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Apr 20, 2023
Psst, hey kid. Yeah you. You fancy some old school anime and like dinosaurs? Oh boy, I got something for ya'. This movie comes from the late Shoutarou Ishinomori; author of Cyborg 009 and Gilgamesh that was released in July 1979. You probably haven't heard of it before. Why watch over 1.000 episodes of One Piece when you can watch this masterpiece and get your hopes and dreams towards the future get shattered in a million pieces! Let's go!

Story: 4/10 Bad

What story? Oh, you mean this story about a bunch of kids are taken to the end Cretaceous Period; (the Maastrichtian) to be exact by ...
Sep 28, 2022
Idol Project (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This anime comes from the source of a visual novel, more specificly the second visual novel Idol Project 2 for PC back in 1995 because there are in fact at least two visual novels of this so far I've done my research. I don't know if those are translated in English, but I assume they are not. Don't count on it; I have pretty much zero expierence with reading visual novels in overall.

This OVA is done by Studio OX. If you haven't heard of Studio OX before, fear not, I got you covered. It's founded by Atsuhiko Sugita in 1985, Studio OX was originally a ...
May 12, 2021
I haven't written a fully revieuw for a while now. Not that a most of people read these reviews anyway, but I feel like talking about Houseki no Kuni for a bit and how I want to express my vision and feelings and how I think about it. Since I work in a geology related museum, I'm surrounded by rock hounds on default, so I had to watch this anime sooner or later so I finally did. So how do I feel about Houseki no Kuni or in English Last of the Lustrous? It's pretty good actually. No, I won't bore you to death with ...
Sep 26, 2020
A lot of the reviews of this show that I've seen have been largely negative and I know exactly why that is. They're just like Kazuya in a way. Full of raging hormones & almost no treu life expierences. I should say what I think about it. However, keep in mind that I've seen plenty of these romantic comedy before and I'm also on average a bit older then the average user on this site so keep in mind I'm seeing it through a lens that's possibly different to some of the other users here. Keep in mind I'm trying my best not going into ...
Jan 30, 2020
Will Hideaki Anno ever figure out how to end an anime? Legend says even today he still probably haven't figured that out. We'll see whenever the final rebooted movie(s) comes out of this franchise. After watching the main anime I had low expectations when I started to watch this entry what to expect next.

Did you know that the Japanese have a term for that small period of time when a man has clear thoughts after he ejaculates? It's called 'kenjataimu'. I don't know about you, but Anno Hideaki really should have rubbed one off before even thinking about in creating this alternative ending in ...
Jan 24, 2020
I'm sure anyone that's been into anime for some quite of time have heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion and how many people seem to praise it like it's the best thing ever invnted since sliced bread? Yeah, I finally decided to watch it aswell and if I may be honest; I'm not really a fan. Settle down, settle down, I know I can't please everyone. There's a lot things that are just plain wrong with this show, so put on your plugsuit and get inside the robot just because I told you so:

Story: 2/10 (Horrible)
The story as a whole is an abolute mess. It really ...
Sep 23, 2019
Mixed Feelings
To think Ayane-chan High Kick should have been a complete series, but the producers behind this didn't had the money to contineu this series or just didn't knew how to handle money and/or there was no intrest aswell. Kinda of a shame for being their first debut as a studio. Apparantly it was intented to have six episodes. Someone with a lot of money please build a time machine and go back to 1997 and sponser this anime project. It was pretty OK actually. Good enough to share some own thoughs with this, just to give Ayane High Kick a bit more love that it ...
Sep 22, 2019
Do you want to feel nostalgic how bad ecchi anime can be but you're not motivated enough to see a full cour ecchi anime series and just want to watch a single episode of something lewd? Don't worry, papa Timz0r-senpai got you covered. How about watching the single episode OVA advertisement 'Asa Made Jugyou Chu!' or in English called 'See Me After Class' that came out Spring 2012 that apparantly came bundled in a special edition of the third volume?

Story: 2/10 (Horrible)
What story? With a single episode there's not much story to work around, but apparantly it's about a young boy that gets mistaken by ...
Sep 11, 2019
Lucky☆Star (Anime) add
Is that a 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' reference?

Back in 2007 when Lucky☆Star started to air in Japan, I would not like this anime. Back then in 2007 I had other things on my head rather than talk about anime and consume Japanese animation for entertainment. But now in 2019; about twelve years later I finally got around to this show. Yes, I did liked it.

Story: 6/10 (Fine)
Story wise it's pretty average to say the least. We just follow four young girls from around the same age their lives. Slice of Life fans would love this, but if you don't, like I did twelve years ...
Sep 1, 2019
Karyuudo Fansubs delivered us in may 2019 something that all Transformer: Beast Wars fans around the world would appreciate; mainly the final chapter of the Japanese spin-off of the Transformers Beast Era: Beast Wars Neo series that aired in Japan. Now this is a sequal of the anime series Beast Wars II, so if you haven't seen that one, chances are you're better of watch that one first before you start this one just in case to prevent confusion. Sure, we all know the Transformers franchise only exists for purely one thing; 'to sell toys', but that doesn't really bother me. I still have ...

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