Bakemonogatari, Hyouka Recommendations

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Lots and lots of witty dialogue. Even some moments in Hyouka when the art becomes all surreal like Monogatari.
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
If you like Hyouka you'll definitely like Bakemonogatari.
Both anime share the same atmosphere and both have mystery on it with a shocking twist.
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
- Both have similar type of mysteries, Hyouka is focused on mysteries revolving school whilst Bakemonogatari is more about supernatural mysteries.
- Often using a play on words.
- Give off a similar atmosphere.
- Both have a very mild budding relationship between the two main characters.
- Both include many unexpected twists.
report Recommended by Mirukuti
Both anime are just a battle of wits and both MC have to deal something using psychological aspects.
report Recommended by SkyDrop