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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
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Completely different genres ,but with similar style of presentation. The style of presentation was proven success when used with the comedy Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, in which style is in higher importance than substance. Whether this style suit the intense, dramatic, and story-centric Bakemonogatari or not, you will want to find out yourself. And since both show have similar presentation and have SHAFT working on, those who liked visual in SZS should be satisfied with visual in Bakemonogatari too. However you are not guaranteed to like stories in both shows. Since they are in different genres. And as mentioned earlier, the presentation style suits SZS very well   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
The real question is: how are zetsubou sensei and bakemonogatari not alike? they have the same AMAZING Hiroshi Kamiya voicing the male protagonists and deal with incredibly dark themes and outrageous female characters. I highly recommend both series, whether you are new to anime or are an experienced watcher - give these a try!
report Recommended by aelove
Besides the similar animation style; -flashes of absurd text that no one can read without freeze frame -a lot of close ups camera changes Both series also references and pays homage to other anime whether by character conversion or artist depictions. You should be able to spot them quite easily. Other than that, they completely different.
report Recommended by lackofwords
Both works are unique in their conversational proficiency. Both are comical and deep at the same time. And the best part? the main protagonist of both works hast the same amazing voice actor Kamiya, Hiroshi. You can't say they are really that much alike since both are unique works among unique works. But both are great and definitly worth a try.
report Recommended by Railgun_Zeloss
Same CRAZY animation with an extremely absurd sense of humor using any situatiation no matter what to make a joke and still with a serious story
report Recommended by BKatze
-Very similar art -Both have a weird but funnt main character -Both have a harem with inusual group of girls -Both have psychological comedy
report Recommended by josecoco25
Even though they're completely different genres (other one is a satirical comedy/sol while the other is supernatural harem series), they have similarities as how they are presented. The art (especially background art) is all SHAFT in both of them and both rely on witty and fun dialogue more than action. Both anime have the same voice actor as main character and is used in similar way on both of them: Main character's inner voice can be read from the background (In SZS from the chalkboard and in bakemonogatari from the flashing colorful frames). They way both of these anime reference many things from japanese culture   read more
report Recommended by Yuissi
If you like Shinbo Shaft Koyomi's VA and thought what if this was a school series along with more comedy oriented then check this out.
report Recommended by KasGiDian1
Both are super artsy shaft productions. Very similar art style. Both are in a school setting where apart from the protagonist, nearly all characters are female. Both manage to have very strong moe vibes while not being completely basic.
report Recommended by rdeyoung8