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Both anime have great stories and artwork. But the best part about it is the way the stories are told. Both anime have kinda the same level of comedy and are both amazing watches. It wasn't until recently that I found out that the author was the same person but I would make the recommendation regardless.
report Recommended by Airyaxe
Katanagatari reminds you of Bakemonogatari in many ways, it has the same use of camera angles and the hectic dialogs. And offers pretty much the same characters in a different setting (Boy meets Girl). Both shows are also based on light novels written by the same author, Nisio Isin.
report Recommended by Trekkan
Plenty of dialog and witty jokes and remarks here and there. Level of humor used in both shows are quite similar, including the casual use of some innuendo to brighten the mood. Artwork and visuals are superb in both.
report Recommended by laguz1
Both are from the same author and as expected, characters are developed nicely with a quirky sense of humour. Both are animes featuring surrealist drawing style, little actual plot, curious characters, and random discussions about life the universe and everyting.
report Recommended by Aegwyn
Both are adaptations of light novels written by Isin Nisio, and both are extremely heavy on dialogue. The style of humour employed in both Bakemono and Katana is very similar, so if you like one you're sure to enjoy the other. Also, though Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari seem like the typical harem and shonen series,both quickly break the confines of their respective genres.
report Recommended by linnaes
To begin with, both animes are great and of high quality. They were both also made by Nisio isin. They both have a lot of similar core features, such as, romance and humor, while also being able to offer up a serious yet basic plot. They are both episodic while katanagatari is longer at 50 minute episodes. I highly recommend watching one if you have seen the other!
report Recommended by alas24
Both series has a similar animation style that incorporates the usage of heavy dialogue usage by the main characters. The light novels are also written by the same author (Nisio Isin) hence reflects upon a similar style of story telling. Both series' humor is presented very well and considered entertaining and amusing with the dialogue, action, drama, and interactions between the main protagonists with other characters. Both series features some supernatural themes and later on some romance.
report Recommended by Stark700
Written by the same author. Each show is filled with entertaining dialogue and character interactions are a central focus.
report Recommended by kbluejay
Both from same author, both have great art and story with good amount of comedy and action mixed and both have great characters.
report Recommended by LesDangereux
Similar in their very odd style of storytelling and art.
report Recommended by Camoral
Watch these if you like anime which consist of mainly comedic conversations in between key events. I enjoyed both of these anime because they were almost like reading books but with action sequences here-and-there. Also, both have very unique art styles, so even if you don't like long, funny dialogues, it's worth the experience.
report Recommended by Murdaj_Steve
Both are very good anime. Both are the work of Nisio Isin. Both are very heavy on dialogue. (Although there is a bit more action in Katanagatari) Lastly, they have -gatari at the end
report Recommended by Cosmicblaze454
Both have atypical arts are based upon short stories. In both case the narration or the writing of the story are quite similar since they are relying a lot on banter. Katanagatari is a bit more accessible because it contains more action scenes and a bit less dialogues.
report Recommended by Illyasviel
If you like the incredibly dialogue heavy narrative that the monogatari series has, Katanagatari offers a similar narrative with each episode feeling well fleshed out and juicy. Also same author, so great characters.
report Recommended by Beghty
Katanagatari and Bakemonogatari are both written by NisiOisin Both the Heroines are similar, they have a similar personality and they are both Tsunderes. The 2 shows have some heavy dialogue. If you have seen Bakemonogatari, you know what I'm talking about. You may remember the few action scenes from Bakemonogatari. Katanagatari also has short, bloody action scenes. You will love Katanagatari if you like Bakemonogatari!
report Recommended by Xenoffy
Main reason why these shows are similar comes from the fact that source materials for them were written by same author. This means you can expect a lot of dialogues with action from time to time.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Both animes have the same author, they have the same person for artwork and the setting is similar in both anime boy met with a girl then they are doing differend kind of things.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Both written by the same person. The story in Katanagatari and Bakemonogatari are dialogue drive, meaning there are many words to be said and not much else. Both boast great, unique art styles, and if you like one, you will surely like the other.
report Recommended by doublegambler
Both are written by Nishio Ishin and as a result have -exceptionally strong dialogue -interesting characters Both are animated by shaft and thus -Have their signature direction style -is secretly quite dark (though not so secretly in Katangatari) -make effective uer of fan service without making it the primary function of the anime
report Recommended by Shin__
Awesome dialoges by Nisio Isin await you. If you loved either of anime mentioned, you'll definitely like the other one. The series even have similar names.
report Recommended by KorNk
Both anime are mainly driven by their dialogues and chemistry between characters, as they´re both originally written by Nisio Isin. Their artstyles are similar and are creatively used throughout their story.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
For starters both are adaptations of novels by NisioIsin and hence share a similar structure of story and sense of character and humour. Both anime have a large focus on the style of storytelling and tend to spend most of their time on the dialogue between the characters. The humour of both tends to be directed by the sheer bluntness of the characters; as they act odd or indifferent to common or usual situations. As I see the Monogatari Series as a hit or miss for most people, I would like to add that while Katanagatari has many similarities to the Monogatari series in terms of   read more
report Recommended by Akoram