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Meikyuu Black Company
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100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 2nd Season
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 2nd Season
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Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Sep 23, 3:26 PM
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Peach Boy Riverside
Sep 6, 9:49 AM
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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Sep 6, 9:49 AM
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Sep 6, 9:49 AM
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Short_Circut Sep 21, 9:05 PM
ikr there's definitely a lot of stuff I'm curious to get his opinion on, but idk if they'll ever happen. Even in his beyond the grid there wasn't really much talk of the past sadly

well at least that Zandvoort experience was replaced by a Monza experience with yet again not that many overtakes lul. Though at least we got to see Lewis v Max crash #idk anymore and a flippin Mclaren 1-2. Now that was definitely unexpected

imo I feel like some points would be nice to give, but giving half points just feels plain wrong. Like qualy is qualy, the reward should be determining the grid position unless it's that shitty sprint and nothing more. So many different things can happen in the race (like who would've predicted Ocon to win in Hungary) that I think it's unfair to apply race rules to qualy performances lol

funnily enough I only got back into racing games (well now just solely Assetto Corsa) because I found a subreddit that was basically a pirate site for all the paid mods in AC and I was like dayum :P
Liddo-kun Sep 21, 4:35 PM
Love Live Days vol. 19 has arrived in the mail. :)





Keke and Sumire manga that came with the magazine. I guess this is something for the shippers. ^^

cannot flatten the pages perfectly, because I'm holding camera in one hand and the manga with the other. +_+

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7




Shizuku likes Karin?

Setsuna poster, it's free with the magazine.



Dia and Ruby



looks like some magazines that they are selling?


well, that's all. Will share again if I manage to buy the next volume of Love Live Days.
Liddo-kun Sep 17, 3:09 PM
first of all, work is very important, so just reply in free time. ^^
late reply is fine. You already know that I too, also often get caught in a loop where no time in the mornings, and too tired in the afternoon.


Vanguard Princess

oh and this is the old game I've been playing a lot in the past days.


Love Live Superstar

glad you liked the manga. Agreed, the manga art style us similar to the anime. ^^

hmm, and yeah, there's a chance we see them in those costumes before season ends.

actually, have the next volume already. Will share on another post.



Kanata is indeed beautiful. It's a good thing we see here again next year. ^^



when you watch it. Just post on my profile if you like to chat on episodes. :)
Short_Circut Sep 3, 10:07 PM
lol no worries, I reply late all the time xd

yea Vettel has become too good for our poor souls lol. I feel like there's so much to learn with how he lives his life and his philosophy

Well considering how traffic busy and narrow zandvoort turned out to be, I feel like this is gonna come down to the pitstop battles. Maybe this rule change is actually gonna impact the race itself lmao. ye George getting p2 was actually mega, really surprised he managed to get it that high. Shame that the race itself ended up being the shitshow that it was, kinda ruins the mood because imo that's not really a deserved podium by George.

Honestly it's so amazing how well some talented modders managed to make the game. I'm really looking forward to seeing how racing games will look down the line, once technologies such as Ray tracing become the norm.

lol to me the F1 games are like FIFA, only good for the accessibility and that's it.

Liddo-kun Aug 29, 3:12 PM
sharing it.

my Love Live days vol.18 arrived some days ago. :)

took some pics of the pages. Sorry, some pages cannot be flattened perfectly. ><


there is a manga included with the magazine. Kanon and Chii try draw Manmaru. xD

Chii-chan in idol costume

Kanon and apple pie

group pic. I think this would be the cover of their fanbook.



new unit formed, possible characters for season 2?

cooking with Emma

Kanata poster that came with the magazine. It's a big poster. :3



Hanamaru eating

fun at the beach



what they are doing now..



well, that's all.

going to share the next volume too. If I order it. :>
Liddo-kun Aug 20, 4:02 PM

it has already become October for me.. >_<

the Ashen witch is hard to get. lol

want her to ship sooner, so I could use the rewards points for other stuff.
her figure is expensive, so CDJapan would give plenty of rewards points when she ships.


Magia Record

nice, so you did order the Felicia figure. :)

last time we talked I thought you were not sure yet.
Liddo-kun Aug 20, 7:43 AM
forgot to say.. looks like Elaina got delayed again. ><

the release date is October now. @_@
Short_Circut Aug 19, 9:03 PM
well rip those chances :(((((((((((((((((((((

Yeah the scenes are gonna be mental if Hamilton wins the championship by the amount of points Max has lost in the past 2 races (even including the one in Baku if that also ends up making a difference). I definitely do think in the TH era this has definitely been Hamilton's worst season performance-wise, even if the results say otherwise.

ikr what a shame, I think RB has like 8 of the top 10 fastest pit stops that shit is just nuts

yeaa I feel like the 1st one the drops really ruin it, but at the same time it looks so clean lmao

the f1 games don't even have that good graphics nahh this is actually from Assetto Corsa. It's seriously incredible how realistic you can get the graphics to look with these 2 different mods that have been developed, easily the most realistic game I've seen in my life lmao

Liddo-kun Aug 16, 3:45 PM
Video card

that RTX will last you a long time.

just in case you want to know.. nvidia RTX cards have Ray Tracing technology which makes them a lot better. I heard some tech people on other site say some GTX cards can also perform ray tracing (the GTX 1660, not sure) with a driver upgrade - but they will do it poorly, because GTX were not really designed to do ray tracing.

GT = Giga Texel
GTS = Giga Texel Shader
GTX = Giga Texel eXtreme
RTX = Ray Tracing eXtreme

and indeed the RTX 3060 is a lot stronger than the GTX 970.

3060 = ranked 38th in speed
970 = ranked 91st in speed
1030 = ranked 206th in speed ><


Genshin Impact

nice to hear you're also playing this game.

here's a wallpaper a friend shared to me. Sharing it to you as well. :)

and yep, GT 1030 has enough power to run the game at 60 fps. :>

Liddo-kun Aug 16, 8:05 AM
Video card

yeah, you're so lucky to have a GTX 970. Hmm, but I remember you upgraded to an even stronger card already? Gaming is no problem to you at all. @_@

hopefully, the video card shortage would end, so prices would go down.. so I can upgrade as well.

a few fun things I heard some people say in another site. :)


Magia Record

you are right.. she was gone so long. She only showed up now in season 2.

I even thought she died because she disappeared for so long. ><

yeah, looking forward to what Madoka-sempai would do. She finally has screentime! lol


it's some real life problems.. for example.. aquarium closing down, failure in idol career. Then they mix in some supernatural stuff about a strange boy, and people seeing visions when they visit the aquarium. It all blends well together. :>
Liddo-kun Aug 9, 7:11 AM
Video card

your GTX 970 is overwhelmingly more powerful than my GT 1030

stats comparison

there is a gpu shortage going on, and that 970 is priced so high in the market right now. It's probably at three times the price, compared to it's price when you bought it. ;)

Maid Dragon

currently in episode 4. :)


Magia Record




agreed. looking forward to the subplots as well.

they have plenty of time. It's a 24 episode anime. :>
Short_Circut Aug 6, 4:27 PM
yea it's weird how he mentioned not wanting to talk about it then spent the whole press conference talking about it lul. But I guess after he explicitly asked to stop talking about it after qualy it's probs gonna be done now.....

.....well except for what happened in Hungary lmao. Poor guy can't stop getting yeeted by Mercedes

So it turns out the new pitstop thing won't be happening until next race in Spa. Well at least we ended up getting a new pitstop record lol, damn those RB guys are so quick. If only AM could learn a thing or 2 from them, then Vettel coulda won that race rip

Yea they do need to find some way to promote more risk taking. At least they're planning on only doing it in classic tracks like Monza and such, so it won't be that they have a sprint race in Monaco where it's practically useless lmao.

also on a side note, which screenshot do you think looks better? I like the first one because it's more sharp, but I feel like the motion blur in the 2nd one makes it seem more realistic?

Liddo-kun Aug 6, 4:16 AM
it's been awhile..

I finally obtained a new GPU, although it's probably a lot weaker than what you have.


Magireco season 2



Aquatope of White Sand

surprised you're also watching this.


Short_Circut Aug 1, 2:58 PM

i fukin cry. Can't believe AM bottling this race so hard. First with the bad pitstop which pretty much costed the win and now with this fuel thing. Though I do have some slight hope that they might actually have the fuel somewhere, cause it seems oddly specific to mention 1.44L of fuel remaining lol

Though yeah, that shit was crazy. Especially that start the top guys got yeeted off Spa 2012 style, but what a race for the top that was. And holy Alonso's defense was mental, he definitely won the race for Ocon a bit like Spa 2019 with Seb and Leclerc
Short_Circut Jul 30, 5:31 PM
bruh I like how Max said before he wasn't going to bother with media talk and then immediately goes on to increase the tension even more lmao. Also Horner is acting like such a joke right now


Well today Seb and Alonso both looked pretty strong on their runs so maybe they'll be able to battle higher up :D

honestly ngl I completely forgot about the pitstop thing after all this drama going on lol. Yea I think it was Hungary it's gonna be implimented, interested to see if it does end up having any implications

Honestly my issue with the sprint qualifying was that it felt too much like the actual race itself, to the point where it's like why not just add some more laps on sunday instead lol. I mean, it was nice having more racing apart from just FP I guess, but it kinda kills the hype from qualy and just adds a bit more of a borefest lol. Oh well, Monza could be a good implimentation though