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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
2 hours ago
Watching 10/25 · Scored 8
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)
Dec 4, 8:49 PM
Watching 105/120 · Scored 7
Hibike! Euphonium 2
Hibike! Euphonium 2
Dec 4, 4:41 PM
Watching 8/? · Scored 8
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Days: 146.6
Mean Score: 8.26
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Jul 21, 1:45 AM
Reading 136/? · Scored 8
Dai Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Dai Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Jun 21, 12:37 AM
Reading 1/? · Scored 9
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Jun 21, 12:36 AM
Completed 56/56 · Scored 9


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joebr1993 Nov 27, 2:39 PM
Lol not really I didn't even have any intentions of ever really posting. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in because of all the negativity. That's awesome though I'll check those out! It's awesome though that Lelouch is back lol
Siva Nov 16, 9:51 AM
Yuri is strong in 2017 :D
Siva Nov 14, 11:14 AM
I know this is a very very late reply but thanks for the head up.

Finally I am back for some anime. I mean a ton of anime. I almost skipped like 2 entire season and I need to catch up with all of those.

High School Fleet: Just finished it today, I gotta say it is a lot better than it looks. I have a lot of fun watching this show. The entire show has one simple plot but the show spent its entire time on water and battling between ships. For the first 2 episodes I was like, is this for real? The battle started from the very first episode and continue on till the final episode. The structure of the show is kinda similar to "Girl und Panzer" but with battleship instead of tank. The show has some slow down development and has its up and down but overall it is a very enjoyable with a ton of variety likeable characters.

Kuromukuro: Finished it a while ago, has a very slow start and the real plot only kicked in at the second half of the show. It is kind of a bad thing for most viewers if they don't intend to follow the show through out till the end because they might have already dropped the show before they get the chance to learn and like all of its characters. Still an enjoyable show till the end but god damn it can't they just finish the show properly?
Siva Jul 10, 1:50 PM
Shisha no Teikoku: Not trying to be an asshole here but what the crap is this. I don't mind the idea of trying to put soul into zombie or whatever the theme of the story is but the structure and script were so badly written. First of all, what the heck is Victor Note anyway. It seems like everyone has their own idea of what this thing can do but they never make a clear cut of what exactly victor note really is. There are so many damn wrong thing in this show that it would hurt my brain just to try to write it down. The art was so good because of Redjuice but the story suffered almost the same fate as Guilty Crown, sigh.
Siva Jul 9, 9:16 AM
Boku dake ga Inai Machi: Finally got to finish this one. I would say the conclusion is rather weaker than what I was expected. Still a great show but it wasn't as amazing as I hope for. I think the story, specially, toward the second half was a little too close up to the main guy and leaving everyone else to the side becoming not so important toward the end. My other issue is, after the murder's case came to a conclusion Satoru never went to look for Airi, even though she played some very important role in pushing him to where he is now. As I said, it seems like the writer decide to shove everyone else aside toward the conclusion. While I agree with the idea "Shit happens in life and life go on" but I still think most of the effort made by everyone else felt so unimportant toward the end. There my rant.

Flying Witch: This maybe one of the smoothness SOL anime I have seen yet. Unlike Aria where you start your episode normally but you gradually going up ward with your feeling toward the end of the episode. In Flying Witch, you simply enjoy the show with a rather smooth straight line from the start to the end without much of up and down emotion.

Mayoiga: Surprisingly I enjoyed this show more than I expected. When I saw the rating of this show on MAL I was so sure that it is going to be "it is so bad that it makes it so good to watch" anime. But that didn't happened to me with this show. I think this show is very logical to me. Unlike someone who wrote a review about it saying how everyone in the show was so lack in common sense and not being rational. I am not sure does he/she expected from a group of people who jump on a bus that run away from their society to start a new life. In fact, I think the show did a good job with being rational with each one of their characters. Let's talk about the bad part of it. I think it is a little too peaceful and it failed really hard as a horror show. I was hoping to see someone lose an arm or leg, specially to the "execution" girl(annoying little brat) but none of those happened in the show. For me I kinda like the ending of it. I love how not everyone went back to their old society, as you can see not everyone of them were in a situation where they can just come back.
Siva Jul 3, 7:19 AM
Miko Kuma: First of all, this show started off good but then suffered the same thing like WataMote did, lacking of fresh new content as the show go on. But then the ending just killed it completely. I thought the Negative of Yoshio combine with the Negative of Machi would create a new Positive. I was hoping and betting on that result. But who would have thought there was a flaw in my equation. It seems I forgot to put a Negative of Natsu into that equation. As you know a combination of 3 Negative can never result in a Positive. Tehe.
itzrobz Jun 8, 7:29 AM
The graphics is better than a lot of the 3D stuff i've seen before, but it still took a bit of getting used to. Other than that, the story was pretty good. Will definitely watch the 2nd season.
Siva Jun 4, 11:43 PM
You mean Flying Witch, right? LOL

No worry, I have my eyes on this anime long before it was even air on TV. It is just a matter of time of me getting my time free. Also Amanchu!!! anime is next season, can't wait.
Siva May 16, 11:44 AM
My highest expectation anime of this season must be Re:Zero, and it make me feel nice to have you tell me that LOL
As for the ED song, well I like catchy, cool and good rhythm music. And this one is really good too. And the last recent ones must be these 2

Talking about music, this song is so angelic

Also all the new shows you mentioned are all in my radar. I just need to finished up all my old shows.
Siva May 15, 1:36 PM
So Epic

Also, I just finished this anime: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Wow, that was really a ride I got there. At first I didn't expect that much and I wasn't fond of the first couple episodes nor the characters in the show but as I come along with it. It became clear to me that I am onto something. But I will save you a ton of time by not writing you a ton of shit to read. You should give it a try if you have time. I think Deen did a really great job with this show and I can't wait for the second season.
Siva Apr 8, 10:34 AM

I find this perfectly fit for Kyoani. I hope they don't screw this one up.
Siva Apr 4, 7:35 AM
You need to finish Bubuki Buranki. This show is so bad yet the last couple episode made me want to see season2 now.