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Aa! Megami-sama! (TV)
Aa! Megami-sama! (TV)
2 hours ago
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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma
Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma
2 hours ago
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Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
4 hours ago
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Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de.
Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de.
2 hours ago
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Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.
Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.
2 hours ago
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TiG-HuG Planet
TiG-HuG Planet
4 hours ago
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TheFutureIsAni1 Apr 18, 10:34 AM
Hey how our you ? what you watching ? Just stopping by and saying Happy Easter !!
Krysaia Apr 7, 1:31 PM
Ah okay, gotcha. I wonder why it made such a huge direction change like that. Must be disappointing.

I see. I originally planned to watch more, but after skimming through episodes, I can see what really won't be worth the time investment. Fairy Gone seemed like it would be interesting and it's being done by P.A. Works. I didn't watch the whole episode cause it was pretty boring and I also heard there was CGI, so not really interested in watching it right now. I didn't realize there were so many short series this season either.

Oh, now I wonder if Carole and Tuesday will have romance between the two female characters.. honestly, I was thinking it'd be more like a close friendship type of thing and the romance is developed from other relationships. If it does turn out to be shoujo-ai, I just hope it won't end up like Citrus or some of those other previous trash ones. Kimetsu is probably the best series so far for me this season. It had a really strong start and the production is amazing. Bless ufotable.

That's good you see it now :> who could have predicted that could happen?
I thought it was going to be much darker as well. It's getting a second season though, so I'm wondering what that will cover since they have escaped now.

I will rate that manga a 1 if the most cliched option wins. Jk lol.

Kids on the run for the rest of their life. That actually looked like a fun, but also scary way of escaping. Honestly thought the mother would get in the way of Emma escaping and she would end up having to stay behind or something. Maybe it was something that was affecting them on a more internal level, who knows. It was kinda weird how easily they accepted it though. Their mind most likely can't really come to terms to it or comprehend the entirety of it anyway.

Yeah I'm not sure what it was that killed me at the time, but as I was running away (guess it wasn't fast enough), something definitely spawned out and one shotted me lol. That game gets my heart racing at times (not in a good way either). Sometimes the fights just get really overwhelming and I can't focus all that well when I see my health dropping. The botchling was pretty gross, but I chose not to kill it since I have a heart and it didn't mean any harm anyway. I imagine since it is a newer game, it might require higher specs indeed, so there's a possibility I won't be able to play it. Oh really? Sometimes I still try to be cautious with that, like I just feel as if I max out all settings on my games (even if my laptop can handle it), I just get the feeling that it's something that slowly kills it. I usually just leave it with default settings, since I guess it automatically optimizes games anyway and chooses the best settings based on your graphics card. Oh very nice. So you can't actually game in 4k? Why is that?

I saw your rating for it and I was like oh no, looks like he didn't enjoy it very much :< guess it's not really your type of humor. It does have a lot of exaggerated scenes though. Whaa, you didn't like Hakase? Damn I found her really cute and enjoyable to watch, especially that scene where her and Sakamoto got stuck in the glue. Well comedy genre is one of those things where the sort of comedy portrayed won't appeal to everyone, like how Grand Blue's didn't really appeal to me as much.
N30-R3TR0 Mar 28, 6:58 PM
Nice collection of Plats. I agree that Bloodborne was one of the hardest. That freaking oversized mutt in the chalice dungeon was sooo overpowered. I think for pure amount of retries, Hotline Miami takes the cake in that category though.
Krysaia Mar 26, 9:53 AM
Yeah I bet. Do you read LNs/Manga on PC or do you use something else to read them? Well with a title like that, I guess you can't expect much from it huh. Really depends if you can manage to get through the current arc of it.

Should be good stuff :^) Behind huh? Well this season is almost over. Are you gonna be watching everything next season? Yeah that's my biggest complaint tbh. Some fights are just very short and anticlimactic which is sad to see. The fight against Eugeo was super cool. Samee, I can only imagine how much better the fights would look if ufotable was producing this. Ah I don't remember that one too much, but it must have been toward the end, or I could be completely wrong.

Anything could happen!

I mean he almost killed himself so... Mhm, something about it just feels fitting to me. That is also true lol.

Yeah it's very close between those three. It was pretty obvious who the long lost girl is, especially since she is the one that appears first thing. LOL, you read so many that they are too hard to keep track of which is which. Yeah, which is probably why harems tend to go on forever. One couple is pretty easy to focus on since its already established who is the main romantic interest.

Oo the twins huh. I like their design, but they didn't stick out to me too much. The quieter one has her cute moments though. Origami has had quite the focus this season. Oh goodie someone else who is not on that hype train. I've taken more of a liking to Kurumi this season, but still not crazy obsessed over her.

Oh really? Well damn there's more reason not to start it. It looks like the kids are attempting to escape from the latest ep, though I feel like it can't be that easy. I thought that was something that would occur much later.

Well at least you got a good deal on them, or so it seems since you scammed it off your 'friend.' :> I've been playing a bit of it. Its been pretty fun, aside from the couple times I wandered off into bandit camps and got mauled to death, or one shot from a big monster. I'm still lvl 3 and been having encounters with like lvl 9 monsters lol. I did miss some sidequests in the earlier area with the flying monster and actually failed one of them since I had forgotten to brew a potion for the girl, haha.. There's a game called A Plague Tale: Innocence coming out soon and its one I really want to play, but not sure what the specs are for it yet. Anyway I will most likely not stop at W3, but I'm only going to run games I am capable of running. I have a 1050 GTX Ti, so there's still quite a few games I can run, just not all on max settings, which is fine for me.
changelog Mar 18, 1:50 PM
It is one of the best shows I have seen. I picked it up after I saw it in an AMV. There was a really steamy kiss scene between the protagonist and her boyfriend. Plus this anime had action, mecha, and the protagonist was blonde tomboy. This was literally exactly what I had been looking for my entire life. However, once I started watching it, I was met with anal rape on the first episode and yuri sex every other episode. Nonetheless, it was still worth it and the romance gets straight and serious around half way through. The romance is just one thing tho, the music is beautiful and the plot is pretty daring. You should honestly watch it asap.

To sum up my feelings, read the top review.
changelog Mar 17, 11:13 AM
Are they seperate anime or sequels?
changelog Mar 17, 2:44 AM
is there any actual romance in that? ive been meaning to watch it for a long time.
changelog Mar 16, 1:06 PM
thanks, the characters looked pretty spicy lol.

And as for Major, yeh I'll add it soon. idk why I didn't earlier honestly. thanks
changelog Mar 14, 10:55 AM
yo what show is your large picture from.
Krysaia Mar 12, 11:56 AM
What a great gift that you have given to me

Maybe now you will take more notice of them. That would be a definite way to drag out the story even longer, but yeah let's hope that doesn't happen.. well that is true lol. I think just in general reading is more of a commitment and I feel like it's more difficult to find stuff that is worth investing that sort of time in. It also sucks when something starts off so good and then starts to go downhill, and you end up losing motivation to continue and it gets to a point where you're just forcing yourself through chapters.

All she needs is to show some more skin kek. Ah yeah, for sure.. things are getting really spicy. I actually hate waiting weekly for these episodes. Every episode leaves me wanting more by the time it ends. Its been getting pretty weird, though its great to see all the action scenes. Lol yeah, the only good thing I got out of TG was some memorable OSTs..

Good luck finding the motivation to watch it.

Yeah, exactly and you can see someone else getting scared, which can be pretty funny to watch. Tbh, sometimes the people that play it and end up screaming or w/e scare me more than the game itself haha.

Damn their food looks pretty good. It's like the Canadian version of Denny's/iHop

I'm not sure what their ages are, but maybe Ray hasn't hit his puberty peak yet, hence the reason for his not as deep voice.. jkjk, like that sort of stuff actually applies to anime.. I think out of all the children, Norman has the most fitting voice.

True that. It's all very dependent on execution tbh cause either way you go, you can disappoint a lot of people if it's not done right. Regardless of whatever direction it is they go in, people will be disappointed cause you can't satisfy everyone. They both have their pros and cons. I just feel as if there hasn't been enough romance development for there even to be a clear winner. I feel the same way as Bokutachi though. It's just a lot of fanservice but eh, I normally end up dissatisfied with harems cause it's not focusing on one couple, which is something I'd rather see. When you start having too many romantic interests, there are obvious girls who get more development/attention and then you don't get to see the others as much. Maybe that's just me and how I feel in regards to that *shrugs*

Tohka, Yoshino and Kurumi are my top three. I'm actually not big on Kurumi like a lot of people, but I think she makes the series more interesting, plus I love her voice and design.

Could be the case. The only way we would know is if we read it ourselves, but I dunno. The anime is not really giving me any motivation to pick it up. It's good and all, but not good enough where I'm like "I wanna read the manga right after it finishes airing." Nothing about it really stands out to me.

Yeah I know. That's why I didn't go all out and spend a crazy amount on a gaming laptop cause I know they aren't as good as gaming PCs and all, but I don't have room for a gaming PC and I feel like there's more parts you have to get which means more money to spend. I will mostly be using it to play higher end visual novels that have more gameplay and can't run on my other laptop, but I can run a lot more games on here which is nice. I just try to be careful, so I will only play certain games outside of VNS, like W3 will probably be the most demanding game I would play on here.

Chimaeraian Mar 12, 11:22 AM

hello.. there
i pirated your image I hope you don't mind btw
Krysaia Feb 25, 9:32 PM
Might as well at this point. Something I forgot to mention is how much I love the covers for Kaguya-sama. The current one is so nice. Either way, I'm fine with the current development as long as it goes somewhere. No need to really rush it when it already took this long to get where we're at now. Maybe you gotta start lowering your standards then lul, jkjk. I can imagine that probably cause manga gives more development to the romance, unlike anime where there's hardly ever enough time to develop it.

Ooo alright, thanks. Gonna bookmark it. That's pretty cool. Not sure if you're caught up with the SAO anime btw, but that most recent episode was something else lol. That would be a quick way to disappoint a lot of people, or you know just go down the TG route and change the story up completely/rush it :^)

Honestly a movie that old and has the mecha genre sounds like it'd be pretty hard to get through.

I think if anything, I just prefer the more atmospheric horror type games, though I still won't play those myself. It still surprises me to this day that those cheap tactics work and actually sell. Ahh yeah that's true. Just goes to show it doesn't always work.

Ah right right, or maybe you are actually under the igloo.

Yeah actually I couldn't help but to side with Ray on that whole discussion because it's just more realistic, whereas Emma is more idealistic with wanting to get everyone out. Actually makes sense cause I remember you saying something similar with how you find that type of "let's get along with everybody" attitude annoying at times or something like that. I don't think much has changed tbh. Ah, must just be something that's not for you.
Maybe it won't be generic for once and will actually go the least expected route! I feel like Yotsuba and the MC haven't had enough development together, so that would have to change for that to even be a thing. Also, just feels like she gets overshadowed by some of the other girls, at least imo. Gotta love them yandere eyes amirite.

The things people get turned on by.. :/ now that would be really predictable if he does choose her, but I won't complain about him choosing best girl.

Ah okay, so you like to see the development of it, rather than characters being like that from the start. Makes sense cause then you can actually see their reasons for being that way, then again Neverland doesn't seem like it will really flesh out the characters, at least background wise, but maybe it's different in the manga.

Also I ordered a new laptop that can run way more games. I can actually play W3 on it, but I won't be playing that any time soon probably and I'm still busy setting it up lol.
KungFuIndian Feb 24, 9:15 PM
I think 5 has some of the best gameplay the entire series has to offer. But story-wise, it's terrible. And I agree, I reacted the same way with the plot twist. It felt so oddly placed, like it wasn't even thought through at all. Not to mention that MGS 4 tries to portray the war between zero and big boss to be something on some grand scale, which is what I thought Phantom Pain was going to be about. I was thinking maybe we would see some kick ass confrontation between bb and zero. But nope! we're replaced with the ass faced skull face that steals the spotlight in the shittiest way imaginable.

I think MGS 4 has to be the best conclusion possible for the series. When I experienced the final boss battle at the end of mgs 4 for the first time, I cried. It's so fucking beautiful. Too bad we're not going to get anything like that from Hideo ever again. Oh well, maybe he'll prove me wrong with Death Stranding. Doesn't look too good tho rn, kind of looks like 'Delivering Package Simulator' too me, lmao.
KungFuIndian Feb 21, 9:41 AM
Hahahaha, alright, I'll give you that.

As a metal gear fan boy, what do you think of MGS V? Do you think its worthy of a 9/10 or 10/10?