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Days: 106.4
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Anne Happy♪
Anne Happy♪
Yesterday, 3:15 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Anima Yell!
Anima Yell!
Yesterday, 2:55 AM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 10
Absolute Duo
Absolute Duo
Nov 18, 8:21 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored 7
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Days: 3.5
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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
Nov 12, 4:48 AM
Reading 39/? · Scored 8
Danzaisha: Tetragrammaton Labyrinth
Danzaisha: Tetragrammaton Labyrinth
Nov 11, 5:52 AM
Completed 36/36 · Scored 10


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_MushiRock11_ Nov 18, 5:01 AM
Please go right ahead, I honestly don’t mind spoilers as they’ll force me to watch the show and the particular scene myself. It’s that kind of an odd inspiration, lol don’t mind me.

I’m glad to hear that too!
It’s probably the latter, if any. She probably saw him as a really cool character and decided to just give it a shot, “why not?” kind of an approach. It’s my take on it, anyway, but I seem to have been mistaken considering how she’s been acting in the later episodes. I hope there’ll be a backstory or an episode dedicated to this so that this little bothersome bug goes away, it’s been around for a while hampering my experience.
_MushiRock11_ Nov 18, 3:54 AM
Yeah, that scene was very touching.

Hasuki easily, followed by Persia. I just don’t understand why Persia even has feelings for Inuzuka, it just felt so unnatural to me to be honest. Hasuki’s episode though sure was depressing. She really is a strong girl and an old friend to always cherish!
Akane_02 Nov 18, 1:28 AM
Akane character from SSS Gridman anime :)
_MushiRock11_ Nov 17, 5:30 AM
I have, indeed, and it really was a great episode!
Many heartwarming, hilarious and touching moments throughout the course of the episode!
_MushiRock11_ Nov 12, 4:19 AM
Sure, but I should really be thanking you instead so thanks!

Yup, I certainly do.
I agree, it was really an underhanded plot to rule out Persia off the competition. I really enjoyed the whole turn out of events too, Inuzuka sure was badass throwing the antagonist off into the stands with his bare strength.
Lol, it sure was. I can’t seem to recall much about it for some odd reason but I remember it being hilarious, at the very least.
_MushiRock11_ Nov 11, 2:20 AM
Oh, this is great! I might become a fan soon too, lol.
Thanks for sharing this!
MetaThPr4h Nov 10, 5:28 AM
Yeah don't worry, I just prefer to have any spoiler hidden because of other experiences I had myself looking through other people's profile and finding spoilers from stuff I haven't watched yet.

> Referring to your profile pic. Flora is not pleased with her shows's low toy sales. Just kidding. xD

haha, Precure has so, so many awesome fanarts for each series, I'm having a blast going through pixiv bookmarking stuff from them
MetaThPr4h Nov 10, 4:57 AM
Just warning that I deleted the comment you posted because it had spoilers for Princess, two users I know started the series due to an anime contract and I want to make sure that them (or other people) doesn't get spoiled by mistake, I'm gonna quote what you said anyways so don't worry.

> sharing this song by Rachie. She sounds like a voice dubber. I'm a fan. :3

I like her voice, good stuff.

> Ohh.. so are you a Kancolle fan too?

I don't consider myself a Kancolle fan tbh, I only watched the anime, that game has some god tier designs tho, Kongou, Kaga, Takao, Kashima... so nice.

> Really cannot comment why GoPri failed. We don't know how the japanese think. ><

Yeah, all the series after Heartcatch also got quite some pressure due to the love that one gets, but I think that it's generally well liked there, idk, maybe the toys just weren't as appealing as other Precure.
MetaThPr4h Nov 6, 8:18 AM
Thankfully I'm yet to watch a Precure that is less than amazing to me, I hope the trend continues all the way to the end haha.

Favorite villain of Smile is a bit difficult to me, Wolfrun and Red Oni were a lot of fun comedy-wise while also delivering some neat fights, but on the other hand Joker was just so awesome and completely different to them, he's probably my favorite but all three are nice.

> Our group calls her "Kongou-san".. since she has the same V.A as the kancolle girl. xD

I watched Kancolle because Kongou's VA is the same as Karen's xDD, both are so lovable.

> Here's a chart just in case you want to see how much each precure earned for Toei in toy sales.

Not relevant to Precure, but I'm happy to see that Doremi had a very nice average rating, that anime was a part of my childhood and now I'm close to finish it so many years after.

I remember reading how Princess sold pretty badly and that makes me so sad, curiously at the same time for what I know both the series and Cure Flora are two of the most loved in the franchise, this might be wrong but I find it curious.
_MushiRock11_ Nov 6, 6:53 AM
Too bad there’s hardly here at my place, and I don’t even live in my own country. ;-;
Damn, it looks great! I really wish I could buy some of those merchandise too, I only have like a couple of figurines as of currently.

Oh, I have watched both the Seasons and all the OVAs Kimi no Todoke. It was a great slow love story but I thought Season 2 was a bit too un-eventful. I really should the manga a go and I’ve been meaning to, but somehow I just done get around to it. #StrugglesOfADailyHighSchoolStudent *sigh*

Lol, that’s high! I’m impressed you even spared a thought on doing it, xD.
Shoot, that sounds hectic. Good thing the angry man snapped back to reality in time.
lamawalrus Nov 6, 6:11 AM
CharlesII Nov 6, 1:24 AM
Hmm... I haven't watched Saki yet but looking at anime opening song, I can see two big reasons why Nodoka might be a favorite character by many ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I finished Mitsuboshi Colors! Pretty good show, very cute, happy and relaxing! 10/10. I was going to recommend it to you but I see that you already gave it 10. xD

And thanks for the cute Halloween pic tomodachi!
Time for me to catch up on Hugtto! waku waku monda!
MetaThPr4h Nov 5, 4:25 PM
Maybe I'm understimating how kids feel, but I'm generally pretty shocked at the fact that Precure is aimed at kids that young, some dark scenes from entries like Heartcatch, Princess (the empty eyes, oh god) or Hugtto leave me quite wtf at how the younger audience must take them, hell, Smile is so lighthearted and the villains are so goofy, yet whenever Joker is around things can get terrifying for the girls. I'm left with a mixed feeling of "I kinda understand the parents" and "man I love that, keep having those darker moments!"

Smile was sooo good! Definitely delivered hard as I have been feeling with every Precure I watched so far, it's a shame that the ending did one thing I wasn't a fan of

But yeah, it's really just that and I loved the rest so still an easy 10/10.

Who's your favorite girl from Smile? Mine is probably Miyuki, but Kise was sooo cute as well, and everyone had awesome episodes that made me like them a lot too, such a solid cast.
lamawalrus Nov 5, 7:52 AM
Good evening. That is Violet Evergarden! She is the titular character of this anime. The clip in question is pieced together from CM2 for the anime. It is a very pretty show and character, if you ask me.

Glad to be of service!
HereticHunter Nov 5, 7:07 AM
Faster rate, also getting stunned each hit xD