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Aria The Origination
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Tonikaku Kawaii
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Manaban May 3, 9:59 AM
Various reasons. The series themselves were always targeting a niche-but-dedicated demographic rather than a broader audience, which can be reflected in DVD sales rarely ever being high, but at the same time could be relied on in merch sales and BD sales and source material sales. This is prevalent both in Japan and in the west with the niche for ecchi. But niches aren't welcoming for a huge amount of growth like stuff that's aimed at a broader audience, meaning that growth comes much slower and when a broader audience begins rapidly expanding, we get caught in the crossfire. This means creators are going to be encouraged to focus stuff that can meet and match as much from their editors and the same will apply to studios, which can mean a net loss for the ecchi elements of a series.

The other thing is that Japan is most certainly not a bastion of sexual liberty like some delude themselves into thinking (though that should be obvious with the mandated genital censorship in hentai) but ecchi has been cracked down on both internally and externally (in the gaming sector by companies like Sony moreso than anime) in the past decade quite hard when it comes to creating and distributing this type of content. You can see this referred to in both interviews with creators of series like Senran Kagura, it's referenced in multiple series - most notably to me, in one of the off-panels in an early volume of the Mayo Chiki! manga adaptation, which pretty much dedicated itself to lambasting this - making a form of regression in this regard more prominent and the content becoming much more washed down. It is often a fight for people who create this type of content - just look at Kentarou Yabuki's ridiculously rebellious response by amping up the volume and outright circumventing censorship after the local Tokyo Government discussed banning sales of his series in Tokyo, which would've effectively ended it - and the returns on it are never close to being something like you'll see from titles with a broader appeal, making the controversy less worth it for magazines running this content. The upcoming Tokyo Olympics are often thought to be a cause for the increased restrictiveness, but ecchi mangaka can often end up at odds with other mangaka over their content being distrubuted in weekly/monthly publication and hurting their reach, and the fact that the Tokyo Government more or less hard-slammed a lot of ecchi weekly/monthly publishings doesn't help this any because that outlet isn't an option for anyone at this point. Look up Kodomo no Jikan's mangaka and the fued she had with other mangaka in the magazine she was over her content merely being in there.

It becomes scrubbed up and less frequent as the medium's audience grows and the TV stations and various interest groups continue to focus on it and target it. It is very unfortunate, but such is life. Sexualized media is put in a state of near-perpetual warfare due to these baffling aspects of society, and both creators and consumers of it both should be prepared to have to face that music one day and be able to deal with it accordingly. Look at how a lot of people on AD respond to the mere existence of fanservice and you can see how this isn't a localized issue xP

In an ideal world, I do believe that all forms of victimless sexualization would be allowed. Obviously things that cause very real harm to other people in how they're achieved - think things like 3D Child Porn or non-fictionalized 3D rape porn, the stuff that's very illegal anyway - should not be tolerated and outright prosecuted, but graphite and paper shirks that issue and should be treated with further accomodation rather than restriction. Society is a fearful thing, sadly.

I'll redirect you to the Prostasia foundation for further info. They're a non-profit that seeks to both obliterate the actually harmful types of pornography while advocating understanding of pornography and what ones are problematic and not, rather than trying to perpetuate a fear of it. They're one of the few political movements like this that has reached me in a way that actually seems to be sex positive and not just lipservice for moral authoritarianism and populace control on the basis of crippling fear. They've got a lot of interesting articles and data available on their site about these topics that's fairly nuanced and non-partisan and I've developed a good sense of trust in what they've provided so far, as well as their moral compass in this regard.

Manaban May 3, 7:00 AM
We have the world's largest erotic fair and I can just walk down to the nearest home furnishings store and buy an erotic poster featuring nudity that's being placed alongside the other "normal" posters. I'm kind of under the impression that the way we handle it is the same mentality about why we handle drinking alcohol - not to prevent it or restrict eroticism and pornography, but promote healthier consumption and understanding of it. It's just seen as less potentially dangerous than even that, so it isn't as focused on as something like alcohol.

My parents being very open with me about sexuality from an early age certainly helped this along in my case. Of course there's going to be morals involved, but the morals on it coming from many other people seem ludicrously tight and outright unnecessary, often rooted in archaic moral compasses and social norms from their own societies they've been raised in moreso than anything. It's never been anything that I've seen as unnatural and adapting to people who freak out and trying to consider their feelings, as irrational as they often seem, is legitimately one of my biggest struggles in adapting to the internet. They treat merely not being ashamed of being into this thing as a sign of instability or mental/emotional/social deficiency sometimes, whenever my perspective is often that they're the ones coming across as being imbalanced for reacting so strongly against it and rolling around in fearmongering rhetorics about it in the first place.

We're certainly no Amsterdam, at any rate, but yeah, I'm under the impression that it isn't viewed with the same sense of moral taboo that it is in other places, such as America, which seems borderline paranoid about having it displayed anywhere that's not completely out of sight, or the UK, which recent laws they've passed to regulate consumption for it speak for themselves.
Rachiba Apr 20, 12:01 PM

Como? No, no es nada de ideología política, es otra cosa. Y no, no soy el tipo de persona que piensa así, soy claro conque este chavismo debía haber terminado hace mucho tiempo. Simplemente me refiero a que la gente no es capaz de enfrentar a lo que es tan obvio.

En cuanto a franxx, veo que debe ser eso. Supongo que algún momento me tendré que leer el manga para creerlo.
Rachiba Apr 19, 3:47 PM
Hola. Hace unos días me termine darling. Sinceramente me esperaba ser de la gente que " disfrutó " la serie, y admito que una mitad de la serie estuvo buena. Pero luego sentí que hubo un gran revés.

Por otro lado, por razones muy personales, algunos temas que intentaba manejar darling me causaron algo de molestia. Pero ya es otro tema...
Rachiba Mar 24, 7:45 PM
Disculpa por no responder antes. Tuve algunas circunstancias, y me era responder cómodamente antes.

Sí, hay gente que suele ignorar la situación real en la que vivimos. Pero no necesariamente es gente comunista. Simplemente que no viven la situación. Te soy sincero, tengo un pequeño aura socialista en mí si se trata de mi espectro político, y por eso puedo decir que lo que vivo no es "Socialismo", sino una sinvergüenza, humillación e ironía nacional a la que llamamos "Dictadura". Por un lado, el gobierno hace lo que le da la gana, por otro lado, la gente hace lo que le da la gana. Recientemente vi una película llamada "Lista de Schlinder" y realmente estamos lejos de llamar a este gobierno una "Dictadura", relativamente.

Lo que te quiero decir que lo que se vive aquí es simplemente raro. Vivimos bastante mal, pero la gente vive sus vidas como si nada pasara.

Pero por la sinvergüenza de nosotros es que ahora los otros países, incluyendo la tuya, tarde o temprano no podrán mantener a la gente que emigra a diario por allá. A veces pienso que la xenofobia contra nosotros es aceptable por varias cosas: El hecho de que hemos sido un "hazme reír" en la política internacional a niveles históricos, la inmigración masiva y el hecho de que hay funcionarios, ladrones y asesinos repartidos por el globo (Porque los hay y lamentablemente le dan una mala representación a la mayor parte de la gente que se va porque realmente necesitan una mejor calidad de vida), y un montón de razones que no voy a decir para no generar un walltext aquí...
H31NST31N Mar 15, 12:51 AM
I only really started watching professional tennis around 2008, but I vividly remember becoming a Federer fan when I watched the 2008 US Open Final where Roger played against Murray (If I remember correctly).

So in that regard, I've been a Federer fan since before I became an anime fan XD
H31NST31N Mar 14, 9:46 AM
Hi there, how are you doing?

I'm a huge Federer fan too, by the way :)
Vonice Mar 9, 9:58 PM
¿Qué te pareció la s2 de rakugou darling? t_t
CatEatYourPizza Mar 5, 5:04 PM
im not closing them down. why are you defending them when they said some even more rude stuff to another user?

and im not necessarily a darling hater nor fan. im very neutral about the series. im not criticizing the user for being a fan, im criticising them for being rude to another user because their opinion differs.

and i quote from the user themself:

"LOL why are you even on myanimelist ?
you should go to bed and sleep enough to go tomorrow to school

your rated Darling in the FranXX 01/10 and your Favorite anime is Gintama!!!!! You are so FUNNY, I CAN'T LAUGH ANYMORE "

if im being rude then how rude is the user youre defending?
literaturenerd Feb 21, 12:02 PM
Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Vonice Feb 20, 5:36 PM
Con que viendo Shana my darling, de mis antiguas series favoritas, ojalá te guste ptmmm
DarthInvader Feb 8, 8:56 PM
Hey, though I didn't reply in time, I however did read your review and I liked how we both felt similar for the anime. I also found it helpful. What anime are you watching these days?
KaiserNazrin Feb 1, 7:12 PM
Well, I just don't like people shitting on it when it's their fault for not paying attention.

It's the official translation that use Zuberg so nothing we can do about it. I do prefer Schuberg more.
KaiserNazrin Feb 1, 5:52 PM
Thanks, Alice is love, Alice is live! And I will make that known.
Elviscastorii Jan 23, 5:53 PM
man vamos a jugar