Bakemonogatari, Kyokou Suiri Recommendations

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Kyokou Suiri
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Kyokou Suiri
both are heavy dialogue driven story that involve the folklore of youkai's with fun character interactions, but Koykou suiri is a little less lewd.
report Recommended by hazarddex
Both anime have lots of dialogue, and deal with supernatural beings.
report Recommended by Yunice
- The MC solving supernatural problems about oddities.
report Recommended by DevilukeOuji
-Both are heavily dialogue driven stories -Both feature apparitions as the driving force of the story -Both Araragi and Kuro are introduced as human but later revealed to have already been inaugurated into apparition world before the story began -Both have similar relationships and comedic dynamics between main characters
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both anime are about yokais, and resolving mysteries
report Recommended by Machinedra
The interactions between characters in both series are similar. Both series have characters have dialogue where the main characters are bluntly honest. Both series have lots and lots of dialogue, and explanations. Kyokou Suiri doesn't have as interesting as fight sequences, but it does have action sequences. It focuses more on the mystery aspect, than action. Both series have very long explanations for their mysteries, but they do make sense in some way.
report Recommended by mr-mirm
Kyokou Suri or In/Spectre gives really gives me Monogatori vibes, only without the extreme animation bits and dramatic shots
report Recommended by -CatScratches-
Immortal mc, ayakashi, youkai, super beings, a cute girlfriend and both had a massive amount of dialogues and conversations which they used to resolve conflicts.
report Recommended by ar1sh