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Rimzyy 9 hours ago
Yeah I’m pretty sure that guy is just upset that I gave one of his favorite shows a negative review so I’m not gonna let that get to me, hence why I didn’t delete it, but I had no idea IMS went bankrupt. Thing is, JC Staff could’ve have just waited to release it and pushed it back for better quality anyway. Or just not have made it in the first place because they were focusing on One Punch Man so much and Date a Live doesn’t have much to appeal to anyone with anymore. Just a lot of mistakes went into the most recent season. Pretty bad considering they are actually just remaking the first season essentially
literaturenerd Feb 17, 8:43 PM
Not really that I know of. Not Video games, Western comics, film, literature, any genre of music, etc. I'm sure there's something else like anime, but I can't think of it.
KANLen09 Feb 10, 2:43 AM
Karhu Feb 8, 10:26 AM
Interesting take on the series. I can definitely see why you wouldn't appreciate this sort of narration. Personally I am finding it pretty fresh since so often anime does something else and choose a generic safety route instead. Chuukan was the last series which had successful use of narrator and I definitely wanted more of that sort, Kaguya being an answer to my needs. On a side note, You perhaps should not watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. There the issue is like 30x worse and annoyed me, too. They basically spoon-feed every single thing to you there.
-Dostoevsky- Jan 23, 12:48 PM
Mmm, hopefully the similarities aren't too noticeable for you. Like I said, both series are different. I don't see why the people you mentioned would be turned off if they think Umi's embarrassment over a short skirt is a major turn off, sounds laughable. With Hanayo catching Umi on an idol act, again, don't see why it's an issue. Season 1 is really the weakest compared to the second where the improvements of characterization have been explored quite thoroughly. You just have to watch S2 and the movie to find that out yourself and draw conclusions.
-Dostoevsky- Jan 23, 10:10 AM
I honestly think comparing both Umi and Mio is an unfair comparison, even if they have identical personalities. You're nitpicking a single scene over her overall character. Kotori was just teasing Umi of the idea of the idol skirts and pretty much not much of a relevance other than a funny moment. If that's the case, she wouldn't agree to becoming an idol. Umi to me, is likeable because she carries a sense of responsibility to Muse even if she's not even a leader. Yes. she gets easily embarrassed like Mio gets easily embarrassed but would you evaluate something so trivial if you find more characters with the same traits and call them copy cats? I don't think so. Every Muse members have their own quirks even though some have weaker personalities than others i.e, Rin and Hanayo. I don't find them as worst girls but they still have a presence in Muse.

You haven't completely finished the entirety of LL since you're finished with the first season. It's still unfair to completely evaluate Umi as a whole. If you think she's worst girl, that's fine but I don't entirely believe that she's Mio 2.0. Both have their own presence in their respective series.
Black_Sheep97 Jan 20, 1:29 PM
K just another follow up question I apologise, hypothetically ,there is someone who hates Shirobako, do you think it's fair for someone to say that Shirobako is badly written show with inconsistent characterization and badly established?
Black_Sheep97 Jan 19, 3:21 PM
Before we progress any further in this discussion, let me ask you two questions , most of what you said in the review is from my understanding a reflection of personal taste and perception of the presentted medium while understandable, do you think it's possible for people to experience to alternative and do you think they're inherently wrong in doing so no matter the argument?
Black_Sheep97 Jan 18, 9:15 AM
I do agree with you in terms of it not being remembered as a classic but I don't that's it's fair to label a show as mediocre because of that cause of that, there are shows that do tackle similar themes that occurred before but I don't there are alot that out do cause the way it did by integrating analogies between the phenomenon occuring due to social anxiety and with laws of physics that govern the universe is really quite creative and well executed in my opinion ,the interaction and dialogue between the characters helps to create nuances that make the characters especially the main two feel distinctive from other counterparts in similar type shows. Yeah it did ride a hype way because of betraying expectations but I hardly think of that as legitimate grounds critising it nor do I think that it grounds for saying that show's chances for being a classic are diminished in fact the opposite is more true, furthermore can you honestly tell me you've never been part of a hype train for a show that other people thought was trash. The show does get alot of attention and some critical appraisal and understandably so while not doing anything that can consider groundbreaking or extraordinary it does a solid job at what it is doing. Now I don't wanna sound judgemental but what I'm hearing from you and your review , is someone who's attention and affection wasn't captured and therefore resorts to phrasing his personal gripes as points that describe something that is inherently wrong with the show.

In a few years ? I think it will happen faster personally but I hardly see mal scores as reliable metric for something that should be deemed a classic I mean look at the top 100 can you wholeheartedly say that all of them deserve to be acknowledged as classics on a critical level.
ZephSilver Jan 12, 7:14 PM
lol I really don't care, Black Twitter is amusing to me.
Anyone that bothers to make a video about a 3-year-old review for "having too many words" while they speak pure koon is not someone to take seriously.
I left a response worthy of the effort:
Black_Sheep97 Jan 12, 4:42 PM
Really liked reading your review on bunny girl,he kinda is a poor man monagatari , I disagree with alot of things you said though liked how it tries to be classic which I think it could considering the audience it has captured.
Detective Nov 23, 2018 11:40 AM
I appreciate you reading and enjoying it!
MozillaFennekin Nov 1, 2018 1:00 PM
I saw the first two parts and thought they were stupid so I didn't watch the other two parts. Mostly he just has his own opinions on the show which I can understand and frankly don't care about, but he also flat-out misunderstood things, like when he called Mayuri's character development into question. I wrote a whole comment about it in the first part.
Krunchyman Oct 25, 2018 5:19 PM
I'll admit, it wasn't my best review, but they all can't be winners (though I like to think otherwise).
shina_luna Sep 29, 2018 9:33 AM
I wasn't even aware anymore I had put a recommendation, lol.