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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Similar mood and setting. And, well, instead of Youkai, we have "Denpa".
Being made by Shaft, both drawings are very similar to each other.
Protagonist has harem.
Somehow the whole story just seems to be an alternative version or inspiration to bakemonogatari.

"both Denpa Onna and Bakemonogatari are intelligent harems for adults with good taste."
stated by McRib
report Recommended by eul721
Not gonna say "the feel is similar" "the style is similar" "they both are from Shaft" though.

Slice of life plus mystery. Leading men of both shows have high adaptability to weirdos and tinfoil-hatters, as long as they are hot chicks.

Kind of Boy meet Girl(s) shows with some kind of mystery and probably trying to get along and find out stuffs. The key idea of both show is to be a slice-of-life that take place in technically hyperreality setting, or at least pretend to be one.
Shaft then beautify said shows, make use of symbols, try to be abstract, create   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
both shows have similar protagonists whose monologes and dialogues with other equally ecentric characters comprise most of the show. there are a lot of unanswered questions in both series and interesting yet random screen shots. the art is amazing in both so they're both worth a watch.
report Recommended by aelove
Well, I see that Bakemonogatari and Denpa onna are too similar ,why?
- They are from SHAFT and the same director (Akiyuki Shinbou)
- art style and the animation are too similar
- both talking about supernatural things, it's more thrilling in bakemonogatari, while it's kinda comedian and slice of life-ish in Denpa Onna
- both have the Harem style with one hero and alot of bishoujos but denpa onna and bakemonogatari ARE NOT HAREM.

so, If you liked Denpa'll like Bakemonogatari MORE.

bye x'3
report Recommended by As3d
Male with Harem consisting of strange girls.
Comedy, though executed better.
The paranormal and supernatural themes are explicit compared to the snippets offered in Denpa.
Strange/eccentric girls piques the viewer's interest and are the 'guts' of the show. Meaning, both of these shows would be horrible without them.
report Recommended by GravBow