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Serial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain
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Gallery Fake
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Sep 23, 12:57 PM
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K-On! Shuffle
K-On! Shuffle
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Futsutsukamono no Ani desu ga
Futsutsukamono no Ani desu ga
Sep 23, 9:39 AM
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An0nim 9 hours ago
lol. I see

Well, it sounds similar to Lain btw.
Me personally, like to think that I know nothing but that I am exist, hehe.
Kyleeeh 10 hours ago
That scene felt strangely relatable. Pewdiepie became for youtube what the Monogatari Series became for rom-com anime. It just abuses the meta in a way which both makes sense and its funny af.

I usually listen to future funk and when I am in the mood I listen to rock too. Tbh I never heard of any band you mentioned except Nirvana. My favorite band is Black Sabbath. It is transmitting its message in a genuine way and with less typical rock screeching. Other than that I listen to mostly black/death metal with some progressive metal here and there. I use rock when I am sad or when I want a change in tone maybe thats why I never heard of you favorites but I will check them out sometime this week. My playlist is here in case you are curious

Also some of my favorites "music videos" here. I don't like calling them AMV, it sounds old fashioned and the style is different.
2nd one hits me everytime when I hear first 45 secs.
Xaractis 10 hours ago
I actually saw a meme somewhere on Facebook and that meme lead me towards searching what it was about. I appreciate that manga alot and its a one of a kind read. I have a weak heart and usually cant digest those kind of things but I put through it just to see how it would turn out. Felt so much sympathy for Saki.

What scares me the most is theres probably cases out there that could be similar to Sakis. A few life decisions can lead you astray.

Ps. Lets move away to something happy.
Holo is an amazing character, love her to bits!! 😊
Kyleeeh 11 hours ago
I know about Azumanga from that weird yellow cat and a girl trying to speak "engrish" but I think that one is known by everyone even if they haven't seen the anime. It was even showed on pewdiepie like 5 or 6 months ago when he was in the transformation from a pleb to a professional meme reviewer :^). Your scene seems interesting so maybe you can provide the link I am curious now.

Also which type of music are you into?
Kyleeeh Yesterday, 2:10 AM
I dropped Clannad because of too much melodrama so if you like that kind of stuff it may be good. I have yet to see Azumanga Daioh and youtube highlights make me even more curious. Announce me when you begin Azumanga so I will begin it too since I have been meaning to get into it for so long. Hidamari sketch is a hidden gem but I got stuck on season 2 because I watched 6 episodes in a row and it doesn't feel the same now. Take it with moderation haha.

The closest thing I have seen to cute girls and paleontology are anime with gold diggers if you know what I mean. But for real if you can give up the cute girls thing this one would hit close to home maybe?

An0nim Sep 23, 3:30 PM
Nah. I broke up with my girlfriend after national university enrollment exam and never seen her since then. The reason we broke up was more about our family didn't support our relationship for religion reason. Tho I felt the distance between us grew as we rarely met after graduated. In high school, tbh, our relationship was more about physical contact than anything. There were times when we chat on facebook after we broke up but I really lost connection with her in 2012. The two friends of mine were not "friends" you may imagine. In the third year of high school, we got additional classes for national exam almost everyday. Since my home was far away from my high school, I was waiting for the classes at high school. Those two classmates also didn't go home because their home was also far away from school, which was the reason we spent a lot of time together after school before the additional classes. I lost contact with them after graduated. There was a time when one of them contacted me for some short time, but lost contact again. I had two close friend in university but after graduated, yeah as you guess, we lost contact. But if I think it again, the reason we lost contact was more about me. Sometimes I check the last time I had a contact with someone, what I tend to see is the last contact we had were usually about me not replying their massage respectively.

I see. Yeah, I can see how being honest is usually seen as hate speech nowadays. Modern people surely have very little time to try to understand what other people saying before jumping to their own conclusion. I guess it's more because we live in society that grows fast and our worries also keep increase thanks to it. That might be the reason we tend to receive different idea's than ours as something negative.

Well, I wouldn't really call it as experimenting. In university (drawing manga), it was more like escapism. It was also to convince myself that I don't fit mathematics education majors to prove to others that what they thought about me was wrong. The last time I drew honesty was in high school I guess. That's where I drew because I really like it. I used to draw buildings and variation of rectangle shapes using my imagination. My knowledge in geometry really helped me to draw something unique and couldn't be comprehended easily by people who couldn't imagine 3D pictures. Only one of my friend and my art teacher who could comprehend the actual shape of the thing I drew. I wouldn't really call my style was pure "cubism" though. It was more about integration of cubism, abstract and 3D. If I had a chance to draw again, I might be back to that style.

I see, so you are more into realism. That's the hardest style for me xD. I tried to make the character to be more realistic but they ended up ugly, lol. Since you could draw it to the point it felt like 'they back to live' I guess you were really good at it then.

haha, I see I see.

Hehe. Don't hug your PC at work, lol.
assyrian Sep 23, 3:01 PM
You dont know? I thought you would recognize since you where watching Lain. Also yes my username is a refrence to the assyrian empire
Kyleeeh Sep 23, 10:55 AM
Yo, I was looking at random mal profiles and I saw how you casually destroyed Poseur the Elliot Rodgers fanboy. Keep it up man. Now he has a mental breakdown, poor guy.

I have yet to watch season 2 of K-on but the first one kinda disappointed after the new character came in so I was hesitating. Is it that much better than the first?

My favorite cute girls show is tamayura but that is really just a biased opinion since I was a photography nerd in my high school years and this anime is using it as plot device. Btw this was meant as a subtle recommendation haha.

An0nim Sep 22, 3:02 PM
Hahaha. Well, I guess different society provide us different experience but feeling isolated from others is still the same no matter where we live in. The different may be only in the source of the isolation (its form) and/or weather we could cope with it or not. I can see how it is feel to be bullied for physical appearance but my experience wasn't exactly the same as yours. In high school I got bullied because I didn't follow how teens' style back then such as I didn't follow the trend, didn't smoke, didn't talk much, didn't have a hairstyle (only cut the entire my hair 1 to 2 cm long), and was old fashioned in dressing. I guess a group tend to be interested to someone different from them, though how the form of their interest isn't usually something positive. On the contrary it tends to be in a discrimination form. I changed my style for social pressure that time (the 2nd year in high school) which made them stop bullying me but it didn't mean I could fit in, lol. I still pretty much busy diving my own mind. I could only feel connected to my (ex-)girlfriend and two my close friends with whom I spent a lot of time together.

I stopped drawing around 2013 and never tried to draw again since then. Sometimes when bored I subconsciously draw some lines at a paper though, mostly if I dive into my thoughts. Well, I believed I was good at it, I don't know if I was really good at it or not. I believed that I was good at it because my teachers and relatives praised me for my drawing; my friends also usually said something like that; and when I was teaching math in some school for my 3-months service, all kids wanted my drawing and I gave out them all even thought I didn't manage to scan those drawing before hand. But the thing is, I never thought that they might praise me only because they didn't want to hurt me by saying the truth. I mean, my drawing may never as good as I used to believe. To make it be something to get money from, I am not sure because drawing is like my escapism rather than my passion. To be honest, I don't know which one it is. I realized this confusion of mine after looking back and questioned if drawing was really my passion or not, and I found that I never had any style as an artist. When I was a kid, I mostly drew beautiful landscape with one house standing it and sometimes I drew beach with some people there doing different activities. In high school I mostly drew patterns for frame and started from 2nd year, it was more about buildings and rectangle shapes. In university, I drew manga instead. Though I believed I was good at drawing rectangle shapes compare to anything.

I see. what did you draw back then? Never think to draw again?

Eh? why suddenly taking a psychology class?

I see. Well, you have experienced isolation so I guess you'll somehow relate to it and may end up liking it :)
Glad to hear you find it suitable for you, hehe
assyrian Sep 22, 1:35 PM
An0nim Sep 21, 9:22 PM
Btw, you want to try SEL :O
Hehe, what makes you want to start them I wonder?
An0nim Sep 21, 8:17 PM
I mean their anime in this season is all about male characters in their club again xD

Thanks for your story and kind words.
I really appreciated it :)

Well, I have been a pessimist since long time ago that it's hard to change that now. I used to be a really confident kid when I was in elementary school. I was really good at math and usually got three highest score in overall score in the class and my parents and adult praised me a lot for it. I tended to learn by myself and thanks to it I usually was far forward compared to other students, but on the other hand I rarely communicated as I usually dive deeper and deeper to my own mind and really felt isolated from others even when I was in the middle of a group. This caused me socially anxious and affected me psychologically. I was starting philosophizing when I was 14 (even though I didn't know what philosophy was). I questioned many things, especially when my score dropped and I lost praise that I liked to hear. Once I failed and failed more, I started to see myself far from the perfection figure that adult usually saw me as, and in result the only thing I could be proud about was I was good at math and drawing.

I started to realize that I was such a pessimist when I was 18. I didn't believe I could pass the national university entrance exam for mathematics education for unknown reason even though I really believed in how good I was in math and other science compared to other students. After attending the exam, I cried a lot of times and begged to my mom to let me continue my study at private college where one of her relatives had a high position. I didn't believe I could pass the exam. The announcement came out and I passed but I didn't believe it at first. I kept checking the announcement again and again for a certain interval time because I thought I might only be in delusion. Only after checking the announcement the next day, I could believe that I passed the exam.

That's said, I speculate that my pessimism comes from my perfectionist side. As a child who was considered as "perfect" in adult eyes, I really liked the praise I got. But the more I failed, the more I lost the praise, the more I was afraid of failure and the more I didn't believe in my perfection while I see that perfection as the only thing I could be proud of. As I get used to failure, I don't afraid of failure anymore but this has turned me into pessimist one. "I think I can't pass it, ah... let's play game instead", "hm... this should be finished at 9.00 oclock. I can't make it in time, let's just watch anime instead".

But strangely, I have a really high confident in my math skill or other skills that I know I am good at (even thought I am actually not that good at it) which makes me be someone who usually procrastinating in doing something I am good at. "ah, this is a simple task, let me do it later, I promise I could make it in time".

I overestimated myself in some task I think I am good at which makes me a procrastinator. But on the other side, when it comes to something that I think I am not good at, I am really an extreme pessimist, a nihilist (it's meaningless to do it, I'll not do it right in the end anyway) I would say. The reason why I still have no job because the only think I believe I am good at is teaching math. I am not good at talking so I believe I couldn't pass interview which is the reason I never applied to any jobs because I believe even if I applied I would never pass the interview section. There was a time I applied to be a teacher in a private school, but soon I saw there was an interview section. Then I threw my sim card so they couldn't contact me for the interview section. This national exam for teacher doesn't have an interview section, which is the reason I apply.

Strangely though, that I know myself very well but I still couldn't deal with my perfectionist or pessimist side. Maybe because I believe I couldn't deal with them in the first place. I hope someone could believe something if he usually said "I believe blablablabla". But no, to believe something, it's not that simple. Bandura, one of my most favorite psychologist (I used his theory for my bachelor thesis), said people believes is influenced by their past experience, social comparison, verbal persuasion and emotional state. Sadly, past experience is the strongest factor among them which couldn't be changed. Hehe

But yeah, I shouldn't let myself in this state like how you fought your pessimism.

Hahaha many new words for me (English new words and the latin) XD. I need to use google to know them.
I see, you are good at it (biology, animal and latin terms related to them)
Just be honest :P
emdasher Sep 21, 6:31 PM
Yee get nothing and yee shall return to the Earth whence you came vile beggar
emdasher Sep 21, 4:14 PM
Boomer is a mindset, don't ever call my sweet literaturenerd a boomer ever again. I will
literaturenerd Sep 21, 11:39 AM
Don't mind Poseur. He is a resident troll here on MAL that likes to pose as an incel. He's actually just an edgy Indian teen who LARPS as an incel. If he shitposts too much you can just banish him to the designated street.