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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
If you like one of these male leads you should enjoy the perspective of the other. While Yuhari is really starred by the main female instead of the main male the females have a lot in common in terms of being independent, strong and confusing for the males to figure out.

Both shows feature limited but well developed for 12 ep anime series supporting casts.

Bakemonogatari is basically the more supernatural (Yahari is pretty much just another HS anime) and higher quality in every way version of Love Comedy but if you love the type of characters the leads are you will still   read more
report Recommended by Hoax415
Both with witty dialogues and monologues, if you enjoyed either series you'll definitely enjoy the other because of the well-crafted dialogue between the two main characters. Seeing their relationship grow and their abusive banter is really amusing. I would've loved to see their relationship go more deeper like Bakemonogotari but the love triangle was amusing enough.
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Thick dialogue from the very fleshed out male and female protagonists. Both plots primary revolve around character driven events that illicit deep conversations that are meaningful, serious, and sometimes just plain witty/hilarious. Also there are some camera angles in Yahari that are very eerie to the monogatari series
report Recommended by vasplar
Similar character design and setting. Both series involve meaningful conversation about life, friendship, and values.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
In both series, the main male protagonist seems to have similar personalities and possesses a rather indifferent outlook on others and life itself.

However, he meets a girl who is mysterious, elegant, and has strange interactions with her. These usually comes from the various dialogues and tones in the words used.

Both series also has school life setting and events happen that often gets the main male protagonist involved. There's also a similar atmosphere in both series that sometimes becomes more and more interactive especially with the word plays/dialogues.
report Recommended by Stark700
Main characters are extremely similar in both their nature and interactions with each other
report Recommended by Kopta
Shows in which the female leads possess sharp, biting, sarcastic tongue, truly shining examples of "100%-proud-0%-cute" (tsun-tsun) tsunderes. The main draw of these shows come from the witty, cleverly delivered dialogue between main characters.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both male leads are philosophers of sorts, slowly revealing their complex worldview to the audience by way of monologue, both engaging in fascinating battles of wit with a sharp-tongued female lead.
report Recommended by shigeru212
Loner protagonists that go on long winded rants.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
What I noticed in both animes, is the character personalities. Male lead and female lead in Yahari are almost complete copies of the main leads in Bakemonogatari in my opinion.

Yahari is not supernatural stuff though. Only thing similar is that they're in highschool (what anime isnt?) and the characters are very similar.
report Recommended by maroonsheep
Both of the series focus a lot on the dialogue overall. Furthermore, they are both quite psychological and the main issue is to help others out with their problems. Along the way, they help themselves out as well. With the vibes of romance being present in both, as well as just-that being quite unique and special, they successfully take us on a ride that's something more.
report Recommended by Subpyro
The two anime have the same cheeky, if I may, remarks. I love the OPs of both of them—some of the most memorable ones I've ever listened to. The love triangle is quite interesting and humorous, though the romance definitely could have gotten deeper.
report Recommended by akaraC
Both have witty and interesting dialogues and both MCs have a similar outlook on life. Even though not much is happening, the show never gets boring. Heck, both main characters even have the same piece of hair sticking out of their head.
report Recommended by mushroomlee18
Both have the same witty banter thrown back and forth, ice queen female mc's.

Different in other fronts; might even be the polar opposite. Araragi is the white knight while Hikigaya is the dark knight, an interesting parallel. Like Supes and Bats. Truer in more ways than one.

Also, Bakemonogatari is the archetypical example of style over substance with slight surrealism while Oregairu is in some ways a deconstruction/parody of highschool harem anime and simultaneously tries to provide insight into social pyramids/hierarchies using HS as a medium.

IMO, Oregairu is much more layered and worth rewatching more than once   read more
report Recommended by Deiger
100% exactly the same setup, but Oregairu has less ecchi, less supernatural stuff, and overall less quality, but so long as you don't compare it them at every turn, if you enjoyed Bake you will enjoy Ore. Also, Yukino and Senjougahara = Same characters.
report Recommended by Vinum_Sabbathi
Monogatari series and Oregairu have one major thing in common. Characters.

Character development and character interaction are the essences of these two brilliant anime. These are the two main reasons that I enjoy both series so much. The gradual change in character, the interactions that thread word play and philosophy through them and just the overall brilliance of the writing.

First of all, the main character (Hachiman and Koyomi).
Both male, both have ahoges, both have sisters etc.
However, the main connection between the two is the fact that they will try and save everyone else, even at the cost of himself.
/> The female leads (Yukino and Hitagi) are also very interesting characters.
Through various situations, they become closer to the main character. They are strong and independent females that seem to be cut off from the rest of world. Yukino was cut off from society due to her beauty, Hitagi isolated herself due to her "disease".
Both of them enjoy making fun of the mc, however there are definitely positive feelings towards each respective mc.

Another similarity between the two is the setting.
Common in the world of anime, these series are both set in high school where youth is at it's height. Worries of a high school student such as friendship, love and graduation.

Family situations play quite a large part in these two.
Every character has a different family situation and these family situations have quite a large effect on each story line.

On to music.
MONACA (a music production studio) produced the beautiful OSTs for both of these anime series.
Nagi Yanagi has also sung for both series. In Bakemonogatari, she worked with supercell as the guest vocalist for "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatar" (Bakemonogatari ED). In Oregairu, she produced the singles for both seasons: "Yukitoki" (S1 OP) and "Harumodoki" (Zoku's OP).

Last of all, voice actors and their acting.
I believe that each and every single character in both of these shows has the perfect voice actor/actress. The voice acting for the characters is perfect.

I thoroughly enjoy both series and I re-watch both series nearly on a daily basis.
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report Recommended by Avoklan
Both anime have a female lead who tries at being genuine with her actions, but is so socially inept that it leads to a dialogue driven plot
report Recommended by lmisohax
I found many similarities between the two shows:

- both feature an independent, strong-willed female character who is the MC's love interest
- they contain witty and funny dialogue between MC and the main female
- both feature the MC helping out various others in an arc format
- MC's have similar isolationist personalities (and an ahoge hairstyle)
- both contain MC's inner monologues quite frequently

If you liked the comedy and dialogue along with the characters of one show, you probably will like the other.
report Recommended by Shion