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Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai 2nd Season
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CeddyyBearr May 18, 1:38 PM
Nijigasaki Magazine

Nice magazine as usual!! All I can say is that I am glad I finally got into the Love Live franchise cause this show is really great.

How are you liking the second season of Nijigasaki so far? ^^ I am positively surprised as I heard that they aren't following the game storyline, but I could be mistaken.


No worries! I know all about hunting for stuff in Genshin taking up far too much time than perhaps necessary. Made me stay up nights far too long XD


Kokomi & Qiqi

Yeah but luckily Kokomi's healing abilities are great, not sure if it is better than Barbara but only time will tell! Building her goes nicely so far. I am giving Kokomi the same artifact setup you gave your Qiqi, 4x Ocean Hued and the 5th will be a random one with the right stats.

I've only used Qiqi once on trial as I don't own her, so I am not really familiar with her skill but it sounds like she's definitely a force to be reckoned with.



Yep, I think for me that's the best use I have for her. I really dislike her Geo skills and Electro is actually decent, but I have neither Geo or Electro build for her, so Ameno it is! I do need to try again for better Anemo artifacts though.

I gave her the Iron Sting, which gives her a pretty high Elemental Mastery, so Swirl will deal quite a lot of damage



Genshin rng dislikes me T_T No more trying for Ayaka's weapon for now and focus on Yelan.

Gotta look on the bright side of things, Noelle will feature on Yelan's banner, so I might pray I get Noelle C6 and use this weapon for her build. Only then I will be less salty for not obtaining Ayaka's weapon..
D_GeekGirl May 17, 6:47 PM
Wow, that is a surprise. It must be popular in Japan. It's not high on the charts here when it comes to Amazon. They did a really good job drawing the characters to look like the manga.

Spy X Family
Are you watching Spy X Family? It's so good.
D_GeekGirl May 17, 6:45 PM
Sorry for the delay. It's been a busy last couple of weeks.

Glad Pikachu is doing better. The roof is her comfort place when she gets sick. Most cats like being up high. They feel safe and they get to look over their territory, that's what researchers say at least.

My pets are good. Nima cut his tongue after stealing a can of dog food off the kitchen counter. There was so much blood it scared me. He's fine now. The tongue is one of the fastest healing parts of the body.

I don't think the writer is running out of ideas, but I do think his publisher wants him to extend the story for as long as possible. The last two chapters could have been combined into one. Little ice girl doesn't stand a chance, but I wonder if that's how it's going to be. A new love rival after awhile, but Iruma has no idea but Amelie knows.
rz21c97 May 13, 9:34 PM
Yes, she's also my favourite in Niji

But among all, Kotori is my favourite (:
Playcool May 10, 8:24 AM
Homura's looks cool and all, but if I had to order one, it would be a big quality statue of Akuma Homura and nothing less.

Dude, I had a similiar CPU since 2008, thankgod in 2017 I done a major upgrade.
Even to watch anime, it will struggle with HEVC, I mean, any laptop from 2014-2015 would have kicked that CPU ass.

I live in Portugal, so I dont understand what it is like, for curiosity sake, do you even see RTX in stores? RTX 2000 series is old now, and RTX 3000 was what released most recently and said prices are retarded, like the 070 series used to go for 350€ with the 970, then gone to 450-550€ with the rtx2070, and now we see rtx3070 at over 1000€.
So if it is like this here, how much worst it has gotten where you live? (you dont need to be exact, just say the continent or something)

I mean, before 2018-2019, a lot of games where release, if you can get by with 1080p or lower, or not being able to get 60fps, it should do you fine.
Of course you will never get to play the more recent technological leaping games.
If it is easier to get a PS5, you should go for one, going for GPUs right now...
RiriHitosuyanagi May 10, 2:29 AM
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to read it XD
CeddyyBearr May 9, 1:19 PM
Spiral Abyss

Well that is true, I guess I just gotta look and see how I am gonna make most out of a team and no need to apologize!!

Sounds like that Qiqi is a nice asset in your team. I really need to work on my Sucrose. She should be fantastic for crowd control if you have a few of her constellations. Another thing to add to my list. Meanwhile I am working towards Kokomi and learned why some guide says she CAN'T do crit hits... -95% crit rate XD



Not an error, with most big cities in China in lockdown at the moment, Hoyoverse can't work on updates or anything else as the employees have to stay home. So Ayaka is to stay until version 2.7 will arrive but right now it's still unknown when that will be. At least we getting free primos for every week it's delayed! ^^ and yeah not gonna complain myself, still need that weapon hehe.



What can I say, I love blondes and Lumine is voiced by Aoi Yuuki, enough reason for me to use her ^^ I use Lumine mainly for Anemo, got her artifacts build for that. The only time I use Geo for her is for Azhdaha, cause I need to work on shield characters XD


Love Live Superstar

You're welcome!! They are all pretty cute and I wonder if they gonna make an appearance in the new season or if it's just for the game for now!


Love Live Niji

Looking forward to it, S2 so far is a blast and I am curious to see what the magazine will have in store for us! :D
Cozye May 8, 2:53 PM
Hey, hope things are going well for you.

Sounds good. Will be looking forward to it.
Serafos May 8, 7:18 AM
Hi there. :) I hope you are doing great!

Oh, that's awesome! Thank you already. I really like this new season.
D_GeekGirl May 6, 12:38 PM
Oh poor baby. I hat that Pikachu is going through that. Are the other cats showing concern for her? It's unfortunate that she has to be caged, but it's for her safety.

I finished the volume. I'm caught up with new chapters.
Sigh, it's like the chapters are getting shorter. They're still really good though. I can see the series going at least 100 more chapters.
KitsuYurikano May 3, 4:29 AM
CeddyyBearr May 2, 1:00 PM
Ruin Grader

I think the dangerous Ruin Grader in question is a bounty request. I've fought it a few times and it was rough due to a special ability unique to the bounty request, which is the electric beam you mentioned.



Thank you ^^

You also got some nice pulls! Congrats on getting Ayaka!! :D Was this your first Ayaka?

oh and Qiqi as well? Sweet! I don't have her or Keqing myself, but I heard Qiqi is a good healer. I really want Keqing though, love her Twin-tail Tsundere look!

Meanwhile still no luck on weapon banner for Ayaka T_T Maybe with the delay of Version 2.7, I am hoping for a extension for Ayaka's banner so I've more time for pulling her weapon.


Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is not something I do often, but I did manage this since the reset a few days ago..

Ironically, I don't really have planned teams. Like I don't really look at Main DPS, Sub DPS, Heal and support. It's most likely the reason why I can't really advance from floor 10. But my teams were fluctuating per floor, but looked something like this.

Team 1: Lumine, Rosaria, Barbara & Klee

Team 2: Hu Tao, Eula, Yae Miko & Mona

I am currently looking to leveling Ayaka, Ganyu, Kokomi (for healing) and Bennet. Maybe I should look into more efficient teams. Any advice is welcome!


Thanks for the Kokomi art! She's one beautiful lady! Genshin is always blessed with amazing artworks! Every day too many to save haha



Yeah it's a really fun and interesting show. Recent devlopments (ep. 4) really makes me wonder if we'll ever see the girls meet the boys.

Right now it's definitely Tsubaki, but I also really like Sazanka cause she reminds me of Kuroko from Railgun, NEE-SAMA!!!!


Love Live Superstar

Have you seen the new characters Superstar has gotten? A different friend had shared it with me, so I had to ask you about it as you're more into Love Live than I am ^^

Link to the tweet!
D_GeekGirl May 1, 10:35 AM
OH poor baby, I hope she doesn't start sneaking out again. I meant to say hopefully the toms aren't back in my previous post.

I have to exercise Nima, he's a ball of energy. It's getting too hot for him now so we go out at sunrise.

Also, Mich deserves all the sardines yesterday (4/30/22) was National Tabby Day here in the US.

Yes Momo needs to get to hug Eggie sensei. It would be something if Iruma uses Eggie sensei to stop her.

Spoiler for 250
DawnHibiki May 1, 1:15 AM
Hello Liddo-kun!

Wanderer's Troupe is definitely Ganyu's best-in-slot artifact set, though you can only get them through strongboxes, as well as bosses. I recommend farming for Shimenawa's Reminiscence since it's a really good artifact set for Melt Ganyu, as well as Blizzard Strayer, which is Freeze Ganyu's best in slot. Also, good luck on rolling for Amos' Bow if you haven't already! It's available in the standard banner, though it's actually really rare.

For this anime season, I'm only watching Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2. So far, I'm liking every single episode, and I'm happy to see new characters being promoted in the anime.
D_GeekGirl Apr 30, 10:20 AM
No worries about the time of reply.

My fur babies are doing better than me. They chill all day. I can't walk as much as I used to, but I take him to the dog park at least once a week. Most of the time we go to the small neighborhood park (it's a two minute drive).

How is Pikachu doing now? Hopefully, those toms are roaming your neighbor? Cats have excellent hearing. She may hear something you can't.

Chapter 248 I hope that's there on victory. No one is talking about how awesome Momo-sensei is. If she hadn't gotten distracted by an adorable Kelago-sensai, she would've taken them out quicker. I wonder if everyone knows about her crush except Kalego.

Momo x Kelago is my second favorite ship after Iruma X Ameri.