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centauro Dec 5, 2016 10:17 AM
Hopefully things will get clearer to you soon ;)
Oh God, you should sleep more :O ahah! How can you even stand? I would be already dead if I were in your shoes :D
Yes, I also have a lot of friends I would never tell things straightly...they just wouldn't understand or simply they would call me crazy or mentally ill :P oh well, I'd rather have fewer and more trustful friends to be honest ;)
I'd really love to watch anime with you, if you're not tired. I mean, if you say that you need to go to bed sooner, I can totally understand you and we can watch anime on another day. Please don't be afraid to tell me that, you know that your health is more important to me than everything else :)
If you want to watch some anime, what about a couple of eps of Rocky Joe and a couple of eps of FMA? I'm open to your suggestions otherwise ;)
centauro Dec 5, 2016 5:55 AM
Hello my darling ^^
I'm really fine, thank you for asking. As a matter of fact, I've just arrived home from school and I've just had lunch ;) are you still attending uni's classes? Last time we talked about this topic, you told me that you didn't know how to cope with it...hopefully your plans are a bit clearer now :)
Last weekend was fine, I didn't really do anything special to be honest...well, I guess that there will be more exciting times in the future ;) you're really super busy, aren't you? I hope that work won't be too stressful to you; I mean, every work has its ups and downs, then I'm cheering for you and maybe this will give you even more strength to overcome this hard time ;)
Like you, I also loved the past eps of Kiznaiver. Honestly I can't add much more to what you already said :P Maki's mood was represented very well and some moments were really touching. If any other character happens to have such a good presentation, this show might turn into something really good :) and yes, I'm perfectly aware that you love characters having dark secrets, because I also do :P Don't worry my darling, your definitely aren't definitely weird, at least to me, because I can understand your feelings very well :) but I think that your attitude is very positive: I trust people like you much much better, because people like you know how to create much deeper bonds with the few people they're completely open to ^^
Oh God, your colleague really looks like a big trouble to both you and your co-workers :/ can't your chief do something about her? It's pretty unfair that you have to work much much more because of her behaviour...Hopefully you'll find a solution!
As for the next time for our anime, don't worry too much, I'll be waiting for you to be ready.
centauro Nov 15, 2016 11:01 AM
Don't worry darling, it seldomly happens to me as well ;)
It would be nice if we could watch Before the Flood together :)
Great my darling :) We can start watching anime at 9 then ;)
centauro Nov 15, 2016 8:17 AM
Don't worry my darling, these things happen from now and then ;) I'm not a stern person by nature, but I'm slowly becoming can call this as "survival instinct" :D ahha! Work is going very well otherwise ;)
I have dinner out quite often, especially because my friends usually pick restaurants as the place to celebrate their birthday ;) in my country it's really common for people to have dinner or lunch out, it's simply considered as an informal way to break the daily routine and spend some time with friends :)
This is the first time I've heard about Before the Flood :P I haven't watched movies for a very long time, I guess that I should pick up new titles soon :)
As for tonight watching 3 eps of Kiznaiver sounds great ;) shall we start at 9 pm?
centauro Nov 15, 2016 5:23 AM
Good afternoon my darling :) I've just had lunch and it feels nice to reply your message once again ^^
I'm very happy to know that you took some relax with your friends the past days :) you work so hard it's really important to you ;)
As for me, I'm fine. Work has been quite hard today, especially because some pupils of mine didn't behave very well today :/ such things happen quite often, maybe a bit too often, but yeah, this is part of my work as a teacher ^^
FMA's op and ed are simply amazing in my opinion: they have that nostalgic vibe I can't help loving :) like you said, both the op and the ed enhance the epicness of this show ;)
Yes, I had a good weekend, thanks for asking ;) I went out for dinner with some friends of mine, because one of my friend celebrated her birthday :) it was nice!
I've just watched the video you linked to me: omg it's really nice! The soundtrack from Hans Zimmerman is gorgeous and some scenes are truly spectacular :) you know, I always get very emotional whenever I watch images of pure and sheer natural beauty: somehow it makes me sad, because I can't accept the fact that the human race is slowly destroying his environment, but on another hand the nature is so majestic it makes me forget about it soon :)
centauro Nov 9, 2016 9:09 AM
Good evening my darling :) I'm doing fine, thank you, what about you? Please excuse me for such a late reply, but I've been busy the whole day XD at last I can take some rest now, while I'm writing this message to you.
I didn't watch the US elections last night, but when I got the news today at school I was both upset and sad about how things are going on in politics nowadays. I agree with you, a guy like him should have never taken the lead in any sound country, but, after all, are the US really as sound as we expect? I think that politicians always reflect their voters, then probably US citizens need and deserve ignorance for now. I'm sorry for being this straightforward and harsh, but I've never trusted US politics to begin with, so Trump's election simply confirms my idea that things are really messed up now. But who knows? Maybe Trump will do great things and maybe Hillary Clinton is much worse than him and the US citizens did the right thing at voting Trump instead of her. I don't know...personally I would have loved to see a woman as a president in the US. We'll see what happens, but, like you, I'm afraid that things for both US and us (please excuse me for the pun XD) won't go really well...Let's try to be optimistic for now ;)
FMA is excellent: there are so many interesting points in each episode, I actually can't help being excited about the future :) Mustang must have an important role in the whole story, but light must still be cast on too many things in order to make the story clearer ;) This is one of those precious shows (like Berserk, Utena or Neon Genesis) where every little detail makes a huge difference in each episode, then I'm really looking forward to it. So far FMA is the best show we're watching together in my opinion.
I'm liking Kiznaiver so far: it has that weird character and setting design from Trigger that adds a little pepper to almost everything :) The show is enjoyable, it has a good pace, but I just hope that it will develop faster and that it won''t become too repetitive in the future. The addition of the seventh Kiznaiver might make things a bit funnier ;) The characters are nice, but my favourite one so far is Tenga, because I find that he has a less sterotypical mood than the other characters: he looks so tough and manly, but he's the one that cares for the group the best and I feel like he's more fragile than what I think....Maki looks like a very intriguing character : I liked the part where she almost raped Yuta in the latest episode, it made her seem much different from what I expected. Sonozaki surely looks like the girl in Katsuhira's memories and I'm curious to discover the strange bond that thies them. As for Messenger, don't worry, notifications don't work some times :/
Ahah! Building a pc isn't really that complicated: you just need to pick the compatible parts (fortunately there are a lot of useful websites for this purpose) and have fun putting all of the components together ;)
centauro Nov 7, 2016 1:55 PM
Good evening my darling ^^ You may think that it's a really strange thing, but I've been thinking about calling you tonight for quite a bit XD it's funny how things go in life...I was thinking about you and I got the notifier from MAL :) it's been so long since you last sent me a message here, so I was really amazed. It felt so good to watch an anime together again ;)
I'm happy to know that today was your day off, I strongly hope that you took advantage of this to get a bit of relax, besides doing chores :) As for me, I'm really fine ;) my workweek started really well, I'm really really satisfied with my job ^^ it's really tiring sometimes, but it's really rewarding ^^
I started loving FMA since when I first saw the preview of the first episode and, guess what? I'm still loving this anime now :) everything you said is so true, it almost feels like your opinions were said by myself ;) This show has such a huge potential and I feel like every ep has really something more to tell about Ed and Al. So far I have no expectations on their true story (even though part of it has already been explained) , but like you said, I also feel that this show is going to leave us speechless somehow :) I frankly can't wait to continue watching this show with you, it's been so long since I last wanted to watch an anime this much ;P
Thank you for the recommendation darling, honestly I heard about that movie quite a lot of times in the past, if I'm not wrong :) Those kinds of movies that don't have a linear and coherent development are absolutely my favourites, I love them :) I'll surely check Requiem for a Dream out in the near future ;)
Oh wow! I didn't know about this laptop, but yeah, it's a great news :) I replaced my laptop with a new desktop computer (I built it myself :P) some months ago (I'm actually afraid that I didn't tell you about this sooner...): it has a very large 144 Hz Full HD screen and it's great for both gaming and watching things. I'm loving it :) one thing I also love about this screen is that it can also be deployed vertically, which is absolutely amazing for either writing or reading documents. Ahaha! Yeah in case it doesn't show enough, I'm really satisfied with this new build of mine XD then I can totally understand your excitement about your new laptop. It's really great when you buy a new thing and it's so good it immeditaley makes you forget about you were using previously. Sometimes it's normal to wonder: "how could I not buy this thing sooner?"
As for me, I didn't do anything special in the past time: I hung out with some friends, I studied and worked quite a lot and I bought myself some clothes and some things. Oh, yes, I forgot about a very important thing: I bought a precious and amazing collection of the works of Italian literature in 35 volumes!! I'm going to need a new library for those, infact I'm thinking about moving away from my parents and get myself a flat where I can live ;)
centauro Apr 19, 2016 5:34 AM
Good afternoon my darling ^^ I'm very well, thank you, what about you? Ahah! Yeah, actually I didn't really buy this new bike of father is supposed to give away this bike for free to every customer who spends more than 400euro in his shop, but since nobody has spent so much so far, he let me test it out :) hopefully he will let me keep it ;D I took a little ride yesterday and it was great! The bike is very comfortable and solid, even though it's quite heavy, then when the wind was blowing against me yesterday, it was really hard to move fast XD I'm sorry to know that your bike was stolen :/ things like this happen way to frequently in big towns...I hope that you'll get a new bike soon :)
Don't worry for me, I could sleep very well the past days ^^ Knowing that you can also sleep well makes me feel much better ;)
It's true that the story didn't progress in the previous ep of Kagewani, but the mysterious person controlling the monster and preventing it to eat the innocent young people is a new thrilling element in this show ^^ I can't wait to discover more about this individual! I like how each ep always brings something new to the setting :) Now that you make me think about that, Kimura really had a weird look on his face....I wonder whether things stand like you said! It's one more reason to follow this show even more closely ;)
I also really liked Mayoiga. The tension in some moments was really strong and it was nearly impossible to be bored thanks to all the things happening to the characters ^^ the immense cast of this show might have a great potential in my opinion :) I'm expecting some development in the relationships of some characters, like between Maimai and Mistumune, which would be great :P but I hope that the eeriness of this show will be more important than love affairs, I'd be disappointed if this show turned into a twisted sort of love drama :/ ahah! Please excuse me, it's not like I don't like love dramas, but I think that the horror/psychological aspect should have the priority in this show :D We're slowly getting to know more and more details about the characters; at the beginning every character just seemed super weird, but step by step we're discovering the reasons why some characters act like this. I like the direction this show is taking :) I absolutely agree with your views on Koharun: she seems a very intelligent person, but somehow I can't help thinking that she might be involved in what happened to the village...she knows too many things and the e-mail issue sounded fishy to me ^^ I don't know, but I can't help wanting to watch more eps of this show right now :D one more thing: I'm bewitched by the ending ^^
Bungou was funny once again and I liked the fast progression of the story :) When Atsushi put his body on the bomb, I was really afraid that he let himself blow up, but then I remembered that the orange-haired guy was part of the agency, so the twist of the joke wasn't a secret anymore to me :D It looks like we came to know the main villains of this show, which is also a good thing. So far the mood of this show hasn't got me yet, maybe because there are too many male characters :'D ahah! Well, we'll see what happens next ;)
I'm really loving Kiznaiver: the fast pace, the wird setting and the crazy actions are amazing and yes, it's impossible to not relate this anime to both Kill la Kill and Tengen Toppa. These shows share many aspects :) from the point of view of the artwork, this show also seems quite close to Akame ga Kill: when I first saw Sonozaki's eyelashes, I couldn't help thinking about Esdeath ^^ I liked the way all of the characters were forced to confess their deepest desires and when Chidori and Katsuhira confessed their desires I almost felt like my heart was melting :) The way the ep ended soon after Maki's confession was a great cliffhanger, even though her confession could somehow be understood from the previous scene. Like you said, it's safe to say that Sonozaki really has some connection to Katsuhira after all; I loved the part when she moved her face close to Katsuhira and asked him if he got any reaction: if I had been in Katsuhira's shoes, I would probably have blushed like crazy XD ahah! one more thing that's bugging me is what Chidori said: according to her, Katsuhira used to be a funny and lovely person when he was younger, but then he changed a lot. I can't help wondering what event may have caused this change within Katsuhira :) I'm really looking forward to the continuation of this show!
As for tonight, what about one ep of Conan, one ep of Joe and one of Prison School? If you wish, we can add either one ep of Seitokai Yakuindomo ova (, I honestly can't remember the last one we watched together) or one ep of Fullmetal Alchemist ;) Please let me know ^^
centauro Apr 18, 2016 5:49 AM
Hello my darling ^^ I'm doing great today, thank you for asking. I've just finished setting up my new bike, I'm looking forward to try it out this afternoon XD what about you instead? Did you sleep well? I only slept 3 hours tonight :S I don't know why, I was a bit anxious....this morning I wasn't tired at all though ^^
I liked Kagewani. Like you I also feel like this season will bring us more info on the monsters' nature and I'm really looking forward to it :) What you said about new monsters popping up in each ep is so true, it's really good how each ep builds a great eerie mood without being identical with the past eps. Frankly I didn't expect Kimura to come out alive from last season, I wonder how he could survive....There are open issues about this show, then I hope that it will satisfy us ^^
Mayoiga is building a really great mood of tension and mystery, which I can't help loving ^^ I have to say that these past eps stroke my heart a bit too hard, but I can't say that this is a really negative thing :D The characters are really a lot, so far I think that this show has the richest cast among the shows we watched together :O I love shows having a lot of characters (take Baccano! for instance), but the main problem is always the same: will any character have an important part in the story or will some characters be left behind? Considering the short length of this show, I can't expect a lot of characters to have a decent screen time to be honest :/ Well, as far as both Maimai and Nettaiya and Yura have enough screen time, it's fine to me ;) ahah! Yeah, I know, I sound a bit too unfair now XD still the moment when someone knocked the window of the bus made me think about this story a bit...maybe is anyone plotting against the group of our characters? what about the people that disappeared from the village? The amount of unknown material is big enough for building a good show in my opinion ^^
Like you said, the previous ep of Prison School had a good touch of both humour and touching moments, it was actually enjoyable to watch :) At this point of the show I'm expecting the boys to take revenge on the girls of the student council, even though I would like to see the girls punish the boys a bit more XD ahah! Pardon me, I know that I sound boring XD but you know, I always like shows where females take advantage on males, especially when it's done in a non-too-violent way ^^
I totally agree with you on Conan, the previous ep was really nice: it was surely among the best eps we watched till now, in my opinion ^^ For once we saw Conan explain the murder without using a disguise, but it was great to see how Conan was able to persuade the dentist into confessing her murder to the police rather than send her to prison immediately. He could see through her thoughts very well and he understood that the reason why she killed her victim was partly justified. I'm looking forward to more eps like this one ^^
As for tonight, watching those eps sound great! I can't wait :) Thank you very much darling, and good work to you too!
centauro Apr 13, 2016 11:22 AM
Thank you very much my darling, I also feel really secure whenever I talk to you ;)
Ahah! No please don't think that you're weird for not liking BL :D My opinion is surely biased towards yuri (for obvious reasons XD), but I think that I can grasp your thought. In my opinion the main problem of BL lies in the obessive repetition of behavioural stereotypes of the characters; on the other hand yuri is much less predictable and more sincere in my view :)
Well, to be honest I'm not really sure that it was Banba, but for now I can't think of anybody else :) if it was Kimura, it would be a great twist ^^ We shall discover more in the next eps!
Ahah! Yeah, you know me too well, Sonozaki's sadistic mood is actually what made me fall for her :D Oh God, those Gomorin absolutely gave off a bad aura of mystery to me XD I think that they represent the weird world of Kiznaiver really well :)
Oh God, please don't remind me that song....the mere reminescence makes me shiver like a baby XD I don't know, like you said, the possible readings of what's happening in this show right now are a lot, and I can't help being excited for what has to come :) I'm a bit scared of the next eps :S ahah! XD
Great! We can start watching our anime at the usual time then ;)
centauro Apr 13, 2016 6:58 AM
Good afternoon my darling ^^ Please don't apologize for not replying last night, as always I should have texted you much earlier XD my fault! Thank you very much for all the kind words you told me, you know that I really love them <3 I want you to know that I'm also by your side whenever you feel like talking ;) I'm happy to know that you're doing a bit better than the other day. It's a great thing that you'll have some extra time to rest, please don't overexert your body :)
Ahah! Yeah, Bungou's ed really gives off a strong BL vibe, it's undeniable :D I'll try to overlook this little BL aspect, I can't deny that the story and the setting of this show triggered my interest ;) I'm not surprised at all that you're also not interested in BL :D ahah! Oh well, no problem if you are though, I know that a lot of girls love that, but I'm aware that your taste is superior ;)
Oh my God, the new shows left me speechless in different and yet positive ways!
I definitely had your same impression when I saw the new character in Kagewani :O ahah! I blindly believed that he was going to be our next hero, but this show startled us by making him die a little later :) as for the character in the prison, I'm almost sure that it was Banba, I honestly couldn't think about anybody else...We'll see if this show will surprise us again :) I'm relieved to see that this show is still keeping up with the same good vibe and ideas it pursued the past season. The ep you mentioned was really great, but I trust that we'll see some more good things coming from this show. Hopefully ^^
Like you, I also think that Kiznaiver's concept is really interesting. This aspect plus the diversity of the characters and the typically weird setting from Trigger makes me inevitably look forward to the continuation of this anime so bad I can't resist ^^ Katushira's visions looked to me as his memories rather than his dreams, but I guess that the crazy setting of this show could change our perceptions and our ideas very quickly :) I also couldn't help seeing a rsemblance between Sonozaki and Katsuhira's dream girl, even though the vibe and the overall timbre of her voice sounded really different to me. I already love Sonozaki as a character; I like how she acts all mighty and seems to enjoy taking advantage of the characters' weaknesses ^^ Maybe what you said about her being a pawn is true, but I still need to sort things out of the show at the moment, I just can't wait to know more about the characters :)
Oh God Mayoiga...I'm going to be clear now, the beginning of this show is easily one of the weirdest and most captivating I've ever watched. I swear that this show shook me so hard I could barely fall asleep last night XD Ahah! I don't want to sound overly excited, but everything about this show sparkled my mind: the multiple characters having different inner struggles, the unfathomably eerie mood (when Mitsumune had his vision I really thought that everyone on the bus was actually dead and that the trip bus stood for the travel to the Underworld!!), the ominous presence of this city called Nanakimura, which noone knows for certain....this show made me feel a mix of excitement and fear it really reminded me of Higurashi, but for how unbelievable it can sound, this show was possibly stronger :) I'm honestly surprised and I can't prevent myself from watching the next ep immediately! ahah! Hopefully the next eps will be a bit less intense than this first ep, or my heart will die ;)
I totally relate to your impressions on Joe. Boxing is surely making Joe an overall better person, even though he still tried to deceive the poor guy, then I guess that we can't call it a real improvement once again...I love how slow Joe's development really is, even though so many things happened from the beginning of the show, it always looks like Joe needs improvement. I love how every new ep of this show brings up something new to the story, which feels neither forced nor out of time...Next ep is about Nishi, but I can't help expecting something great again ;)
As for tonight, those 4 eps sound great, I honestly can't wait for them. Just let me know when you're ready and we'll start :)
centauro Apr 12, 2016 5:06 AM
Good afternoon my darling ^^ I feel sorry for make you worried :S I'm really well now though, I think that I might get even better than before ;) Thank you very much for all your support and your kindness, I really love that <3 I'm strong enough to fight my anxiety alone for the moment and this really makes me satisfied. I usually don't like talking with people about my problems, especially because I don't consider them as real problems in the first place. Knowing that you're by my side makes me feel much safer though ^^ please don't hesitate to text me or call me whenever you feel like, you know I'm always happy to talk with you :) What about you? are your pains a bit softer? Hopefully you're not stressing yourself too much...
I already suspected that Ajin wouldn't end with this last ep, but to be honest I found the ending satisfying. The action moments were really nice once again and this last ep was the perfect cliffhanger for the next season in my opinion :) Now that we know that Kei has some special powers, I can't help looking forward to the next season ^^ I feel like this show has still some things to tell us, then I can't wait XD
I totally agree with you on the beginning of Ansatsu, infact I also had the impression that Kaede's twist was a little forced in that occasion...but like you I also appreciated the following part! What makes me happier about this show is that we're finally approaching the moment when Koro's past will be revealed and I'm so excited for that ^^
The first ep of Bungou was a bit...weird to say the least :D it reminded me a bit of Bakemonogatari at some points, because I felt like I wasn't able to grab the full meaning of what the characters were saying, but yes you're right, the artwork is quite similar to Kara no Kyoukai ;) I liked the comedy parts and the twist at the ending of the ep, which makes me really look forward to the continuation ^^ I expect some Boys Love development in the future, which isn't exactly my piece of cake, but well, thanks God that there are also some female characters XD ahah! Both the op and the ed sound fine to me...they're a bit peculiar, so I guess that I'll need time to get used to them ;)
Ahah! Great :)
I'd love to watch some eps tonight, the ones you mentioned sound great :) Don't worry for the time, please just let me know when you're at home ^^ Have a good day my darling :)
centauro Apr 11, 2016 5:47 AM
Hello my darling ^^ I'm super well, thank you for asking. You know, before going to school today I was a bit scared because I was afraid that my anxiety would prevent me from doing a good job at work, but at the end I was able to cope with my anxiety and my health problems really well and that made me super satisfied of myself :) The past week of total relax definitely helpt me out a lot ;) As for you, I'm sad to know that you had to work so hard :S I'm sure that it must have been really stressing...on the other hand I'm super happy to know that you went to see the cherry trees in full blossom, it must have been a godly sight :) and OMG I didn'y know that there's a Japanese community in Amsterdam :O It's a lovely thing when strangers can integrate with local inhabitants so well in big cities ^^ Ahahah! Oh God, you must have lived an extraordinary adventure thanks to your car, but I'm glad that everything went well at the end ;) and you know, it's great to know that there can always be people that are eager to hep you in case of emergency, somehow this thought always makes me feel like we're never alone, no matter where we're going to ^^ it's just awesome, everyone should learn from this! I'm sorry for your body aches though :S I really wish you a quick recovering the next days, be sure to get the rest you need, my lady :)
Ajin's past ep was really entertaining in my opinion, even though I felt that it didn't add anything valuable to the story, to be honest :/ oh well, sometimes good actions is more than enough ;) I'm curious to see the development in the final ep, even though I can't help thinking that this show will end with a cliffhanger and that it will probably need a second season XD We shall see.
I really liked Boku Dake. So far, I think that the story could have been set up in a different way in order to be more interesting and eerie, but I can say that the ending was solid in my opinion. I appreciated every single moment and every single sentence in the last ep, I really felt like everything was in its right place. The moment I loved the best was when Satoru met Airi though: oh God, I can swear that my heart stopped beating for a few seconds :'( it was great to see Airi safe and sound, but somehow I felt really sad for Satoru, who wasn't able to tell Airi that they were close friends in a different temporal dimension. I thought that it must have been really hard to him....
Conan's eps were nice in my opinion. I definitely loved the gory, horror-like mood of the story, even though I can agree with you that the case looked really simple :/ I still can't understand the importance of the piano wires to be honest, I mean, did Conan ever point that piano earlier? did we even see that piano in the ep? ahah! I know I sound paranoic, but somehow I felt like some details were missing :D
Now that you make me think about it, there really might be some chances that both Lindow and his sister already knew about Johannes' plans. We can't say anything for sure, but this little things stirs my interest up once again :) I hope that the second season will come soon ^^
I'd really love to watch more eps with you tonight ^^ Please just let me know when you can be home and I'll be ready for you ;) Keeping three eps for tonight definitely sounds good as well :)
Wow! Having a Labradoodle would be great for you, I'm sure ;) but yeah, take your time to think about this thoroughly. I don't mean to prevent you from buying a dog, but keep also in mind that you'll always need someone to take care of your dog when you're away, which might be a problem especially if you mean to stay away from home for quite a long time :/ A dog is a wonderful thing, but it's not different from a baby.
centauro Apr 6, 2016 7:41 AM
Hello my darling ^^ I'm fine today, thank you, even though I wasn't able to sleep very well last night :P Your words are really kind and they made my heart much warmer, thank you very much ^^ Don't worry for me though, I'm usually very well, just few days are a bit hard, but so far I can cope with them ;)
Ahah! You really have a very good memory :) what you say is definitely true, even though I said that a dog is very demanding, I'm perfectly aware that a dog gives off such a kind of love that can hardly be compensated by human love ^^ I'll send you a picture of her on Messenger ;)
Ajin's latest ep surely had a terrific artwork and presentation, but I can't help sharing your skepticism about the next two eps of the show. It seems like they'll have to make things go much faster, if they really want to explain the way Kei and Tosaki will stop Satou from his acts of terrorism. I don't know, I still like the setting and the general mood of this anime, but I also feel like some characters were left behind for too long (for example Kei's sister and his friend) and I'm afraid that the intense action might overshadow important details in the story, like Ajin's real nature for instance. Did you notice the look of Tosaki's assistant when Tosaki said that Ajin aren't human being? I really felt sorry for her :( In my opinion there are quite a bunch of things that this show should explain before getting into the action again...At this point I don't know whether I should expect an amazing finale or a second season :/ oh well, I'm curious for the next episode ^^
Boku Dake amazed me once again. I honestly could never imagine that we would see this kind of future. I was startled also by the fact that Satoru is now narrating the story with his child's voice, whereas he used to narrate the story with his adult voice when he was a child; I can't help wondering whether the producers did this thing on purpose (maybe it has some meaning) or was it just a random fact, just to mess with things XD Like you said, this ep also had a lot of emotional moments, for instance I also really appreciated the scene where Satoru's mother washed and took care of his son during the coma, because it showed how much love and faith she had in Satoru's recovering :) Yashiro's role in the hospital now seems a bit forced and unnatural to me, because the producers are clearly doing all this to put the pieces of the story in the right order. It looks like Yashiro is treating Satoru as a sort of a hamster for his experiments, but at this point of the show it's still unclear how Yashiro's plan can be explained in the last ep :/ We can't really know whether Satoru had beeing feigning his loss of memeory since the beginning or was he sincere, but I guess this is a good thing we should be looking forward to in the next ep ;) So far, I'm still excited for the last ep, even though this show lost a bit of its potential in the last ep in my opinion....I wonder whether the show could have been better if they put this part of the story at the beginning, in order to reconstruct Satoru's memories and the truth step by step :/ ahah! Yeah I know, my demands are a bit too high maybe XD Honestly I didn't even notice the detail you mentioned, then your idea might not be so far-fetched after all ;) the problem is that Yashiro's fingerprints would still remain on the Satoru's wheelchair, then a suicide would be quite difficult to explain...ahah! I don't know, what I know is that I'm definitely curious for the last ep, it looks like Satoru and Yashiro will be facing each other for the first time ;)
I really liked Ansatsu's latest ep and I strongly hope that the show will keep walking this route :) like you, this latest ep spiked my interest once again, it was indeed great to know Asano's past at this point of the show. When I think that we've barely reached the middle of this second season, I really can't express my excitement over the things we may know about Koro's past and other details in the story ^^ Even though the first eps fo this season were a bit disappointing, I still have faith that this show has the potential to turn into something amazing towards the end :) We just need to watch ^^
God Eater's finale was a really solid ending to this show in my opinion :) It's not a real ending, since there are many things I'm super excited to see in the next season, if there will ever be any, but the last ep featured really good action parts and it revealed many interesting details that make me want to strongly hope for a second season. Oh God, now that I think of it, you might be right, the huge Aragami that Johannes revealed might indeed be his wife :O and yes, like you I also had the feeling that Lindow might be still alive somewhere: when I saw the cigarettes and the smoke raising from the rocks, I just couldn't help thinking that Lindow was there :) maybe Lindow already knows about Johannes' wicked plans and somehow plans to fight against them ;)
As for tonight, watching those anime you mentioned sounds like a good plan, but I don't know whether I'm at home or not. Please excuse me....I'll let you know ^^ for the moment, I wish you a great dinner at your parents' place ^^
centauro Apr 5, 2016 4:16 AM
Good afternoon my darling ^^ I'm quite fine. Yeah, season change brought me a bunch of little diseases this year: back pain, headaches, stomach aches, flu, anxiousness ecc.ecc. Infact I got the permission from my doctor to stay home from school till next monday :/ this is actually the first time I've been staying away from work so long, I usually don't like staying at home, unless it's for some serious reasons. It looks like I need to stay at home this time XD Yes I have a poodle! She got tired after some time, infact we couldn't stay outside very long, nevertheless we enjoyed the day greatly :) Having a dog is nice and cute, but it really needs a lot of care and time :/ I like walking my dog out and playing with her whenever I can, but there are times when I wish I had more freedom :P
As for our anime, I also liked them.
Yashiro really looks the killer now, but I can't help accepting your doubts. Somehow it feels like there are a lot of things missing :/ why did Yashiro have to kill Satoru's mother in the future? or maybe is that a different person? What's the connection between the crimes happening in the past and the ones happening in the future? I don't know, maybe I'm just paranoic, but there are sure quite a bunch of things that need a proper explanation in the last part of the show. So far this show never failed to amaze me, then I just can't help looking forward to the next eps :)
Ansatsu is following a good direction in my opinion. The eps are more coherent now and we're finally getting some serious development within the story. Like you, I also don't know what to think about the principal, but it's interesting to see him openly facing Koro. I wonder what may happen ^^
Joe was really good once again, but like you I also got really sad when Noriko was rejected so bluntly. A man should never treat a woman this way in my view, I'm quite strict about this kind of rules ;) OMG! That doctor gave me the same feeling you described! He acts so funny it's almost impossible to not think that he might have a connection with Joe. I'm too curious to see the continuation :)
Prison School was really hilarious. Like you said, it's that kind of mindless entertainment that I can't help loving from time to time ^^
Honestly I can't remember if you linked that song to me in the past, but thank you anyways :) I shuld start listening to the songs from this band more carefully ;)
Have a good day at work my darling ;) I don't know if I'm available for some more anime at night, at least for this week, but don't worry I'll let you know ^^