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Both are series that aren't necessarily parodies or strict satire. The Tatami Galaxy takes on an extremely mysterious and reflecting tale of "possibilities". Bakemonogatari mixes some mild to heavy predicaments with supernatural folklore to help enhance/clarify the significance of said issues. Both have strange, eclectic, abstract art that will undoubtedly impress those with it's usage. Both have and make use of some fine music, but... are paled in comparison to their OPs and ENDs. Both are quite new, and both set the bar for enjoyment too, as the dialogue and insightful observations will cease to amaze. The Tatami Galaxy's novelty, manner of storytelling, and overlaying mystery is   read more
report Recommended by Otaking09
100% more monologue at 3 times the speed. If you thought you were good with keeping up with Koyomi's monologue in Monogatari, then you need to retest those speed reading skills with The Tatami Galaxy. If you can do that, you'll enjoy it.
report Recommended by Zarkraz
Both have a unique art style and presentation, with emotional tension between the characters. There is an obvious romantic pairing in both series. Both focus on characters and presentation over any other element.
report Recommended by auditear
It seems that we don't see series like these two nowadays but these two anime are highly recommended as they have a cleaver usage of characters, art, and witty dialogue. Both series contains a lot of parody, humor, drama, and among other things. These two series will definitely bring out the enjoyment out of viewers despite its low volume of episodes. Both series are also intelligent and will present anime in its finest form, one that you'll remember for a very long time.
report Recommended by Stark700
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei and Bakemonogatari follow the same basic structure - boy meets girl followed by endless dialogue and surrealistic artstyle. If you enjoyed one, it's safe to say you'll enjoy the other. Bakemonogatari expands upon the fantasy setting, and adds a bucketload of fanservice. In contrast, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei ups the slice-of-life and about 1000x the words/minute ratio. However, both hold the same charm - or curse - that makes you either love or hate the anime.
report Recommended by Shironi
They may be entirely different things , but both provides fast-paced dialogues and sometimes conversation goes really deep. Both focuses on characters more than story itself and have really unique art style. Also both has some mystery in it and romance.
report Recommended by Karote
Interesting Art, Quirky characters, dialogue heavy.
report Recommended by KingKongShrest
Both have unique art styles, fast dialogue, and a bit of supernatural.
report Recommended by Heralder
A lot of dialouge with extremely difficult to comprehense/dark plot line which will be explained with added romance to the same. Both are succesfully deep. They have different art styles which are actually great with that supernatural and mystery genre which you will love.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both share a fast dialogue, which, at times, becomes pretty hard to follow.
report Recommended by Kazami
Both works nicely showcases the psychology and comedy genres. Both works have an artsy presentation that fits with their respective narratives and still looks charming even today. Both works include a collection of unique and well crafted narratives that are part of one big picture. Both works contain a cast of colourful characters that all have their own sense of humour and always have a grand story to show and tell. If any one of these characters were removed or never existed, neither these two works will ever be the same (if not, feel awfully incomplete). That’s a given. Both works are very strong on the dialogue department (both   read more
report Recommended by NebulaMatter98
The Tatami Galaxy, as well as Monogatari, utilize unorthodox and unconventional art and ideas in similar ways to create a show, that is centered around its characters and dialogues between them, with darker themes, as well as slight comedy.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
- Very similar artwork; arthouse feel, smart use of color as well as fluid animation to make up for the otherwise "dull" colour scheme - Crude comedy - Mature themes; Bakemonogatari centers more around violence while Tatami focuses on adult language and otherwise grown-up banter. - Episodic storytelling - Depiction of plot progression through heavy use of dialogue - Both have a somewhat apathetic young male protagonist who is constantly worried about his social status
report Recommended by greypalms95
Both are mind-bending, surreal and artistic that could either make you confuse or be awed.. Both are great anime in terms of story telling.
report Recommended by Dried_Plum
Both have a similar plot in the sense of using a daily plot and take it to the next level with a solid narrative, good characters, tie threads excellently, have an excellent artistic direction in the sense of immersion and aesthetics, and load with a strong symbolism and message to whoever sees it. If you like Monogatari it is very likely that you like The Tatami Galaxy.
report Recommended by Schuruzay