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If supernatural is an ingredient, then it be part of a recipe for both Bakemonogatari and Noragami. Not only do they involve supernatural beings but also legends that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Both series involves action, drama, and comedy with humorous dialogues. Bakemongatari focuses more on word play and narrative dialogues while Noragami uses gags for comedy. The main protagonist in both series gets involved with events that puts their lives in danger. There is also a bit of influence from folklore and legends relating to various cultures to some degrees.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both involve around folklore and supernatural beings. In fact, the supernatural aspect is smoothly and naturally incorporated into the show. There are humorous contents found in bakemonogatari and noragami. Bakemonogatari has more sarcastic and witty dialogue while Noragami depends more on gags.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both anime have relations to gods, and the characters resemble each other. Like Araragi, Yato tries to help out humans afflicted by supernatural causes.
report Recommended by Aesther
Both are supernaturals with similar style main character (Yato, Koyomi), and even the same seiyuu.
report Recommended by Crescentia13
Both anime have similar environments and deal with the supernatural. There's also a religious influence in both anime, and humor is used extensively in both.
report Recommended by DiagonR
-Both shows are about gods, spirits, etc. -Delivers the thick plot in a comedic way -The main character has the same voice actor. :)
report Recommended by damester13
Supernatural beings are often targeting by humans for unknown methods. However, are they helpful, or hostile? In the story, the main male character usually help these people in need when they are in danger or considers them a threat to his friends. Conflict arises when the supporting characters are often possessed or being chased by these "monsters," forcing them to talk, or by battling them out. Bakemonogatari is often more descriptive talking and often follows character arcs. Noragami usually battles it out with a comedic personality male type person.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Eerily similar in both theme and story, and to some extent the characters.
report Recommended by hideousguy
Both have somewhat similar looking spirits that they have to fight. Both have quirky, fun characters. The dialogue in Noragami is almost as good as in Bakemonogatari. They are both simply pleasant to listen through.
report Recommended by cupc
Aside from the supernatural theme of both anime, they also have that same amazing, and vibrant art even though they were produced by different studios. Bakemonogatari envelopes its supernatural theme by using symbolism and mystery, while Noragami will give you striking action and heart-warming scenes.
report Recommended by 26paperstars
One day, it happens. "Somebody help me!" "OK. Scare away evil spirits!" Both are very similar. Really similar. Setting is about soul and monstrosity. To solve them is appealing. Because of many nice characters. Koyomi and Yato are same personality, way of thinking, voice actor. They're fortunate by beauty women (But Yato's case is only Hiyori). Besides this, many characters cooperate their situation. Hitagi and Meme, Yukine and Hiyori. They're mainly help protagonists. In other words, story is quite interesting. Every scenes also breathtaking. Never betray you. Story is easy to enter to. You can empathy both characters. I swear it's true. Both ED songs are same vocalist by supercell. That's   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero