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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!
Today, 3:19 AM
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World Dai Star
Yesterday, 3:09 AM
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Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!
Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!
May 25, 4:11 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored 10
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D_GeekGirl 9 hours ago
No, I drove up one day with my dog. I saw the cat so we stayed in the car. He looked at me and peed on my house. Then he left. He went across the street. So I thought he belonged to my neighbor, but he's a wild Tom. They're coyotes and racoons in my area so I can't leave food out. I tried leaving food out for the rabbits once, but I don't think they know what lettuce is so it just rotted.
D_GeekGirl May 22, 4:03 PM


LOL, I agree with all those people that don't like Kanoko. I stopped reading the story when they made her a main focal point. Maybe the mangaka really likes her.

That's good news about the male. Sorry to hear about the female. There is a stray living at a neighbor's house across the street. It's a healthy looking tabby. I thought it was my neighbor's cat, but my neighbor doesn't want any pets. The cat goes to his house almost everyday. He just ignores it. I told him the cat was trying to adopt him, lol. Too bad you weren't around you'd take care of him. I think the cat lives in the woods behind my neighborhood.
We always go back in when we see one of the dogs. Nima has no idea he's not as powerful as pit. My air isn't working and I have the windows open. It's smells like poop sometimes when the wind blows b/c they don't pickup after their dogs ;-( I had to take Nima to the vet today b/c some idiot broke bottles at our neighborhood park. I didn't notice the glass in the grass until it was too late. He got a small cut on his foot but the vet says he should be alright. He's on antibiotics just in case. He also has to wear a cone.

How's your clowder (it's what some people in the States call a group of cats? I don't use that term, but I just wanted to use it in a sentence, lol.

I agree with you about Bachiko.
[spoilers] I worried for Iruma this arc. ['spoilers]
thunderkitten13 May 21, 1:08 PM
Reincarnated as a Sword
D_GeekGirl May 20, 7:33 PM
Nice. Looks like you got a good haul in at the end :-).

Have you been watching the Yuri Job anime? Are you enjoying it? I completely forgot about it, LOL>

How's the stray? And your other pets?

Both of my new neighbors have big dogs (they look like pitbulls) and they let them out off leash to go to the bathroom. I've been finding stinky surprises in my yard all week. My dog won't even poop in the yard. (insert angry emoji)

Alice's mom is the bomb. The 13 are powerful and everyone knows it.

Serafos May 15, 9:08 AM
I didn't even know that Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka existed until now. I just watched the first two episodes. Pretty good show. :) I love the yuri vibes. I saw your comments on the forum and apparently you also liked it.
D_GeekGirl Apr 30, 4:40 PM
That's great news about the stray :). Good thing they have you and the store owner. Don't forget being cute is a cat's job. Even while sleeping they're adorable.

It's hard to believe they've almost made it chapter 300. I hope they get a color page and a great feature store for 300. Not enough people appreciate the show or the manga. None of the anime Youtubers I watch cover the anime.

Chapter 297
D_GeekGirl Apr 23, 6:21 PM
Sorry, for the late reply.
Imani thanks you for the birthday wishes :-).
How are your pets doing?
When you mentioned the office cats it made me think of this

Cats have selective hearing. Imani hears the treat bag no matter which room he's in, LOL.

Iruma Chapter 296 it's getting good. Things are getting interesting. I don't think Iruma is going to make it through this arc with his secrets in tact. I'm not sure if everyone will know but that info is going to spread outside his circle.


It was for the anime fantasy league on MAL. Did you participate. My win rate is a sad 62% :(
CeddyyBearr Apr 22, 5:15 PM

Surpringly enough, I am not part of any servers that are publically available. Not even the Genshin Impact Discord, shame on me right?!

But I can DM you the Name+4 digits if you want?


New Season

A short list is never a bad list ^^

I probably need to be more selective in the future so that I don't end up with 20 shows every season >_<


Desert Exploration

Yeah the Area is pretty vast and also seems to have quite a few underground bits, which are all unlocked if you progress in the quest.

I've started the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline so far and I don't think I am far off completing it. Likely be able to do more tomorrow. I've also completed Pale Fire as well. Still so much to explore though.

I've yet to start part 2 of Kusanali though!


Oasis Adventure

Yeah, when I first discovered them during the quest needed for the location it was quite surreal, especially since the birds don't move and are static objects in that area. Which is a really unique touch.

Haha yeah you should, there's something really nice about that area, but I will spoiler it if you want to find out on your own.



I forgot to mention this, but my Ganyu figure had arrived a week back or so!

She has joined a pretty nice group of Genshin Chararters so far!
DawnHibiki Apr 20, 9:00 AM
Yes, I use Discord. I have two of my Discord accounts, one of them being
the one I use on my computer, and the other one that I use on my phone.
You can add me as a friend as both DawnH#1936 AND DawnHibiki#6454.
DawnHibiki Apr 17, 8:43 PM
I think I prefer shielding which is why I'm happy to have Zhongli on my roster.
Zhongli makes Azhdaha look like a joke, as long as you don't get hit too often.

About fighting Scaramouche, I have been logging on Genshin for quite awhile
and I have not seen you being online much. What time do you usually log in?

Yes, my Ayaka has gotten stronger because of her Best-In-Slot sword.
Light of Foliar Incision pales in comparison mainly because of passive.

Lastly, exploring and taking pictures of cats sounds like a very
nice, casual lobby. Genshin is a casual-friendly game after all.
CeddyyBearr Apr 14, 1:42 PM

Well we can always do the Hydro Hypostasis next time! ^^ I don't mind either way, I can fight anything without having to use Resin for it, so just let me know when I am online and it should be possible!

I do have a new part of the desert to explore though, but I should be able to make time for co-op regardless!


Kanata Konoe / Shizuku

Yeah and the outfits are on point too! Shizuku's perfomance is good too like you said.

I only ever really got into idols shows just a few years ago, but the whole Idol culture in Japan fascinates me.


New Season

Well speaking about Idols, my top show this season is Oshi no Ko, I've read the manga and the premiere this week was absolutely stellar!

I also do watch Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch and Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! They have both been great so far.



Ha, that's quite funny, cause if we had spend more time in the Serenitea Pot, we could have ended up like that as well. There's something nice about just hanging out together in a game, while not even doing anything competitive. Just chilling and exploring instead. I've had it happen a few times and it's always nice ^^

Not sure how far you're with world quests in the desert, but I'll spoiler the images just in case. Basically when I did co-op with a friend a month ago, me and her went to gather materials for her Alhaitham but I also showed her this really beautiful oasis hidden in the desert, that you unlock after completing a lot of world quests. We spend some time there and shot some photos which turned into this. First one is my own, second one is hers!
DawnHibiki Apr 11, 3:23 PM
Yeah, I do agree that Azhdaha is pretty tough, especially if you don't have shielders
and/or healers. I would say stay far away from him when he does his ground pound.

As for Scaramouche in your world, I am down to
do another weekly co-op whenever you're online.
Also, I finally got Mistsplitter Reforged for Ayaka:
D_GeekGirl Apr 9, 2:41 PM
Hi, sorry for the delay.
My pets are fine. My cat turned 10 on 4/1. I sang "Happy Birthday" when I gave him his breakfast. He did not care about the song, but he liked his treats, LOL.
How are your pets?
I finally caught up with Iruma ( through 294) I'm enjoying this arc. Plus, I get to see Kalego dressed up. There is a sense of dread in every chapter.

Did you add Yuri Job to your anime tournament pics?
CeddyyBearr Apr 9, 4:52 AM

Dawn as in DawnHibiki? Nice video as usual hehe.



Ah fair, sounds like a good strategy. My characters are basically just meat shields, who just take any hit with Barbara or Kokomi healing them again XD Sadly I don't own Layla, she's not been in a banner yet that I tried to pull from. Since I have 0 shielders build, I don't know who I've got as a favorite.



Will do!! Hopefully some time soon, cause recently I've been insanely busy with Cinema and such, besides all the new shows coming out T_T Lemme know when you are available in game or I can share discord information to make communicating a bit easier (cause I sometimes forget about MAL comments)....

I also got Mistsplitter again yesterday. So I could make the weapon into R1 if I wanted to.



Cyno's jokes were 50/50, some of them made me laugh but others made agree with Collei and Tighnari, that they were lame XD


Kanata Konoe

Very nice performance!

I am very impressed how they actually made her look exactly like the character in question. Very impressive!!


Spring season

Got any new shows you'll be watching this season?
DawnHibiki Apr 1, 4:39 PM
Thank you for uploading! I left a comment on the video.
Also, I uploaded my Raiden video for this April Fools Day:

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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