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Yaoguai Mingdan
Yaoguai Mingdan
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Yesterday, 4:09 PM
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The God of High School
The God of High School
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Sekai ka Kanojo ka Erabenai
Sekai ka Kanojo ka Erabenai
Aug 9, 9:21 PM
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Shounen Shoujo
Shounen Shoujo
Aug 9, 3:54 PM
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Yochi Nouryoku Manga: Kunou Chiyo
Yochi Nouryoku Manga: Kunou Chiyo
Aug 9, 3:53 PM
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AmaTenshi Today, 2:53 AM
I especially like how he "transforms" from nice guy into a villian in his voicing. :D
Ezekiel_01 Aug 5, 10:10 PM
Yeah, there are but they are pretty stupid to be even to talk about but a lot of people do die because they are a lot of poor people here I cannot really blame aside from their poor decisions in wanting to live in the big city.

People think when you started to work in the Capital there lives will be better but its the complete opposite.
Ezekiel_01 Aug 5, 8:46 PM
Hows the pandemic there. In my country, the capital region where I live is reverting back to tighter quarantine protocols.
Ezekiel_01 Aug 5, 7:42 PM
Yeah we did I thought you got annoyed so I stop sending them. I could keep sending for us to have to discuss from time to time.
CeddyyBearr Aug 4, 12:25 PM
Yeah, it sure is! A lot of controversial stuff, most of the time followed by an apology haha!

Yeah Kyvat was lucky that the team didn't reply back and actually went back to the grid to start the race on inters!

I can imagine! It's also a great circuit, I will miss it as well! Hopefully next year! What time does the races happen for you? I am guessing around 6-7 am? It's shame that most of the best races every year in the americas are not going to happen.

Yeah, I saw that as well, only 13 episodes has me a bit worried, but I also fear a sequel will probably not happen. Atleast, I have so far not seen an Original Anime done by PA works that ever gotten a sequel! It's been great that Appare is back, already can't wait till the next one!

Oh yes, my god those final laps were insane!! Exactly as you said, it wasn't as dramatic as 2013, as the rear tyres were the ones popping and most of the time damaging a lot more than just the tyre! Hamilton really lucked out big time there! If that tyre popped on the straight before or somewhere in turn 2/3/4, he would haven't won the race! It was a thrilling end for a bit of a boring race at first. Midfield was so damn close though! Leclerc again lucky, but poor Seb, he had a atrocious weekend. Nothing fell into place for him..

Yeah, Bottas' championship hopes got a big dent this last race... Upcoming one is gonna be interesting though, Tyres are gonna be even softer than last weekend, so I am definitely expecting a 2 stop race as minimum, some might even try 3 stops for faster strategy!! Looking forward to it!
Ezekiel_01 Jul 30, 12:07 AM
Hello, Long Time No Chat

CeddyyBearr Jul 29, 2:25 PM
Yeah I only follow a few myself (Max, Daniel, Alonso and Norris), but also follow plenty of news sites who posts these kind of clips as well! Ngl I actually unfollowed Hamilton for that very reason, his social media is often very controversial and lately it's especially been bad.

Yeah, appearently the driver can contact the team on the warm up lap but they are not allowed to respond, which is an absolute BS rule. Yeah so far Russel hasn't capitalized on the good qualifying sessions he's had this year, a real shame.

So happy for Imola and Nurnburgring! Really curious what Mugello and Portimao willl bring us! Yeah unfortunately no races on the American side of the world, a real shame :( Especially since they are all great tracks and quite often delivered great races!

Appare was so LIT, I loved the return episode! Was great stuff! Can't wait for this race to finally get started! This build up is really nice though!
Leilana Jul 27, 11:41 AM
That makes sense. I actually used to have that problem with Discord, but I talk to way less people now, so I don’t have to worry about it as much now. MAL comments just feel like such a drag to respond to sometimes. The only reply I can really put any effort into is my reply to you lol.

Yeah typical U.S… there is a lot of idiots here, so it’s to be expected. I still see a ton of people without masks and not staying 6ft apart lol. I think some states are worse than others, but I haven’t really been keeping up with the stats. Ahh well that’s good, I suppose. That’s true. It’s the most we can do for now. True that, anything that feels higher than what I have though seems high tier. Personally for me, even if the story is good and it has some good characters as well, there’s still that one part of the game that might hold me back from finishing the game sooner. I’ve been playing P4g on PC, which I probably could have finished sooner if not for the tedious, time-consuming dungeons. I wonder if you’re talking about the scene that happened in the first ep of Alicization’s 2nd half, or if there are other scenes you are referring to.. I actually put the series on hold cause of that scene. I already wasn’t enjoying the series ever since it got split up and then the lack of Alice came.. on top of that, they put that weird, unnecessary scene with Leafa and that was it for me.

I actually don’t remember who even won. I only remember the accident at the beginning lol. Same here actually. I rated Kaguya-sama’s 2nd season lower than 1st season. Idk why, but the anime feels more dragged out than the manga. Maybe because I actually binged the manga, it seemed to happen faster lmao. That will be a treat for anime only viewers. It depends I guess, but the format of Kaguya-sama works better in the manga imo. In the anime it’s like a bunch of different scenes in one episode and it doesn’t feel as smooth. That is true though. The OP songs have been pretty catchy too.

I thought so cause I’ve seen the songs on Osu! Good to hear you liked em as well. I get the feeling that they are underrated af. The novel seems to update pretty slow, but but I am guessing there would be another series or movie with Akari and that other dude whose name I forgot. Probably won’t happen anytime soon, but maybe one day. It’s actually been such a long time since I found a romance that held my interest so much like those. Oh damn really? Not a good time to mess up a series lol. I think the problem with ToG is it didn’t really explain a lot of things, so anime only viewers (like me) couldn’t always understand what was going on. Not a good promotion for the source material tbh. The romance wasn’t anything too special tbh. It’s just there lol. Have you not watched Tenki no Ko yet? I am gonna guess romance isn’t his strongest area.

Are you back to attending uni in person or is everything online? There’s actually a ton of convos I stopped responding to cause it just felt like me half assing responses too much and the other person would just keep dragging the convo on, so it would never end lol. I feel kind of bad, but I just have a more difficult time with ongoing convos nowadays. I don’t really like to do this with longer convos, but I’ve gotten that feeling of not wanting to respond. I kind of stopped caring as much though. I’m trying to get out of that habit of forcing myself to do stuff even when I’m not enjoying it. Already made that improvement with anime. And yeah that awkwardness always sucks..

Yeah if they ever do a remake, which I doubt. I remember them being slightly better than the first one, but they also don’t nearly have as much content to cover so that could be why. I’ve actually been wanting to replay the Grisaia VN (just the first one), but I can’t cause I need to work on my backlog ad I try not to replay/rewatch anything while I have a huge backlog.

Ikr?? Endless loops are so annoying to deal with. Some people have such thick skulls that they feel the need to enforce their opinion on everyone. Wth lmao.. it gets more and more difficult to actually talk about the topic at hand when people do stuff like that.

Sad times.. and yeah masterani was the main one I used before too.
CeddyyBearr Jul 24, 11:24 AM
No surprise as it wasn't shown on TV broadcast, Perez shared it on his Instagram after the race!

Yeah, atleast I now know that communication from team to driver on warm up lap is prohibited. Still a ridiculous penalty though! But yeah that singular point may come back to bite them, could be costy in the championship if Alfa/Williams outscore them at the end of the season. Yeah P2 was a great reward for those hard working mechanics, they deserved it! He drove a stellar race!

Also, 3 new grand prix announced, with one of them being Imola.. my lord I have waiting for a return on this track for so long!!

True, I generally avoid discussion threads if I am a day or two late haha

I see a new episode online right now... so HYPE! Finally appare is back!!
P-edro Jul 22, 2:34 PM
Sure :) I'll definitely follow that.
P-edro Jul 22, 2:11 PM
Sup mate. I'm checking your romance anime list, great job over there. I read on the forum how to suggest a change. Should I leave a message here or on the topic?
RBR-8man Jul 21, 6:27 PM
Oh yeah with talks of Vettel going to Racing Point, ngl if he does, I can see him doing really well in 2022 when the new rules and stuff come into effect and Ferrari not dicking him over lol.
madboi Jul 21, 4:51 AM
Development freeze is going to make it hard for everyone to catch up to Merc, I think I shouldn't expect much action from both 2020 and 2021 tbh. Best I can expect from Ferrari is that they'll be at RB's level now at 2021, and that's quite an optimistic prediction.

RB on the other hand, yeah they have a good car on Sunday but good is not enough, and RB themselves know this. I have no doubts about the Honda PU's performance however reliability roulette at Austria, and Gasly's PU issues at AlphaTauri makes me concerned. RB's biggest problem right now imo is ironically enough, their chassis- aggressive design for this season put the car balance out of whack, in a track where RB normally excels at both Max and Alex were complaining about balance and lack of grip.

Honestly I'm feeling pretty disappointed about this season, coming off from an exciting 2019. Talk of budget caps + other measures like development freeze to ease financial burden during this COVID-19 pandemic, really worked in Merc's favor. I don't mind a dominant Merc if they had a driver pairing like Hamilton-Rosberg (looking back the drama between those two was really spicy, loved it tbh), but despite a really good start of the season I really am not confident enough to say Bottas is a contender for the 2020 WDC
SoraSenpai Jul 20, 7:44 PM
From Misfit of Demon Academy
CeddyyBearr Jul 20, 11:12 AM
True, he drove an impressive consistent race yesterday! Perez had a pretty bad race sadly, he had a massive off as well, right after they switched to dry tyres in between turn 10 and 11. Was a pretty close call as he actually almost spun the car around.

Yeah it's been really weird with the penalties, I legit didn't know that radio communication during formation lap is forbidden!! It baffles me, Haas did great though with that call. It was great to see them up there! Shame on the penalty, but atleast they still got that 1 single point. A bit strange on Albon as well, I remember last year a team was penalised for doing the exact same thing. But those mechanics at Max's car though, that was amazing to watch. Repairing a front left suspension in 12 minutes, just simply incredible!!

Yeah, would be too funny!

True, it is a recurring theme that just happened a bit too often. But then again I hear that some of these are actually not even in the light novels... right now just assuming someone in the staff has a really odd fetish...

If you wait long enough, you might get to see the uncensored version of 3rd episode of HxEros, then you won't have an issue with the censoring :P

Yep, Kaguya-sama and Bunny Girl Senpai are great examples of how it should be done!

I guess another week of wait is in order yeah :(