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Bakemonogatari and Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) are series with supernatural themes involving the events of the main characters. The events behind both series are bizarre as the main male protagonist finds himself dealing with various supernatural creatures.

The main protagonist also seems to have immortality with gifted powers.

There's a sense of mystery going on as well regarding the origins of the characters.
report Recommended by Stark700
The beginning has to do with catching a falling girl, both characters have some magnificent ability, action and stuff.
report Recommended by Littaylor
-Both male MC's are half-supernatrual beings which makes them immortal
-Both have "fast-paced art style"
-Both are comedic at some points
-Both are dramatic at some points
-Both have a lot scenes fighting against supernatural beings
-both mc's have some normal fetishes
report Recommended by Dendronom
both show has the same genre, although bakemonogatari has more complex story plot, while KnK has simple, yet moe-esque story. both show have a superbly good art (as we expected from shaft and kyoani) and good op/ed too
report Recommended by eau-wreck-uh
The main protagonists are both immortal and have to deal with the supernatural. There are also very similar scenes in both animes' first episodes.
report Recommended by Mercsin