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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Ghostory, Monstory
Japanese: 化物語
English: Bakemonogatari
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Type: TV
Episodes: 15
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 3, 2009 to Jun 25, 2010
Premiered: Summer 2009
Broadcast: Fridays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Kodansha
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Light novel
Genres: MysteryMystery, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: VampireVampire
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.341 (scored by 688466688,466 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1982
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #80
Members: 1,305,108
Favorites: 46,894

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 27, 2010
"To be blunt, I just enjoy talking to you... so I want to talk with you more."
"If our opinions clash, let's talk it over." (Dialogue from episode 5)

'Bakemonogatari', cleverly translated as 'Ghostory' or 'Monstory', is about five not-so-normal girls that Araragi Koyomi, a vampire himself, encounters and attempt to save from oddities possessing them.

The main characters of 'Bakemonogatari' are among the most unique and complex I have yet to encounter.
Heroine Senjougahara Hitagi is a tsundere like half of all modern heroines in anime, but she is also 「ドS」, a sadist to an extreme degree, which is more common for side characters and rare for heroines. ...
Dec 24, 2015

Monogatari takes place in a city populated by about 20 people, cardboard cutouts, and kanji characters, and follows the story of Koyomi Araragi as he meets girls who have supernatural oddity-related issues in their lives and tries to help them.

I am not a fan of the Monogatari anime, but I will get into why later in this review.

The characters are all pretty much what you'd expect from a harem anime. There's the selfless main character, the Tsundere girlfriend, the shy Moe girl who turns out to actually be psycho and manipulative, the smart girl who ...
Oct 13, 2011
For every medium, there are few masterpieces that transcend the genre and become something special. Since I consider anime, as a genre, to be just as legitimate an art form (despite the bad rep it often gets), I will also review Bakemonogatari as a work of art, and it is irrefutably one of the special few anime series that fully capitalize on the strengths of the anime medium.

People have complained that the story is too episodic, too disjointed. However, the virtue of Bakemonogatari's storyline is that it is so minimal. In all senses, this anime is a character-based experimental, and an elaborate ...
Apr 5, 2013
"Did you know every time you sigh, a little bit of happiness escapes?" - Senjougahara Hitagi, Episode 6

Well, you won't be sighing anywhere in this anime.

Bakemonogatari from the start can give the wrong impression to the viewer. They must be wondering, "Why is this rated so high, if it all it is, is just random words popping up on the screen?" However, it is a really good anime in its own weird way, and you're probably going to have to appreciate it that way as well.

Character: Usually, I'd start my review with the main part (story), but I believe the most important part of Bakemonogatari ...
Nov 25, 2011
This anime seemed to have a lot of mysteries in it, but the biggest mystery it presented to me was why I took such a violent dislike to it even though it has been favorably discussed by intelligent viewers. I stopped watching it early on, out of simple irritation. To me it was marching straight down that wrong road we are warned against in the aphorism, "Don't gild the lily."

It's episode number 2, and an interesting "exposition" conversation is taking place between the anime's Girl Number 1 and the hero. It presents a considerable subsidiary mystery--why is this girl acting in this unusual and ...
Nov 18, 2014
Mixed Feelings

You don’t have to be a member of the anime community for long to know that the Monogatari series is very, very highly praised. Inevitably, I gave into the hype and tried it out for myself. The result? Well… I walked away entertained, but FAR from impressed. Yes the characters are amusing, yes the dialogue is witty, and yes the visuals are beautiful, but make no mistake: Bakemonogatari is just a harem. It exists only for comedic gags and fanservice. The characters are shallow and have little to offer beyond their archetypes and their dialogue, not to mention that the “plot” is loose ...
Aug 10, 2009
Preliminary (6/15 eps)
**Monster Story**

Gatari is voicing form of Katari. Katari is a tale which by oral tradition, is passed down from generation to generation. Thereby, the words "Bakemono" means monster and "monogatari" means story. Thus, you get "Bakemonogatari" which is an anime that contains tales of monsters.

Alright, enough of the trivia. Let's get down to business.

Story: 9

It'd be very difficult to describe the story without letting out spoilers. With that in mind, I can only tell you that Bakemonogatari is a collection of monster tales that are revelant to life. The story depicts surrealism and "supernatural phenomenons" amongst people, which occur when the main character, Araragi, interacts ...
Jan 28, 2013
Some people say Bakemonogatari is a big milestone in the anime history. And they're goddamn right, because before this one came to being, the anime industry hasn’t been known what the ultimate shit is. And now it knows, we all do now. This show is the very standard of ugliness, boredom, tastelessness, hackwork, the national team of all shounen cliches. From now on the lowest mark on the "Quality" scale has a material incarnation - Bakemonogatari. So, with no doubt, it is really a great milestone in anime history.
Well, i do understand that i have to be more specific. But what can write about here? ...
Apr 12, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Author's note: Please don't take this review too seriously. This is merely describing my own painful experience with this show. I'm not personally attacking Monogatari fans! Thank you.


Bakemonogatari is generally hailed as a masterpiece for being bold, innovative, challenging, and overall an unforgettably unique experience. While all of these things are certainly true, it is only a partial truth. Those above listed traits would all describe Tatami Galaxy and Mushishi, but Bakemonogatari is QUITE different from those series. Tatami's philosophy, comedy, and characters can transcend the language boundary. This is also true for Mushishi with its amazing visuals and atmosphere. Bakemonogatari though, is a series ...
Nov 4, 2010
Preliminary (10/15 eps)
If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping, anxiety-giving anime for your hot, red-blooded selves...

Then Bakemonogatari is not for you.

I disliked this series. I prefer action and suspense and Bakemonogatari did not invoke any feeling in me.

I simply clicked an episode and as soon as it started my mind would wander due to sheer boredom.

The story was very poor to me, I didn't know what was going on 99% of the time and there are a lot of pointless scenes (fanservice included, I guess). They repeatedly jumped around scenes and there was some skipping here and there... Not that I really cared.

The art was alright. It was ...
Feb 21, 2015
It is very rare to see such a successful marriage of a director’s vision and an author’s material. Bakemonogatari’s existence is an anomaly especially in present day where adaptations are subpar when compared to the source. However, there has never been a more potent combination than Nisio Isin and Studio SHAFT’s Akiyuki Shinbou. Shinbou’s quirky, and imaginative art direction greatly compliments the fast paced dialogue and witticisms that Nisio is known for. The end result is a tour de force of both visuals and prose. Bakemonogatari is a meticulously crafted tale that never ceases to maintain the viewer’s attention and titillate the imagination.

Story- Bakemonogatari is ...
Jul 31, 2010
Finally giving in to the hype, I picked up Bakemonogatari, the most discussed anime of '09, on the very first day of this year. The show's appeal was lost on me during the first few episodes, but after a while the reasons for this anime's charm on so many became apparent. As to whether that charm worked on me as well, that's something I'm going to explain a bit more thoroughly further on.

The story of Bakemonogatari may at first seem confusing with the odd events of the show's beginning. Soon, however, the plot's structure comes clear enough as new characters (all female) are introduced, with ...
Feb 14, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Spoilers! (kinda)

✧ Introduction/the story
Bakemonogatari, A story of a guy that casually meets different types of girls throughout the episodes. Coincidentally, all of those girls are possessed by a curse that resembles an animal.

✧ The characters
The protagonist is a guy that wants to help every single girl he meets, even if he met her only 5 minutes ago, just like your typical self-insert protagonist. Like a male lead in every harem out there he is bland, boring, and doesn't know what to do with his life.

The story just introduces female characters that are all very ...
Jan 3, 2010
Preliminary (13/15 eps)
Bakemonogatari is based on a series of light novels by Nisio Isin, and is later produced by Shaft. It features different short stories all related to the main character, Araragi Koyomi. Bakemonogatari is now known for its superb art and animation, and the unique way the story was presented to us. Adding to that, Bakemonogatari surprised many due to its weekly ranking sales and how well it sold across Japan. This was clearly evident in the field of BD sales, where it made history, selling 29,000 units of Bakemonogatari Vol.1, beating out the previous record holder of Macross Frontier, which sold at 22,000 units. It ...
Nov 19, 2016
'People save themselves on their own. Nobody can ever save anyone else'
- Araragi Koyomi

To begin this review, I shall say that while there were always disagreements whether a certain show was good or not, no series was ever able to split the community like the Monogatari series does. And there will always be the ones saying that it is the best of the best in the anime world, and the ones that will see it as just a pretentious over-the top harem show. Now, before you cast of my review thinking that I'm just going to praise the show, I'll have to ask you to ...
Nov 11, 2018
Filled with gorgeous shots of underaged women, inventive fourth-wall breaks, and highly detailed PowerPoint slides, Bakemonogatari single-handedly redefined what it meant to be a pretentious anime at the time of its release in a way that no anime since has been able to capture the essence of. It is an incredible feat that a harem anime manages to get across so little humor and emotion with so much ostensible effort. Perhaps if I was steeped in Japanese culture, I would understand that the tsundere girl talking to the viewer about being tsundere was actually a post-ironic meta-commentary reference about the overabundance of meaningless fourth wall ...
Feb 18, 2010
Preliminary (13/15 eps)
SHAFT's chaotic experiment is certainly a welcome break in creativity for the industry, and Bakemonogatari has all the right elements to make for a great anime: a promising premise, great character design and a shot of insanity. Yet here is a great example of how deliberate attention to detail can cause directors to miss the mark entirely, resulting in a bigger picture that revels blindly in its mediocrity.

There isn't much of a story. Episodic in nature, Bakemonogatari is driven by an almost Japanese-folklore perspective on loneliness and loss layered beneath the tone of this generation's rebellious youth. Sounds clever enough, but the not-so-subtle hentai subtext ...
Apr 17, 2014
In total the anime is divided into 5 arcs (separate and independent stories). In each arc, the main character meets new girls, and helps them to solve their problems with "monsters". Thus problems are solved in various ways, they never repeat and therefore the feeling of secondariness doesn't arise.
At the same time it is possible to see other storylines in the background: Koyomi's relations and Hitagi I consider that it's not a bad move to let the main plot run parallel with the love storyline. Though, I think that it would be possible to develop their relationship more clearly. All of this with great battles ...
Mar 13, 2012
Shaft is a studio well known for their weird experimental style, seemingly endless stream of anime in-jokes, and plentiful fan-service. Needless to say their work is an acquired taste and can be hit-or-miss. While this certainly applies to Bakemonogatari, it uses Shaft's signature style very well. Incredibly weird, and at times intentionally obtuse, yet undeniably intriguing and charming (albeit in its own weird way). This is easily one of the studio's best efforts.

The show follows high school student and former vampire (it's complicated), Koyomi Araragi, through a string of bizarre supernatural happenings. Each happening is centered around an individual (all girls, of course) whom somehow ...
Jun 29, 2010
Winner of the 2009’s popular vote for Best Anime of 2009 on Animereactor, Bakemonogatari is yet another anime that Shaft can add up to their collection. To make it short, Bakemonogatari is overrated. Overrated in a sense that the animation style has nothing to brag about, the story isn’t unique in any sense and that the characters aren’t even special in the first place. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Bakemonogatari is still a very good anime to watch and it is among my favourites of 2009.

Bakemonogatari is structured with five story arcs, with the fifth one being aired solely online. For ...