itself that has the ability to provide meaning to people.
It's not clear to me that atheists are so different from religious folks, because despite the information that all of us accept and deny, each of us believes in something. We place faith in something, and it is because we are human that we do so. Without faith and meaning, we would lose all willpower to live on.
NealTenshio Jan 5, 2018 10:16 PM
It's not like I care... deep deep down, I don't.
But for as long as I live, I have to pretend that I do.

Why? ... *sigh* because to not care... that's no way to live.

I'm going to lie to myself. I'm going to tell myself that I care about what happens in my life, that I care what happens in other people's lives. That I care about being a good human being; I care about being passionate, care for success. Care for everlasting peace and prosperity. Care about the beauty of grace, and care for the beautiful world to exist as it wonderfully does.

Whatever the case may be, I know that life can be felt... it can be felt so beautifully... but that's when you can feel.
I'm not sure how much I'm able to feel.

I think I want to hit bottom. I want to be involved in something so terrible that it'll wake me up from this zombie-like mode that I've been in. But that's not right. That's dangerous. For all I know, I might just because addicted to bad things, and I don't want to go to that kind of place... that place of chaos/hell.

I think I have it too easy. I don't have something that's holding me to the fire so that I can wake up during my mornings with a Why.

And then there's the situation with people... Internet people won't cut it. It's difficult to meet internet folks who are interested in what I'm interested in. I want to be able to have friends and to socialize, even though I'm someone who finds it difficult to have a smile on his face.
There's only one goal for this year...


That's one skill that I'll need for the rest of my life. Because this society runs on being able to communicate effectively with people, sometimes even if it means you have to influence people emotionally as well... being able to communicate is important in maintaining positive relationships, friendships, networks... it's important in contributing to the world any ideas that I may have.

I'll do what I can. I only have one life. There's no point in making it any worse than it is. There's no reason for that. But there's every reason to make it as positive as I possibly can. And everything's my responsibility. My life is my responsibility. I have to be the one who acts, not be the one who is acted upon. I always have the choice to choose to either let my situation influence me, or to be independent of my situation... to be well despite what my situation may look like.

I'm going to fuck up many times. I know that. I'm going to be embarrassed and humiliated... by myself, by others, by circumstances, by accidental coincidences. I have to expect that I'm going to see zero external/public progress in the next 6 years. But that has to be the case. Let people live in their personal realities where they think what you see is what you get. That's not the case with me. For the next 6 years, it's going to look like I've haven't done a single damn thing in my life... but I must ensure to myself that despite there being no public victory, that there are private victories.

I'm not in this for the short-term. I don't give a shit if people are living their fantastic lives right now being impulsive and quenching their instant desires. We'll see how they look like a decade down the road. I shouldn't be behaving like other people, and I won't. That's a simple way to live: to look at what other people do and copy them.

I get it... I understand that life isn't about money and whatnot, that life is not about the lies of the universities and of the corporate world. I've heard of those lies before. I don't give in to false promises about grades, careers, whatever...

What makes our lives vibrant and worth experiencing are when we are able to perceive the world with clarity, when we are healthy and when we feel that our being is timeless in its moment.
It's important to keep healthy, because that enables us the opportunity to be free. A person needs their mental and physical health attended to. For the physical/physiological, there's exercise, diet, and sleep. For mental, there's meditation, learning, and having people whom you connect deeply with.

I think I have all of these things except having people whom I cherish. It's not easy for me to make friends. But I think I'd say I'm privileged to have everything that I do have... and that there is only one thing left for me to tackle.

Here I am... expecting for my life to be complete with just "this one last thing" ... That's a dangerous mindset. And in actuality, it may actually be not so stable. Heh...
If I fall flat on my face, I'll face that failure and humility. I will. Then I'll get back up and go at it again more intelligently. And when I succeed, if I do manage to succeed, I know that I'll probably have my sights set on new things. Like traveling or starting a business. And then all over again, I'll tell myself, "I only need this one final thing, and then I'll feel satisfied."

I guess what I'm saying is that... I understand that I'm supposed to enjoy my life as it is now.
I accept that.
I accept that.

I am grateful for the life that I have. I'm grateful for everything that I have.

But I also want to live my life passionately. And that's why I have these things to look forward to. If I die without accomplishing everything that I want to accomplish, I'd be fine with that as well. But for as long as I'm alive, I'll live.

I will live.
Akira_KJapan Jan 1, 2018 2:48 AM
Lol I'm fucking with that dude, you know the psychotic one. The coward ended up blocking me. It's amazing to see how many people this lunatic goes around harassing about nonsense.
Johan Dec 26, 2017 7:21 PM
LOL. idk why this guy takes this shit so seriously. As if im on an anime site paranoid about who's gonna "use" me.
Johan Dec 26, 2017 6:25 PM
I guess this clown's obsessed with you too

"Nealtenshio is playing a joke like always to see how you respond, he is just a guy who is obsessed with becoming something he will never be. I regret to inform you that you are making friends with someone who is only using you. Do you want to pretend that I'm lying? go ahead, that just makes it more fun. He knows I'm a narcissist because I told him several months ago, he's really engaging you in a very clumsy way but I guess he thinks you're foolish enough to fall into his trap."

Evidently he thinks you can "use" people on an anime site, whatever the fuck that means LOL. Guy is paranoid.
Johan Dec 26, 2017 5:53 PM
LOL yeah the saddest part about him is i have no idea what set him off. Whatever it is it definitely doesn't seem healthy to be this angry at people on an anime site, but hopefully he can get the help he needs. I don't mind bantering around with him, cause I don't really take any offence to his bullshit, I just kinda think he's a loon.

And yeah there's some club or something on MAL that interviews users who get recommended. I was recommended and completed the first phase of my interview, so sometime probably within the next few days to a week it should be published ;].

Also not a Euphoria fan i assume? All my other top lists have just been recently updated, and I expect to have hentai updated within the next few days, but I don't see Euphoria dropping out of a top 3 spot. lol.
Tebls Dec 26, 2017 5:37 PM
He has a very unusual sense of humor
Johan Dec 26, 2017 4:19 PM
LOL Why's he so angry? I don't think this guy is mentally stable tbh