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Dance in the Vampire Bund
Bakemonogatari and Dance in the Vampire Bund have the following similarities: - both deal with supernatural (vampires); - both have a slow-paced romantic storyline full of intriguing twists; - both are created with the participation of Studio Shaft; - both share a similar artstyle and atmosphere, so if you've enjoyed the one, you'll probably like the other, too.
report Recommended by Arrvilja
The animation style of Dance in the Vampire Bund reminded me of Bakemonogatari instantly.
report Recommended by KateSince88
Both deal with vampires and a fast-healing protagonist. Also the art and most of all the animation are really similar (though Dance in the Vampire Bund makes it more subtle).
report Recommended by Cairen
Both of these anime are about vampires and the relationship between humans and the supernatural. Some of the characters are also similar (Akira and Koyomi; Mina and Shinobu) So, the main character lives a normal life, but then suddenly finds himself mixed up in the world of the supernatural. You can expect the same kind of humor in the dialogues, and also the way the stories are told, and just the entire feeling you have while watching are similar. I think that if you enjoyed one of these, you'll love the other too.
report Recommended by Shiura_Aoi
both shaft anime( similar art style) both are supernatural romance storys that will keep you wanting more each episode <3. Both have crazy fight scenes and kinda touch areas that are somewhat taboo ! I would rec this anime to anyone who liked any of the monogatari series
report Recommended by bloodiemonster
If someone tells me this anime is an Bakemonogatari arc, I would be convinced. -Very similar mood, artstyle, storytelling. -Shinobu, enough said.
report Recommended by Okarus
Two great animes focused on the supernatural, The similarities are many, even blond loli vampires who change to a "boing" form and as if that were not enough, both are made by shaft.
report Recommended by AbsoluteXandy
Dance in the Vampire Bund is exactly if a person like Shinobu got it's main role for another anime, and it does it's job right: - Both by Shaft, have a plot dealing with the supernatural and some fearsome characters. - Action's evident on both, but it's more noticeable in Vampire Bund. - Aside from similar Shaftiness (widescreen intros, quick camera cuts and awesome cinematography), they also share good amounts of drama and fanservice. - Telling the differences, Bakemonogatari is more mysterious and weirder and deal with more supernatural beings, and Vampire Bund is less dialogue-focused, so you'll focus more on the whole action than people mostly talking in   read more
report Recommended by SatoChudoku
Dance in the Vampire Bund will be very enjoyable for those who enjoyed SHAFT's Bakemonogatari series. The two animes are STRIKINGLY SIMILAR, and it's sad how Dance in the Vampire Bund was overlooked when it is equally as good as the Bakemonogatari series in my opinion. - Identical high-quality animation and sound, with unique art style (both produced by SHAFT around 2010) - Identical relationship dynamics (vampire & her servant, male protagonist has loyal human friends, specifically one smart girl with an unrequited secret love for her mysterious classmate) - Very similar setting / circumstances (the city at night, the high school at day) - Nearly identical characters   read more
report Recommended by zoiek