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KateSince88 Dec 5, 2016 10:08 AM
I'm glad to hear you're doing fine dear^^ Yeah, I picked up my classes these past months because I felt like I had to do something again. I'm still not sure how to cope with them since I have no idea if I like to work in that field later in my life. Someday I'll know but for now it's still all a bit unclear :/
Doing nothing special on a weekend can be lovely too^^ Ahaha! Well yes, I'm quite busy actually. I guess I only had less than 20 hours of sleep last week :O There are days when I leave home early in the morning and I get back home again after more than 16 hours. I really, really need some more sleep and time to relax XD Well, maybe in the new year things will be less busy ;) But you know what, work, especially on Saturdays, really gives me energy. I work together with the most amazing persons then and it's always fun that way^^
Thanks so much for your kind words dear^^ I only have maybe two friends with whom I can be myself completely and I can completely let my guard down. I feel very privileged to know these people :) I don't know why, but I have also a lot of friends with whom I shall always have a reserve and to whom I will always think before saying anything.
Ahaha! Yeah, she's a huge problem at work. Pun intended, she's extremely overweight XD There's nothing much we can do about it, this already goes on for years and they've never been able to do more than issue official warnings.
As for our anime, I arrived home earlier than expected so maybe we can watch some eps tonight? If you have time, I'll leave the schedule up to you ;)
KateSince88 Dec 5, 2016 3:09 AM
Hello dear^^ How are you today? I just came home from uni so now I have some time to finally write you a reply :D I have to work again this afternoon but luckily I can relax a bit now!
How was your weekend? Did you have time to relax a bit? As for me, I was way too busy this whole past week and weekend :S And you know what's worse? The rest of December will be just as busy or even busier... Well, there's nothing to do about it, I'll just have to endure ;p
I know it's been a while since we watched anime together, but what did you think of Kiznaiver's eps? I absolutely loved the two eps focusing on Maki and her friend Ruru. The gloomy feeling Maki had felt so real. It was nice to see how everyone tried to make her feel better and help her, but I could relate to her feelings so well. I mean, the fact that she keeps people at a distance because she's afraid to get hurt is something that feels too familiar. I'm always careful when meeting new people and it takes a lot of effort from my side to completely trust someone. I only have a few friends that I completely trust and aren't afraid to share anything with^^ It may sound a bit weird but I just don't open up to people so easy. Ah! We were talking about Kiznaiver XD I just wandered off again ;p Also the last of the three eps we watched was quite interesting. It's revealed now that Sonozaki is indeed the girl from Katsuhira's past. I can't wait to learn more about the relationship between those two and how it will affect the experiment and the others as well^^ I really like these kind of shows where some characters have dark secrets, but I guess you already knew that ;p
Maybe this week I'll have some time to watch some eps. I'll have to look at it day by day though since my colleague, the one who always calls in sick, called in sick once again :S We're all getting extremely tired of this person's behaviour :S
KateSince88 Nov 15, 2016 10:58 AM
I'm sorry for the late reply, the notification email somehow went in my junk folder :S
Ahahah! Yeah, I guess it's inevitable to be a little stern when you're a teacher. I'm glad to hear you're dealing with it the best you can^^
Having dinner or lunch out is becoming more and more common these days in the Netherlands. Celebrating birthdays at restaurants is always great though^^
Before the Flood isn't that old yet, it came out only a few weeks ago. Maybe we can watch it together sometime? It would be great to watch something other than anime once in a while :)
Great! I can't wait for it^^ Starting at 9 is obviously perfect ;)
KateSince88 Nov 15, 2016 6:26 AM
Hello dear^^ I'm sorry to hear your students were hard on you today... I think kids always try to test their teachers to see how far they can go. I know it's easier said than done, but you'll just have to be stern and make sure they understand you're not someone they can walk over. Ahahah, yeah, like I said, that can be quite a challenge :S Is work proceeding well otherwise?
I's great you ad dinner out this weekend^^ I'd love to go out for dinner more, but I'm just too busy. Or when I have time, my friends are busy. It's always difficult to schedule these kind of things. The other night when my friends came over there was one of my friends who couldn't make it after all since he was too busy. Maybe it was a bit sad for him that he couldn't join us, but it was so long ago that we met up that we decided to just go with the three of us. Next time he'll certainly join us again though^^
I'm glad you enjoyed the video I linked you :) Omg, I didn't even know Zimmerman did the soundtrack!! Although it is definitely his style^^ Ahaha now I've come to love it even more! What you say is definitely true though. The way humans are destroying the environment is truly something that has me worried a lot. I still need to see Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary Before the Flood. I feel like it will leave me sad though... Luckily there are a lot of people who really want to make a change and stand up for nature :)
Shall we watch some more eps tonight? How about we watch another 3 eps of Kiznaiver? If you have any other ideas, please let me know^^
KateSince88 Nov 14, 2016 1:28 PM
Good evening dear^^ How are you doing?? I had quite a busy week last week, I had to work a lot and I also met up with some of my best friends over the weekend. Maybe we had a bit too much to drink, but we had fun and that's what matters most :) Luckily I could take it easy today ;)
I can totally understand you point of view on the US elections. I don't think it's harsh what you say, it's definitely true. There's still no guarantee for the future, but I still fear a lot of work Obama accomplished over the past eight year will be lost because of Trump. We'll just have to wait and see what happens...
I agree with everything you said about FMA. Even though we haven't seen much eps yet, I can see why this show is so influential in the anime world^^ I also really enjoy both the OP and ED. They're refreshing tunes which are completely in sync with the show itself :)
Trigger's hand is quite apparent in Kiznaiver. Its unique style is something that works very well for this story. I agree with what you said about Tenga. Somehow he reminds me of Tengen Toppa's Kamina. Let's hope Tenga won't meet the same fate as Kamina... Ahahah! When I saw the scene where Maki almost jumped Yuta, I immediately thought you would enjoy it a lot^^ (Truth be told, I also really enjoyed it ;p)
Did you have a good weekend btw? Ah! I almost forgot! Have you already seen the trailer for BBC's Planet Earth II?? Omg, it looks soooo beautiful <3 Before you open this link, let me advise you something. Put your headphones on, set the volume high and the video on full screen. At some point at the end of the video, the music becomes so epic that it brought, and still brings, tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat^^ I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did :)
KateSince88 Nov 9, 2016 2:50 AM
Good morning dear^^ How are you doing today? Did you watch the US elections last night? I stayed awake until about 3am chatting with some friends over whatsapp. The moment it looked definite Florida would go to Trump, we decided to go to sleep. I don't know about you, but I just can't believe a guy like him is going to lead one of the most influential counties of the world... I really felt depressed when I woke up this morning from my phone's notification stating that he had actually won the elections :( These are going to be four difficult years for America indeed...
Let's discuss some more fun things, like our anime now^^ I definitely agree with you on FMA :) I'm actually quite intrigued by Roy Mustang, he looks like he's truly powerful and in charge, but somehow I believe there's more to him that meets the eye. And why was he present when Ed and Al tried to resurrect their mother? Was it just a coincidence, or does it have something to do with their father perhaps? I'm excited to find out all these things bit by bit^^
Then what about last night's eps?? When started the first episode, it all came back to me and reminded me why I was so intrigued by this show :) I love the whole sharing pain principle and the way the characters are dealing with it. Even so soon in the show, we see them growing closer every minute. As I had suspected, Sonozaki is the same girl as the one in Katsuhira's flashbacks. We still don't know the truth behind the Kiznaivers and what their goals are, but I'm eager to find out. It was also quite a surprise that their teachers are in on the experiment. What on earth could be so important that they deliberately inflict pain on their students and put them in mortal danger?? I really enjoy the diversity of the characters, they are all so very different which makes their interactions fun and interesting to watch^^ The one I'm most curious about at this point is Maki. She seems to be holding on to a very dark secret which I'm eager for to learn more about :) I'm really happy we watched so many eps last night^^ I must also apologize for not replying to you on messenger, I didn't get a notification again :/
Yeah, it's quite possible you've heard about Requiem for a Dream a lot since it's considered one of the best movies within this theme. I've waited a lot of years before finally watching it but I'm glad I did. Had I been younger, I would have probably disregarded a lot of painful truths in this movie. Now I was able to grasp the message this movie gives completely.
Ahaha! Yeah, I'm super happy with my laptop^^ Wow! I didn't know you build your own desktop!! I'm really impressed :D I would never be able to do something so complex myself^^
Buying new books is always something great! Especially when it's such a large collection :D I haven't bought any books in a long time to be honest. I decided to first catch up on all the books that are sitting one the bookshelves unread. Those are quite a lot actually XD
KateSince88 Nov 7, 2016 1:11 PM
Hello my dear^^ Wow it's been such a long time since I wrote to you here. Hell, it's been so long since I've even watched anime... I really loved watching FMA with you the other day, it felt like we never stopped watching anime together :)
How are you doing? Did your workweek start off good? As for me, I had a day off today, which is a good thing since I had neglected my chores a for a bit too long already. I haven't even unpacked my suitcase entirely :S Well, at least I did the laundry already ;p
So what about FMA? I really loved these last eps. If my memory serves me right, the first few eps were about Ed and Al's hunt for the philosopher's stone and their tragic story of how Al got trapped in that armour and Ed got his automail arm and leg. For the eps we watched the other night, I loved seeing how Ed and Al's characters are so different but strangely alike at the same time. The blend of humour and serious parts is perfectly balanced and the show's high pace makes it feel like the eps are over in a heartbeat. I can't wait to get to the point of the story where the first two eps introduced us to the brothers. Somehow I feel this show will leave us speechless at the end. Even though we still only watched 6 eps, I know this show will amaze us^^
I've watched a really good movie some time ago btw. It's called Requiem for a Dream and it's somewhat different from the mass. It's about all kinds of drug addictions and it left quite an impression on me. It's weird and can maybe even be described as incoherent at some point, but the way this movie showed the despair of its characters is unmatched. And it has a soundtrack that is as beautiful as it is ominous. If you have time, you should really watch it someday (if you haven't already ;p)
Ah! And another fun thing, I finally bought a new laptop last week^^ My old laptop was really in need of replacement. I mean, it still works, but it's very slow and gets extremely hot when I work on it. It still takes some time getting used to this new one though^^ My old laptop was 17,3 inches and this one is only 13,3 :) It's a lot smaller, but it's so much easier to take with me. It can just fit in my backpack without any problem and it weighs almost nothing. I'm really happy with it^^
We haven't talked in such a long time, but I'm really happy we did now^^ So what about you? Did you do anything special this past time?
KateSince88 Apr 19, 2016 4:34 AM
Hello dear^^ How are you?? Wow! I didn't know you got a new bike, it really is great when you get to try out new things :D Was everything alright? My bike got stolen some time ago (well, I do live in Amsterdam, so it was kind of inevitable it would happen ;p), so I need to look for another one soon :S
I'm sorry to hear you slept so short yesterday... Were you able to sleep well last night instead? As for me, I'm actually sleeping quite well the last weeks. Which is quite special for me, since I've been having trouble sleeping since forever :/
Kagewani was once again quite good, even though it only introduced another kagewani and the real story didn't progress at all. But I'm quite content with how this show is build, like we discussed last time. I also never expected Kimura to be alive anymore, but somehow he survived and is after Banba again. Btw, did you also notice there was something on his face? Like some sort of mask. Maybe because he suffered a major injury and now he hides it? Or maybe he's also possessed by a kagewani, just like Banba? We'll find out soon enough^^ Also since the total number of eps for this season isn't listed yet, I'm hoping for more than the usual 12 eps :)
Omg, Mayoiga really hit me hard again. Slowly we're learning more about the different characters and the threat that's hiding in the woods. When Mitsumune saw that eye I really got shivers down my spine. There were so many interesting parts in this episode that it flew by in an instant. Valkana's conversation with Koharun for example. The tension was really high that time. As of now it looks like both Dahara and Koharun know the reasons why everyone decided to join the tour. This position of them makes things quite interesting. Also, don't you think there's something with Koharun?? I think there are two possibilities at the moment. One, she's the one who's starting to discover what's going on. She was the only one who was suspicious about the vegetables being in such a good condition. Or two, she's somehow part of whatever is going on. Ahaha! We'll just have to wait and see for ourselves^^ There's also a thing that bugs me a bit. The vegetables were left like someone was still there yesterday, but there was so much dust in the houses, like there wasn't anyone for at least a year. I'm really curious to know what is going on there.
I also liked Bungou a lot^^ The humour in this show really makes me think about Ouran, which definitely is a good thing ;) Now that Atsushi joined the agency, I'm quite curious to see what will happen next. I was intrigued by that last scene where the blonde woman told the guy that the weretiger was found. Judging from the op and ed, I guess that guy will be the antagonist and that he has some sort of connection with Dazai. Anyways, I liked the whole test setup which this ep revolved about. Too bad though that I recognized the 'bad guy' from the op already, so I suspected it wasn't what it looked like. Nonetheless, it was fun to watch. And that guy and his sister are actually hilarious XD
Kiznaiver was also amazing. I mean, for them to be forced to share their deepest secret, was quite nerve wrecking. But what I liked most is that those secrets were completely different. You'd suspect them all to fit into the same category more or less, but while Tenga and Nico's secrets looked quite trivial and humourous, Chidori's and Yuta's secrets were more understandable. But then Maki's secret, omg, I love it when a character bears such a terrible secret, especially when it's a girl^^ I can't wait to find out more about her secret. We also see the girl she killed in the ed right? Also judging from the way Sonozaki acts and the things she says, I think it's safe to assume she has a connection to Katsuhira and his past. What is his true secret that he forgotten about himself? Btw, don't you think this show shows similarities to both Tengen Toppa and Kill la Kill?
It's difficult to say which show I love the most from the ones we're watching this spring since they're all so good so far^^ Ah! I want to watch more eps already, but well, we have to wait for them to come out ;p
Shall we watch some more eps tonight? If you have time, I'll leave the schedule up to you this time ;)
KateSince88 Apr 18, 2016 3:47 AM
Hello my dear^^ How are you doing today?
What did you think of the eps we watched last time? I really liked all of them :)
Kagewani was amazing again. The prisoner was indeed Banba, like we expected. I already feel like this season has a more solid story than the first season. Were we had to search for the real story in the 1st, now it's already quite clear that the Kagewani are after Banba for some reason and that Kimura has something to do with it. I can't wait to see what will happen now that Banba has been captured by him. What is Kimura planning to do with him? What I really like about this show is that with every new episode, we get to see a new Kagewani and still the story doesn't feel to get left behind :)
Mayoiga was also amazing. The whole idea of this lost and abandoned town already gives me goosebumps. God, when the bus crossed the bridge, I could hardly breath, the tension was so high. The are so many different characters that I still need some time to get to know most of them, but somehow I have the feeling that a lot of characters are going to disappear soon, just like the two who are missing right now. And what's with the bus driver? Why did he change his mind? There was someone knocking on the bus window, I'm dying to know who it was. I love how this show is already so mysterious even though we've only watched two eps^^ I love it :D
Prison School was quite entertaining again, sometimes it has great humour which goes quite well with all the fanservice ;) One thing I really appreciated about this ep was the scene where Shingo helped the boy who was being teased. It was quite nice to see a serious and touching scene in this show, even though it was very brief.
Conan's ep was among the best I've seen to be honest. The case was ingenious and it took Conan quite some effort to find the truth. But that's not the only reason why I liked this ep so much. Also the story behind the murder was great. It was easy to feel sympathy for the murderer because the victim just got what he deserved. The best part though was that Conan didn't report it to the police. He could understand the feelings of the dentist so well, that he didn't got her arrested. In the end she went to the police on her own volition. The combination of all the aspects made this episode quite strong in my opinion :)
Do you still have time to watch some eps tonight? If so, how about we catch up with all our ongoing shows? So Bungou, Kagewani, Kiznaiver and Mayoiga? We could also add some more eps if you'd like of course ;p For now, have a good day at work^^
KateSince88 Apr 13, 2016 10:58 AM
I know you're always by my side. And because of this I feel so happy and secure, knowing that I can talk to you about everything^^
Ahaha! I know it's true that a lot of girls love BL, but I just never got the appeal it has on many girls :S Not that I have anything against it, it's just not one of my favourite genres. You know, I like watching yuri/shoujo-ai a lot more. I don't know, those kind of shows often deal with emotions in a more mature way... Ahaha! I guess I'm a bit weird after all ;p
Oh god, we really think the same way XD Yeah, I never expected that reporter to be killed so soon... I also have a strong feeling that the guy in prison was Banba, since he was wearing a same sort of hoodie when we last saw him in that alleyway in the first season's finale, but somewhere in the back of my mind there was a little doubt about his identity. Maybe it's Kimura? Ahaha! Well, for now we should presume it's indeed Banba ;)
I always love it when all these different kind of characters get together, but the way Kiznaiver binds them together is really something^^ And like you, I'm also intrigued by Sonosaki :) Maybe that's because she's kind of a sadist? XD But what's with this weird mascot thingy? Gomorin was it? Whew, when I first saw him, I could't help but think about Paranoia Agent... I know you haven't seen it yet, so I won't go into detail, but there's a character there with some resemblance to Gomorin and thinking back on it, it brings back some peculiar feelings and this weird sensation I also felt while watching Paranoia Agent^^ Ahaha! I didn't mean to be too cryptic XD
Ahaha! Yeah, Mayoiga really is something. It all seemed quite happy at the beginning but still there's this feeling that something just doesn't seem right. And what about that song they all sang? It began so happy and catchy, but, again, it was quite eerie actually. Nothing's really what it seems in this show I guess. And you know what? You might be right in thinking they already died, but they haven't realized it themselves. I hadn't looked at it like this yet, but it might very well be true. Or they're not dead yet, but dying? Wow, so many potential ways this show could develop^^ God, now I can't wait for the next episode :D
Yay :D I'm so happy we can watch these eps tonight^^ I'm already home again, so we should be able to start at our usual time!
KateSince88 Apr 13, 2016 5:15 AM
Hello dear! First let me apologize for not seeing your wishes on messenger yesterday, I fell asleep right after the eps... I guess I was too tired ;) I'm happy to know you're doing so well now^^ I understand why you'd rather not talk about your problems, like you, I also feel I shouldn't bother others with my problems sometimes. But still, I would never consider your problems as a bother so, I know I'm repeating myself, if you ever feel the need to talk about anything, I'm here for you^^ Hearing you say you're strong enough now to fight your anxiety alone, feels good. Whenever I deal with any problem at all, I'm always proud of myself when I can fix them alone :)
Ahaha! Well, my muscles ached still a bit yesterday, but now I'm all better. Apart from a bit of stiffness in my shoulders ;) I don't have to work too long today, so I should be able to get some rest^^
Ahaha! I can understand your reaction on Bungou, but still this show did grab my attention. I loved how we already saw some flashbacks of Atsushi's past. We don't know yet how he ended up in the orphanage, but I'm guessing it has something to do with him turning into the tiger. Like you, I'm also not that into BL (surprised?) but we'll just have to wait and see how things will progress^^ But I agree, the ed gave some sort of BL vibe.
And what about our new shows?
Kagewani just continued with the same ominous vibe as where the first season left off. I can say that from the very first seconds, my interest was piqued once again. At first I thought maybe the reporter would be the new main character and we'd follow him in his search for Banba and the kagewani, but well, he got eaten XD Btw, I absolutely love the ost of this show. Whenever a kagewani comes in full view there's always this eerie music and singing. My favourite in that regard is still the episode with the submarine and the huge sea creature, but this ep also did a great job^^ At the end of the episode though, who was that in prison? Was it Banba? Did they managed to catch him after the events of the first season? I'm really curious for the continuation of this show^^
Kiznaiver was also quite good. I loved how they started with a memory from Katsuhira's past. What I wonder though, was it a memory? Or is it just a dream that's somehow related to his past? I must say that also this show grabbed my full attention. I really like the concept of sharing pain and wounds, but as of now I still don't know which course this show will take. We only got an introduction of the main characters, who are so diverse and all look very interesting, and the concept of the show. I'm really eager to know why Katsuhira doesn't feel any pain and how Sonozaki is linked to all of this. Is she the one who is conducting the experiment or is she merely a pawn used by someone else? As of now she surely is profiled as one of the bad guys, but I can't help thinking that's not all there is to her. And is it just me, or does she share similarities with the girl from Katsuhira's memory?
And then our last new show, Mayoiga. Again, this also looks like a show with high potential. At first I didn't really know what to think when they were introducing all the characters, but somehow it felt strangely eerie. I don't know, maybe it was because we got to see these scenes in between where they were just showing the road... Anyways, I love how everyone in the bus has been through something so bad that they want to start life all over. Everyone seems to have secrets and hidden emotional pains. It feels like the story is about to begin now that they finally reached Nanakimura. Man, when the bus stood at the bridge it felt so ominous, like they were about to cross into another world. I can't wait to see what this show will bring. I guess it'll be quite intense :) Somehow it gives a Higurashi-like vibe^^
Joe also was quite good again. He's doing quite well as a pro with already three consecutive KO's, but he seems to keep using the cross counter every time. Sooner or later he'll probably meet an opponent who will have an answer to that move and Joe will have to improve as a boxer and a person once again. Judging from the whole situation with that other boxer, he's already a much better person than he was before. Now he was able to apologize properly. I could see the old Joe laugh at the situation and blame the other for being too naive. Now he really saw his own fault and he felt sincerely sorry for the guy. The next episode will probably mostly revolve around Nishi, but I'm curious to see how Joe will support him.
Shall we watch some more eps tonight? I only have to work in the afternoon, so I'll be free to start watching at our usual time again^^ If you have time, how about Kagewani, Mayoiga, Prison School and Conan? If you want we can always watch even more eps ;) Just let me know^^
KateSince88 Apr 12, 2016 4:04 AM
Hello dear^^ I'm so happy to hear you're doing fine again. I really was a bit worried about you... It's great you were able to cope with your anxiety so well :D Let's hope everything will continue to go well from now on and know that I'm always here for you if you need me, you can tell me anything.
Ajin's final episode was quite entertaining in my opinion. As things are now, there isn't doubt a second season will be made which surely is a good thing :D I can't wait to see how Kei and Nakano will take a stand against Satou and how Tosaki and his assistant will act. I actually liked everything in this final episode. I loved when Kei grabbed the old woman and apologized to her. The fact that she didn't mind it at all and compared their current situation to a police drama was quite nice to see. She knew this was the only way for Kei to escape and she didn't blame him for even a second^^ Also the fight between the IBM's was amazing. I already suspected Kei might be different from other Ajin, but now that Tosaki knows this, I think a second season might be quite interesting. We still need a lot of answers, but given the completely open ending, it doesn't really matter there are still many questions left to be answered. Let keep our eyes open to any news considering a sequel^^
Ansatsu didn't start really strong in my opinion. When Kaede revealed her true identity, things felt forced. I guess they needed something related to Koro's past to reveal more details, but since I liked Kaede's personality I didn't really liked this twist. But still, the second half of this ep was a lot better. At the end, I felt like Kaede actually longed back to being the person she was the past year, even if it was all an act. Now that she's fighting Koro with all her power with her own life at stake, I can't help but looking forward to the next episode. Let's see if the truth about Koro's past will change Kaede's actions.
And what did you think about our new show?? I must say I enjoyed this first ep of Bungou from beginning to end. The blend of comedy (which makes me strongly think of Ouran) and serious parts really is amazing. The characters introduced in this ep all look interesting. And I always like supernatural shows :D Btw, the artwork made me think of Kara no Kyoukai for some reason and maybe a bit of Psycho Pass also. Anyways, I can't wait to see how this show will develop. We already saw quite a lot of characters in the op, so I'm guessing we'll be introduced to some of them soon^^ Both the op and ed sound quite nice, they're not outstanding, but they look good ;)
Ahaha! Yeah, I know owning a dog is a huge responsibility. I'll just think it through carefully in the next weeks ;)
Are you free tonight for some more eps? I have to work till around 9, but if you'd like we can always watch some eps when I get back home^^ If you're free, how about Kagewani, Kiznaiver, Mayoiga and one ep of Joe? Just let me know^^ If you have another idea for tonight's schedule, I'm open to your suggestions ;)
KateSince88 Apr 11, 2016 4:30 AM
Hello my dear^^ How are you doing? You had to start working again today right? I hope you had enough time to relax these past days :) As for me, I was supposed to have a quiet week, but somehow that didn't quite work out :S Last Friday 3 of my coworkers called in sick so I had to work longer and harder than I expected XD Well, at least Sunday was nice and relaxing^^ Saturday after work I went to see the cherry blossoms in the forest. It's a place where they planted 400 cherry blossoms years ago and Saturday they organized a festival there for the Japanese community in Amsterdam. And this year they also opened for the general public so I went to take a look with my mother. It was beautiful, the blossoms were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. It was too bad though that it was just too busy, but the sight was wonderful. When we walked back to the car we already saw several people trying to push their cars out of grass strip at the side of the road. My mother already got a bit stressed since she was afraid her car would be stuck too. Sadly that was the case :( I asked some other people to help pushing since they were waiting for a tow truck, but even with the help of four other people the car just wouldn't move at all... So my mother called a tow truck and meanwhile two girls came to me asking if we could use some help. They were just walking around and helping everyone whose car was stuck. They already pushed several cars back onto the road. Our car was stuck so deep in the mud that there was no way we could push it out. But there was a couple two cars away who were also stuck so the two girls and I went to help them. Their car wasn't as stuck as ours so with a lot of effort we managed to get the car rocking back and forth and it finally came free! We were all covered in mud at the time, but it was great to get their car out! And what's even better, the couple was so happy we helped them, that they decided to try and tow our car :) And with a lot of pushing and towing our car came also free at last!! We were so happy!! Really, it was so nice to see that everywhere people were helping each other pushing their cars. It makes me realize there are still a lot of good people in the world^^ I mean, these two girls who came to help, they could just have walked past all these cars, but instead they decided to help as many people as they could. As soon as our car was free, they proceeded to ask other people if they needed help^^ Seeing that makes me happy :) Well, the downside of this whole story is that now I can barely move from the muscle ache everywhere XD My back and shoulders are the worst, but also my arms and legs hurt... Nothing to do about it, it'll get better soon ;)
So what about the anime we watched last time?
Ajin was once again really good, but it feels like Kei isn't as important to the show than we initially thought. Or maybe they deliberately leave him behind a bit because the story won't end with this season ;) Who knows? This episode was mainly good for the action and the tactical fights. I can't wait to watch the next episode. Judging from the preview we get to see more of Kei and Tosaki and his assistant. I can't wait for it^^
Boku dake's finale was truly wonderful :D I loved how Satoru and his friends once again teamed up to bring Yashiro down. Yashiro was really planning to kill Satoru and make it look like a suicide. Yashiro was wearing gloves all the time so his fingerprints would neither be on the wheelchair nor on the cellphone. This episode was filled with tension from the beginning till the end. You know, at a certain point in the story I feared it would take a turn like Madoka. I mean, something like Satoru would save everyone but he wouldn't be part of the future anymore. I'm really glad they choose this ending though. Even though Satoru lost 15 years of his life, he managed to save Kayo and the others and bring Yashiro to justice. And when he met with Airi again in this timeline it really brought a smile on my face^^ It really was an amazing show :)
And what did you think of Conan? These episodes contained a bit more gore than we're used of Conan, but I think that's a good thing. Even though this case took two eps, I still feel like it was solved too easy. I mean, Conan put everything together too sudden. They didn't really build up to the reveal of the culprit... Still, it was enjoyable to watch^^
Coming back to what you said about God Eater, I'm pretty sure Lindow knows already about Johannes' plans. Remember he infiltrated Aegis in one of the eps? He probably saw the huge aragami then and never trusted Johannes since. What I don't remember though is if he acted on orders from his sister at the time... I thought he did. And if that's the case, she must also know about Johannes' betrayal. She still reported everything to him though, like she knew nothing. It could either be because she doesn't want him to get suspicious, or she really doesn't know anything. I'm inclined to believe it's the first one ;) So yeah, let's hope for any news about a sequel :D
Do you have time to watch some anime again tonight?? I don't know when I'll get home from work, but I'll let you know ;) Maybe we can watch one ep of Ajin and Ansatsu and maybe start one of our new ongoing shows?
Ah! Remember I told you a while back that I went to a family who was breeding Labradoodles? They contacted me this weekend to tell me I could get a pup from them at the end of the year if I want to. It really is wonderful news, but I still need to think it though carefully. My parents already said they would take care of it when I'm too busy. But when I do get a dog, I don't want it to stay with my parents all the time because I don't have time. Ahaha! Well, I just need to think it through, but it's a quite difficult decision to make ;)
KateSince88 Apr 6, 2016 4:41 AM
Hello my dear^^ How are you doing today? I'm sad to hear that you've been struggling with your health recently :( In fact, I'm also sad I can't be there for you... I really hope these days at home and away from work will do you good, so that you can working again feeling completely refreshed Monday :)
Ah! Then I remembered correctly ;) Yeah, I know owning a dog is quite a responsibility and all, but I think she pays it back with a lot of love for you^^ What does she look like? I'd like to see a picture someday^^
So what about our anime? I think all the eps we're really good once again :)
Let's start with Ajin. Satou finally launched his attack and it was catastrophic how it worked out. When the ajin pretended to be a renovation crew I was thinking to myself how naive it was to let them in to work at such a time. They should have postponed all working activities until after the threat was gone. But in the end it was revealed they entered a totally different building to execute their plan. Wow, it really was something. I was totally speechless when the building collapsed and Satou came walking from the mist. It also seems that Kei is finally wanting to take action against Satou and his crew. We still have two eps left, so I'm a little skeptical about how well they'll be able to explain everything and come to a conclusion, but I still have my hopes up for a great ending :)
Boke dake was once again amazing. I loved how the episode started with Yashiro's narrative. It really gave me goosebumps all over. At first I thought maybe Yashiro kept Satoru captive for all these years when we saw his mother being all alone and feeling nostalgic. These ep was filled with all kinds of emotional moments, like when Satoru's mother felt he had finally woken up and stood there teary eyed, or when Saturo saw Kayo again after all these years. Omg, I never expected this show to take this turn. I really can't imagine how this will affect the future, because the consequences will be humongous. And omg, when Yashiro reappeared I really felt shivers down my spine. Mostly because Satoru didn't yet seem to remember him being the direct cause of his coma. Or maybe he knew from the beginning and just feigned he still had no memories. And is it just me or did you also think Yashiro let Satoru press the button for the roof so that when he kills him, he can make it look like a suicide? Or have I just watched too many crime series for thinking that way XD Anyways, I can't wait to watch the final episode of this show^^
I think this ep of Ansatsu was the best one of this season yet. I said earlier that I didn't like the principal very much as being part of this show, but now that they've shown his background, we can understand where he comes from and why he's acting the way he does. What struck me most is that before one of his former students killed himself, he was basically the same as Koro. But that one tragic event made him lose sight of what's truly important and he made sure he wouldn't be hurt anymore. I can say this episode once again spiked my interest once again. I mean, the last few eps were evidence the show was back on the right track, but this one made it final^^ Now let's hope it'll continue down this road and give us much more information on Koro's background as well :)
And what did you think of God Eater's finale?? Omg, the fight with Pita was just amazing :D It took more than half of the episode, but it never got boring or repetitive. It truly was one of the best fights I've seen^^ Watching the team crawl back up after the loss of Lindow and them working together in defeating Pita was great to see. Even though that Lenka took severe damage from the battle, he still managed to survive and fight back the oracle cells that took over his whole body. When he was introduced as the new team captain, I just couldn't help but smile. And you know what? Even though everybody thought Lindow was dead, I just wouldn't believe it. Didn't you also think he's still alive when you saw that cigarette smoke coming from behind those rocks? Who knows, maybe there'll be a sequel :D Given the fact it's revealed that Johannes is using the Aegis project for something completely different than everyone thinks, I'd say there's quite a high possibility for a sequel. What was with that huge Aragami Johannes seems to have control over? Wait! Now that I wrote this, it suddenly hit me! What if that's his wife?? Soma's mother?! It surely had some similarities to her^^ Ah! Now I can't wait for a sequel XD
Do you have time to watch some more eps tonight? I'm going to have dinner at my parents' place, but I'll probably be back home in time to start at our usual time^^ How about one ep of Ajin and Boku dake and 2 eps of Conan? Just let me know what you think^^
KateSince88 Apr 5, 2016 2:35 AM
Hello dear^^ How are you doing? I'm sad to hear you're so tired recently :( Yeah, change of seasons can be accompanied with fatigue. I think it's mostly because winter was so extremely soft. It feels like we didn't have winter at all :/ But it's great you took a stroll with a friend and walked your dogs. You have a poodle right? Every time the weather is nice, I wish I had a dog so I could take it for a long walk and enjoy nature. Well, who knows what the future brings ;)
So what about the anime we watched together? I liked them all^^ For different reasons obviously ;p
Boku dake really seems to reach it's conclusion. It looks like our premonitions were right after all... Yashiro really is the killer. Even though it was a little predictable, they way they revealed it was amazingly nerve wrecking. But there's one thing that bugs me about the plot. Didn't they say Hiromi was abducted and killed because the killer mistook him for a girl? If that's the case, there's no way Yashiro didn't know he's a boy. Another possibility is that since Yashiro is so thorough to cover his tracks, by using different cars and framing Shiratori, that he only killed Hiromi to mislead the cops. Because even if they would suspect him, there's no way a teacher doesn't know whether one of his students is a boy or a girl. Still, I can't wait to see what the final eps will be like^^ What will happen now that Satoru is trapped in the sinking car? Who will come to his rescue? And where's the girl? (forgot her name) Is she in the car with Satoru or is she being held somewhere else? God, I can't wait for the next eps :D
Ansatsu was also quite nice to watch. It was amazing to see how everyone from the E-class managed to reach to top 50 and Karma even got the top spot :) But now there's yet again another threat. I really don't know what to think of the principal. I mean, he's obviously evil to the bone, but I don't know what to think of his presence in the show. Somehow I don't like him getting so much screen time recently... But well, let's just see where his plan to kill Koro takes us ;p
Joe was once again quite good. I felt so sorry for Noriko when Joe said he liked the roses more. He really can be a rude bastard sometimes... But it was so nice to see the two of them in the park at the end of the episode. I think Noriko is someone who can surely teach him some manners XD Btw, what's with that doctor?? It was so strange seeing him walk in the locker room, check out Joe and leave again... And then he just shows up at their gym and builds his clinic right at the other side of the river. I don't know his motives, but somehow I have a feeling he might be someone from Joe's past.
Prison School was quite enjoyable again. The weird humour and the extreme amounts of ecchi never fail to amaze me ;p It's pure mindless entertainment, but that's what's good about this show^^
Yeah, the band isn't quite famous or anything. As far as I know they only made one album in 2013 and never released anything after that... There's another one of their songs I absolutely love: (didn't I link it to you a long time ago?)
I have to go to work soon... Maybe if I'm home not too late we can watch some more eps, I'd like that^^