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ef: A Tale of Memories.
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ef: A Tale of Memories.
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Presentation style is similar, though the genres differ a little, at least in the way they are focused, where romance and drama rules Ef while mystery/suspense mixed with characterization plays more prominently in Bakemonogatari. Both are very metaphorical, with Ef being more visual with art and Bakemonogatari more word play. Also consider Ef - A Tale of Melodies
report Recommended by cronocloud07
The main similarity between the two is the way the story is presented to the viewer. The style is very abstract and modern; there is a sense of "art" added to the basic portrayal of the story. People who like the way ef - a tale of memories was depicted should definitely try out bakemonogatari...
report Recommended by sleepy111
both are: have weird camera angles have dark story lines very much an arty type of anime
report Recommended by Dixygirl
Although the main story and the whole anime don't relate to this show, I still got the same nostalgic feeling when watching ef: A Tale of Memories.
report Recommended by HarryJS
It is similar in the way writing constantly attacks your eyes and runs before you can read it.It is very story driven like bakemonogatari. you either like them or hate them
report Recommended by mainstream_trash
A lot of the "Artsy Style" and mainly dialog oriented story is what I find to be quite similar. However "Ef" is a Romance while "Bakemonogatari" is more of a Harem.
report Recommended by SilentMusician