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Well If you're looking for a similar animation/art style to that of Bakemonogatari, Nisekoi is there to save the day! Well also they're both harem. That's there too.
report Recommended by thedeviousfiles
They both have that same trippy style (Bakemonogatari's is more pronounced) like scene cutting, slow motion shots, soft color backgrounds, off colored objects (like blue desks or green background characters)... Basically I watched Nisekoi for maybe 5 minutes before I asked, "Was this made by the same guy that made Bakemonogatari?"
report Recommended by montana830
Both shows from SHAFT and with the same art style, which I personally completely love. Araragi and Raku have quite similar personalities, always helping everyone, which gets them quite a noticeable harem. These shows also have really interesting and enjoyable characters.
report Recommended by spirit12
Similarities: + Shaft animation in a high school setting anime + One guy surrounded by several girls, some who like him and some who are annoyed by him + A little action, but there's more of a focus on the character interractions and the unique animation style that goes with it all Differences: - Bakemonogatari is much more focused on psychological stuff and talking, plus it has a strong supernatural element where Nisekoi involves gangs
report Recommended by Asfaria
It's made by the same company I believe. The head tilt, the unique art style, and completeness constantly remind one series of the other. However, whereas nisekoi is a rom-com focusing heavily on the love life of the protagonist, the monogatari series is more of a fantasy that often shifts focus points between the main character and the characters around him.
report Recommended by fishworld96
Both have similar levels of comedy, although Bakemonogatari is focused more on mystery, while Nisekoi is more romance-based. Both use similar art styles, with similar unorthodox camera angles and presentation. And in both anime, the MC is the cynical narrator.
report Recommended by skraeling287
- Both Anime has the quality,style,slowmotion,cutting,and color background are the same. - Both anime has a cute girl and the main characters are very similar.
report Recommended by worldadventure
If you like Shaft's animation and as well the same atmosphere like Nisekoi. Check it and try Bakemonogatari or even watch all the sequels and prequels of this series, since both were made in the company. Some Camera Angles are the same Bakemonogatari and the slow motion shots. The only difference is Bakemonogatari, the anime is 90% dialogue and 10% action, because Bake is centered in character's interaction. Nisekoi is just like the normal anime with little convo and more in action, so if you feel like having the same atmosphere like Nisekoi give a shot for Bakemonogatari.Don't worry the art is similar on both   read more
report Recommended by miochan21
Well they are both made by Shaft so the animation is similar but that's not all! In both shows you have your sterotypical tsundere, a cute and shy girl who's afraid to admit her feelings, a crazy lovesick yandere, and a wing girl who backs up the tsundere. Bakemonogatari is a more psychological, supernatural theme while Nisekoi is mostly comedy and romance but both shows shine in their own ways.
report Recommended by kyle8998
The indie themes are prevalent in both series', if you enjoy unorthodox animation themes this may be enjoyable.
report Recommended by Meew2