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Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Movie: Paritto! Omoide no Mille-Feuille!
Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Movie: Paritto! Omoide no Mille-Feuille!
Yesterday, 12:43 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Petit☆Dream Stars! Let's La Cooking? Showtime!
Petit☆Dream Stars! Let's La Cooking? Showtime!
Yesterday, 12:42 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Yesterday, 12:42 PM
Completed 49/49 · Scored 7
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Shinkaigyo no Anko-san
Shinkaigyo no Anko-san
May 3, 12:27 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Umibe no Onnanoko
Umibe no Onnanoko
May 3, 12:26 AM
Completed 20/20 · Scored 2
May 3, 12:25 AM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 1


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Liddo-kun Sep 21, 4:46 PM
sharing. :)

Love Live Days vol. 19 has arrived in the mail





Keke and Sumire manga that came with the magazine. I guess this is something for the shippers. ^^

cannot flatten the pages perfectly, because I'm holding camera in one hand and the manga with the other. +_+

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7




Shizuku likes Karin?

Setsuna poster, it's free with the magazine.



Dia and Ruby



looks like some magazines that they are selling?


well, that's all. Will share again if I manage to buy the next volume of Love Live Days.
bokunoherohater Sep 12, 10:05 AM
ArteEstetico Sep 9, 11:36 AM
Vaya, supongo que nada a nivel "profesional", unos libros de biología y evolución (que no serán paleontología propiamente) solo eso.

Gracias, anotare esos libros y los leeré apenas pueda. Yo estaba viendo este:

No sé si sera bueno.
Wow, I guess nothing at a "professional" level, some books on biology and evolution (which will not be paleontology properly) just that.

Thank you, I will write down those books and read them as soon as I can. I was looking at this: = 1-6
I don't know if it will be good.
BoredCynical22 Sep 8, 5:07 PM
A year ago I read Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard, it is an excellent work, I love how he touches the theme of the 3 stages: the aesthetic, ethical and religious. I think that in its irrationality lies its charm, in its vitalist character, above all. Obviously, I think it feels more authentic to his predecessor Leopardi, because he used poetry and was something more "revolutionary" for his context.
We could (slightly) synthesize his concept in three facets: Immediacy / Hedonism, Limiting Morality and Involuntary Irrationality. Obviously, this book does not cover his thought.
Likewise, I was immediately drawn to your picture of Kierkegaard.
ArteEstetico Sep 7, 2:10 PM
Vaya, si es un hermoso pasaje sacado de Either/Or. La primera vez que lo conocí, hace años, fue con esta frase: "Always remember Love Yourself" creo que en sus discursos edificantes. Aunque, te lo recomiendo de todo corazón, léete su libro "Either/Or" es, de lejos, uno de los libros más hermosos que he leído. Como dijo Wittgenstein : "He was a Saint"

Pusiste en tu perfil que te gusta mucho la Paleontología, es increíble, yo sé muy poco sobre esto, pero se que es un trabajo excelente y llena de gente con pasión. Si puedes, y espero no molestarte, recomiéndame varios libros de Paleontología para así aprender un poco, por lo menos lo básico, por favor.

Yo estoy bien, jaja bueno no he tenido una ruptura amorosa ni nada, así que supongo que mejor que él.
Wow, it's a beautiful quote from "Either / Or". The first time I met him, years ago, was with this phrase: "Always remember Love Yourself" I think in his Upbuilding Discourses. Although, I recommend it wholeheartedly, read his book "Either / Or" is, by far, one of the most beautiful books I have read. As Wittgenstein said: "He was a Saint"

You put on your profile that you really like Paleontology, it is incredible, I know very little about it, but I know that it is an excellent job and full of people with passion on it . If you can, and I hope not to bother you, recommend several Paleontology books so I can learn a little, at least the basics, please.

I'm fine, haha well I haven't had a breakup or anything, so I guess better than him.
Liddo-kun Sep 6, 5:33 AM
sorry, for late reply. Somehow still surviving. lol

a few weeks ago. The gpu of one of my backup pc got fried by a lightning surge.. so will be replacing it. The salesgirl at the shop was nice enough to give me a free gpu, a GT 530, terrible gpu... but it's free, and better than integrated graphics, so I'm quite thankful for it! :)


Love Live

nice, Sumire is my favorite character as well. Her dramas and the dancing.. it's a good combination.

well, can't do anything about that, apparently they want otaku to like baseball and all other kinds of sports. just kidding ok. No disrespect to the paralympics participants.
ArteEstetico Sep 1, 5:32 PM
Esta genial tu foto de kierkegaard. Un saludo.
Is great your photo of kierkegaard. Greetings
Liddo-kun Aug 29, 3:20 PM
sharing it.

my Love Live days vol.18 arrived some days ago. :)

took some pics of the pages. Sorry, some pages cannot be flattened perfectly. ><


there is a manga included with the magazine. Kanon and Chii try draw Manmaru. xD

Chii-chan in idol costume

Kanon and apple pie

group pic. I think this would be the cover of their fanbook.



new unit formed, possible characters for season 2?

cooking with Emma

Kanata poster that came with the magazine. It's a big poster. :3



Hanamaru eating

fun at the beach



what they are doing now..



well, that's all.

going to share the next volume too. If I order it. :>
mdchaos May 19, 7:10 PM
Yeah I could tell from what you've seen there. I just thought it was interesting you'd have that being one who's seen a lot more of the genre than you have. I also speak that as someone who has yet to the see Beast Wars II and Neo.

Dual and Xenoglossia are some interesting choices as they don't really get mentioned too much.

Xenoglossia is quite good, though it's more of an Sunrise mech show than anything idolmaster related. It is pretty good in that sense with how good the characters are and even for a sunrise mech show, Xenoglossia is much different than what they'd usually do. It's basically it's own thing, but I guess having the Idolmaster brand was the only way it could get off the ground, which would be understandable.

Dual isn't really like Evangelion at all, since quite honesty nothing can replicate Eva's success. That and Dual is more comedic and deals with parallel dimensions. I remember the show just being okay but nothing terrible. I mostly remember the mech designs being pretty cool and the parallel universe was kinda interesting. I haven't seen anyting tenchi related(though I have an interest), so I can't comment much on how it relates to that. Though from what I've heard it isn't that much.

Evangelion for me I regard as being pretty good and does have it's major significance in Japanese media. Though it is far from a perfect show and is very flawed. The first 23 episodes are very good and what they do with old mecha and tokusatsu tropes is pretty engaging, that's the heart of the show for me. The last 3 episodes and end of eva are pretty rubbish due to how poorly planned out and not well though out the series became, as well as a multitude of other reasons. Still I consider eva to be a decent show and I do like it from time to time, though certainly not as much as others in it's genre.

"I guess the kind of people that praise Evangelion as top-solid peak anime to the moon are the ones that haven't explored the genre even less then I do"

That is true, but not entirely. Evangelion takes a lot from Ultraman as well as classic mecha like Ideon and Gundam largely because anno was a fan of those and it shows. Evangelion kinda came out at the right place and right, and for a lot of people it was the first time they saw a show like it It's not hard to see why evangelion was as successful as it was, as people who like Eva in Japan just think it's a really fun show with nothing that super deep or layered. It sorta did for Japanese Sci fi as the matrix and star wars did for western sci fi, as they were kinda passion projects and tributes to the things the creator was into. A lot of people in the west lack that context so they paint the show in a far more inaccurate light than what it really is. which personally annoys me a lot and what I largely hate about western eva fans.

Gurren Lagann I do not regard very highly at all, esp as the more mech shows you watch the worse it gets. GL was made by people who did clearly like the genre they were paying homage to, but didn't understand what made Mazinger Z, Getter robo, Gaogaigar, and so on stand the test of time. The writing is Shallow as hell and the characters are just 1 note archetypes with no real substance at all.

Patlabor is fucking fantastic all around and one of the best, esp the tv show and movies. Gundam I can understand being daunting to get into with how much material there but once you get through it's no problem and helps that a lot of is really good to great. I think considering you seemed to like Beast Wars II and Neo, you might wanna look into the Braves shows, Web diver, and Zoids, as Takara was involved with all those. Braves is one of the best int he mech genre and super influential in it's own way.
mdchaos May 19, 11:14 AM
>Gives Gurren Lagann and Eva low ratings
>rates the Japanese beast wars shows higher than both

Liddo-kun May 19, 6:21 AM
Looking forward to both Love Live Niji, and Love Live Superstar

Love Live Niji is my favorite Love Live, and have spent money on it equal to feeding a medium sized family modest meals for 3 months. lol

well, Rina is cute and likeable. With her Hatsune Miku voice. :>

you can see her voice actress perform here.

Liddo-kun May 14, 4:11 PM
my Love Live Days Vol. 15 magazine arrived yesterday. :)

sharing pics of the front page, and inside there's Love Live Superstar.

Liddo-kun Jan 6, 4:27 AM
sorry for late reply. Have no internet for the third day now. Only using phone net.
internet provider came to the house today, told me their main box blew, and will take 5-10 days to fix.


Chi virus

I won't be arguing this, just sharing our own experiences. My mom's friend died from it. An aunt got infected, she was home quarantined. My friend's dad died just a week ago, it's on his twitter. Another friend was also home quarantined, and he has a hard time breathing at night, thankfully survived. Probably in your area, infections are low / mild. Some news could be fake.. but based on our personal experience, and what some friends experienced.. this is something to be taken seriously. Also two people who worked X-ray machines, who work at a local hospital here went to the US to earn dollars.. they went back home to my country as ashes.. the two died working X-ray machines in us hopital.

so at least it's a blessing you're doing well in an area not affected by it too much.



on more fun talk. We have an anime in common - D4Dj. Are you enjoying ti so far? :)

and I also notice you've started the new Uma Musume.
Liddo-kun Dec 31, 2020 7:42 PM
Happy New Year 2021. :>
I hope you had a nice holiday season.
Liddo-kun Dec 23, 2020 8:02 AM

sorry for the late reply. Have been busy with work, taking care of sick cat. and some other real life stuffs.

we always celebrate as a family. And friends also come over for the spirit of Christmas. :)

just a simple celebration of eating good food - ham, and some home cooked meals. Souvenir photos, things like that.



the image I sent is from Kanon. And they are Ayu and Nayuki.

this anime is one of my favorites. :>

it's best not to read any wiki.. as spoilers would ruin this anime easily.