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Choukadou Girl ⅙
Choukadou Girl ⅙
Yesterday, 5:49 PM
Watching 8/? · Scored 9
High School DxD BorN: Yomigaeranai Fushichou
High School DxD BorN: Yomigaeranai Fushichou
May 24, 8:46 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Gaiden: Oozora no Harukaze Hikoutai
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Gaiden: Oozora no Harukaze Hikoutai
May 24, 10:06 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Liddo-kun 4 hours ago
Hmm, I could be wrong.. but are you the person I'm to about Date a Live III?

Well, I'm now on episode 7. :)


And Chou Kadou still being funny this week. ^^
Liddo-kun May 19, 7:29 AM
hmm, I need at least 2 more episodes to decide a favorite since Subaru is very new. A little sad it's just a short time in the isekai video game world where Nona is human sized, did not even see her stand beside Haruto all that much in that world.

It's a neat concept that the dolls come packaged with basic knowledge from their own world, but are ignorant to some basic things in the real world like how people have a relationship, things like those.
Liddo-kun May 19, 1:57 AM
Nice. You've caught up with Chou Kadou. :)

Do you have a favorite character in the show?
Liddo-kun May 12, 6:50 AM
I see. So it's typo. :p

Anyway, I highly recommend Hai-Furi (High School Fleet), since you've liked GuP.
Liddo-kun May 12, 2:35 AM
And lastly, sorry cannot relate because I don't know what game is PuG? Is it similar to World of Tanks?
Liddo-kun May 12, 2:31 AM
As for favorites. We are the same on the history team. They're crazy enough to put flags in their tank, which has consequences... one poster in another forum said his grandpa who is a british veteran enjoyed watching that battle with the St Gloriana. Although i have no proof on the credibility of the poster.

Another team I liked is the mechanics team. And favorite tank is the Tiger P! Without it.. the 1 vs 1 in the final episode cannot happen. ^^

Liddo-kun May 12, 2:26 AM
Haha, nice to hear that.

I guess you might know already. Noona's seiyuu is part-russian. Which is why she can speak the language well. :)

One post I saw when this anime was airing.. is that on China on a food house there.. GuP was airing, then it happened some real WW2 russian vets saw the episode where Oorai team fight with Pravda. The russian vet enjoyed watching and even happily drew some sketches on how the "germans" were encircled. Although after it was explained to him that the schools were only acting roles.. the vet asked why no real russian in the anime. The story seems credible enough to be true.
Liddo-kun May 9, 6:47 AM
Hmm, just dropping by... and wow, so you've already finished GuP. Nice, looks like you enjoyed it. ^^
Liddo-kun May 4, 7:39 AM
As for 7-nin. Sorry, had to back out of it after reading the summary. I finished a harem with a delinquent guy lead just some months ago. And I don't feel like starting a new one so soon. The anime I finished is about a delinquent guy put into an all girl's school with swords, and he had to fight them in order to not die.
Liddo-kun May 4, 7:35 AM
And I use Firefox. Yeah, I use the rude loli. xD
She has only caused the pc to restart 2 or three times, because opening multiple tabs in firefox sometimes causes my pc to freeze...

In case you want to see more of Internet Explorer. The rest are here.

The manga is easy to follow, because each "chapter" is just one page. :)
Liddo-kun May 2, 6:12 AM
Just sharing a sad manga about an outdated web browser. :(
Her character design sort of reminds of Aqua from Konosuba.

Chapter 1: Install Google Chrome

Chapter 2: Firefox

Liddo-kun May 2, 6:12 AM
Uchi no Maid

anyway, the show seems to be made of some good stuff since plenty of people enjoyed it. :)



Thanks, don't know about that. Might check out when I run out of things to watch.



In the end. The japanese zeros are simply no match for the USA hellcats. Well, I'm sort of glad the USA won since the defeat of Japan allowed more freedom for it's people. I have a strong feeling that anime would not have been allowed to be created if Japan stayed Imperial Japan. :p


Goodluck with whatever it is you're busy with in real life. ;)
Liddo-kun Apr 26, 6:34 AM
Chou Kadou Girl

Yeah, should not take long indeed.

I watched all 3 episodes in one day. :)


The decision to watch the anime in full is the right decision imo. There were plenty of debates in another forum that I post in while the show was airing.. particularly on the mall visit episode where someone wants to abandon Yuki for being noisy.. then other people try to defend Yuki because it's not her fault, and she has a pyschological trauma.

I won't spoil anything in the manga, since you might pick it up somewhere in the future.


Isekai Quartet

Enjoying it so far. Have not watched Tanya, but not a problem at all.. the anime is still fun. I appreciate the Youjo Senki characters, even if have not watched their anime.




It's nothing like Asuka, that's for sure. But it has a charm of it's own. You're welcome.


Uchi no Maid

Ah yes. I remember this anime. It's good enough character designs... but it has the fatal flaw of trying to please people with muscle girl fetish.. ok, don't get mad - I'm not saying you have that fetish. The animation is well done, particularly the loli running down the stairs made me laugh. however.. sorry I cannot last beyond episode 2, as muscle girl stuff shoved into my face every episode is something I cannot stomach. Dropped, but given a decent score of 6. Thanks for the recommend.
Liddo-kun Apr 22, 5:24 AM
Cross Ange

this anime is in plan to watch if I run out of things to watch.

ah, I see. Sailormoon? It's an old favorite. And some guys I know in real life won't admit to watching it on tv, but I know they watch it. :p

And some last things about cosplaying.. there's a few conflicts actually. For example, most cosplayers I know DO NOT WANT you to wash their costume if you borrow it.. because certain detergents can deteriorate the color of the fabric. This comes into conflict with my friend MJ-cat, as she does not want to wear something that "smells bad". The solution to this problem is we just ask politely if a costume has been washed if we are borrowing it. Another thing with wigs.. our Kotori Minami wig was practically ruined when the one who borrowed washed it the wrong way. And lastly, when in conventions we always split up as we have different objectives.. although I always keep in touch with them on my cellphone.. just in case they encounter a perv and I need to act as a bodyguard. So the life of cosplayers is never simple. xD

Chou Kadou Girl

Just about to start watching this. Currently getting episode 1. :)

Fairy Gone

Just realized that the lack of any form of comedy is one of the things that killed this show for me.


Gakkou Gurashi

Oh, nice. So you like the show too.

Are you also following the manga? I'm far into it.. but won't tell anything, since it might spoil you on things you don't want to know yet.
Liddo-kun Apr 19, 4:20 AM
Fairy Gone

This was created by P.A works, a studio that I respect. A few years ago I enjoyed True Tears drama anime from them. And later, when I showed Tari Tari also created by P.A to a friend.. that friend enjoyed, eventhough Tari Tari is not an action anime.

I wonder what went wrong with Fairy Gone? It's somehow just not interesting. Or maybe P.A is good at creating drama and slice of life, but not action anime? o_o