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”最低だ。俺って。。。” 〜 バカシンジ

”最低だ。俺って。。。” 〜 バカシンジ


I’m SaiteiDaOrette - a.k.a, the lowest of the low. I’m a first-year university student studying Japanese! Welcome to my profile!!!!!

I’m a real anime noob lol. Well, I did watch stuff like Doraemon when I was a toddler, but I didn’t really get into it until two years ago.

Please feel free to post a comment to me. And I accept all friend requests!

Thanks for visiting! I much appreciate it! \(^ω^)/

My favourite anime!

Probably my two absolute favourite anime are 'Chobits' and 'The Tatami Galaxy'. 'The Tatami Galaxy' is absolutely hilarious and Chobits is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I'm also a big fan of Kyoto Animation (my favourite studio). I think their best work (and the one closest to my heart) is 'Clannad: After Story', but the Violet Evergarden series (the first KyoAni anime I watched btw) and 'The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya' are all 10/10s as well.

And of course, I love Evangelion as well!

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My favourite characters!

Shinji, of course, is number one! Chii is my favourite female character, and Tomoya Okazaki is #3!

More of my favourite characters!

(In no particular order)


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Omoide Poroporo
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Monogatari Series: Final Season
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Clannad: Tomoyo After
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Onanie Master Kurosawa
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alexs_15 Yesterday, 6:46 AM
yah during the sangakara era haha. i still can remember Malinga 4 ball wicket hatrick againsted a goated country like New Zealand, completely destroyed the top order batsmen haha. It actually brings a smile to my face that people actually look up to malinga haha, hope SL performs better at the worldcup tho^^

hey 150 eps can go in a flash altho i know its pretty long but like its reallyyy good, the first arc myt be boring but it progressively gets really good especially since it has a rating of above 9 in which millions hav voted haha

lol i can imagine how the 2050 kids wud ask about messi and ronaldo XD
personally i think the new gen rivalry is between mbappe and haaland haha haaland is a beast in the premier league O-O!
alexs_15 Jan 25, 5:54 AM
yah personally im a fan of messi too but god damn cr7 can perform in any team huh lol.
imagine the time they retire, the world wudnt be able to handle it haha hey i started watching soccer after the wc too so i think any1s opinion is valid :D

hey i watch cricket too especially since my country is Sri Lanka haha i gotta admit it tho sl has been very bad these few years ;-;

totally understand that ^^ its feels quite intresting ryt haha speaking of them hav ya watched HxH its an okishly old anime haha

haha i can imagine yall just being a vibe haha XD personally if i find a good anime, i kinda pester my brother to watch it until he actually does watch it ˙ᵕ˙

you can always catch up to it later so dw (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

haha lmao ikr i read just out of curiosity on what kind ridiculous shit is goin on in that manga XD
JustCallMyName Jan 22, 6:39 AM
Thank you *:..o()o..:*
DkSenpai_ Jan 21, 7:55 AM

alexs_15 Jan 20, 9:27 PM
hey dont sweat it :) i get late to reply sum times too (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
ahh lol not a huge fan of sol animes so i think ill pass haha but ty for ur opinion and recommendation !!

i think i noticed that ur a fan of old animes haha is it the animation style that makes u like them?

well heres sumthn i myt like XD thnxs for the recommendation, ill watch the first few eps wither today or tmr n lyk what i think of it ^^

hey i felt that Onanie Master Kurosawa had the same vibe haha kind of an ecchi manga not sure but i expected it to be trash too but honestly was one of the best mangas iv read haha it has a really high rating on mal too! i think the name of the manga literally translates to masturbation master kurosawa O-O!

yep it sure did, thnxs for lmk bout them haha

oh and hey did ya watch the football match with psgvs al nassar? it was a pretty entertaining match like the score was 5-4, that speak volumes. it honestly felt like a wc finale of sum sort haha not to mention it was a lm10 vs cr7 match. speaking of them r ya a fan of cr7 or lm10 O-O!
YenNhiLover1801 Jan 18, 11:10 PM
Hi there! Thanks for accepting. Nice to meet you! :)
alexs_15 Jan 16, 6:20 AM
heyy thnxs appreciate the kind gesture XD

lol yah same n they kinda tried to explain the stuff which is needed to watch the series so its all good :)

do u know some hidden gems in anime that more people need to watch O-O!
alexs_15 Jan 15, 8:01 AM
well i never watched the whole series lol, i just had minimal context. i knew aizen was big bad watched the final fight on yt and stuff. i dont think ill ever hav any free time to actually complete the whole series lol. oh and another recommendation from me which is a seasonal. its called high card, it gave us a really good banger of a first ep haha cant wait to see wut happes to that series too~

yah it feels very surreal huh~
alexs_15 Jan 14, 9:43 PM
and thnxs for accepting ~

are ya a fan of action? hav u watched the new season of bleach which is the top of mal for now? its actually really good especially the animation. studio Pierrot really outdid themselves here
piyowizfoot Jan 14, 7:20 AM
Nah, it's cool. I totally understand. Thanks for taking the time to talk about that regardless, it helps to have a true outside opinion every once in a while. I'll let you know what decision I end up taking.
SakuraCheri Jan 14, 6:58 AM
Thank you! I hope you get to read one of them soon.

SakuraCheri Jan 14, 5:43 AM
read "I had that same dream again", it's super good imo. and tonari no seki-kun is super fun, ao no flag made me cry my eyes out, hikari no machi was veryy interesting, blue period because art is amazing, and usagi-moku shachiku-ka was hilarious
SakuraCheri Jan 14, 5:23 AM
if you say so ehe
ooo actually, i got into bnha bc of this one girl that was always making fanart lol

you totally should! there are so many good ones out there c:
SakuraCheri Jan 14, 5:01 AM
woahh i've just realised. that my first manga was bnha.
techincally, it was fuwa fuwa cinnamon but who wants to say that?
Oziaus Jan 14, 1:53 AM
So, as someone who likes NGE and Monster as well, I gotta ask: is The Tatami Galaxy worth it? I know it's a bit of a random question, but I saw you list and then your favorite anime, and well--got curious :).