Bakemonogatari, Durarara!! Recommendations

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Both shows are visually stunning, filled with interesting characters and fresh. Their plots are also both strange; however, Bakemonogatari's is more episodic, whereas Durarara!!'s starts off episodic and comes together about half way through.
report Recommended by owlf
This more likely recomendation between whole Durarara and Monogatari series Both give feeling while watching like "what's going on?" Even if the theme is different they still have similar vibe Durarara (as almost one centered story) rather explains things while Monogatari (leading to main plot with various stories, centered on different people) does it in more difficult way
report Recommended by Darkuszow
I think is that this anime has something that reminds Monogatari series. Durarara!!! has a captivating story, with a wide range of characters. The "bad" guy is FREAKING ARARAGI. So if you like a good anime, weird art, different characters and good old plot twists, Durarara!!! is for you...
report Recommended by LSTGR
- Both animes develop many characters - The burlesque dialogues are similar between the two series, although it is more excessive in Monogatari. - There are also characters with extraordinary abilities.
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Both shows have supernatural elements and a slow but steady progression. While Bakemonogatari is divided into 5 arcs (with each arc focused on a definite character), Durarara!! starts by introducing the characters and their background and eventually everything connects throughtout the show with some crazy and unexpected development. Furthermore, in some episodes of Durarara!! Hiroshi Kamiya (as Orihara Izaya) is the narrator of the story, which heavily reminds Araragi's narration in the Monogatari Series (Araragi Koyomi has the same voice actor as Orihara Izaya).
report Recommended by AhmedFisherman
Several main characters with related intrigues. Supernatural phenomena in an urban and modern environment. A lot of narration and dialogues with an atypical staging. (Durarara's OPs and camera movements in Monogatari) Many mysteries in the main characters.
report Recommended by nareva__
Both shows are very unique with an unpredictable story, many mysteries that sorta connect with each other and strange, supernatural elements (though Bakemonogatari has more strangeness than Durarara). There are also a few seiyuu that worked in both shows such as Miyuki Sawashiro (Kanbaru & Celty), Kana Hanazawa (Sengoku & Anri) and Hiroshi Kamiya (Araragi & Izaya). While the plots can be quite confusing, Durarara plot is easier to follow than Bakemonogatari.
report Recommended by TheKawaiiToon