Bakemonogatari, Sankarea Recommendations

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MC's both deal with the supernatural quite well and it makes sense considering their outsider status. The main females are both beautiful and strange, giving the romance plots similar feels despite the stories and themes of the shows being quite different. Both shows have ecchi elements but in a more sexy and mature way (esp in Monogatari's case) than most anime can manage to pull off.
report Recommended by Hoax415
My goodness its hard to believe that studio deen made such a nice looking anime (sankarea) that it almost look like Shaft made it (people who made bakemonogatari). The animation is so alike with bakemonogatari being more uppaced with its scene changes and being a bit more unconventional but this show to (Sankarea) looks like it has alot in store for us.
report Recommended by BebeHillz
The main characters are somewhat similar in personality. The style of the show is also quite similar, although Bakemonogatari has a serious plot with comedy spread throughout, whilst Sankarea has a serious plot in the beginning and comedy at the end.
report Recommended by Lanthanum
Both has that same atmosphere where they talk about some awesome stuff that I can't describe very well with an awesome music in the background . Watch first few episodes of both , you will feel the same way . Also the artwork .
report Recommended by Barizz
These to anime have a very similar pace and atmosphere. They both deal with the supernatural, and helping the main love interest with a sort of supernatural ailment. The artwork is similar in both. Also, the main characters are similar in the way they talk, and in their random perversion.
report Recommended by Chavinton
Characters deal with the supernatural with a similar atmosphere and artstyles, featuring fanservicy shots. Dissimilarities One has a focused straight normal relationship, while the other is pretty much "harem", think about that. Bakemonogatari doesn't show nudity like Sankarea's level, but the latter shows 25% less fanservice in quantity. Bakemonogatari mostly focuses on "arrebations" and vampires. Sankarea instead makes it's direction into zombies. There's a mystery involving on each character on Bakemonogatari compared to just one in Sankarea.
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
That's a little...troublesome. Both main characters develop a relationship with quite the troubled weirdo, both their relationships are involved with rather intriguing supernatural phenomenons, too.
report Recommended by blank