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Blend S
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Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou
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One Piece
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Kaimon 41 minutes ago
Grabbed the second and third one piece manga boxsets and it just hit me that volumes 1-70 are only 60% of the entire series. I'm never buying long runners ever again
Manaban 2 hours ago
All the time, but mostly for the fanservice comp articles. I have it bookmarked :P
Manaban 2 hours ago
Yami is great man

In general I think the TLR cast of girls is great

you'll be happy about how much attention she receives in darkness then btw
AltoRoark Oct 20, 12:14 PM
I see you've watched three infamous 1/10 anime in a row (^:
Loveop Oct 20, 11:09 AM
Ohh gotcha..wait i will check it out then!!
Loveop Oct 20, 10:28 AM
I used to watch it a lot..I love hearing theories and reactions of people..but not anymore or not as much as I used to before..barely have time to read/watch manga/anime the reactions video have to wait..XD

Do you have a link for this??
Snappynator Oct 20, 9:58 AM
Yup, they are on the path to redemption though still assholes. Meanwhile Luffy is somehow managing vs Katakuri which is damn amazing...Luffy is desperately in need of awakening his DF lol.
Loveop Oct 20, 8:40 AM
Oh yeh mate..true that!! Reaching 900 and still going as strong as ever!!

Considering it is Oda I am sure we are gonna get a epic 1000th chapter!! Though we still have quite some time to reach that point!! Nevertheless it will be great to see OP join the 1000 club with the Hajime no Ippos and Detective Conans!!
Loveop Oct 20, 7:33 AM
Lol..i just meant it as a joke as you mentioned that Chisa is second best..XD

Well hope we can find that out next chapter!!

Oh man I cant agree more!! I have a felling we might have a flashback chapter for Katakuri!! I sorta felt like it when i was reading the chapter today as Brulle was giving the exposition about how incredible he is..or maybe it is just wishful thinking!! It would be great if we got one though!!
Loveop Oct 20, 6:56 AM
Haha..that would be blasphemy!! I love Azusa a lot!! Just like Chisa a tad bit better..XD..there is nothing called as shit taste terms of girls that like who you like!!

Ahh i see!!

Oh yeh..the new chapter was epic af!! Katakuri is really going at it!! Brulee hyped him up quite a bit by mentioning the part that he scorns the very earth itself..(hell he even sleeps sitting..XD)..Luffy needs to make this guy taste the dust somehow..XD

The Germa part at the end was amazing too!!
Snappynator Oct 20, 5:44 AM
Dat new OP chapter...
Loveop Oct 19, 11:00 PM
>Oh yeah, Azusa is best girl, Chisa is second best.

I probably started watching it way back when I was early 2000's (At that time I did not know I was watching a anime..XD)..I started reading the manga around 2009!! Wbu?? How long have you been reading/watching it??

Yeh..Toei..destroying any and all expectations since time unknown..XD

Shiz that cover looks great..:3
Snappynator Oct 19, 4:28 PM
I know man ;_; I fucking know ;_;
Loveop Oct 19, 10:35 AM
Oh yeh..sorry i forgot we're already late in October and we have still another Arc to go in between that..XD (That Vivi arc in between is quite intriguing too..though it might be will be interesting to see the focus shift from the SH crew)

Zoro has barely shown his powers since entering the new world besides some extremely badass moments with Pica and I am just as excited as you to see how much Zoro has grown!!

I think so myself!! Gear 4 might not cut it this time!! Luffy is quite beat up already!! Lets see how he gets through this one!! He has already cut off his means to it will be interesting to see how this fight pans out!!
Loveop Oct 19, 10:11 AM
Ahh that's good to hear!! The chapter should be out tomorrow right??

Big Mom Pirates have been a very interesting group and though this is seems to be more off a hit and run mission they have been very entertaining to say the least!! This new world arcs get better and better as they move forward!! That Wano arc that will come this year should be great too!!

>only wish Smoothies did more stuff
True that!!