Sword Art Online

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Synonyms: S.A.O, SAO
Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン
English: Sword Art Online
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2012 to Dec 23, 2012
Premiered: Summer 2012
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance
Themes: Love PolygonLove Polygon, Video GameVideo Game
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.201 (scored by 21310492,131,049 users)
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Ranked: #31752
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Popularity: #5
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Both animes play in an MMORPG world and have several similarities 
report Recommended by Atira
The story line involves the idea that you enter a world that is a virtual reality. They have similar art styles and the game play for the characters is different, but the real world repercussions are more drastic in one series then in the other, but they are still there. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are about a guy that is forced to play a game risking his live together with other people. In order to leave this situation, they have to beat the game following the rules they were given.  
report Recommended by Liinah
It comes as no surprise that the environment and concept of these two series are analogous to one and another. Having the same protagonist voice actor in these two series undoubtedly strengthens the momentum going forward. 'Sword Art Online' and 'Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Similar' focus heavily on game systems, leveling and battle strategies. Through layers of boss flooring that increased in difficulty as you progress further which is accompanied by rewards, it is something that is welcomed by fans who has a certain connection with gaming. By all means, the comedy and romance are there to provide joy in  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Yes, both main characters are being transported into a gaming world where there are lots of mysterious wonders to explore. 'No Game No Life' is fresh in terms of its fanservice comedies and vibrant colours, whereas 'Sword Art Online' is focused more on the hardship of the main character and everyone else around him while developing strong romantic relationships along the way. Comparing the storylines, 'Sword Art Online' easily takes the cake but the crazy and fun games of 'No Game No Life' is something to smile about.  
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
As the king of the faux-MMORPG arena (.hack started development in 2000, then released in 2002; SAO was first wrote in 2001/2002), .hack can claim a lot of the responsibility for SAO. In the anime universe, the idea of being trapped in a fantasy virtual reality setting, via playing a MMORPG, is already 10+ years old. Even Yuki Kajiura's wonderful (though underwhelming, in SAO) music became famous as a result of her best-soundtrack-ever work on .hack//SIGN. 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
A group of people are thrown into a fantasy world from which they cannot escape and must fight to find a way to survive. Though comedic at times, the plot is relatively serious and focuses on battles, life and death, and the bonds between characters. Both are also by A-1 Pictures, so their art styles are somewhat similar. 
report Recommended by loco-mocos
These feature skilled gamers in fantasy MMORPG settings. Though the plots differ considerably, there's no shortage of similarities in other regards such as the engaging action sequences, the very skilled and confident protagonists, and the cute female companions. 
report Recommended by Megumin
Yes, it's another guy stuck in a fantasy world however it's a more light-hearted take on the genre. A bit lewd at times but still generally wholesome. While Konosuba doesn't take place in a video game, it captures the world of an MMORPG quite well. In a way that SAO didn't in my opinion. 
report Recommended by xBobcat
VRRPG isekai with loner protagonist who can do no wrong. Shield Hero is more of a grimdark version of Sword Art Online but they are actually quite similar. If you want a levelling up story about a weak-to-strong protagonist who is already quite powerful, watch these. 
report Recommended by kirakiradeths
Something that people enjoy is turned into a living nightmare and it involves technology. A character who is unable to make friends is suddenly able to make friends only to lose them due to the "game". There is also a "god" in the game too. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Fantasy world with fighting with themes of what its like when a real person is thrown into what feels like a game. After SAO I looked for other anime which felt similar Re:Zero was very satisfying. 
report Recommended by glue493
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both are about an overpowered protagonist that finds himself in another world. In SAO, the protagonist is stuck in the other world, while in Mondaiji, the protagonist is bored and stays in the world and somehow has superpowers. 
report Recommended by lucifershine47
In case you are just looking for a story about characters litterally inside a videogame then both SAO and HxH Green Island (along with its sequel: HxH Green Island Final) could be of your liking, because they both share: • RPG with a virtual reality (including quests, gaining items, special skills, and such) • The game over means real death for all players in both stories • The characters are somewhat trapped inside the game, and to get out they must achieve a certain point and clear the game • Overall good art design and nice characters Probably you might be discourauged by watching HxH Green Island as you might  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
In both series the main characters are trapped in a world where they would rather not be in. They try to resist and fight this world in order to regain their freedom. This is why I would recommend watching both series if you liked one of them. Both of them also involve a love story 
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both MCs feels that they need to do what needs to be done on their own by there own way. Even though they some what dislike the choices they've made they know that the can persevere over whatever trails they face. They both work hard and are willing to scarify themselves to benefit others. 
report Recommended by orbbie
Sword Art Online is also about Surviving, Death means Death and no way around it. Both have compelling sides to like the anime but both lack something to make it perfect, what Sword Art Online does, Shingeki No Kyojin does NOT. And vice versa. Sword Art Online let's you see what they fight for, and what they have to lose. Shingeki No Kyojin does not, but they do let you see epic and fluid fighting scenes that really statifies your apitite, that, again, Sword Art Online does not, there it is more "Fight and Done" when here you have to be anxious about it. But all in all, if  read more 
report Recommended by Thunder45645
Kirito and Asuna are similar to Louise and Saito and they go on adventures together and fall in love. 
report Recommended by twilight-knight
Well... What can i say about Sword Art Online and Darling in the Franxx? First of all, Asuna Yuuki and Zero Two, the main female characters of SAO and Darling respectively, are voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. Also both main girls are the biggest reason that both animes are pretty attractive to the casual anime fan, also Asuna and Zero Two hold the quality of the plot. Kirito and Hiro, the main male characters, are the perfect complement to the main girl, but have several defects due to their closed environment. The main difference is that Hiro is more "normal" and Kirito is more OP. From the back side  read more 
report Recommended by tlato_but
Both involve characters playing in an MMORPG where what goes on in the game is affecting the outside world and visa versa. Both games are run by shady companies in the real world. Characters develop deep friendships with other players in the game. 
report Recommended by grond
both series is mainly focus in another world for this one. the difference is SAO is a story of a living person playing in a game and Isekai a guy who died and reincarnated in a new world. both main character have some special skill and make they're famous with the girls around them. if you like fantasy themed anime with romance and a little bit comedy you should tried this 
report Recommended by WinXF
Anime both goes into the digital world where they have to pursue to survive however in c instead of losing money and your future you lose your life. 
report Recommended by Yetenekli
A person decides to play God within a game where people can interface with a virtual reality. If the God's rules aren't met people die. Basically, very similar situations between the two games. There is also the question of "why" anyone would do this and if they have a reason for being so cruel. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Mahouka and Sword Art both have an extremely competent and multitalented protagonist, who is usually quite level-headed. The protagonists each have a younger sister who is a serious brocon. Both series are more about hiding ones full potential and deciding where to go all out, rather than falling into a desperate situation. 
report Recommended by Kenji0009
Both series are fantasy/action series with a quickly evolving and adorable romance between the Main Characters. Both have visually spectacular fight scenes as well and solid soundtracks. 
report Recommended by RealityRush
Both based on a virtual reality world where there are events and monsters to defeat! Fun to watch animes and great stories outside of the action. 
report Recommended by Kong38
The original base goal of the anime are both the same, to reach the top of the tower. However, SAO setting is a fantasy based virtual game, while Druaga is a fantasy setting based on a game. Though it may be spoiler-ish, the second half of SAO and the second season of Druaga are also the same, to find/save someone. There are also minor scenes that may remind you of the other anime like the boss being CG'd or even the tentacle scenes... lol... 
report Recommended by Paul
The entire .hack series is a precursory work to Sword Art Online in the fact .hack was one of the first series to come out for the virtual reality genre, but is also one of the better known earlier works. This particular .hack is short, allowing a quick consumption for those starting out with Sword Art Online and wanting to expand their horizons into the .hack series, but on the flip side, SAO provides a twist on what .hack helped to make popular. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are VR-MMORPG games where the player puts on a headset and sets foot into a different world in their own adventure! After that, the story tends to differ (for now). 
report Recommended by AgrMayank
Both represent literally every A1 Pictures light novel adaptation cliché. In fact, TAW feels like what SAO would be if SAO took place at a school instead of in a video game world. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Ok so this is kind of a stretch because the settings in SAO and CSR are totally different: one being inside a MMORPG and the other a post apocalyptic world with moving cities. However they are very similar in the sense that the main characters between the two are both total badasses. Kirito being a solo player on the front lines who doesnt need any help and Layfon being one of the 7 heavenly blades or whatever in disguise at an ordinary school/city. So basically if you enjoy watching the main male lead go ham and wreck the opponents then both of these shows are  read more 
report Recommended by zazorin
Both main characters are somewhat fictional in the world that the action is taking place, deal with swords and increasing inner strength/ skill. Also, in both shows the art and sound are great. 
report Recommended by naerayan
They have a high production value, heavily rely on fanservice, most of the female characters in both of them are lewd material and not strongly written, they all fall in love with the protagonist, with one of them being 40 yrs old X children and the other being Jesus X personality-Less 1 dimensional waifus, the story is mostly slice of life, if you liked one of them, then keep it a secret. 
report Recommended by Elrzabesu
Just watch it. Online Game, Vr but honestly it's more like combination of SAO + anoHana...although bad 
report Recommended by fluxion9
It has the same kind of style where you have to survive in order to get what you want and many characters aren't all the good guys 
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Imagine a world where fiction and reality are one and the same from the air you breath to the battles you fought valiantly alongside your comrades. A perfect world like this is to die for if excluding the drawback of losing one's life. 'Sword Art Online' exceeds in character development and storyline where everyone is fighting for their lives in hope of even the slightest chance of returning to their own world. Most would find themselves drawn to several characters with the development they shown and the struggles they have to endure during their journey. The fantastic music tracks and lovely romance are just few  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Our main character from both series share many traits. Sorata and Kirito are calm, determined, and passionate. They both idealize the creator of said game. Kirito=Kayaba who created SAO while Sorata=Fujisawa who is a game developer. These two main figures have influenced their life. In both anime, our main characters has friends/allies who help achieve his goal. We see his ups and down but always goes back up. Add some drama too. SAO involves players trapped and trying to get out while Sakurasou deals with dreams/aspiration/passion. On the romance side, Kirito falls in love with Asuna who changes him. Sorata meets Shina who  read more 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Gate and SAO contain two very different plots, however each one is centered around a main male protagonist who each are able to become surrounded by pretty girls as they explore new medieval-esque lands they are sent to. Gate directs it's attention towards war, differences in culture and politics of both worlds whilst SAO focuses on the lives of individual characters and the struggles they face as they try to leave the game 
report Recommended by xelyak
Both stories include clearing a place (a tower/dungeon) filled with challenges in order to reach their destination and achieve their goal. Each anime also contains a considerable amount of sword-fighting. Magi revolves around a magical world while Sword Art Online focuses on a virtual reality. 
report Recommended by ink-and-paper
"Welcome players/classmates to my rules of the game, where I'll make sure all of you feel despair..." The main characters in here were suddenly trapped by the games host to their unknown methods as to why they trap them. A task is required in order to escape "the game": One must cleared the game, while the other is involve killing. One thing in here is survival, which means they fight for their lives until the end. The difference is that SAO is an online gaming, fantasy action themes, and romance. Danganronpa takes place on a school, killing people, and clues and strategies to lure the killer  read more 
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both have that same plot where gamers got on line and both have the same situation where they got more than what they've bargain for where they either play the game throughout the end or die both in the game world and at the real world. 
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
- Isekai. - Overpowered protagonist. - The power of friendship. - The protagonist gathers some kind of a "family" from supporting characters around him. - Has a fairytale vibe when almost no one from supporting characters can die for real.  
report Recommended by susano-amaterasu
Similarities: - Both main character are very similar. - Both have unbelievable powers. 1. Ao no Exorcist: demonic powers 2. Sword Art Online: Highest level player in the game - Both desire a lonely path of solitude; don't want to rely on others. - Both, everyone hates them. 1. Ao no Exorcist: Most people mainly hates/fear him for being the son of the Underworld King. 2. Sword Art Online: Most people mainly hate/fear him for being a Beta player and branded as a " Beater." He's the strongest player in the world. - Both shouen anime involving action. - Both really good and  read more 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
- Both anime is romance related - Iska and Kirito are both the "Black Swordsmen" of the anime - Alice and Asuna are the female protagonists that the male are deeply in love with Although Sword Art Online has a bad reputation, you have to admit the idea/concept of the anime was actually good. the first half of Sword Art Online was good but fell apart in the second half, it was redeemed again in the movie Ordinal Scale and the 3rd season the Alicization Arc. That is the gist of the recommendation 
report Recommended by Fzsin
Both Anime center around sword fighting and mythical creatures. The main character is on a quest to make himself stronger and wants to become the best in order to complete is life goal. They have to learn how to survive and make new allies and friends in order to achieve their goal. Do you want a story full of passion, friendship and epic mindblowing battles? Than you should watch these series. 
report Recommended by Darkbow
There is definitely "sword art" in both shows. SAO is a story set in MMO game, The Sacred Blacksmith is set in fantasy-medieval world. A lot of spectacular sword fights. A lot. Also making swords, cute characters, romantic themes, many emotions. You WILL like it. 
report Recommended by SomeoneLost
Both anime seems to share some notable common features including: - sci fi theme - battling as avatars in another world - two worlds: the virtual and the real - an independent and strong female protagonist  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both involve characters with "frowned upon" hobbies, where these hobbies not only help them make friends, but also helps them become closer with siblings. 
report Recommended by grond
It is similar to SAO 'cause the Hero in Ixion DT got sucked up in an alternate dimension and seems to travel with a few companions to find a way to get back to the RW. Although there's not really any romance on this anime. Although in SAO the hero didn't get "sucked up" instead in SAO the hero just got "Stuck in a VRMMORPG".. SO JUST WATCH IT 
report Recommended by Basirukun
Gamified world with absurdly ovewrpowered protagonist akin to being a cheater, a power fantasy for a videogame fan, as is reflected in the similar designs of the main character.  
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both involve characters being forced into a game without any escape and death in the game means death in real life. However Gantz is set in the real world whereas SAO is set in a virtual world. 
report Recommended by DemiFiendRaven
Although Sword Art Online is a video game, inside the virtual world there is magic, action, guilds, some romance, similar to Fairy Tale.  
report Recommended by renesmai13
These two titles both did quite well for their first episode release, as most of us know, one more than the other. What binds these two together in my opinion, is the fact we have a very strong male lead, who seems to be quite powerful to the point we can assume most fights in both shows will go in favor of the main character. Now, both series try to mask this sense of Over Powered-ness, which offers some nice action scenes. The plot has some similarities, like the mortality of every character, which can be exploited in both series. These series are not averse  read more 
report Recommended by rsslayersr
Both are set in floating cities, you have this medieval atmosphere, sword fights. Both female characters are strong and high-skilled. The main story includes defeating a powerful "king". Both anime art are very detailed and the romance is very similar as well. It's really worth watching :) 
report Recommended by stehwade
Both are about killing others to win something and survive. I recommend you guys watch SAO first. 
report Recommended by Dario5514
is the same, both are souls talking about videogames 
report Recommended by shinya_hiiragi1
Similar death game scenario, similar flashy animation, even a romance story with a Tsundere. Pretty much everything people like about SAO is in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, but better. 
report Recommended by kairyu_gen1
Both anime's seem to have a strong focus on the male and female protagonist both have the theme of online gaming but if i had to choose one over the other I would have to go with netoge  
report Recommended by Trinqunity
-male and female protagonists get stronger over time -male and female protagonist share strong feelings for each other -more than one girl falls for the main protagonist overall i think if you enjoyed either one of these animes you will surely enjoy the other 
report Recommended by Unlx
Both anime have similar themes of the power of human spirit, the impact of death, and of doing the impossible. The main characters in each series have to fight through an unfamiliar world and must cope with the loss of those around them, learning and growing from it. They muster up all of their strength and courage to break the rules of the world and fight for what they believe in. Each offers its own unique take on a similar, intense experience. 
report Recommended by GeminiMaxxim
Both have floors/levels the characters ascend in hopes of reaching the top. Both have their characters battling/fighting their way through each floor. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both of these anime revolve around a young man trying to escape from a seemingly unavoidable death, in which they meet allies, enemies, and eventually a lover along the way. A main plot point in both is a "game of death". They both have a lot of action, but it's balanced well with the character interaction and emotional scenes.  
report Recommended by shanderra
Both become trapped in another world and have to learn how to fight to escape. Oh and COOL swords in each like AWESOME swords 
report Recommended by g02sleep
Our main hero is overpowered and has all the girls loving him. Sword Art Online deals with players trapped in an VRMMORPG. They must complete the game in order to return to the real world. If you die in the game, you die in real life. There is no reset button or re spawn points in this death game. Kirito is an experienced player who knows how to beat this game. He's determined, OP, epic, cool, and BA too. He meets girls who have fallen in love with Kirito. Campione! our main character is a god slayer overpowered, cool, and a BA at it too.  read more 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
-Both are anime where the main character and main heroine travel to a different world to fight monsters -Both have a 'baby' arc where a mysterious child appears and is the honorary offspring of the hero and heroine -In both, the main character is OP and rarely looses a fight, usually losing one to learn a lesson and then never losing again 
report Recommended by thelectricow
From episode 59 onwards, Hunter x Hunter takes place inside a game call Greed Island. Like in Sword Art Online, if you die in Greed Island, you die in real life. The games are similar in their fantasy RPG style as well. Apart from that, both anime have excellent stories, animation, soundtracks and voice actors. But most importantly, both have excellently developed characters and take place (mostly for SAO) in a fantasy setting with some real world elements (SAO is occasionally set in modern-day Japan whereas HxH is set in a completely alternate world very similar to modern-day Japan). Both are definitely worth a watch  
report Recommended by adamantiumloz
Gave The same vibe and animation was similar 
report Recommended by ErosLyix
-both take place in a virtual reality game -SAO is for those who like an engaging drama because whoever dies in the game also dies in real life. There is a bit of romance but it is not the main focus. If you like good fights, romance, protagonist overpower SAO is an anime that you must watch. In fact, anyone who has played MMORPG will love this anime. -GNG has a similar storyline to SAO and I would even say that the main protagonist is better than SAO's but the story is focused on rescuing a girl (like Mario and Peach). Still,  read more 
report Recommended by Mateuzsz
Both involve some kind of a game world, though logging on to the game differs a bit: In Sword Art Online, a more realistic way using "Nerve Gear" whereas in DRAMAtical Murder, it's more of a fantasy way like while standing in the street or just about anywhere. Both have hot guys: SAO -> Kirito DMMd -> Aoba Both are for fans of the game genre. 
report Recommended by dynamitegirl
The main character is trying to fight their way out of video game to get back home. 
report Recommended by Ikusu2407
takes place is a vr world where not everything is what it seems. The main characters have avatars like those of the first four games but why? Other players are also winding up in comas again. 
report Recommended by darkcat1
Video game to RPG tropes are most relevant in both series. Both franchises embody a wishful fulfillment of enlightening the audience with monstrous attacks on the heroines, within SAO, for example, Asuna fights gigantic tentacle monsters, whilst within Neptune, all the heroines struggle against slim monsters, etc. 
report Recommended by Stellio
Both series features sci-fi themes involving the protagonists fighting in another world through circumstances. Both series contain action, drama, and some comedy. Both series also has a catchy soundtrack. 
report Recommended by Stark700
TRC and SAO have the same music composer, Yuki Kajiura. All of the main characters from TRC and SAO are also stuck in different worlds. And they both are shonen and romance genres. 
report Recommended by sakurak21
Clannad (+Clannad After Story) and Sword Art Online are similar in one significant factor. Unlike the majority of animes with romance these two show's actually develop their main's characters affections for one another and you get to watch them grow in their relationships, as well as deal with various trials and tribulations. Overall, if you felt that either relationship (Kirito/Asuna or Nagisa/Tomoya) was fulfilling, I believe you will enjoy watching the other one develop as well. 
report Recommended by Tridon
The shows are not similar because of the artstyle or the story, but because of the strong bond between the main characters. Katanagatari is a show with humor, romance, action and a very interesting style. I think SAO fans will love this show. 
report Recommended by GunnerMTA
- Shinji and Kirito are complex protagonists with lots of depth who are more than who they appear to be at first; - Asuka and Asuna are headstrong, beautiful and badass girls who also have/had issues with their respective mothers; - Similar genres (Drama, Sci-Fi, Tragedy); - Futuristic settings and vast world buildings; - Magnificent art styles and character designs; - NGE has a (zig-zagged) coming-of-age subplot while SAO has two of these stories, Fairy Dance for Kirito and the Mother's Rosario for Asuna; - The epitome of controversialism amongst the anime community; Both series have characters who are generic on the surface, but once you delve into their minds you're able  read more 
report Recommended by Kong38
Kirito - Tada banri Asuna - Kaga Kouko They have the same Romance - comedy atmosphere, Both have 2 characters that are always together. 
report Recommended by Tsukasa_Hajime
Same main character transfer in a fantasy world. + love story, - mmo.  
report Recommended by Sheyne
Similarities: - Both have action, adventure, romance, and fantasy. - Both have great animation, pretty colors, and good music. - Both have similar humor and characters interactions. - Asuna=Liya Dissimilarities: - SAO is a virtual world, but DN:WD is supposed to be set in their real world. - DN:WD shows Lamber's cute bare feet more than SAO's Kirito. <- This is very important btw 
report Recommended by Kazami
They're both similar quality and easy to watch. If you liked one, you're probably the target audience for the other. 
report Recommended by PowerCaller
DXD and Sword Art Online are similar in one significant factor. Unlike the majority of animes with romance, these two shows actually develops their main's characters affections for one another and you get to watch them grow in their relationships, as well as deal with various trials and tribulations. Also, both have a male character with a harem. 
report Recommended by migueltc98
Despite what people think, Kirito, Asuna, and the others did rely on team work like the main crew of characters in Alderamin. Both main characters seem to be good at assessing their situation and acting accordingly. The majority of the time, their plans come through. 
report Recommended by KitsunehimeMilhi
Both of the anime got amazing action scenes. Sword art online is about a players trapped in a game and Kyoukai no Kanata is about fantasy where a creature called "Youmu" exist. Both of the anime got male and female main characters who develop feeling with each other. 
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
both are about mc's who experience a game world as real life in a sense though one may be a reverse of the other both mc are more knowledgeable about the "game"  
report Recommended by Fuseteam
While both series have completely different premises, both are almost identical in any other aspect. Both have bland and boring Mary Sue protagonist, who excels at literally everything despite barely having any expertise or training and exhausts all potential for character development by the end of 1st arc, have amazing visuals at the cost of lazy writing and poor cast of characters, tries to tell some deep story, but fails miserably at this and are seasonal, but still long running. In short: If you loved SAO, you'll love Symphogear. But if you hated SAO, you'll hate Symphogear as well. 
report Recommended by Piromysl
Both of them uses alot of focus on swords and magic, and both have those amazing worlds and the main hero and his love. Both heroes are kinda realxed and chill but extremly strong when fighting seriously. 
report Recommended by Victor
Both Sword art Online and Zegapain are action / romance anime, without (too much) harem antics or Ecchi. Though zegapain deals with more complex issues, if you like one chances are you'll like the other  
report Recommended by rmremail
Both take place in a modern society with characters involving in a virtual gaming system which is the focal point of the show. Both the MCs are well known and are powerful users that dominate the screen. The female lead are similar but somewhat. The characters in Yugioh VRAINS are cold and detached as opposed to SAO being all about friendship. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both are sent into a game, Tsuujou focuses on comedy while SAO on adventure. 
report Recommended by Joao_Jacques
Both anime is great action both Studio by A-1 Pictures  
report Recommended by Danendra11
Both shows share a similar fantasy world, but with black clover you get more world and character development a long with several intriguing plot lines and theories. 
report Recommended by Tavisto
Both MCs were transported to a new world.(isekai) Both had special treatments. Shin had magic affinity-Kirito had previous game experience. Both consist of meeting their lovers on ep.1 Both consist of hidden techniques. 
report Recommended by NonVoidance
-Both are about people being trapped inside of a game -Both have the if you die in the game you die in the real world -Both have a colorful cast 
report Recommended by Spark490
Even though I do feel that one piece pales in comparison to Sword Art Online when it comes to it's world building and character development, it is no doubt that One Piece tries to expand the world and grab the viewer. I also see a lot of Kirito in Luffy whenever Luffy starts going off about his Nakama, so I definitly feel that One Piece can be a good show down the line just as Sword Art Online is. 
report Recommended by Jose39701
Bot these Shonen have an underrated plot, hilarious jokes, litty battles, interesting side characters, and amazing world building. Both of these Protagonists are some OP happy go lucky Bad asses. Overall great both are great series to get into that will really get you invested into these characters and their relationships 
report Recommended by Jose39701
An absoluty outstanding Series with awesome characters in an absolutely AMAZING world with an phenomenal story line. If you like fantasy, awesome characters and story plots then this is an absolute must. :D 
report Recommended by Corban2011
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic.  
report Recommended by kakakai12
Both Isekai anime I loved both of these Both have magic Both have action scenes Sword art online has better editting and overrall it had more action than romance but in Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki it was more focused on strategy and somewhat some romance but very little action despite it having epic scenes 
report Recommended by PIkachuda
If you're looking for an anime similar to Sword Art Online (SAO) in terms of being perceived as "bad," you might want to consider recommending "Shoot! Goal to the Future." Just like SAO, "Shoot! Goal to the Future" has faced criticism for certain aspects of its storytelling and execution. In "Shoot! Goal to the Future," the story revolves around a young soccer prodigy named Takeshi, who dreams of becoming the best soccer player in the world. However, the series suffers from similar issues to SAO, such as inconsistent pacing, lackluster character development, and at times, overly predictable plotlines. Additionally, both SAO and "Shoot! Goal to the  read more 
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You lose the game, you'll lost your life. 
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
Best combination between thrilling, military fights and top-notch, inciting background music. 
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
Like Sword Art online the main character is isekai`d into another world That works like an RPG game with skills and a level system.One of the key differences with so I'm a spider so what is that the main character is Reincarnated into an entirely different species and faces situations with high-stakes unlike sword online. 
report Recommended by todoxbami
If you're okay with seeing some big boob (no nipples), and you enjoyed SAO past the first half of the episode this show would be great for you! The main character, Bell is determined and never loses himself in thought. He starts off in a very small familia.  
report Recommended by abeckford
Edgy black haired character gets transported into isekai world, his party is full of hot 10/10 waifus who will do everything for him, he has a cool black sword and is really fast. Thats almost all the similarities but kage no jitsu is actually self aware and its "MC never breaks character" gimmick is really fucking funny. I think that if you were into isekai around the 2010s, kage no jitsu will bring back this nostalgia to you, with a good production and hilarious MC. 
report Recommended by satanswaifuism