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Sep 11, 2019
Is that a 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' reference?

Back in 2007 when Lucky☆Star started to air in Japan, I would not like this anime. Back then in 2007 I had other things on my head rather than talk about anime and consume Japanese animation for entertainment. But now in 2019; about twelve years later I finally got around to this show. Yes, I did liked it.

Story: 6/10 (Fine)
Story wise it's pretty average to say the least. We just follow four young girls from around the same age their lives. Slice of Life fans would love this, but if you don't, like I did twelve years read more
Sep 1, 2019
Karyuudo Fansubs delivered us in may 2019 something that all Transformer: Beast Wars fans around the world would appreciate; mainly the final chapter of the Japanese spin-off of the Transformers Beast Era: Beast Wars Neo series that aired in Japan. Now this is a sequal of the anime series Beast Wars II, so if you haven't seen that one, chances are you're better of watch that one first before you start this one just in case to prevent confusion. Sure, we all know the Transformers franchise only exists for purely one thing; 'to sell toys', but that doesn't really bother me. I still have read more
Jul 25, 2019
"If you only have bad expierences with people, you would assume all humans are bad."

That was one of my first conclusions when I watched Elfen Lied for the very first time when I was around 17 years old and honesty, I would agree with myself still today.

Today it's a celebration because on July 25th 2004 Elfen Lied started to airing Japan and we can celebrate today the anime adaptation Elfen Lied's 15th aniversary. The usage of internet we know todaycompaired with 2004 was still very 'primitieve' to say the least back in 2004. There was no Youtube or social media, the rise of podcasts that read more
Jun 28, 2019
7 Seeds (Anime) add (All reviews)
Oh dear, a Netflix sponsered anime. What in Earth could possible go wrong! By the looks of it; a lot!

Story: 3/10 (Very Bad)

From a post-apocalyptic survivalist shoujo manga written in 2011 with 35 volumes and 177 chapters, we get a (possible two) part 12 episode anime adaptation from Studio Gonzo. This review will focus on the first season. It pretty much boils down that all gouverments worldwide select a bunch of people to put in a cryonic freezer because they know a giant asteroid will collide into Earth, a mass extinction occurs and some humans that were put in the freezer are just seeds read more
Apr 3, 2019
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ten years ago, on April 3rd 2009 an anime started to air in Japan that rocked your socks off with it's intro song (and ending song), while also tons of people have gotten moe diabetes. That's right, I'm talking about K-On! I remember very well that I took a long time distance from this anime just because back then I just didn't liked the Slice of Life genre in general because in my point of view back then the SoL genre was nothing but just plain boring. Back then I was 20 years old and I was in a huge crippling depression because of persoal read more
Mar 31, 2019
What kind of nutjob you have to be if you start the Fate series by not reading the eroge visual novel because you know you have to commit about 100 hours into it for the full story and it never really officially appeared in the west iether, plus it contains very lewd things in it or watching the 2006 anime series Fate/Stay Night by studio that contains very comedic fan-sub quotes like "People die when they are killed." and jump straith trough 'Today's Menu for the Emiya Family' or let's call it "Fate/Flavor"? In a way, it makes sense. You see, in the Fate/Stay Night read more
Mar 28, 2019
Let's take a memory trip back to 1999. The 20th century was about to end, the movies The Matrix Fight Club, American Beauty, The Sixth Sense came out and my own country got hit by the dioxin affair which I still remember very well. Strange times indeed. But the genius Miyama Noboru started to publish the manga called Cambrian, which eventually got 4 chapters adapted into a 2 episode mollusk bonanza hentai from 2005 with some flavored tentacle rape from the assumed Cambrian period. Since I'm covering now the manga, this is NOT a hentai at all. Sure, since it got adapted as a hentai read more
Feb 12, 2019
Ever since I've seen Zombieland Saga in during anime season Fall 2018, I felt a bit embarrassed because I liked 'an idol anime' and I felt later browsing trough MAL's database for other idol anime I eventually wanted to see next for that similair expierence. One of these shows is Love Live! School Idol Project that came out in 2013. It was just after a fellow MAL user suddenly updated his MAL page that he had seen one episode of this show, gave it a 1 and dropped it (as a joke), it really made me curious if it really was THAT bad or not. read more
Feb 12, 2019
"What? Haibane Renmei only a 6 out of 10? Nail this guy on the cross!"
It's still a positive score. Deal with it! Yeah, I already can tell I will make a people get angry for only giving Haibane Renmei only a 6'. Let me hear me out:

Story: 4/10 (Bad)
Let's be real; nothing really happends besides getting bombard by symbolism of our own expierences as a human being in modern times in the first half of the anime. Those first few episodes are spent with Rakka being born, the pains and confusion of growing up while followed being forced of trying to find a job and read more
Feb 12, 2019
Don't judge a book by it's cover. That's what I like to say first to grab your attention. If you like cute anime girls that transform just like they do in mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime in a Slice of Life setting with a small pinch of Tournament Arc and you're familair with the anime diabetes from of Studio Doga Kobo, why not give Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic a chance?

So what in tarnation is this Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic you might ask? It's actully a standalone spin-off of from the original Luck and Logic which is based on a card game read more