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Nov 22, 2022 1:54 AM
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Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Nov 22, 2022 1:53 AM
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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Nov 22, 2022 1:52 AM
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Liddo-kun 4 hours ago

is this the first time you pulled her? If you're gonna pilot her, I suggest a clam set + any sword that has ATK% as it's sub stat.
Liddo-kun 4 hours ago

that's a neat looking sword. Plenty of crit rate.


Lantern Rite

started it now in the USA, recording parts that I like as well.

it would be just Lantern Rite for me for the next several days. xD


Windtrace at Kamisato Estate

ok, interested to see your hide spot. Maybe show it to me when do coop again.

after Lantern Rite there's a lot of free time. :)



my comment is on your youtube video.

Liddo-kun Jan 26, 1:07 PM

nice, that's a healthy amount of Crit Rate that you got for her. 10.1%

by the way, what sword are you using for her?

and the costume is beautiful indeed.

thanks for the concern. I'm fine. It's fair that Mihoyo charge money for extras like this costume, because their game is free anyway.


Lantern Rite

congrats on getting Yaoyao. And I hope you get the 5 star you want as well.

my Europe account is struggling to finish Liyue to be able to join Lantern Rite. Will probably start it in Europe this weekend as well. xD




Kamisato Estate? Ah, I was never able to go to that map. What places do you choose to hide there?

Dawn Winery is an ok map for me too.

Qingce village. The top place with the buildings is fine. But the bottom with the farm area - I always get caught. xD

yeah, this is also one of the few events where I do random co-op. There was one funny time where there's a Kaeya player asking me for help in Springvale.. he says "QIQI HELP" because I was using Qiqi. Told him I'm the one who needed help. lol



what anime are you watching this new season?

here's my short list.

1. Nier Automata - sadly, the show went on hiatus.
2. Bofuri season 2
3. Tensai Ojou Mahou Kakumei
Liddo-kun Jan 25, 1:51 AM
late upload.

playing as Keqing on Windtrace.

hugged the wall to survive. lol

I was the only one not caught. :)
if you have a comment please post it on the youtube video. thanks ^^

if you played it, what are your experiences in Windtrace?
Liddo-kun Jan 20, 4:34 AM
new one. :)

I think everyone looked good in casual clothes.

Liddo-kun Jan 18, 2:30 AM
Spiral Abyss

my best healers right now are Kokomi and Qiqi, but they're not really comparable. Kokomi mostly stays in dendro team, while Qiqi is more flexible who goes into odd teams at times (lol).

personally, the worst enemies for me there are Mirror Maiden, because of the very high hp, and she moves around a lot. Easiest to deal with are packs of small Rift Wolves, they are very aggressive and try to swarm.. which makes it easy to wipe them out with area spells.



yeah, her new outfit is beautiful. cute.

can't really get it though, since I'm only free 2 play.


Lantern Rite 3.4

looking forward to getting free Yaoyao. ^^

and also to the fun games and events of course.



will share a video on my next reply. :>



glad you liked the Kokomi and Keqing vid. Ganyu made me laugh during the swimsuit scene. (lol).

there are plenty of fan-made videos floating around, but I like these, because the art is decent. And they actually have some proper voice acting.

here's the last one.

Liddo-kun Jan 11, 3:08 PM
note: title of the second and last video have "hentai", but there's no actual nudity or porn in these. It's just for fun. :)

Faruzan senpai

Lumine has no more primogems.

Kokomi is free today?

Keqing photoshoot

Liddo-kun Jan 5, 5:17 AM

have you been playing this event?

it's really fun. :>

I have a video to share later. hehe
Liddo-kun Jan 5, 5:10 AM
sorry for late reply. Things are still busy here after New Year.
one last celebration before the holidays end. Three Kings which would be on Jan 6.


Spiral Abyss

thanks. I did not expect it honestly. The day just came that my Qiqi became strong enough to fight in Abyss. And from then on, she helps me fight there.

the first character to bring me victory in Floor 12 is Ayaka. Good memories. But Spiral Abyss is ever changing.. these days Ayaka is really not good enough anymore for my team. Her role has been taken over by Sucrose, because Sucrose is better in eliminating opponents with high hp like vishaps, Mirror Maiden, and various robot dinosaurs.



nice, she needs just one more.

if you need a companion fighting in domains, you can send me a pm in game. Will respond if I'm online.



yeah, good thing there was not so much drama.

also agreed that the ending is quite good.

with this great success, I think we are already assured of a season 2. ^^
Liddo-kun Dec 31, 2022 3:30 AM
Happy New Year 2023! ^^

food, trumpet, and a little fireworks to celebrate the new year.

Liddo-kun Dec 24, 2022 6:11 PM
Merry Christmas. :)

Liddo-kun Dec 12, 2022 2:19 AM
Qiqi is my one girl army. Just kidding. lol

she recently helped clear the final chamber of Spiral Abyss Floor 12. For Floor 12, she needs the whole team to win. Monsters here are super strong.


Nice work on the domain there. Your Ayaka is strong.

I would have posted a comment on your video. But commenting is disabled.



yeah, I'm also excited for their festival performance.

but looks like there would be a bit of drama next week. Bocchi seems to have run away.
Liddo-kun Dec 7, 2022 7:12 AM
Liddo-kun Nov 21, 2022 12:53 PM
glad to know that your laptop is fine now. Should make your Christmas better. ^^


Starlight Memories

that's an interesting set of memories. You hunted the fire Regisvine so many times. You have many pyro characters?

anyway, my Starlight Memories on domain is Qiqi. Best companion. lol

here is how my Qiqi clears domains. Solo, no need for food heal. Created this video some weeks ago. :)



episode 7


Spiral Abyss

Floors 1 up to 8, I was able to brute force just using my strongest characters. However, Floor 9 to 12 requires specific teams to take down. Every char you see in my video are characters that I like. :>

anyway, curios on which characters you use. Looking forward to see your video.
Sylarkz Nov 15, 2022 8:00 AM
thats unfortunate, i had similar issues with my PC a few months and had to repair it so i understand the pain lol

oooo yes the PJC is very strong I use it on my Keqing instead on Mistplitter because its R2 and gives me a better crit ratio :)

i managed to snag one Nahida but cant get her weapon so yeah i am now joining you in waiting for Hu Tao in 3.4 which is fortunate but unfortunate at the same time cos by then ill have saved up a good amount of money but means i have to skip trying to get raiden shogun c2 :(

yes collei and traveller is a good to have together, with nahida u can flex and have 3 hydro but without its better to have 2 dendro.