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Grisaia no Kajitsu
Almost the same art style with the main protagonist being aware of his situations and intelligent. Also girls.
report Recommended by Instabang
Both Grisaia no Kajitsu and Bakemonogatari start off being quite mysterious. The entire story and plot concept isn't spoon-fed to the viewer at the beginning, but rather small amounts of information are slowly leaked through many different mediums. Both have enough fanservice to go around. The art style looks very similar in both, it's almost like watching a movie, however Bakemonogatari has a bit more of an abstract feel when it comes to art. (Edit: both series have the same character designer.) Characters are also very similar, with the main characters both being pretty cool with a slightly perverted side. There's also a significant similarity   read more
report Recommended by FoxyWeeaboo
The MCs both meet a ton of girls which have problems and he helps them with solving said problems. In the Monogatari series, the MC is a vampire and the girls are often possessed by spirits or aberrations (often caused trough past traumas etc). In Grisaia the MC is a trained assassin and the girls all suffer from mental disorders/traumas. Some of the girls in Monogatari also suffer from mental disorders next to their possession. Monogatari is more intellectual and does things really smart. A lot of irony and methaphorical wordplay. Grisaia takes itself too serious at times but it's a fun ride. Both   read more
report Recommended by Pjorn
Both are harem anime, and have some ecchi&service scenes. Each of the heroines have a dark past. The MCs, Yuuji in Grisaia series and Koyomi in Monogatari series, although their personalities are totally contrary, both of them have bravery and sense of justice to save the heroines around them. Both series have the same character designer--Watanabe Akio, so the characters seem alike, especially Yumiko(in Grisaia series) and Hitagi(in Monogatari series).
report Recommended by lee960707
-MC are both going to extreme measures for people unralated to them -MC is surrounded by very attractive and unique heroines that fall for them -MC is the most luckiest person in the anime universe at the same time, so unlucky because of what happened to them in the past that made them to help the heroines.
report Recommended by jethrix
I dropped Bakemonogatari around episode 9 due to spoilers from friends,internet and I just couldn't keep up with the order to watch But Grisaia and Bakemonogatari have similar elements. Male MC tries to help the female characters's. both have lots of dialogues except Grisaia has some mature content
report Recommended by TheJohn
Both have an introverted male character getting involved with girls who have their own issues with life.
report Recommended by greyson95