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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Yesterday, 6:53 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 2
Yesterday, 6:52 PM
Watching 22/24 · Scored 8
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Yesterday, 6:52 PM
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K-On! Shuffle
K-On! Shuffle
Jan 25, 11:39 AM
Reading 6/? · Scored 7
K-On! Anthology Comic
K-On! Anthology Comic
Dec 23, 2018 3:47 AM
Completed 77/77 · Scored 6
My Wife is a High School Student
My Wife is a High School Student
Dec 14, 2018 5:38 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 1


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illivinni Today, 4:48 AM
Honestly I couldn't tell if your replies there were legit or memeing at first glance, but I found that ppl reacting there was even more hilarious. I didn't expect some guys would react that much.

You studied paleontology? Do you also explore paleontology sites and such?
illivinni Feb 20, 9:19 PM
I saw ppl were so upset at your science post on Kemono thread, lmao. Just to say hi because I smell memes here.
Aslt Feb 20, 1:57 PM
Thanks for the cringy ass quote. I'll make sure it gets imprinted on my brain :^)
An0nim Feb 19, 5:42 AM
Aw... that sounds though
Hm... well, I may not good in conveying what I think but I can try to have a deep conversation if you need someone to have a deep conversation to ^^"
Surely having a real friend to hang out with would be interesting though.
Liddo-kun Feb 19, 2:54 AM
Oh my... so that's what happens over there. >__<
Anyway, the beverage tax I mentioned was succesfully repelled... people against it paid an advertisement on TV to advertise what the tax would do if it passed as a law. The widespread negative publicity prevented it.

And this is a weird suggestion. But since we like Endro~ I recommend you watch Pastel Memories episode 7. No need to watch the other eps... trust me. >__< hehe. Just treat episode 7 as a stand alone OVA. I enjoyed it. ^___^

An0nim Feb 18, 1:36 PM
Hehe thanks. Yeah, I am doing okay. I failed at the civil servant exam and re-signed from the school. I am planning to continue my study around October so I was looking for another job. Well, not really another job since I am still teaching math, more like I have become a freelance tutors. I was busy in real and afraid getting distracted by online forums. I am a hardcoce lurk and it's hard not to lurk, lol. So I avoid them.

I am okay ^^, thanks.
How have you been?
Liddo-kun Feb 18, 4:06 AM
Sorry for late reply. Things got busy the past few days. Really surprised to hear that. I thought the roads in Europe are the best since most of you are first world countries. Anyway, my country is poor but the roads... at least on the area where I live are decent with smooth hard cement, and any damages are quickly repaired.. because we have a "road users tax". But believe it or not... our politicians are so greedy... they even proposed a "beverage tax" -- basically you would get taxed for simply drinking juice! it's madness. I wish Akame ga Kill was real, so Night Raid would kill the evil pigs in the government.

Nuclear plants, scary. I do hope nothing like Chernobyl happens in your country.


Have watched Pastrale 6.
Aslt Feb 17, 3:36 PM
Nah, I'm watching it subbed for the time being.
Aslt Feb 14, 6:53 PM
Liddo-kun Feb 13, 3:52 AM
forgot to say... nice to see you at the Pastrale thread. It was honestly a challenge for me to watch the first 4 eps, not good at watching Amanchu style shows... as I get bored and feel sleepy.. but glad I managed to crawl to episode 5 of Pastrale... had fun on episode 5, and it's getting better.
Liddo-kun Feb 13, 3:14 AM
Have read your review. Good enough imo. Just one nitpick that you mispelled character at the start. Better edit that. ;)
And glad to know that you enjoyed the show. Many people decide to ignore it because the parent anime Luck and Logic is not really very good.

As for politics, thanks for sharing some info about your country. Whoa, I did not know you had that situation. I hope it will somehow improve. Yeah, autobahns were made by the germans in WWII. I think Belgium was occupied by them for awhile, so it makes sense for them to create roads. The chocolates from your country taste really good! :))
literaturenerd Feb 12, 9:56 PM
Makoto from School Days is the biggest pimp in anime! Yeah, Elfen Laid is fucking awful.
Aslt Feb 11, 5:33 PM
No, it's never okay. Stop >:(

Dear God... I... don't want to read it. I'm so fucking sick and tired of LL...
Liddo-kun Feb 11, 4:01 AM
agreed on what you said about Mahiru. What I liked about the exploding gag is it happens just out of nowhere when she's around. Like that casual walk looking at flowerrs, then boom! Nina has learned to evade it after getting caught a few times. xD

If I could trance, I would use the power to destroy the corrupt senators in our country that I hate so much.

I did buy one Pokemon card as a gift years ago. But the card game that really got me hooked is Magic The Gathering Card game from the US - I think even japanese people play it. :)

About Kotobuki.. ah, sorry have not watched those anime you mentioned as they are not my cup of tea. However my sole driving force in Kotobuki is that the guy in charge of the highly succesful Girls Und Panzer is also one of the people working on Kotobuki. Currently on episode 5 now, and it has been an enjoyable ride. I recommend giving it a chance up to episode 2, then drop if you don't like the style. :>
assyrian Feb 10, 4:00 PM
Yuno is strong!
Fear Yuno for she has gained unmeasurable strength from hitting the watermelon for 10 hours!