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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Bunny Girl is basically a less verbose version of Bakemonogatari, complete with the anthology setup of the main guy, who comes off as a sarcastic prick but is secretly super nice, helps the waifu of the week come to terms with her social anxieties and hangups that supernaturally manifest in very literal ways. The snappy dialogue and instant chemistry between the leads makes both shows a very fun watch, but Bunny Girl is much more accessible.
report Recommended by Keirik
Main guy is just your normal guy trying to help a bunch of girls with their issues. Their issues have realistic causes, but supernatural symptoms. There is also an obvious romance in both. Bunny Girl doesn't have all the word-play and quirky Shaft animation.
report Recommended by pandoreye
- Girls afflicted by supernatural/spiritual phenomena - Main guy helps the girls - Predominantly female characters - Main guys both a little bit pervy/cheeky - Main girls in each are very tsundere Overall similar shows but both unique and if you watch one it doesnt feel like you're watching a rip off if you watch the other
report Recommended by venusinfleursx
If you enjoyed Bunny Girl Senpai, then you will enjoy it's original inspiration. Bakemonogatari is more dialogue driven in the best way possible (being much more complex and witty as well as thought provoking). In addition, the art style is one of a kind - I've yet to watch an anime as visually interesting in the particular way that Bakemonogatari (as well as the entire Monogatari series adapted from the many light novels) perfectly executes. Not only is this the most involved anime I've had the pleasure of watching, but it entraps my full and constant attention with thoroughly fleshed-out characters, clever humor, and entertaining plots.   read more
report Recommended by dankhomegrown
Despite it's title, it's a more innocent, more drama and less action playoff of the Bakemonogatari idea, and the Clannad idea (not After Story). Before talking about the similarities, these are both absolutely touching shows and deserve your attention even if you've seen the other. They both have a fresh take on things. A seemingly typical guy, who keeps his distance from others, notices a girl keeping her distance from others. Why are they keeping their distance? Because they each have a secret. Our main man, Sakuta has been dealing with his issues for years, and finds a girl who is in desperate need of   read more
report Recommended by Corruptbomber
Bunny Girl Senpai is to Bakemonogatari what cold pizza is to pizza. While being a lot less verbose it explores the same kind of narative.
report Recommended by Mike98
-Female lead with a sharp tongue. -Male Lead seems like a normal guy but is secretly quite weird himself and also quite special. -Both deal with anomalies in an otherwise normal world. Puberty Syndrome in Seibu, oddities in Monogatari. -Number of other girls appear but the main relationship is straightforward and doesn't get derailed. -Very fun to watch, good anime.
report Recommended by CalmCall
"Aobuta" shares many similarities with the Monogatari Series. The story is about a high school boy meeting different girls with supernatural phenomenon and helping them solve their problems. The main character seems unsocial and his classmates always misunderstand him. But actually he is a straightforward boy, and willing to help people around him. The heroine is a pretty and cool girl with long black hair. She has a bit of sadism and sharp tougue, and often plays tricks on the main character.
report Recommended by lee960707
MC dealing with main heroine's problem in the first arc and helping another girl in next arcs. MC and main heroine's relationship in both series are similar.
report Recommended by EquatorPenguin
While I don't think these two are as similar as others who instantly compared the two. They do share some themes and structure, while differing in pacing and tone. If you enjoyed one you're fairly likely to enjoy the other, as I enjoyed both immensely, though for different reasons. The main similarity are to me is how the story is laid out. Story arcs in both focus on the cast of heroins and their supernatural problems that stem from and reflect their preexisting psychological hangups. The girls solve their problems by working together with the subdued, quick witted, and hilariously straightforward male protagonist of the   read more
report Recommended by TristanCooney
The female characters are almost copy and paste of each other with slightly different personalities. Both series are enjoyable to to watch with interesting protagonist
report Recommended by TAK_PROJECT
First of all, not only Bakemonogatari, but all the monogatari serie. It is very similar to the point that there's something weird going on with a female character for a ahort period of time and that the main character try to understand the situation and then save the girl. Monogatari have more dialogue and less actions than Bunny Girl and less character, indeed there's no background character in monogatari, it looks like they live in an emlty town. But if you liked bunny girl, you'll probably enjoy the monogatari serie!
report Recommended by Newtrat
Main guy goes around solving the supernatural dilemmas of various waifus alongside witty dialogue.
report Recommended by PixieBubbles
Very similar in terms of plot and characters. The main guy helps other girls who suffer from a supernatural phenomenon and of course, some of them fall in love with him. The main couples are also very similar in both shows.
report Recommended by priton
- Both shows are Drama/RomComs with supernatural elements where the MC tries to fix other characters problems. - Also in both anime the main romantic relationship is established very early on.
report Recommended by SarcasticJaw
“Poor man’s Monogatari” Long story short:troubled girls are saved by a sarcastic MC. Same “harem”-ish style,same interesting dialogue and the same special “tsundere” main female character.Even so,there are a lot of differences in quality.
report Recommended by -David-
Both focus around paranormal/supernatural occurrences. Female and Male MC's strongly resemble each other Male MC finds the need to save others from these supernatural occurrences Initial Arc establishes relationship between lead male and female Character driven series
report Recommended by xxxtentacles
A guy trying to solve some girls problems that envolve supernatural stuff and something about their past/personality, has Romance, if u like trippy vibes u will like Bakemonogatari more if u like more normal slice of life then Bunny Girl, also Bakemonogatari misterys and everything tends to be more Complex
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
Arcs that follow one girl with supernatural issues caused by trauma/feelings Kinda similar character (tsundere girlfriend, imoutu...etc) Seishun buta is less weird though
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Central theme of both stories is very similar (MC helping girls with their sobrenatural problems) And the relationship between both partners, is very similar.
report Recommended by JaVzD
It narrates similar story tropes but Bakemonogatari actually has good characters, a mindblowing animation, an eargasmic ost and, of course, one of the best story telling in anime
report Recommended by sovietbakuretsu
For once there is actually a show that is similar to Monogatari. Both shows involve the MC dealing with supernatural problems involving a wide range of girls. In both shows, while there's a main love interest that spans the series, there are small elements of harems for the MC's. Both shows also have unique interactions between the characters and contain ample amounts of witty humor
report Recommended by Short_Circut
The Monogatari series is deeper than bunny girl senpai. Bunny girl senpai is like a light-hearted version of the Monogatari series but offers characters that are easier to relate and connect to. I recommend the Monogatari series for good character studies and its visuals.
report Recommended by Michithetrap
If you didn't like Bakemonogatari for it being verbose, flashy, or unconventional but still enjoyed some of the themes used than Bunny Girl Senpai might be for you. Bakemonogatari will give you more memorable characters and is all-around better written but if you are looking for something more simple then Bunny Girl is the way.
report Recommended by dotta
A shameless yet selfless high school boy encounters several girls dealing with supernatural ailments and tries to help them in several distinct arcs. Sakuta and Koyomi are extremely similar as are Mai and Hitagi. Basically, the setup, structure, and characters have strong parallels. They’re both really good too.
report Recommended by Noradora
Both stories follow a Male lead trying to help a bunch of girls with their problems related to the unnatural
report Recommended by Zar_Putin_I
Both try to explore problems that people face via more literal supernatural elements (spirits in Monogatari and adolecense syndrome in Seishun Buta Yarou). Where Bake more focuses on interal conflicts and problems relating to themselves, Seishun Buta Yarou focuses on an individual's interactions and place within a societal context (and then by proxy, how it affects them). Both however, are still good in both rights. There are also other small similarites that a fan of one can recognise in the other but they both still feel like fresh and interesting series in their own ways.
report Recommended by Glayce
Both shows have a note of the supernatural things, that happening around main characters: the hero of this story is still a high school student, who meets a girl with supernatural phenomenon and helping her to solve a problem. Also, main heroine has a personality of "tsundere": sometimes, she can be angry to protagonist and even rude him, but on the other hand, she loves him and feel safety with MC. Besides it, in both animes slip philosophical and scientific thoughts.
report Recommended by Cold_Raw
The story lines are very similar and equally interesting! The main character seems to be a pushover when in reality he has a righteous attitude towards helping others in need. They both walk the line between supernatural and reality; the character's emotions manipulate the world at large through themes of physics and spirituality. The themes are also very philosophical and every episode of Bunny Girl leaves me wondering about how I perceive my world, just like the Bakemonogatari series did. Mild fanservice too! I absolutely recommend both anime.
report Recommended by JillyMae
Bunny Girl is a rip off except Generic art style Forgettable soundtrack less cynical less of Shaft's spice less headtilt™ less verbose easier to consume slightly more cliche BUT STILL GOOD! Self aware deadpan boy highschooler meets long hair self aware girl during a supernatural moment. Girl tells boy to not tell anyone he saw her. He helps girls with their personal mental problems that manifest into something supernatural. He helps girls only for his harem. There is a glasses clad girl who knows everything that can help the mc on any supernatural problem. There is a girl who really has a crush on the mc. There is a girl who is somehow the   read more
report Recommended by KissshotAreola
Both shows have one main male protagonist with many female characters surrounding him, but what makes both of these shows great is how they both are not harems. The females in both shows actually have characteristics and are not boring. Also not all of them are falling over romantic for the male protagonist. Both shows character develop their main male protagonist as well as the females very well.
report Recommended by Mimi_Milk
- Set in modern day with some supernatural elements - Cast of mostly female characters around the highschool age - Protagonist that seems like a normal guy, but has some secrets of his own and helps the girls deal with their supernatural problems - Story split into mini-arcs about each character - Main girl with a sharp tongue and terrible mother - Lots of banter - Straightforward relationship with no misunderstandings or other cliches
report Recommended by Aramey
Supernatural mystery Male lead cool Kuudere male lead
report Recommended by Syureria
Both shows have a similar premise - the main character helps out different girls around him with their supernatural problems - develops a relationship with one of the said girls Bunny girl is definitely a easy watch tho as Bakemonogatari has a lot of conversation heavy episodes
report Recommended by Motherofrodents
Bunny Girl is basically a version of Bakemonogatari. Both stories follow the main guy who trying to help some girls to their supernatural/spiritual phenomena that have afflicted them. Personally I liked Bakemonogatari more !!
report Recommended by HaChiiman
These two animes are really very similar. The way the characters are presented, the divisions by arcs of two to three episodes. One difference is that Monogatari is formed by a great harem, while Bunny Girl there is not much of that aspect.
report Recommended by Lu4n4264
Main guy is a normal guy trying to help a bunch of girls with their issues. Their issues are supernatural
report Recommended by AlbedoSann
Both animes have a similar concept of helping girls who are having problems with supernatural stuff. Also the main male leads are very similar to each other. Both animes also have a bit of mystery that makes you very curious and makes you want to follow it. So, If you like one of them, theres a high chance that you would love the other.
report Recommended by Arceusman7
If you loved Bunny girl senpai, then you'll be interested in Bakemonogatari, vice-versa. I would say that Bakemonogatari is a more wild version of Bunny girl senpai where the art style, the story-telling, and the vibe it radiates are worlds apart, in a good way. Plot-wise, both anime are about a group of individuals facing supernatural phenomenons that have a deep meaning and are eventually saved by the MC, and as you would expect for the romance part, the MC falls for the individual he saves.
report Recommended by scuzny
Bunny Girl Senpai is Bakemonogatari without supernatural overload and less harem situations. Bakemonogatari graphic is better, but in Bunny Girl Senpai characyer are more believable (and nicer IMO).
report Recommended by raffaele2406
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai ("Bunny Girl Senpai" for short) is an anime in which a high school boy named Sakuta Azusagawa solves the problems within his town relating to a phenomenon knows as "Puberty Syndrome". Bakemonogatari has a similar premise in which a high school boy named Koyomi Araragi solves the problems in his area relating to the supernatural (including demons, Kamis, and curses). Each incident spans a few episodes (similar to Bunny Girl Senpai), but each incident has its own opening, adding more character and setting the mood for what is to come. Bunny Girl Senpai's problems   read more
report Recommended by IreneKujo
Very similar in plot and character-interactions. Both are dialogue-heavy with some supernatural/pseudo-scientific aspects. Bunny girl senpai is more or less budget- bakemonogatari
report Recommended by CapedBaldy-sama
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai is basically Bakemonogatari but worse. I find the characters, their interactions, the humour, the visuals, the drama, the plot (from what I remember from the manga), the art, sound and basically anything else to be better in Monogatari. If you enjoyed this, Bakemonogatari should blow your mind. On the other hand, Bunny Girl does have a more down to earth feel and is better for people who don't get Bake's humour.
report Recommended by DumpsterKing
Both have good elements of paranormal mystery, as well as great character and dialogue writing. They also both have quite good romantic elements, though Monogatari is much longer than Bunny Girl Senpai.
report Recommended by Azraal101
Both Bunny Girl Senpai and Bakemonogatari share a similar concept where the mc helps out several girls who are experiencing a supernatural phenomenon. The dynamic between the mc and their main love interest in both anime are extremely similar, so if you like the banter then you should definitely check out Bakemonogatari, and all the other seasons in the series.
report Recommended by MScientist0
Both have very harem like feels to them, however the main guy has a girlfriend in both. That girl is the first girl that he helps in the series. In both series, the main guy is helping girls with their odd supernatural occurrences. The main girl character is mysterious, calm, and not quite tsundere- but still snaps at her boyfriend sometimes. The main boy character is quirky, sarcastic, laid-back, and blunt. They both say odd things that make people surrounding them confused. There is a smart girl in both series who has a sensitive undertone. This has caused her to take on two forms, one for each of   read more
report Recommended by Craftyslr
Both share similar traits: episodic format, harem, dry humor couple, the supernatural. If you liked Bakemonogatari, Bunny Girl Senpai is right up your alley.
report Recommended by BokuNoGyro
Both are about a guy just trying to help out girls who's lives have been affected in some supernatural way. Each girl has their own 2-3 episode long arcs and their own op or ed.
report Recommended by DucckyDawn21
-Both involves a male protagonist helping many female characters -Both involve the supernatural -Both involves romance.
report Recommended by Anastacius
In both shows the MC tries to solve other girls problems in supernatural situations. Bunny girl is a lighter and easier to digest version of Bakemonogatari.
report Recommended by Elzombi47
Just like Sakuta from Bunny Girl Senpai, our Main Protagonist Araragi is also someone who helps others that have supernatural phenomenons occurring to them. While Bunny Girl Senpai was airing, I have seen many threads talking about how they are similar to each other, and yes I can confirm that, but only similar, not exact copies. If you enjoyed bunny girl then the monogatari series is for you! This is the first installment so just look up for the watch order (*cough* release order)
report Recommended by HikariNeso
Bakemonogatari and Bunny Girl Senpai are incredibly similar to eachother, both being about a High School boy solving everyone's supernatural problems and building up a harem of likable girls in the process. Fans of one are very likely to enjoy the other.
report Recommended by LegendarySiscon
Both shows are driven by the riveting dialogue between the characters. They each offer lifelong wisdom to the attentive viewer, so I would highly recommend both to an watcher looking for a series that inspires contemplation. I would personally start with Bunny Girl Senpai, as it is a bit more approachable. If you find yourself liking this series, then you will undoubtedly enjoy Bakemonogatari as well.
report Recommended by MobileGodLUL
Similar arcs, with not a visual masterpiece such as Monogatari but with fantastic emotional feelings and with a lot of psychology involved too when you get deeper into the series.
report Recommended by brotherelric
Both series have a similar way in presenting dialogue. The stories also revolve around supernatural mysteries that have sticked with the girls in which the protagonist has to solve. Bunny girl senpai is more easy to understand than Bakemonogatari, and more accessible to people.
report Recommended by Allyxandra
In both there are a number of strange problems, the protagonist who has already gone through one of these problems has a personality that makes him help others who have these "problems" Besides that in both anime there are characters that look very similar
report Recommended by Giann33
- both shows have MC that is kinda perv - there is supernatural phenomena in both shows and MC is helping girls who are affected by it - main girls in both shows (Sakurajima and Senjougahara) have a sharp tongue and an amazing personality
report Recommended by NamikazeHime
-Both of them are anime that there are some supernatural happenings/powers -There is a ONIICHAN on both series who cares about others and has sister(s)
report Recommended by hirmes
I find it incredible how similar these two are to each other. They both share the same plot of a high school guy helping out a bunch of girls with a supernatural situation that they dealt with before. The characters are also very alike in their personalities and backstories.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Less mindfuck and abstract dialogue compared to Bakemonogatari. Main cast are witty and their interactions make the show really enjoyable to watch. Both series have a supernatural element, but bakemonogatari leans into it more and explains more of its lore that relates to myths, gods and spirits while in bunny girl senpai its a syndrome, a supernatural disease of sorts. Both OPs and EDs as well OST are amazing in both shows. Bakemonogatari is more unique but often takes time to adjust to its unique way of storytelling. Bunny girl senpai however, does its normally and easy to follow.
report Recommended by senjou_hitagi
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Sempai is pretty much a less weird, less mysterious and less ecchi Bakemongatari. They have a really similar format, in the supernatural "case of the week" style, kinda like a erotic anime scooby doo.
report Recommended by drunklee
- The premise of the story revolves around a guy, who solves supernatural phenomenons that occur with the large cast of girls - Both are "light" harem anime - The lead girls have tsundere traits - Witty dialogue especially with the main lead characters - The main leads get together early on in the anime - Side characters dont interfere significantly with the relationship of the main leads - The main characters are both somewhat unique with a pervy side
report Recommended by sodobean
A less lewd, gory version of bakemonogatari. Both have supernatural occurences, but bakemonogatari is more on the yokai side and bunny girl is more on the psychological, theory side. Mc are quite similar. Both have harems and they are helping the girls in the harem. They also both date the first girl introduced and they also have a girl in the past that helped them.
report Recommended by potatosaregreat
Both anime focus on a main character trying to help girls with supernatural problems. Nonetheless I like both of them, Bakemonotari is a more artistic anime and their characters are deeper than Bunny girl senpai´s because of the number of episodes dedicated to each girl in Monogatari. Both of them are funny and enjoyable. So since they are very alike but yet very unique if you liked one of them you would probably like the other
report Recommended by Guli-senpai
Both involved guys accidentally encountering a "distressed" gal. Both involved developing a romance between the 2 MC's; albeit the progression of both occur differently in several aspects. Both involved multiple unusual / supernatural situations, that require solution primarily by the male MC. I totally enormously enjoyed these 2 anime a lot.
report Recommended by ichigago
Both the main protagonist will be in charge of helping different girls with paranormal problems. In addition to those starting in anime, Seishun Buta Yarou is more accessible and lighter than Bakemonogatari.
report Recommended by JULES_WK
Witty and pervy but normal and good-hearted main protagonist dealing with female characters' anomalies. The main protagonist then has a romantic relationship with the first female character she helped. Both shows share the same theme, story arc structure, character interactions. Though Bakemonogatari is a dialogue heavy show, mixed in with a little action while Bunny Girl Senpai has more of the dramatic and light hearted approach.
report Recommended by dhb1048596
Both have an MC that wants to help every single girl he meets that has supernatural occurrences Both story are separated into arcs. Bunny girl is a lighter version of Bakemonogatari
report Recommended by Trash_Taste_