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Bakemonogatari instantly reminded me of FLCL from the first episode. The quirky story and seemingly nonsensical dialogue are an almost perfect fit, but what really does it is, for me, is the somewhat full blast sexual overtones that FLCL was rather comical about. I'm not saying it's a bad anime but it is really interesting and slight bit confusing if you don't really pay attention. If I had to say which is better, Bakemonogatari wins hands down. The artistic stylizing and story depth make it a better anime by far.
report Recommended by Demonwynd
There aren't many anime that can be considered in the same league as FLCL in terms of artistic achievement. Monogatari certainly comes close. But its not just that. While there are a million other things going on in both shows at their core they are about maturing through discovering love and heart break. While they aren't incredibly similar they are both of such rare quality and do share enough thematic elements that a fan of one should be sure to check out the other.
report Recommended by Hoax415
The main characters are brought into this craziness very unique girls. As for the feel of the animation, the scenes will possess very quick flashes of randomness. The backgrounds are amazing and the dialog has the very same hollow but precise feel.
report Recommended by Hisashikun
FLCL is one of the wackiest show from the first half of the 2000's. Well, Bakemonogatari is one of the crazyest show's from the second half of the 2000, and both will often keep you wandering what the hell is happening in front of you. Bakemonogatari, different from FLCL, has some creepy and serious moments. Watch'em both if you still haven't :D
report Recommended by andredrezefilth
Both FLCL and Bakemonogatari capture slices of real life with nonsensical-on-the-surface metaphors. From seeing the end of the second episode, I thought to come here. FLCL and Bakemonogatari fit together perfectly. From what I've seen, they're both anime you appreciate for their quirky or bizarre perspective on serious issues in the human condition. Both experiment heavily. Neither should be given skeptical or realistic treatment. In short, FLCL and Bakemonogatari have very similar feels in their art styles and in how they discuss their subjects.
report Recommended by TypeOfCicada
These are both very deep yet still mindbogglingly entertaining anime. It is always difficult to guess what will happen next but that is the nature and pride of these two contenders. I'd also have to say they have a bit of a similar taste in humor. But hands down these are both wonderful anime that should be given your immediate attention.
report Recommended by KirasNote
Both Bakemonogatari and FLCL have a story with a ton of allegory. To understand the meaning of the story you should not look at what is presented to you on the surface level, but what meaning is inferred. I would say FLCL is more about pre-teen and pubescence and Bakemonogatari is more about teenage life. Both are good if you enjoy this style of storytelling.
report Recommended by datanimeboiii
Both stand out with their style and presentation. Both are about "mysteries". While "FLCL" is more comatose and random, "Bakemonogatari" is more easier to follow and has more content (more character development, more story content).
report Recommended by mamoru1san
Both have a teenage male protagonist that gets mixed up in the first episode with a supernatural girl with crazy powers who fights weird monster apparitions with him. There's also a lot of insane visuals and fourth wall breaking storytelling and insane humor. Both also have a very memorable and iconic soundtrack and and overall similar aesthetic.
report Recommended by HOBOCOMA
They both have some sorta strange atmosphere from them. I love them both, and they're both pretty random. I'd say that FLCL is much more fast paced than Bakemonogatari is, but if you like the Monogatari series, then you'll probably like the weirdness of FLCL.
report Recommended by Reislastbraincel
Both of these are odd and unique anime that are similar, if that makes sense... FLCL has less waifus tho lol
report Recommended by TempuraKun