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Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
Watching 6/49 · Scored -
Tokyo Mew Mew
Tokyo Mew Mew
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
Watching 30/52 · Scored 8
Digimon Adventure 02
Digimon Adventure 02
Yesterday, 2:16 PM
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Koisuru Asteroid
Koisuru Asteroid
Sep 11, 3:40 AM
Reading 30/? · Scored 7
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Sep 11, 3:40 AM
Reading 81/? · Scored 8
K-On! Shuffle
K-On! Shuffle
Sep 11, 3:40 AM
Reading 16/? · Scored 7


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amanitvam Aug 22, 2:55 AM
that's why im rather inclined to believe all the conspiracy theories that are circulating online (like this is all a made-up plan, experiment if you want, fear-based to check how responsive people are to such situations and measures; or tryna hiding a bigger blast that we aren't even aware of yada yada yada) i mean, those make more sense than the news that im not even watching. totally outcasted? yes

mhm, i do, and what i also like is males-sport-anime :D

i have troubles sleeping when it's too hot, 'cause you keep rolling around your bed but the warm air just won't let you rest :v how did you manage doing that during the day, when i heard the sun reached 50degrees, unless you have an airco to keep you chilled
my dad just went downright to the "kelder" and spent his time there :D i switched in the living room and mom (she seemed the most fine of us all) but thanks god is all over, look at the fresh week that's awaiting us, 20-23degrees is just ideal and our beloved rain-san

i skipped this season's seasonals, at first i was like "id watch around 3 or 4, but then idk i ended up not following any at all" until 3 days ago, i suddenly felt this wistful feeling engulfing me and god of highschool was my go-to seasonal. actually a reason why i've chosen it is bcs it's a korean manhwa based animation, and last season i checked tower of god (same case), im sort of intrigued to keep an eye on this new trend, ngl
as for sexy commando hahaha if it impacted you to such extent- well ill let you know if i start it. thanks tho! :)
for now i want to finish some of the older ones that i kept on hold for decades :< can't wait to dig into my ptw-list that's been yearning for my attention for centuries (yes, very dramatic scenario :D)
amanitvam Aug 17, 5:03 AM
nearly half a year later and the situation hasn't changed a bit :D it's as if we talked yesterday lol "we're still all in this mess together" lol

i wonder what sport anime i was watching back then.. ahiru no sora i believe, and i also started slam dunk, both basketball anime, there must have been another one during spring.. i checked on mal seems like ANS was the only one airing. can't blame me for forgetting, who knows what was i thinking back then :D

remember the heatwave from a week ago? survived? i barely did. while july was super chill, august had to be an asshole :v yeah i can't stand the heat, and couldn't be much productive either
also, i haven't watched anything for a month, reason why i haven't been hanging around much
watching anything? i somehow stumbled upon this dude recommending you sexy commando, idk why i added it to my list- reviews are nice and for a good laugh, why not- did you check it out?
assyrian Jun 18, 8:05 PM
I told you to watch it for a reason. Its a masterpiece.
Liddo-kun Jun 3, 11:24 PM
Galaxy Angel Rune

honestly, I've only watched episode 1 of season Rune. Actually think it has better animation style than the original. Although for some reason I was not able to continue watching it anymore. Nano Pudding is really cute!

Liddo-kun May 31, 11:42 PM
long time no talk. :)

noticed that you finished Galaxy Angel Rune.

did you enjoy watching it?
assyrian May 29, 7:27 PM
same as always. just living the life.

please watch sexy commando
Poseur May 28, 9:20 PM
I like few digibro videos tho
assyrian May 24, 10:56 PM
Konradikon May 19, 12:04 AM
Sounds like the government was reactive and ill-prepared with the whole situation as well. I read they're counting the suspected ones as positives, which is quite an overestimation, especially if they're now suffering from any chronic condition that's nothing to do with the virus. The outrage is pretty justified.

Added with politics, and it's simply a recipe for disaster. We already have positive cases here since January, but it wasn't until halfway through March when they finally decided to put us under lockdown. Far too late for everyone's comfort, and it's really frustrating they downplayed the pandemic. We've needed mass testing for so long, but only recently they admitted that there hasn't been any plans yet, and now they want to pass it to the private sector to deal with their fuck-ups. They wasted 2 months for nothing. They took more time and dedication to get a TV network shut down.
Konradikon May 14, 10:22 AM
Now you mentioned Morocco, would it be somewhere along the Atlas Mountains? Because I know that place is very very ancient. Are you considering Antarctica in one of the places you wanna visit? And yeah, I've heard about the illegal poaching in the Gobi. We wouldn't have known what the Deinocheirus actually looked like, but luckily, they managed to find one of the missing parts from a collector. Quite a peculiar dinosaur.

Man, I was a bit surprised we'd be having a typhoon in the middle of the month. It typically starts around June, but seems they're now likely to form much earlier. Several times I've experienced them, but so far, only one had caused considerable damages. We still have more than enough supplies to get through this as well, so no worries there.

Are the cases going down there? Looks like a good news if they're now slowly opening up establishments. Also hoping those insects aren't mosquitoes :P

That anime seems interesting enough, so I'll try to give it a watch sometime. Hopefully soon, though I can't promise.
Konradikon May 14, 7:44 AM
Was all the digging done in Belgium, or did you travel as well to another country like Mongolia, particularly in the Gobi, which is a goldmine for fossil hunters?

And I'm doing so-so tbh. We've been under quarantine for 2 months and it's been extended yet again until the end of May. There's a typhoon coming towards us by tomorrow, so I'm expecting the worst.

Hope you're doing fine during these times, man.
Konradikon May 13, 12:05 AM
Seems I haven't asked you this before, but have you gone to an excavation site before to dig for fossils?
Poseur May 1, 12:41 AM
Finished K-on!

Like most, at first I thought K-on! was a moeblob show. This is something else, evoked many emotions (:

Yui, Mio, Ritsu = great characters. Mugi isn't half bad. Azuza is worst
Liddo-kun Apr 28, 6:14 PM
Galaxy Angel

the original was a great success when it aired on tv years ago here in my country. Two episode were aired each day. Ane believe it or not.. when the tv station decided to change the two episode to B-Daman and BBdaman, there was an outrage of G.A fans in their forums. They were forced to let one episode of G.A remain each day.

season 2 is not so good though. But you might still like it.
Liddo-kun Apr 26, 4:40 AM
haha, nice to see you're also watching Galaxy Angel. Had plenty of fun watching that anime years ago. ^^