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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
In the sense that its a boy trying to do something for a girl. With kami nomi, katsuragi tries to fill the emptiness of the heart of the girl to capture a loose soul hiding there while with Bakemonogatari, Araragi seeks to help all the heroines with their problems,
report Recommended by TSX
It isn't apparent when you just see their cover, but there are some striking similarities between these two. Both of them is harem, well not usual harem where everyone likes one guy without single basis. Both has a single male character; all the other males seems to be ignored or just do not exist in its world. When a lot of male harem lead is either bitch or useless faggot, Ararararagi Gomi is very likable and Keima is like a religion. Bakemono follows 'Girl of the week' formula, and so does KamiNomi. Not to mention that gorgeous character design of both anime is from the   read more
report Recommended by ringoo4
1. The protagonist is surrounded by the opposite sex (harem) but unique in its special way. 2. Involves strange romances. 3. Involves supernatural beings. (Though Bakemonogatari is more random when it comes down it while in The World God Only Knows it is more focused on the realm of gods, godesses and devils.)
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Both MC doesn`t a lot of friends but the difference of this two is that Bakemonogatari arc`s solves mysteries while Kami nomi arc`s are actually romance.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both animes are about a guy helping out girls trying to solve their problems. Both animes have supernatural elements in them. The male lead in both animes are not very popular but they have a good heart.
report Recommended by Yamada2
These anime are similar because they have that one guy who's trying to save other girls. This is done by capturing the loose soul inside the heroines in Katsuragi's case and controlling/defeating the demon or god inside the girls in Araragi's. If you like one I am quite sure you would like the other.
report Recommended by akaraC
Both MCs removes their respective girls' literal inner demons
report Recommended by Cosmicblaze454
*I may update this recommendation when I'll finish both series* So... many people find series like NouCome and Date a Live to be similar to Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, but I think the show that's more similar to it is Bakemonogatari and the Monogatari series in general. Why you ask? Our main character helps other who are struggling with their "inner demons". In both series the "victims" often show abnormalities because of the spirits possessing them such as invisibility, feather-like weight etc. The major difference is that Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai has more romance than Monogatari and the atmosphere is lighter too.
report Recommended by Mr_Weebleton
Both shows have a "one girl to deal with per arc" story formula with a little supernatural twist to it. Not to mention the character design is similar and there's also a couple of parodies and references too. The main characters (Keima and Araragi) are also pretty similar with each other having little to no friends, a little sister (sort of with Keima) and a hairstyle with one part of their hair sticking out. Also has anyone noticed that Shiori looks almost exactly like Sengoku (top it off with the same seiyuu to boot). The same goes to Haqua and Senjougahara. The only difference it   read more
report Recommended by KawaiiPotato1412