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Both anime have a very similar feel to them. Bakemonogatari however, is darker than Arakawa Under The Bridge. Arakawa contains more light-hearted random humour and is generally a more happy series, where Bakemonogatari is more about removing oddities which may end up killing people, etc Bakemonogatari also contains random humour, but as I already said, it has a darker atmosphere than Arakawa. The art is also kinda similar.
report Recommended by BillysNipple
Both series start with the meeting between the protagonist and an odd yet characteristically deadpan girl he forms an arbitrarily romantic relationship with and follow up with his dealings with various increasingly odd people and their problems. Having the same production studio, director, and lead seiyuu, they often feel quite similar, despite Bakemonogatari possessing a seriousness and sequential arc structure Arakawa consistently avoids.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
It is obvious that if you liked Bakemonogatari you should watch Arakawa Under the Bridge. The main character of the both series is voiced by the same actor, which gives the impression that we have to deal with the very similar story. Another thing that is in common is the way the story is being told. It is almost the same. The key factor is the fact that Bakemonogatari was made by the studio that has also made the Arakawa Under the Bridge. Both series will rather not be liked by the most of the viewers because the storyline is made for more intelligent people. The only   read more
report Recommended by eersen
Both are done by SHAFT, hence it's shafty. When, Bakemonogatari focuses on very little amount of characters and analysis them in depth using clever and witty dialogues, Arakawa under the Bridge raises the madness of the characters by far and the number of the cast is significantly larger with bother-line retarded and nonsensical conversations. Still, they are very similar in the fact that both focuses mainly on dialogues of individual characters. Oh, and eye rolling scenes too. Thus, both looks great.
report Recommended by ringoo4
Arakawa Under The Bridge follows the legacy of Bakemonogatari with exactly the same style, same director, same elite main voice actors. However, this show is one or two notch(es) down from Bakemonogatari on romance, plot, and characters. Afterall, good learning material for funny Japanese chatter.
report Recommended by mastertek
Both are random-esque animes that tend to shift from situation to situation, involving comedy or general mishaps between the protagonist and his girlfriend or friends. While Bakemonogatari does have a more concrete ending, Arakawa has a much more lighthearted feel to it and will keep you laughing for quite a while. The happy-go-lucky feel is present in every single minute of the anime.
report Recommended by Exilarch
Similar humor and character developments. Emphasis on a very small area of the anime's locale. The person that voices the main character in Arakawa (Kou) also voices a main character in Bakemonogatari (Hitagi), and does an amazing job. The all around feel of both anime's are very similar, funny, and enjoyable.
report Recommended by F8L-Fool
When i started watching Bakemonogatari it almost instantly reminded me about Arakawa. Art and characters, their humor and actions, and random plots. Both are really good and funny.
report Recommended by GreenCharlotte
Oh God, that randomness and humor in both of these series. Shaft is involved in both series and brings unique comedy into both of these series that are sarcastic and out of this world. Both series meets a strange girl and becomes a couple with them. The protagonist in both series are quite similar in terms of personalities and even a bit in appearance. Both series are outrageously funny and a must watch.
report Recommended by Stark700
Produced by Shaft, these series tend to tell stories with extraordinary story-telling techniques, such as rapid screen cut, exaggerated facial expressions and body gestures, sudden focus on symbolic objects, and a heavy amount of inner monologue. Eminent Seiyuu, like Kamiya Hiroshi and Maaya Sakamoto etc, are also present in both series as main characters. Finally, the humor in both series are similar. Sharp-tongued sarcasm are to be expected.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both anime excel in Extreme Trash-Talking Like seriously some of the most outright fascinating dialogue possible Both anime were Produced by Shaft--really awesome group Neither of these anime involve the typical --school nonsense Both of these anime really get their Substance from all characters that are not the Main Character
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Where Bakemonogatari is intense and weird, Arakawa Under the Bridge is lighthearted and weird. Despite this, and despite completely different settings, plots, and character dynamics, they share a very similar aesthetic and "feel."
report Recommended by rmf13
from the beginning you will feel the same sensation from the art, the CV (character voice) almost all of CV of bakemonogatari same with arakwa under the bridge. and the comedy is funny too.. :p the only different is bakemonogatari is about supernatural called "Kaii" but, arakawa is not really supernatural "if you know what i mean"
report Recommended by Katyo-
Both are very similar to each other, animation and character too. A very interesting and funny story that will make them excited and laugh, if you like romantic comedy should see this series
report Recommended by Light_Naider
Both are quintessential Shinbo works (although itamura and oishii actually directed it and Shibo merely supervised to ensure the end product was Shaft) Both feature mains voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. Both feature great, weird and abstract art. Both are great fun in their own way, but both contain solid comedy. Both have pretty great production values. Neither are that plot heavy.
report Recommended by spacebishijesus
Not only do both shows show classic Shaft style art direction with varying camera angles (and give off a very similar vibe), both shows also consist of a variety of quirky characters. Both of these shows focus more on the interactions between the characters, rather than a set in stone plot
report Recommended by Short_Circut